Do you back Alan Pardew?

Pard's at work.
It seems as though Alan Pardew is still attracting criticism, even after his admission that he too was left feeling disappointed and upset over the lack of a second striker appearing over the summer.

My own personal view is that he has demonstrated a fine balance between letting the fans know who is essentially to blame without apportioning enough blame to him in hot water with his bosses.

I’m still not happy that we didn’t get that striker although I accept that the failure was nothing to do with Pardew. I view Alan Pardew as a coach and not a conventional manager. I cottoned onto that a long time ago and have accepted that his remit is purely to do with the first team. He can recommend players until he is blue in the face although he has made it abundantly clear that it’s up to those above him to conclude the deal.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that football matters should be taken into consideration when it comes to Alan Pardew and should be given priority. How can he be held accountable for something that wasn’t his fault?

In terms of football management I’ve seen this team go from having a plan a alone to potentially having something different up its sleeve. Gone are the days where we hoofed long balls up to Andy Carroll. Hopefully for good. It’s a transition that will take time, but the fact is that we just don’t have the players to play route one anymore.

The tactics are better for the most part and we look more organised on the whole. He can also make substitutes that can change a game and doesn’t leave it too late, which was a problem Chris Hughton had in my opinion.

In terms of man management he is doing well. Even Joey Barton didn’t have a bad word to say about him. Food for thought for those who insist that Joey is a rebel telling the truth.

Then I look at the likes of Leon Best and Steven Taylor. Maybe even Ryan Taylor. Steven Taylor is playing arguably the best football of his career. People scoffed at Pardew when he spoke about Taylor and “England form”, but it has worked and we are now seeing a better Steven for it. It’s amazing what a bit of faith and confidence can do to a player on the verge of losing his way.

As for Best and Ryan, the same applies. These are players that are still to convince me that they are Premier League class, yet I really can’t knock their performances. Best has matched the goal ratio of Andy Carroll since he was handed his Premier League debut whilst Ryan Taylor has become a bit of a cult hero thanks to his free-kick heroics.

Alan Pardew seems to be able to get the most out of his players which is a great quality to have. In terms of footballing matters I have very few complaints about him and I’m right behind him. He has made us hard to beat (only 8 defeats in 27 games) and I think he “gets it” when he talks about the football he wants to play.

I think he deserves the time to show us what he is worth. Pardew was not my first choice. He probably wasn’t anywhere in my list of choices in fairness, but he has the job now and I’m certain that he will want to do the best for him which is essentially what is also best for us. For his reputation to rise he must get the results at Newcastle, and I reckon he can do just that.

Are you backing Alan Pardew?

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79 thoughts on “Do you back Alan Pardew?

  1. Good assessment Toonsy.

    I will judge him from now on in. He has the benefit of doubt for now at least.

    I want to know from Batty and B&B what they expected Pards to say?


  2. If he beat wunderland 5-1,liverpool,done chelsea like we did,got us promotion,and held the team together through religation…oh and his name was a certain CHRIS HUGHTON,then yes I would certainly back him.


  3. Al – Pards was in charge for the Liverpool game πŸ˜‰

    Also you can’t say that and ignore the Blackpool, Stoke at home, Wigan etc etc


  4. I back the club ……………..definition from wiki……”A club is an association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal. A service club, for example, exists for voluntary or charitable activities; there are clubs devoted to hobbies and sports, social activities clubs, political and religious clubs, and so forth.”…….In my opinion anyone who doesn’t subscribe to this view isn’t a supporter of said club, and therefore must be a mackem!


  5. always give the manager full backing, apart from when kinnear was in, what a tosser he was/is

    Pardew, i think has respect of the players and probably a good man manager and wont settle for any misdemeanours from the squad. His only problem is the constraints that he is working under and the sheer lack of professionalism from the board


  6. I’ve had him down as a puppet to the board since he came in but to be honest as of late he is starting to sway me. We made some decent signing in the summer and think that is down to Pardew and Graham Carr, the players leaving I think was mainly down to the board much like the not getting a striker ‘over the line’ situation.

