Pardew: “I’ll be the first to admit I was upset”

Alan Pardew

Alan Pardew
Pardew lifts the lid on deadline day.
Alan Pardew has lifted the lid on just what went on during transfer deadline day and has also admitted that he was left feeling upset after the failure to bring in the striker thathe was so certain of.

After some initial outrage on here yesterday after Pardew “refused to go into too much” and failed to give an explanation about just what happened the manager has now chosen to clarify a few things.

I’m wondering if it will be enough if truth be told. A certain amount of fans demanded to know more which is of course fair enough, so I’m just wondering whether or not they will be happy now they are about to hear more? Or will it just be more waffle? In which case what is the problem in the first place?

Look, those expecting Alan Pardew to directly and publicly criticise the board to satisfy their own opinions, it just isn’t going to happen. Get real. Ask Joey Barton where that gets you. Just because the dirty linen isn’t being aired in public it doesn’t mean that there haven’t been private words. I mean a silence from Alan Pardew and a statement from the club don’t happen often so there was a rabbit away somewhere.

So what was said? Well I’ll cut the crap and just deliver the quotes so you can make your own mind up about them.

On deadline day itself Pardew had this to say:

“I was with the club secretary almost the whole day, waiting for faxes and information. We had two agents working for us in France and Derek as well. I was monitoring that and was also on the phone making sure we didn’t miss any other potential targets but at about six o’clock I felt we were in trouble.”

And on his job and the rumours suggesting he had walked out:

“There’s been some ­scaremongering about this and that – but this is a fantastic job and I understand what the fans want.”

On targets, dead ends and disappointment:

“With the time scale we had, we should have got a striker. But there are difficulties in today’s market, especially with young strikers who have got potential. That’s what we were targeting and that’s the hardest type of player to get.”

“The board found it very difficult and went up some paths that were dead ends. I’m disappointed because it would have made the jigsaw complete.”

“I’ll be the first to admit I was upset on the day, and the day after and the day after that. But that’s me done now.”

On his understanding of what the fans want:

“The fans want the No 9 shirt filled. I just hope we can fill it in January. They want a team 100 per cent committed to the black and white jersey and 99 per cent of the time I think they’ve had that.”

“I’m disappointed and genuinely feel for the fans because a striker would have made the jigsaw complete.”

And finally a bit about Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias:

“I think it’s important that I put pressure on the board. I feel the enthusiasm we have generated at the start of the season has gone with the signing not coming in. I’ve stressed that many times to Derek and Mike.”

“They are passionate about the way they see the club and the way they want to do deals. They wouldn’t do a loan or a short-term fix, whereas I would have liked to. I had a couple of options that I thought would have worked for us but it has to work for them.”

“The board make the decision about who they think is financially right for the club.”

Is that final part another hint at who is is really to blame?

At the end of the day some fans wanted more, and with this there is more. It’s clear that Pardew is as disappointed as we are as there is no doubt that he wants to do the best job he can and get the best tools for the job he can. If the board have different ideas then what can he do? I would suggest that the board would use this approach under a different manager aswell before the ridiculous “he should walk with pride” comments start.

What do you make of it all?

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85 thoughts on “Pardew: “I’ll be the first to admit I was upset”

  1. Well. I think Alan´s hade to put up with a lot since the Barton incident. The board has a different opinion than he and we have. With no one coming in the door I could even have settled with Bendtner. The fun thing is that I think that Best or Demba Ba will rise with the pressure and the board will say “we told you so” and not buy in january.


  2. It was good seeing him talk about Derek not getting things through. Talking about how difficult it is to get young, yet quality strikers was good and i think needed to be said to help explain things. That should silence some of the Pardew haters a bit so that he can feel more supported by the fans.

    I’m curious to see what else comes out today.


  3. I personally really like Pardew. I don’t think he’s a world beater but I think he’s right for where the club are now. We need a period of stability and although we’ve had coming and goings with players Pardew is doing a very good job given the circumstances.

    3 points on monday and that takes us to 10 points, nearly 25% of the total you look for to avoid relegation. Not bad after 4 games.

    I think the squad on the whole looks good, especially midfield. Defence looks good until we get an injury. Yes we need a new striker but it’s not as bad as people make out. The way people go on we’re getting relegated because we don’t have a new no.9 but we’d be in Europe if we’d got one??? Who do they want us to sign? Alan Shearer?

