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More questions than answers?
Well firstly I’d like to say thank-you to Lee Ryder from the Evening Chronicle. His attempts to get some dialogue going between fan and board deserve credit.

Secondly I’d like to say that whilst I may not agree with some of the answers to the questions I genuinely feel that there isn’t much more that could have been said. I find some of the answers disingenuous whilst, some of them fair enough and some of them not fair enough.

I guess the only way to analyse these questions is to look at each one specifically. Remember, this is purely MY reaction to the questions. I’m not a mouthpiece of the fans and don’t claim to be so if you disagree with my reasoning then fair enough. Just try not to be a cock about it and keep the personal abuse to a minimum.

If you have already done so you can read the full questions and answers by clicking the following blue hyperlinks.

Part one
Part two

Q.1 – Where’s the money that was pledged to be reinvested in the squad after the sale of Andy Carroll gone?

My reaction: This is the answer that I feel is rather disingenuous. I admit that they said all along that the money would be kept within the club, but I also think it’s now folly to say that the money is still there after the event.

We also got the bit about free transfers incurring costs. This is fair enough and few can deny that this actually happens although it doesn’t explain much at all. Mind you I never expected then to go into detailed facts and figures, which is why I was shocked to see them reveal that a 10th placed finish would give us a wage/turnover ratio of 65%. For a numbers geek like me it gives me something to work on.

Q.2 – Why is there such a lack of communication with the fans from Mike Ashley and his board?

My reaction: They answered by countering with the fact that every time they do speak they get criticism for it. This is fair enough in my book. At least they admit that is was because of their own actions that things have gone this way.

At the end of the day, much like what has happened with the answers to these questions, people will criticise. People shouldn’t be prepared to ask questions if there is a chance that they won’t like the answers in my opinion.

Q.3 – In 2009 you outlined your plans for the club at a fans forum. Can you give us an update on how you see our position now against that plan and if it has changed? What is the long-term plan for Newcastle United?

My reaction: The club say that they have a target of top ten this season and then for sustainable growth beyond that. This is fair enough in my book. They then go on to say that the club is on a far sounder financial footing than what is was. In short there is nothing new in that answer.

Q.4 – Can you justify why it took seven months to pursue a striker before failing at the eleventh hour to secure a signing?

My reaction: This is one that I feel that they have skirted around a little bit. The deals may have fallen down late in proceedings, but they still had seven months to do some business and still left it until transfer deadline day. Why?

Q.5 – Public opinion on Tyneside from large sections of fans is that they no longer trust statements coming out of the club after several empty promises. What assurances can you give fans that they can believe what the club tells them?

My reaction: They answered this themselves really when they said:

“We don’t feel we’ve made empty promises. Sometimes in these situations it’s impossible to win. If we say nothing we are criticised. If we state our intentions and they are not realised, we are criticised.”

In a way they can’t win, but then in a way they’ve brought it about themselves. They know that. they’ve admitted it. On that basis I don’t know what else they can do.

Q.7 – Given that level 7 was deserted in some parts at the Fulham game, is there any reason why those who want to sing can’t all be sat together rather than upsetting fans who don’t want to sing, which appears to be the problem in the Strawberry corner? What has caused the club to fundamentally change its stance to standing in the stadium?

My reaction: This is something I’ve said all along. There has been no change on standing. For years, and as a result of the Hillsborough disaster, standing has not been allowed in football grounds up and down the country and St James’ Park is no different. In fact if you cast your minds back to the Championship season you will do well to remember Middlesbrough reducing our away allocation because of our fanbase opting to stand.

Q.7 – Many fans clamoured for a marquee signing on the striker front. Are those days gone and can we expect more continental-based players coming in January, if any?

My reaction: I don’t get this one. I think it played straight into the hands of the board. I can’t recall many people wanting a “marquee” signing and most people recognise that many Marquee signings have let us down in the past.

What was asked for was a striker of sufficient quality that would allow us to improve. However, the wording of the questions means that we got the standard “the days of marquee signings are over” which in all fairness is somthing we knew all along anyway.

Q.8 – Are you concerned about the 10,000 drop in attendance and that fans are either not renewing season tickets or have headed to support local non-league teams instead?

My reaction: The upshot of it is that they aren’t concerned, yet, which kid of mirrors my own view on the subject. However they have said they are watching and will take steps should they see a pattern emerging.

Knowing this board they’ll probably knock a stand down rather than reduce ticket prices. I jest of course…

Q.9 – Is Mike Ashley considering putting the club up for sale?

My reaction: The answer was that Ashley isn’t looking to sell, unless there is a silly money bid from somewhere.

In short there is nothing here that I didn’t know anyway.

Q.10 – Newcastle United has the third highest attendances in the country, Sky TV and income from merchandising, plus a lower debt position than many in the EPL. Why in terms of player recruitment can Newcastle not compete with smaller clubs like Stoke, Fulham and QPR?

My comment: Essentially this was a “no comment” and a statement that they are committed to their business plan and will follow it through.