    I’ve never been too sure but like I say he’s convincing me slowly so I’ll back him


  7. What would I have preferred Pards to say? I’d have preferred him not to lie or make false promises in the first place. He doesn’t just lie about transfers. As a liar and maker of false promises, he lies about footballing matters too. He lied about HBA’s recovery time to the fans, and thought it was acceptable. He must have lied to Santon because you’d think we was joining Liverpool the way he was lauding the club’s ambitions as told to him by Pards. He is constantly putting his foot in his mouth, which is why he got dropped from MOTD2. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy all this business about being set up by the regime. He’s a big lad now. He’s got more grey hair than Alistair Darling FFS. You would think he was 21 the way people want to forgive him, or ignore the lies, as the case may be. Wake up and smell the Arabica beans, Troy

    Toonsy. I cannot believe that Pards is now getting credit for Steven Taylor’s performances. I’ve said before that he could have had Best walking on water after his two goals, like Keegan would have done, but he was luke warm in his praise. He hasn’t shown any faith in Best, and is desperate to get rid of him. The irony is he now needs to rely on him.

    Its like religion. This might be what Joesoap is on about when he is defining a club. A lot of Pardew’s backers know its damn lies that he’s spouting, but they want to believe its true anyway. They actually enjoy getting carried away with false promises, which I think might be Toonsy’s criticism. When the leader’s predictions about armageddon prove false, the leader changes his prediction. If someone disparages their leader, they just don’t want to hear it. They’d prefer to think that “all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds”.


  8. I like the cut of his jib, but unfortunately he/we will never fulfill the full potential while his hands are tied behind his back.


  9. I back Alan Pardew one hundred percent, i was very angery when he first came to the club, after the way Chris Hughton was sacked, but we all should know it was not Alan Pardews fault for Chris Hughton losing his job, i think everone is aware by now that the way our club is run from those 2 clowns Ashley+Llabbias is a joke, but a very sick joke, but inspite of those 2 clowns, Alan Pardew is doing a very good job, we should give alan pardew our full backing, and hope and pray, that ashley can sell our club, to a proper owner, who has the best interests of the club, and has some ambition to get our fantastic club back where they belong amoung the big boys in the top six.


  10. B & B – wtf? did you actually answer the question during that essay?

    I deffo back the manager. I think he is doing a pretty good job so far, not fantastic but steady progress. Ok he says too much sometimes, you dont have to hang on his every word tho, just take with a pinch of salt.
    For now tho he is the gaffer at NUFC and as so he gets my loyalty and support.
    imho he is an integral part of the team, and we should support him as much as the lads on the field.
    On the flip side he isn’t exempt criticism if/when it all goes pear shaped. Same goes to the players. If they are **** then I’ll say so too.


  11. has my vote for the moment needs a blue peter badge putting up with the clowns,unless hes in with it as batty thinks πŸ˜‰ of thread i see COOK at M/city has thrown the towel in over e-mails


  12. At first, I was also not happy when Pardew became our manager, but hey, then I still had the mindset that we are a top 6 club. I mean, if we can get Sir Bobby to manage us, surely we can get someone similar to him right? However, given the nightmare we had starting from Souness to JFK, I realized that we cannot take our pick. KK couldn’t replicate his earlier success with subsequent clubs so I don’t know whether he is a flash in a pan or genuinely a good manager, CH forged a great team spirit but in the process, surrender some of his authority to Nolan and co. I’m not really sure whether it was CH who dragged us out of Championship or we have good enough players to win promotion at first try. Birmingham could be used as an indicator. Pardew probably are not better that the rest but certainly not the worst. So why the animosity towards him?

    Firstly, probably he does not have the reputation as a PL manager. But realistically, out of the current PL teams minus the top 6, who wants to manage our club. MON? I bet he’ll be in a fist fight with DL long before the transfer window closes. Pardew may not be our first choice, but NUFC is not the first choice of most managers too, i guess.