    Anyway, It’s time to get behind Pardew, yes we wish the board did things differently and some want Pardew to come out and be more honest but I think he’s doing the right thing in keeping shtum and getting on with what hes got. Doing his opinion giving in private and not in public. Best way to do it.

    So lets give Pardew our full backing and HWTL!


  4. Andrew if you think that will silence the Pard haters I think your wrong. With some they will never be happy, no matter what he does, if the team wins it was down to the players, if they loose it was Pards fault.
    I think what he has had to say hear makes it pretty clear that it was the boards fault for not getting a player in, and that Pards is almost as pissed of as we are.
    Lastly im sure he has learnt a lesson in knowing that he cant trust the board.


  5. I believe he’s gained a lot of credibility back after that interview.
    I was dreading the expected lines. “we tried but I’m happy with what we got”
    “I don’t blame the board, they did their best”.

    One thing that does stand out was his reply to him walking away from the job. He never denied it but said he was angry for several days.

    Well done Pards . Couldn’t ask for more IMO . 


  6. Big Dave
    September 9, 2011 at 09:03

    “if the team wins it was down to the players, if they loose it was Pards fault.”

    Bang on.


  7. We should have had some one in at the beginning of the window. Did he genuinely believe that we could get someone in int the last day of the window? The one thing I agree with Ashley and Dez on is their view not to bring in a loan player. These are rarely successful and a waste of money.


  8. Toonsy I would guess today, and would be pretty pissed off if they havn’t had enough time to answer them by now.
    Batty are you gutted that Pards hasn’t walked cause you were hoping to get JFK back lol


  9. Think pardew is firmly caught in the middle , he is damned if he does n damned if he doesnt. Think what he said bout the loan deal is interesring. If he got someone in on loan the very slim chance of us getting in anyone in jan would be gone

    n when i say slim i mean the slimist of slim! n that is the optimist in me talking 🙂


  10. I wonder when he says he wanted some loan option he was talking about Sturridge. we were linked with long enough maybe he wanted him but the board wouldnt want it cos if he was a success they’d get alot of pressure from everyone to pay a huge sum to keep him permantly.


  11. Andrew, Derek? you mean that **** Llambias, difficult to buy a striker, what a load of crap.
    As for Pardew, credit to him for eventually coming out of his hole but he must have had clearance from above to hang Delboy out to dry because if he has’nt ,they will have his head on a pole.
    And as far him saying he is “Hopeful” of progress in January, i just wish they would shut up about the whole situation as whatever credibility they had has evaporated and only the rose tinters believe anything they say any more, its just one load of ******* after another.


  12. Troy @ 5 – agree with you hes turning into the new hughton and his reputation will only go up by managing a club in such tryng circumstances.


  13. Robert
    September 9, 2011 at 09:44

    “And as far him saying he is “Hopeful” of progress in January, i just wish they would shut up about the whole situation as whatever credibility they had has evaporated and only the rose tinters believe anything they say any more, its just one load of ******* after another.”

    This gets back to what I was saying yesterday about people taking everything as read, literally.

    Personally I read that line, evaluated it, then quickly binned it off. It’s the easy way and means that I don’t get het up about lies or broken promises as I disregard them in the first place.


  14. Robert i agree to an extent if they told us they didnt want to buy anyone in jan it would be better than going on about 100% certainties.

    Then they could suprise us! wishful thinking maybe….


  15. The man has an impossible job, simple as that. If he had any self respect he’d resign forth with. But what’s the point, there’ll be another sucker come along to be walked all over.


  16. Nice one Sy I enjoyed that read ,

    Also agree with it

    And I liking Alan more now then ever ,

    Hopefully he can forge some sort of seige mentality with the players ,


  17. Agree with the board about one thing. Don’t like loan players unless there is an option to buy or it’s an absolute emergency. Would rather see our own young players even if they are not quite as good.


  18. STUART79,
    It would be a travesty if Pardew resigned and almost certainly result in us being relegated again.

    I applaud him for his honesty, he obviously cares passionately about the club and understands our frustration unlike Fatty and his Gimp.

    Surely Fatty must be looking at getting rid of Llambias!



