Do you back Alan Pardew?

Pard's at work.
It seems as though Alan Pardew is still attracting criticism, even after his admission that he too was left feeling disappointed and upset over the lack of a second striker appearing over the summer.

My own personal view is that he has demonstrated a fine balance between letting the fans know who is essentially to blame without apportioning enough blame to him in hot water with his bosses.

I’m still not happy that we didn’t get that striker although I accept that the failure was nothing to do with Pardew. I view Alan Pardew as a coach and not a conventional manager. I cottoned onto that a long time ago and have accepted that his remit is purely to do with the first team. He can recommend players until he is blue in the face although he has made it abundantly clear that it’s up to those above him to conclude the deal.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that football matters should be taken into consideration when it comes to Alan Pardew and should be given priority. How can he be held accountable for something that wasn’t his fault?

In terms of football management I’ve seen this team go from having a plan a alone to potentially having something different up its sleeve. Gone are the days where we hoofed long balls up to Andy Carroll. Hopefully for good. It’s a transition that will take time, but the fact is that we just don’t have the players to play route one anymore.

The tactics are better for the most part and we look more organised on the whole. He can also make substitutes that can change a game and doesn’t leave it too late, which was a problem Chris Hughton had in my opinion.

In terms of man management he is doing well. Even Joey Barton didn’t have a bad word to say about him. Food for thought for those who insist that Joey is a rebel telling the truth.

Then I look at the likes of Leon Best and Steven Taylor. Maybe even Ryan Taylor. Steven Taylor is playing arguably the best football of his career. People scoffed at Pardew when he spoke about Taylor and “England form”, but it has worked and we are now seeing a better Steven for it. It’s amazing what a bit of faith and confidence can do to a player on the verge of losing his way.

As for Best and Ryan, the same applies. These are players that are still to convince me that they are Premier League class, yet I really can’t knock their performances. Best has matched the goal ratio of Andy Carroll since he was handed his Premier League debut whilst Ryan Taylor has become a bit of a cult hero thanks to his free-kick heroics.

Alan Pardew seems to be able to get the most out of his players which is a great quality to have. In terms of footballing matters I have very few complaints about him and I’m right behind him. He has made us hard to beat (only 8 defeats in 27 games) and I think he “gets it” when he talks about the football he wants to play.

I think he deserves the time to show us what he is worth. Pardew was not my first choice. He probably wasn’t anywhere in my list of choices in fairness, but he has the job now and I’m certain that he will want to do the best for him which is essentially what is also best for us. For his reputation to rise he must get the results at Newcastle, and I reckon he can do just that.

Are you backing Alan Pardew?

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79 thoughts on “Do you back Alan Pardew?

  1. toonsy maybe he is a top man but hes not a top manager (coach) now is he . I would love to be able to close my eyes and see newcastle as a team that play freeflowing football that are progressing that have a plan that have a manager (coach) who is fighting the fans corner but im not deranged so i cant . Sir bobby the fact is if we use common sense and be realistic we are acused of being negative and if we use facts and quotes we dont get an answer ! cant win.
    ok pardews doing an exellent job and hes finally standing up to the board we could easily finish 6th this season , we are playing exellent passing football very similair to barcelona , we will definatly buy a 10 million pound stricker in january i just cant wait , tiote cabaye and benarfa wont be sold they will stay here for years…… eyes open and back to reality .Pardews doing ok but we are only 3 games into the season we could finish about 14 this season as we have noone to score goals and no cover in important positions ,we are playing long ball football at the moment , we will not spent more than we sell in january or any transfer window , any of our players willl be sold for a profit with no thought of there importance or replacement .Love the toon support the team but wake up and wipe the **** from your **** tinted glasses .


  2. keith
    September 10, 2011 at 15:02

    “Sir bobby the fact is if we use common sense and be realistic we are acused of being negative and if we use facts and quotes we dont get an answer ! cant win.”

    Uh-oh. Hypocrite alert.

    The same way that I’m not allowed to back a manager without some **** telling me to “wake up and wipe the **** from your **** tinted glasses”

    Outstanding hypocrisy soldier.

    Please can you refer me to a manager who has a better long term Premier League record than Alan Pardew? Obviously take off Wenger and Ferguson as they are different planets.

    I’ll save you the research. Pardew is better than Bruce, Coyle, Martinez, McCleish and any other number of younger highly rated managers. In fact he is just behind David Moyes in terms of winning percentage is on par with Candleface Redknapp.

    Yes he isn’t the best but he is in charge whether I like, you like it, or anyone likes it. It really is tough titties.

    I’ll just carry on backing the manager, coach, whatever you want to call him. It’s irrelevant really, unless you are Mike Ashley?.


  3. back him all you want , think what you want ,fact is hes been sacked from three different clubs relegated one not let back on motd for making an arse of himself mislead the toon fans over the carroll departure and the signing of a stricker , asked us to judge him on the 1st of sep , then tells us its there fault judge them . statistically has a worse record than hughton keegan robson etc and its hard to judge him against the managers above because he has hardly managed in the premier league (remember thats why ashley apointed him because he was a experienced pl manager), id rather have coyle or martinez but as we both know they and any other manager of any integrity wouldent work for ashley , your 100% entitled to your opinion and we are all JUDGED on what we say are we not !.As i said blind trust is no trust at al .ps i never said you couldent back him as our manager and i dont know what a outstanding hycoprisy soldier is and i dont know if hes a manager or a coach because he keeps changing his mind not me .


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