    He’s Ashley’s puppet. He denied that I think, but frankly, what choice does he got? Do you prefer a manager who always fight with the management or who can work well with the management? What sort of job available, pray tell me, that a staff don’t become the puppet of his paymaster? History suggest that Ashley always wins, so either you become a puppet or doing a KK (A man of principle/someone who desert the fans in the time where we need him the most- cross whichever unnecessary)

    He keeps on lying to the fans? Was Pardew treated the way KK treated when he sell Andy Cole to Man U? I don’t have the answer. Yes, he repeatedly said that AC won’t be sold, or Nolan, or Barton. What sort of manager willingly sell his best player knowing that he might be fired if we are related? It is to his own interest that all the best players stay at our club. Either he is a very smart guy or stupid. Smart because by stating it publicly and repeatedly in the press that AC, Nolan and Barton is not for sell, he endears himself to the fans and put pressure to the management to hold on to these players or face the wrath of the fans. Stupid because he genuinely believed all the promise made by him by the management. In the end, the management wash their hands and Pardew being called a liar by fans

    We all hate the stereotype by the press about us being fickle fans and does not have patience with our manager (the picture of SA being asked to quit by fans comes to mind), our obsession with the messiah, delusional about being a big club etc, the least we can do is to support him while we are still not in a relegation form … yet πŸ™‚

    And finally, I wish Pardew and the management can push Alan Smith, James Perch and Nile Ranger out, similar to how they ‘pushed’ AC out of our club.


  13. Of course I back him, he is my clubs manager, whether I think he’s doing a good job is another story…


  14. Its a bit late for Pardew to come down on the side of the fans looking for sympathy after the window, how do we know that it isnt another strategy by the board to keep the fans at bay, after all this board was proved at the Keegan tribunal to sanction the wholesale telling of lies.
    Problem with trust is that once you lose it, its hard once you have found to have been dishonest, to ever have any credibility again.
    Im sorry but Pardew is running with the wrong uns and its too late for me for him to change sides.
    Bandits and barrow boys.


  15. AP has a good gift for talking and he has done so much of it that came to bugger all. i think he sucks dekka and ashleys cok big time and is full of **** with regard to the board and also the last window. He cant be trusted on anything he says.

    Having said that……..

    I like the way we play our footy under him more than i did CH as we were one domensional and only played Hoofball. This season AP has used the right tactics for each game we have played so i can only say well done so far on the playing front.

    So for me, the bloke is just like a coin, there are two sides to him, one i like and one i loathe.


  16. BB – No I forgot to answer the question. I’m not backing Pards because he is a liar, and I have no time for liars in business. I don’t think Pards will even know that I don’t back him or even care, even though I sit not far from the dugout. I’m backing the players 100%, and will deserve as much credit for Taylor’s performances as Pards does.


  17. I back him for now – he’s starting to get some backbone and stand up to the gimps above him – if he walks we’ll no doubt be stuck with Kinnear as I can’t see any manager worth his salt working under those tossers


  18. You back the man whether or not he hasmade mistakes he is doing well IMO. Cook is a complete idiot


  19. Bobby – so if by some miracle we were to have some success in a cup run, for example, would you give any credit to Pardew?
    The most important thing for me is what happens on the pitch, and confidence plays a key part in that. The manager has to have confidence too, and it wont do him or the players any good to keep dragging up the liar routine over and over and getting on his case from the off.
    What we need more than anything right now is a few years stability and good support for the Lads.
    Time will tell the rest i guess.


  20. If the miracle does occur, i will give him credit but there are more factors to winning something than talking bull**** and flying along on a wing and a prayer hoping the squad is big enough to get through.


  21. The answers to the 14 questions given to the board will be answered on Saturday in the Chronicle. My guess is that we will be no further ahead when we have the answers. As long as Derek Llambias remains as managing director we will have a clear indication that nothing will change in a positive way. Ashley adopted the no communication approach after his disastrous early mistakes. Since then we have seen some improvements: Pardew is better than JFK and probably at least as good as CH, Carr has found some great talent, the team has shown some fighting spirit, and we already have 7 points from 3 games. On the negative side the summer pre-season was a disaster (split squad, Ben Arfa injury), the transfer window ended with the usual deceptions (last minute half hearted attempts to get a striker), and Pardew appears to be increasingly isolated from and frustrated with upper management. A bad run of form and possible lower attendances would put Llambias and Ashley under increasing pressure which in the past they have handled poorly. I support Pardew and the team but Llambias is a complete disaster as managing director which casts Ashley in a poor light (for keeping him on).