  19. Wow. This guy is actually pretty good, and let’s hope he’ finally learned to not make promises.

    I think he’s pushing his luck with his bosses, to be honest – he should really have left it as it was yesterday. But he’s chosen his words well and avoided open criticism. Instead he’s just pointed out where their differences in opinion lie, acknowledged that it’s not his decision, and moved on. I just hope that’s it now and he goes no further. The last thing we want is animosity between him and the board; that’s poison to a football club.

    Good man. Starting to like him. Which probably means he’ll be fired within the month… (Sorry; couldn’t resist it!)

    Actually, I think we’re looking great. Don’t care about the window any more. Tis done. Move on. Win.


  20. Always liked Pardew,

    West Ham may have nearly went down with him, but he had them playing good football, and brought in some great players.
    I think that season they were extremely unlucky in a lot of games.

    He is certainly a better coach, if not man that Chris Hughton.


  21. Pardew will coach himself into another top flight job as soon as, no way will he see out the remainder of his contract.


  22. for me, Hughton’s interviews and public comments were exceedingly f**king dull and frustrating. He spoke in cliches and seemed to think it was his job to avoid saying anything of interest.

    Pardew on the other hand is always revealing (perhaps at times unintentionally so) and I definitely appreciate this quality. In fact, overall I think he’s doing a more than decent job of handling the ongoing chaos that comes with being manager of NUFC.

    Let’s hope we can get a decent result at QPR so we can put all this crap behind us and get on with enjoying the football


  23. JJ – On the flipside of that, he brought West Ham up and got them to 7th playing decent footie. He even got them within minutes of winning an FA Cup.

    I’ve always said that he is better than a lot of people make out. The record books are there to be read by anyone. Yes sure he isn’t the most fantastic manager we’ve had, but he is certainly not the worst.


  24. dave i quite like him as a manager ,but iam not fooled by his words like some are ,he will be at this club as long as fatty is .


  25. M – You can’t say that. That was dignified silence. that smirk on his face that made him look like he’d just launch a warm fart….. That was also dignified 😆

    Sorry, I really liked Hughton. I never called him Clueless Chris and stuck up for him when results weren’t going our way. However the hero worship afforded to him and the sheer contempt shown by Hughton followers to Pardew winds me up enough to take the piss.


  26. batty
    September 9, 2011 at 10:35

    “but iam not fooled by his words like some are ,he will be at this club as long as fatty is”

    That works the other too though mate. Like Robert said earlier on, about the transfers. Why listen to it if it gets you annoyed? Why take so much notice of it?


  27. Toonsy it dusent get me annoyed m8 as i was 99% sure we wernt gonna get a striker in ,i like the way hes got us playing but cannit beleive a word he says ,hes a way better coach than clueless in my eyes.


  28. @Batty

    At least Pardew has put the ball firmly in the Regimes court. He can’t do anymore than that IMO . 

    All transfer talk should now be left to Lsmbias and let him crawl out from under his toadstool to face the press. 


  29. Toonsy – don’t get me wrong mate, I liked Hughton too. He came across like a decent bloke and we played decent football under him, particularly away from home at the start of last season ( Everton and Man C come to mind)

    Just gave garbage interviews IMO


  30. See the mackem hooligan who attacked Harper has been dealt with and banned from games for 3 yrs, 8 months to get to court?
    Picture of him in the Echo and hes got ” BENT ” on the back of his shirt, did he think that decision through?
    Remember a player we had – Brian PINAS – no one got his name on their shirts and even if he had been a raving success, would you dare?


  31. @JJ

    Whats with the hieroglyphics?

    Have you turned to ancient Chinese?

    Eh? It’s not fireworks night until November 5th?
    What’s hieroglyphics got to do with things now? 


  32. Toonsy – I can see where Batty’s coming from. I may have picked you up wrong, but where it comes to Pards, you seem to take the line that you should not get angry about his false promises and lies; just rise above it, and learn to like him. Yet you go radge in a flash at loads of things posted on here, (albeit some things which you are clearly right to go radge at). It seems that because you like what he brings, you are happy to overlook his downright lies. To a lot of fans, he is suddenly such a good manager. I see Troy is warming to him nicely today. Pards is now claiming that his bold statements were just mistakes and he should have chosen his words more carefully. What a load of b*ll*x. Furthermore, the way people are talking on here, we are right in the **** if he goes. Its as if there’s not another decent manager in the world who wouldn’t take the job. Its the usual Pards or JFK, take your choice b*ll*x. I’m not saying sack him because I’m sick of the manager merry go round, but I’m not going to back him, respect him, or happily ignore his lies. He’s the mouthpiece of this club and his mouth runs away with him.