Not much more I can add on that really. Time will tell I guess.

Q.11 – Are you aware of fans’ disgruntlement with the away ticketing policy given the Toon Army are amongst the most loyal fans in the UK, and will you consider reviewing the policy?

My reaction: I still disagree with this even though I’ve always held a membership anyway so it doesn’t really affect me. However the minority of fans that acted like bellends at Darlington have brought this about and have ruined it for those who don’t have memberships. Actions have consequences.

Q.12 – Alan Pardew said he was 100% convinced he would get a new number 9. What changed?

My reaction: Again this is something that I’ve said all along. People claimed that Alan Pardew was lying whilst I insisted that he was just relaying what he had been told. This is confirmation from the board that they were confident about a striker. In that scenario it seems that Pardew was just relaying what looked to be happening and was not trying to deceive anyone.

Q.13 – Why was Joey Barton allowed to leave for free and join a club that could be considered to be a rival in the Premier League?

My reaction: This is basically an admission that the club wanted rid. He wouldn’t sign a new deal and then set about lambasting the board. Nobody would pay any money for him so the decision was made to let him go for nothing.

I still think it was a bad decision but, as Derek Llambias says, Joey has got the deal he wants, the board have got rid of a problem and everyone is happy, aside from the fans and presumably Alan Pardew.

Q.14 – Many fans now consider us to be a “selling club” after the departures of Nolan, Enrique, Carroll and Barton. How do you respond to this?

My reaction: Personally I’ve never considered us to be a selling club anyway. Enrique wanted to go, Nolan wanted more than he could get here, Barton and the board fell out and we received stupid money for Andy Carroll. Like it or not there are mitigating circumstances involved in the departures of all four of those players.

The real test is from now on however. I’m assuming that as we become more financially stable we’ll be able to resist cashing in on players and that it will take silly money to buy players from us.

In conclusion

I’m not overly disappointed by these answers in truth. I never expected much else if truth be told and believe that they have said what can be said. Overall I’m happy enough with them.

For those that aren’t happy, what did you expect? I got criticism for predicting that the answers would be what we know already, but it seems that some are unhappy with what they’ve got in the shape of answers. The nuts of it is, don’t ask questions if you may not like the answers. You won’t get hurt that way.

I’d like to know what else could have been said? I mean at the moment people are proving Derek right when he said earlier that essentially there is no point in communicating as people don’t like what is said anyway and it just attracts criticism. On the evidence of today, and I really hate saying this, but I have to agree with him.

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139 thoughts on “Reaction to the answers from the board

  1. I have similar reactions.

    One thing I was interested to see was the line “Our long-term plan off the field is to make sure that Newcastle United is self-financing … ” Though it’s what I thought was happening I think it’s the first time it’s been said so starkly, officially.

    On the why-we-didn’t-get-a-striker question, I suppose I didn’t really expect him to say, “it’s because I’m a ****ing useless negotiator and I’m hamstrung by a rigid transfer policy.” But he came close.

    In general, I hope to see more of these Q and A sessions. I think they are very helpful, in the sense that we get to see their thinking about things and have a reference for the future.


  2. Batty – from the prev thread – don’t think Ryan stopped running after that day, never seen a man poo himself on a blog before – hopefully that was the first and last time! 😆


  3. I never expected anything more so I’m not disappointed with what we’ve got in terms of answers. Mainly they are fair enough although I’d want more detail in some, but it’s better than nothing.


  4. Answers weren’t too bad (be honest we are never going to get full on explanation’s just business speak) but r.e. the communication one, it is good to see they’ve realised that we aren’t happy with their promises, but they still had a little potshot said ones that havent come off aren’t their fault, well don’t promise then! We just have to get on with it and make sure we get ‘over the line’ into tenth.


  5. Personaly, I just hope they can learn from their mistakes.

    I know this will not be a popular view, but I do believe Mike Ashley will be good for Newcastle United in the long run, too many clubs are making unrealistic and expensive signings. Howver, we have made some good signings without making the mistakes of the past.

    The Dennis Wise / Kevin Keegan saga, plus Cisko etc were bad mistakes, bad, bad mistakes and could not be excused, but hey, we all make them and the wise amongst us learn from them.

    The inability to sign a striker was yet another lesson to be learnt from and I hope it will not be an expensive one in respect to results. Im not totally convinced by the time frame excuse, but I`m willing to allow a bit more time for something to happen because of the ammounts of money being demanded.

    As for Mike Ashley and derek Lambiass being insulted and abused during games, well no matter what anyone thinks, or our personal opinions, they have every right to attend matches and enjoy them without abuse.

    Im sure a lot of people are not going to agree with these comments, but personnaly I just want to get on and watch the football and support Newcastle.

    Good luck To Mike Ashley, I think your getting thing right.