  22. Can’t help but feel PR-dew is a mouth piece at the front of shop, all the managers have had my backing regardless of the fact some should have been nowhere near the club ( Joke Kinnear ) and a lot more besides him. In fairness to Pardew he at least seems to talk a lot of sense and can see when we need to change things during a game.


  23. The thing that most amazes me is that I wanted someone like O’Neil or Jol. Now I can safely say that I am pleased we have Pardew over both. In terms of what he can get out of limited resources I think he is a better manager I really do. O’Neil is only any good with a board that throw loads of money at him, hardly a ‘huge talent’ then.


  24. Troy I noticed he skirts around like a politician give out lots of waffle without getting to the point πŸ™‚
    I will back Pards apart from the fact that there is no-one else to do the job except for JFK, I do like the way we play under him, and I like the way he keeps us in th loop which is actually part of his job. I honesstly believe that he did believe that we were keeping Carroll, then later believing that we would get a replacement in. But im sure he has learnt a lesson now


  25. A club that has ambition appoints a top class manager, who will build a team and get the backing to do it. We on the other hand have shown no signs of ambition, this has shown in our managerial appointments. Think about it the big lad has never appointed a manager who was sort after or working for that matter. He’s had four opportunities to do it…..


  26. @big Dave

    With you on the Pards issue. It’s from now he needs judging. We believe the penny has dropped, so there’s no excuses if he comes out with statements which prove to be false.

    Btw I have problems all the time with my bro (B&B) for not answering questions.
    This might be a lesson for him. The penny might drop! 


  27. JOSTOON imo theres diff levels of ambition what one man ambition is might not be another man ambition thats life depends what “your” happy with does it not.

    on club ambition if they want a top manager they have to pay the going rate which very few clubs can do its the same as top players stump up or miss out simples,jabba will not do that so we have to go with what jabba throws at us,sorry but we have to go and back the manager and players


  28. B&B @ 23, you ‘will deserve just as much credit for Taylor’s performances as Pards does’? Really???? Hahaha…. do you give him coaching too like, or is it just your mere presence?

    Behind Pards all the way, he started winning me over last season, and think he handled recent events perfectly. Great article, Toonsy.

    Monday night, bring it on!


  29. Troy I hope the penny has dropped for both of them πŸ™‚
    Ice your spot on there mate although I was going to say to Jostoon that the Fatman nearly had Redknapp but just thought I would leave it as it made the Fatman look better πŸ™‚



    Stop making up sh1te saying we played good football. LIES just like everything out of Pardew’s mouth.

    Download the Arsenal game at the Emirates last season, you know, the one we won when Hughton was manager and we ended the game with MORE POSSESSION THAN ARSENAL and played the ball on the deck & kept possession! download that match and come on here and say we played long ball under Hughton, idiots . Do the same for VILLA, MCITY, EVERTON, MANUTD, SUNDERLAND, STOKE, BLACKPOOL, CHELSEA, WEST HAM games and you will see we played good passing football on the deck under Hughton.

    Sick of people making up sh1te saying weve played long ball under Hughton & that Pardew is like Wenger in comparison. BULLSH!TE

    under Hughton it was Barton plaing all our deep free kicks long to Carroll. Barton was fond of deep crosses to him too.


  31. Sir Bobby can you not express yourself and give an opinion without resorting to calling others Idiots ?
    I seen more than enough longball stuff from clueless Chris hoof it up to Carroll was the way to go, and if that didn’t work he had no other ideas but thats just my opinion, but I know there is others that think the same.


  32. i dont blame sir bobby for getting annoyed we are playing the long ball ! and b&b is also spot on . Now were judgeing pardew as a coach and not a manager i can agree with you a little bit more , yes hes an average coach and not a manager but i thought i was comparing him to all the other managers in the premier league ! your moving the goal posts as much as pardew .We are more organised ill give pardew that but if we get a couple of injurys we would be relying on perch guthrie and smith and thats scary , carroll can hold the ball up play with the ball at his feet run at defenders and score headers as could nolan ( without the pace ) and we no londer have that in the squad , we played good football under hughton and we have seen some good football played under pardew but he knows whats going on at the club and is sitting on the fence between us and them so eventually he wil get a big spelk up his bum . In my opinion you would have to be very naive or daft to peddle a lie then peddle another lie then another and another and not realise your peddling lies , fact is he knows exactly what hes doing .