    At least he’s not stripping off in public like the other two muppets.


  33. Stuart79
    September 9, 2011 at 10:04

    The man has an impossible job, simple as that. If he had any self respect he’d resign forth with.

    Really? imo Self respect comes from making the right decisions under difficult circumstances. Anyone can throw the towel in…just ask Kevin Keegan, it’s people who compromise and find ways of persuading others who dis-agree to come around to your way of thinking who allow us to progress. Spitting of dummies gets us nowhere………………………………….. and self respect?…yeah right we’ve all had to swallow our pride at some point and just get on with it Pardew may not be everyone’s cup of tea but at least he’s taking the flak fair & square and not running with his tail between his legs…….not yet!


  34. B&B – You misunderstand me.

    I judge Pardew on the footballing side of things. Nothing more or less as that, in my mind, is his remit.

    I don’t especially like him blathering on, but I don’t get annoyed by it because I just don’t listen to it. If it’s not a football matter then why should I? It’s not his remit remember….

    My point being is that there are so many that bang on about lies and this or that and the other, yet they constantly read into what is said by the very same person that they are accusing of lying. If you get your wallet nicked because you left it on the bar for a second then you’d be more careful where you left it in future would you not? Same principle. If people are going to bang on about lies all the time then why do they analyse everything as if it was the truth?


  35. I’ve heard we’ve got a new manager in the pipeline….He might just be good enough for our highly principled fans!!!..Loads of self-respect and never tells lies, being brought in because of his high moral veracity something about ‘the only one the fans will believe and accept.’ In fact by all accounts he’s just about perfect in every way. Doesn’t swear [except his faith in his Dad….who’s also perfect btw], doesn’t go with women, or drink hard liquor. Seems he’s got a bit of history though, tends to set very high standards from everyone, won’t accept any slippage either, although he does expect us to forgive any falls from grace and he will also[so those lads who ran on the pitch when Sammy scored should be getting their tickets back in the post].
    He’s been known to perform miracles at his other clubs…told one of his players who had a broken leg to throw away his crutches and get up and walk…and it actually worked!! [might come in useful with HBA!]. He might even get rid of Ashley, I heard he threw a load of Del Boy traders out of his Dad’s front garden who had set up stalls flogging tat. He’s got few ideas about what to stock in the burger bars at the ground also, says if we change the menu to bread and fishes we could save on catering costs because you can make them stretch further than pies and hot dogs. Seems the only drawback is he won’t be here long…at his last club he was planning some sweeping changes at boardroom level, but some little conniving tw*t stabbed him in the back for £30, and when the owner found out he crucified him!


  36. @B&B
    I had labelled Pards a Patsy. I took that stance based on his statements which often were undermined by the regime eg. The sale of Carroll et al.

    I stated, when the window closed, that his first statement would indicate whether he has had the wool pulled over his eyes and has now realised this.
    I said he should come out and express his anger over the striker debacle.
    It’s exactly what he’s done.

    He’s now distancing himself from the regimes buying and transfer policies which is exactly the correct stance to take.

    He is a coach and not a traditional type manager and if you accept that then it’s hard to criticise him.

    If there’s one thing he is guilty of, its being so on the uptake in realising the regime would let him down.
    For me, I dont think he has lied, I believe he’s been a sucker by trusting the regime and now the penny has dropped.

    Why do you think he’s been lying when he’s now come out and showed his anger towards the regime.

    On this occasion you are wrong. 


  37. “3 points on monday and that takes us to 10 points, nearly 25% of the total you look for to avoid relegation. Not bad after 4 games.”

    wow – so happy we may be 75% away from having enough points to keep us in the league. sorry rossco just moody about where we are as a club at the moment

    on the article; fairplay pardwho – not his biggest fan but at least he seems to be honest with us. plus he seems to be starting to understand the expectations from the city and what being a newcastle manager is about.

    hopefully it continues starting with a win on monday


  38. @ Troy Pards hasn’t shown his anger towards the regime. In fact, he has been careful to praise Derak and Mike. You say he is guilty of being slow on the uptake. Come on. To use Batty’s line: “wake up and smell the coffee”. He made false promises that he knew he couldn’t keep, and asked us to judge him on September 1. Judgment made. Liar. There’s no way back in business for a liar. If you are saying he could not see what would happen or even what might happen, he must be a complete idiot. Liar or idiot, he’s in charge.


  39. Bobbs, ahhh finally, welcome to the sane side .. noted your positivity toward Pards + you know who appointed him dont you wor kid .. pleased to note you finally seeing sense.


  40. Toonsy – I think I understand what you’re saying now, but I don’t think anyone is trusting Pards and then getting a big surprise when they find out he’s talking crap. If its not his remit to talk about transfers, why the hell is he doing so? People just don’t like liars and the bringers of false promises. All trust is gone in anything he says, even on the footballing front, like when HBA ic coming back. He deceived the public then too, but that was okay because it was to keep HBA’s spirits up. Tosh.

    Troy reckons he should be praised now because the penny has dropped. Why didn’t it drop before he took the job when everyone, including Keegan, was telling him how it was? Why didn’t the penny drop after the Andy Carroll debacle? Why didn’t the penny drop when he said his priority was to keep Nolan and Enrique and the regime gave him no backing? What is the matter with this idiot that the penny doesn’t drop? What worries me more is that, althougn Pards appears to be identifying certain players, there were so many cul-de-sacs that, in effect, it was Derek who, if we had got a player, would have got the player that he wanted and not the one that Pards made his priority. This player might have been Pards fifth, sixth, seventh choice, or worse.


  41. @B&B

    Wake up and smell the coffee was my original line which Batty pinched.

    Why would he set himself up in such a way that he is going to ridiculed as a liar?

    Despite what you say about him supporting the regime, from what I’ve read in this thread, he’s explained there was plenty of time to get a striker and they failed.

    He’s put the ball firmly in their court. He hasn’t tried to defend them. He has explained he’s angry. What more can he do?

    I believe he has fallen for the false promises.
    Naive or idiot? Both in my opinion but I will give him the benefit of doubt.

    Now go to the nearest mirror and repeat these words back to yourself;

    Well done, now crack on.  


  42. @toonpipes

    Give it a rest. I will agree with you on some points you know.

    I’m sure we agree the sky is blue, the sun is yellow and Pards has come out well in his latest interview.

    But I will never agree with you that the moon is made of cheese, there is gold at the end of the rainbow and Santa Claus delivers presents at Xmas.

    If there’s one person on this blog I disagree with most, then it’s you and Thad comes a close second. ( Thad is the one who has his own photo as his avatar). Woo hoo hoo hooo  


  43. I could understand forgiving him his faults based on the idea that his remit is simply footballing matters. Even I would forgive a liar or an idiot if he was a managerial genius, who was delivering silverware most seasons or had a C.V. that suggested he could. However, this bloke really hasn’t done anything in the managerial game. I repeat I do not want to see him sacked but that is only because I am sick of the constant merry go round and circus. However, he will have to do far more than he has before he gets any praise or backing from me.


  44. bitey bite bobs .. you know im right on all counts + your movement towards me is welcome as i could tell you didnt really blv what you were saying – also noted that you appear to have reeled in your style of predicting that the moon will rise and fall and the sun will rise and set as i had requested – good lad.


  45. Troy @56. Quote me Pards’ words of criticism from the article above please. Then quote me the rest.


  46. B&B, watch the interview with him. Anybody, who can get half a sense of someone when listening to them speak and act will see that Pardew is basically a pretty decent bloke, who stays amazingly balanced, still gets his view across, including being deadly serious about the things that matter to him, while staying positive and expressing how much he basically likes the job and the players and staff he’s got around. Good on him I say.

    I gotta say the more I see the bloke talk the more respect I get for him.


  47. “But there are difficulties in today’s market, especially with young strikers who have got potential. That’s what we were targeting and that’s the hardest type of player to get.” No apparent or discernable criticism of the regime there. Just an excuse on their behalf. It makes you wonder where he thinks we got the £35M in the first place. Does he think Kenny was compensating us for the mess he made here when he was manager? Why do Pards and Dekka think we can hold other clubs to ransom for our young talent, but they won’t do the same?