  33. I want to make my position clear.
    I am only defending Pardew on his stance regarding his recent statement where he has made it clear that he is only the coach and leaves the transfers down to the regime.

    As far as his tactics and judgement of players is concerned, well that is open to question.
    He’s done well with the hand he was dealt BUT he’s now made it clear that we are stronger than last year and he’s happy with the players.

    I personally don’t think we are stronger than pre Carroll sale and I will judge him on that as well.


  34. Troy I read a couple of time where he has stated that we are stronger than the side that finished last season, I haven’t heard him say we are stronger than the pre Carroll team .
    Keith in truth I dont believe there is anymore than 1 or 2 true managers in the prem, the rest dont have full say


  35. enlighten me what manager in the premier league has made that much of a fool of himself and made several promises that have all turned out to be untrue . and who are the other prem managers who put there wish list in for a stricker are let down then ask for a loan deal and are told no ! no credability.


  36. @big Dave

    I accept that point.
    So he hasn’t got the confidence to say we aren’t any better than last season?

    Hmmm. There’s a lot of people on here who think we are.

    If Pards doesn’t think we are better than pre Carroll days then there’s going to be a lot of disappointed people.

    Mind, they will be all the same people who were on the Dream Bus . ξ…™


  37. @Keith

    I agree . I don’t think there is any manager who has made more promises or statements which have been undermined by the board.

    But, despite all this and judging by his change in tack, I’ve come to the conclusion he’s been duped by the regime and finally the penny has dropped.

    As long as he keeps this approach and puts the blame firmly in their court then I can’t see how you can criticise him on that front.

    I will judge him now based on his future comments and the performance of the team as he stated he is happy with the players brought in.


  38. Keith I dont know mate I dont follow any other teams to know. what several promises have turned out to be untrue ? the only one I know is about getting a striker in, and IF he believed the 2 c@nts when they said they would get one in well then its not a lie.


  39. @ BigDave,

    Under Hughton we played a lot of really good passing football on the deck! How you can say it was all long ball under Hughton is absolute horse poo, and I don’t know what you were watching.

    Download all the matches I mentioned under Hughton! You watch them for the full 90 mins and if you come back here and say it was long ball, you sir will be a LIAR just like Pardew!

    I will admit this, in the Championship the football under Hughton was absolutely awful to watch though. And I will admit that he took forever to make his substitions which is a beef I had with him.

    But don’t go lying and re-writing history about how we played under Hughton in the Premier League. We played fantastic pasing possession football on the deck under Hughton! Even in games we lost! Man City, Stoke, Blackpool being very good examples. The problem in some games was our penetration wasn’t good enough, and that I feel was due to a lack of pace.

    I mean seriously long ball football under Hughton got us more possession than Arsenal away at the Emirates stadium. Get away! your having a laugh!

    We played plenty of good passing football on the deck under Hughton! I’m sick of LIARS who triy claim differently.


  40. Sir Bobby I asked before can you not express yourself and give an opinion without resorting to calling others Idiots etc and now im a liar ?
    You are just a ****ing muppet that thinks there right and everyone else is wrong.
    And before quoting me wrong get your ****ing facts right otherwise it just makes you look like a bigger Tool and a Liar


  41. “sir bobby

    When did Dave say;
    We played fantastic pasing possession football on the deck under Hughton!

    I don’t believe he has said that ever.

    You are actually looking like a liar now.

    Explain yourself and don’t try and wriggle out of it.


  42. hahaha Pardew has been duped? yeah right. he knew it was his job to LIE on behalf of his employer’s from DAY 1, and in return he gets a managers job he would never get in a million yrs based on his CV.