  48. Wow!
    Where did I read his quote that the club had long enough to buy a striker and they failed?
    I’ve read it somewhere? Someone help or I’m going to get the mirror out and slag myself off!

    Tinpoops help out!

      oops


  49. From The Guardian:

    ‘Alan Pardew has admitted disappointment over Newcastle United’s failure to sign a striker in the transfer window. “The criticism that’s going to come from not getting a striker in has some validity to it because seven months is a long time,” the manager said.

    “But I can only say that from my point of view, we put the targets in front of the board and then it comes down to financial decisions, and that financial decision didn’t take place. We bid for three or four players to fill one position and none of them came to fruition, and that’s the disappointment that we have to face.”‘


  50. LionelSpeed Everything you’ve said there about Pardew could have been said about Jeffrey Archer or Tony Blair, and no doubt was. In the end the lies caught up with them and nobody wanted them any longer. Enough was enough. Don’t get me wrong, I’d have Jedward as manager and head coach if I thought there was a good chance they’d bring home the FA Cup.


  51. “Lionel

    Thankyou. I knew I had read it somewhere.

    For me, Pards gets the benefit of doubt and I will judge him from now on in.
    He has made his position clear that he is the coach and the financial side and who the club bring in is down to Lambias.

    I’ve put my mirror down. You still repeating those words B&B?


  52. haha toonpipes..dont get me wrong, 5 wins in 21 games (or woteva it is) aint magnificent. it aint good and it aint average!

    but im willing to give him this season and support him, as much as i can

    though those images of them, was it at benton hq? when he signed the contract to become manager and there were hugs all round from dl, pards, pards agent and MA still make my blood boil.

    although he was never hughtons mate still all seemed very sly and underhand

    aka classic ****ney behaviour all round


  53. He says, “the criticism … has some validity to it” not “the criticism is completely justified”

    More double speak when he says “the financial decision didn’t take place”. The financial decisions did take place.

    Its like Denis Healey said of Geoffrey Howe “Its like being savaged by a dead sheep.”


  54. Troy. You’ve gone soft son. You can’t foresee the next false promise, lie or idiotic gaffe. Baba Vanga will be turning in her grave. I even think I read a post in which you were expecting a decent response from the regime to the chronicle questions.


  55. doitforsirbobby – 27 games – 9 wins – 10 draws – 8 defeats

    Was just writing an article about that when you posted your comment 😆


  56. I like your point there B&B, quite amusing and almost accurate. The difference is that when Tony Blair and Jeffrey Archer speak they sound alright but you don’t believe a word they say for circumstances repeatedly proving they talk ****e.

    Pardew is different because he does seem to be the one being led up the garden path, rather than actually doing the leading himself, that Blair and Archer did.

    You can take it anyway you want, but in my opinion that’s the difference, and if you can’t see that from the repeated interviews he has put out there then no words are going to change that.

    Circumstances have proved time and again Blair says whatever needs to be heard to make his case, generally words loaded with a good dose of evangelical-tosserness.

    Pardew is a trusting, straightforward, romantic who is beginning to master the art of pragmatism, balance and balls, while remaining upbeat. All qualities that probably explain why the players, including Barton, respect him.


  57. @B&B

    Do you accept his stance has changed from previously?

    He is now clearly distancing himself from the transfer side of things and has expressed his frustration and anger at the club not getting a striker in.

    He is basically admitting he is purely a coach.

    It’s not the way Keegan, Wenger, Dalglish or
    Fergie would work but he has and that’s what this regime demands.

    The level headed approach in this scenario is to judge him from now on in as it appears the penny may have dropped.

    He’s certainly been an idiot and naive for getting sucked in but he has to preserve his own interests and not totally slag the regime off.

    He’s done it the sensible way IMO.

    We couldn’t afford another managerial sacking.


  58. Have to pull you up on this though “aka classic ****ney behaviour all round”

    What is classic ****ney behaviour? It’s certainly not a widespread thing. It’s like saying all Geordies have racing pidgeons and whippets. My Dad is a Cockney (well closer than what Ashley, Llambias and Pardew are) and he turned out fine.


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