    Isn’t it a strange coincidence that when Hughton HONESTLY & TRUTHFULLY told the fans in Oct, there will be no new signings in the January window, that that is when Pardew imminent rumors were floating around Newcastle message boards!

    I guess Ashley & Dekka can’t have an honest manager like that in charge who tells the fans like it is, & in the process potentially reducing season ticket sales, so they brought in the shameless silver tongued LIAR that is Pardew. I remember Keegan being honest & telling the fans like it is after Chelsea match; he was immediately summoned to London HQ for a knuckle wrapping & tongue lashing. Chris Mort subsequently quit as MD in disgust & disbelief at how they (MA, Wise) treated him at that meeting according to insiders.


  43. Troy its SB that says >We played fantastic pasing possession football on the deck under Hughton! Even in games we lost!
    I said that I seen alot of longball hoof it up to carroll,
    but SB says im a LIAR because it was all fantastic pasing possession football on the deck under Hughton!
    There is nowt like a good debate but when someone starts by calling people Idiots and liars just because they have a different view, I dont really have much time for Muppets like that but maybe with it being a friday night he has maybe had 2 shandy’s


  44. @ Dave

    I said IF you watch the games back that I told you to, and you come back here saying “longball stuff from clueless Chris hoof it up to Carroll was the way to go, and if that didn’t work he had no other ideas but thats just my opinion”, then yes you will be LIAR just like Pardew.

    We played really good football on the deck under Hughton in many games in the Premier League. For you and other Pardew lovers to try rewrite history like that is pathetic.

    I can say what I have to without using the word idiots, no problem. If Idiot is all you read, try read my original post again ignoring that one word & follow the instructions I gave w/ regard to matches you should rewatch. Go to to dwnld the matches & if you come back here saying it was long ball football, I’m sorry but you will be both a Liar(for lying) & an Idiot(for trying to save face, when your description of our footy under Hughton is clearly incorrect).

    Don’t mean to be rude, but I’m tired of certain people peddling fallacies.


  45. SB > ‘follow the instructions I gave w/ regard to matches you should rewatch’
    Who da **** do you think you are giving me instructions ? I have said several times that imo we played longball stuff under Hoots, if you dont agree with that well tough because I dont give a ****.
    As I said you come on here calling people Idiots and Liars because they dont have the same opinion as yourself, and now your trying to give me instructions.
    I wonder would you **** right of you arrogant ****ing muppet


  46. SB > ‘Don’t mean to be rude, but I’m tired of certain people peddling fallacies’
    No one forced you to be rude and if you had of been civil we could have debated it like adults, but you choose to start insulting people


  47. Oh and I notice B&B just moved to the next thread and didn’t answer my question, but hey I guess he will be just as responsible as Pards for any of Mehdi’s successes too πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  48. SIR BOBBY,I fully agree,look, we get relligated as a result of the instability caused by agent cash-selling milner,given,etc This in turn made Keegan walk,players still at the club wondering who’s next to leave…moral flatlining…this is the cashley way,as things are going well-throw a spanner in the works…he does it time and time again.
    TOONSY,That team was Mr Hughton’s Team,the chair was still warm!!!


  49. What a position to be in: Try to raise morale and confidence by overstating the truth or tell it how it is and undermine your team.

    Pardew says we have a better team than last season. Of course he does! Do you expect him to see anything else? Imagine if he said we are far worse off than we were last season. What do you think the response of the fans would be? How would the players feel?

    They’re managerial words. You don’t take them too seriously. Not unless you are a legal beagle looking for a loophole, or, more likely, just another bod covering his own arse (so it can’t be seen in Fenwicks).

    Honestly, how come it’s the so called realists that have only a tentative grasp on reality?


  50. @ Dave,

    It seems you are the only one offended here. But if you class yourself as “people” then fine.

    Instuructions, suggesstions. It was all a form of rhetoric, not arrogance. sorry if you see it that way.

    In my humble opinion, IF (NOTE THIS WORD CAREFULLY IN MY LAST 3 POSTS PLEASE) peope watch a just handful of the many matches I mentioned again, and IF they come back on here and say it was long ball, then they are LIARS!

    IF BEING THE OPERATIVE WORD! So please don’t get offended by the Liar part.

    as for Idiots, I apologize for you taking offence. Remove that word from my original post and my opinion still stands.

    again sorry you have taken offence.

    I however take offence when I see people perpetuating fallacies.


  51. @ Big Dave,

    wait a minute are you the author of this article?

    No wonder you have taken such offence by my use of the word ‘idiots’.

    Ignore that one word from my original post, and focus on everything else. What is your response to the points I made, and the games I specifcally mentioned. Are really going to say we were a long ball team team under hughton with no ideas if long ball to carroll didn’t work, with regard to those matches I mentioned? lol

    Again m8, I’m sorry you have taken such offence to my use of ‘idiots’ and ‘LIARS'(if they watch the aforementioned game over again, and still say it was all long ball under Hughton)

    I believe your statments about Hughton being longball up to Carroll etc. etc. and now Carroll is gone we do the opposite under Pardew is totally and utterly Incorrect and Not true.

    We played PLENTY of passing football on the deck under Hughton in many games. I mentioned just a few of them above earlier. And IF ANYONE watches those games over, I’m sure they will concur that your opinion in the article about Hughton being longball is highly inaccurate.

    Anyone who has watched all our matches this season, the cup game included can see that it has been nowt but Long Ball under Pardew so far this season. So that is another thing that I disagree with you one when you try mention Pardew in a positive light in the article in comparison to ‘Long Ball Hughton’.

    Again, I’m sorry for my use of the words idiot and liar. They were never meant to insult you personally, nor was my ‘instruction’ or suggestiong to watch those matches over meant to be arrogant.

    I hope you accept my apologies and debate this issue. I would love to hear your response to the games I mentioned, and what your recollection is of how we played those particular games under Hughton.


  52. Read John Gibson – the only Tyneside Journalist who gives an accurate view on events at St James Park. He has an accurate perspective on the Board’s failure. Pardew does not have the authority to conclude transfers within a budget. Llambias and his colleagues failed Pardew and the fans. Referring to “knee jerk” reactions to defend a seven month project which failed will look even more sick if the club fails to survive in the nine month project Pardew and the players have – the Premiership Season.


  53. we played a very boring predictable style under CH alas, as much as i liked the fella. We just wellied it up the pitch and we had no back up plan to any game, if we got sussed out and shackled by the other team CH was at a loss what to do to counter act that.
    AP, although has just about zero credability as a man due to his cok sucking ways with our board….. does play better footy, without a doubt. And although its very early days, he has had good plans in place for each of the three games we have played. Against fulham and sunderland he hchanged tactics at half time, made the right subs and it swayed the games.
    CH= good bloke, crap boring footy
    AP= snake in the grass, decent footy with a plan B


  54. big dave ,
    the reason you dont know is no other manager has as little say on transfers and is fed as much misleading information by there boss ! and if you can honestly only remember one untruth blabbed by pardew let me help you , when he first joined the club ” im going to be banging on mikes door for money ” we are in a huge profit have sold two number 9s and our two leading goalscorers from last season .”a carroll will DEFINATLY not leave in this window” ” 100% we will have a stricker through the door ” ” JUDGE me on the 1st of september when the window has shut ” but now we are not allowed to judge him because its not his fault BOLLOCKS . Blind trust is no trust at all nobody can be that naive and stupit he hasent been duped hes playing the game for the board . so now we should “JUDGE” him just like he said and stop making excuses and painting him to be a poor unfortunate manager (coach) whos being mislead and told lies and just wants whats best for the fans , im certainly not that daft .


  55. @ KEITH

    You hit the nail on the head PERFECTLY!

    This poor Pardew love in needs to stop. He’s just distancing himself from board with his comments because he knows many fans see him for what he truly is………an unashamed LIAR on behalf of the board in exchange for a managers job at one of the biggest clubs in the country!

    This season his tactics have been nothing but LONG BALL. There is no sugar coating it. middle of 2nd half vs Fulham is the only time weve tried to get the ball down & play in our 4 games this season. Its pathetic.

    As for Hughton in Premier League, we played a lot of good passing football on the deck. Anyone that disagrees should download the games I listed to re-jog their faulty memory.


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