  6. Have I logged on to a toon blog in a parallel universe?

    Batty, Craig Chisolm and even Bobby Bull**** all gushing in their praise for Mike Ashley… whatever next – Big Dave admitting that Joey Barton really is an obnoxious little coont? 🙂


  7. Cilche ridden, spiteful, hateful, patronising and threatening horse**** from the Managing Director to his “customer base”.
    This fool will only succeed in driving more fans away from St James Park.


  8. “The inability to sign a striker was yet another lesson to be learnt from”

    No wonder Ashley wont sell the club as long as there are gullible mugs like you about. How many times will MA and DL pull the wool over your eyes or shaft you up the ****box before you see the light.
    Listen to King Kev, he told you more than once what Ashley and his mates are up to and what they are doing to our club.


  9. Think that is exactly right Greenback @6. Ashley and Lamearse have made some catastrophic mistakes and certainly told lies – they are not likeable characters and it is definitely difficult to trust them. Having said that I think the way the club is now being run is the right way – incredibly frustrating not getting a striker in but we have made some decent signings. We had a decent season last year and obviously bounced straight back from the Championship the season before – there are good reasons to be optimistic IMO.
    The answers from the board may be predictable but on the whole I think they are OK. There are some that skirt the issue but I think overall they are a fair response to the questions. At least we have a marker for the future and hopefully will see a bit more communication like this.


  10. “My reaction: Again this is something that I’ve said all along. People claimed that Alan Pardew was lying whilst I insisted that he was just relaying what he had been told. This is confirmation from the board that they were confident about a striker. In that scenario it seems that Pardew was just relaying what looked to be happening and was not trying to deceive anyone.”

    Yes because the trustworthy Derek Llambias confirms repeats what Pardew said confirms it as the trutgh!

    Llambias has just allayed all my doubts that I had about the mike ashley regime, and confirmed that Pardew has told the truth, just like Llambias told the truth to the fans in the press in the past with regard to Keegan lol.

    Pardew is a LIAR!

    Llambias has had a long time to mull of these questions and get his story straight with Pardew so that they are not contradicting each other.

    If the author and other readers believe Pardew hasn’t beern lying to us at all, then that is fine. But the word Naive springs to mind.


  11. Unfortunately with these kind of question and answer things it leaves the party answering so much wriggle room their ultimately pointless.

    So many questions left un answered so we’re no further forward.


  12. Very true. Some kind of talk in with a selection of fans answering questions would have been better. They’ve had plenty of time to come up with slippery answers to the questions.

    Oh I love the fantastic new deal they offered Jose Enrique which turned out to be exactly the same terms as before. You’d think a pay rise would be in order for the performances he’s put in for the last 2 years.

    I love how Jose came out and said ‘they lie all the time’ and that the new contract offer was a load of bollox.


  13. I wish I had time to give my opinions but I’m at work and haven’t got time but those who think those answers are good enough then I worry about your lack of inquisitive mind.

    They are almost as bad as Lambias’ 4 paragraph statement.


  14. Carefully prepared questions, carefully prepared answers.

    Tells me nothing as I doubt the credibility of the men giving the answers so wouldn’t like to say whether I buy into any of it or not.

    No amount of analysis of these answers will tell us anything, other than they have been wise in telling us what we they think we want to hear whilst covering their own arses.


  15. I did however think it was a bit pathetic using the line about Ashley not putting money in because of the stick he gets from some supporters. He made it clear he wasn’t going to put any money in, certainly to strengthen the team so blaming on the fans is pityful.

    Although it did occur to me that Ashley has never once put money into the club that he hasn’t had to. His money has never improved the club where it matters – on the pitch.


  16. As I said in the part 1 the only way we’ll get the real answers was to a question and answer session wher they dont have 5 days to prepare the answers, but as we all know that wont happen.
    I cant help wondering if anyone checked if these 14 question were the most asked as I went through the questions a few times and I noticed that questions regarding sponsorship ( advertising ) was asked a lot of times but never made it into the top 14 ??? but a question about marquee signings which I cant remember seeing did


  17. Dave – That’s exactly what I said to Troy. They had time to prepare tge answers which is why I’m not surprised by any of the answers. Those that said they were good questions and that it didn’t matter about time (troy woo hoo hoo) should listen to me. I talk sense sometimes 😉


  18. off topic see GYAN has left the scum for UAE thats after mrs doubtfire had words with earl y on the saying he had stettled down now after window 🙂 🙂


  19. I’d like to feel that they had learned by mistakes such as Wise, Xisco, Kinnear but I doubt it. I’d like to think that they realized that a striker is a necessity if they want us to challenge for European places and that losing a central defender could be real serious. Personally I think expecting top ten with the Transfer Window debacle – yes it was a debacle – is wishful thinking.


  20. CKid @11 Eh? Spiteful, hateful, threatening? His words Didn’t contain much but they certainly weren’t those 3…


  21. Ice – Aye. He won’t be in that job much longer. I watched their game and they were awful. Quim and shortarse didn’t look impressed at all.

    Larsson was dog **** and its nice to see Wickham live up to the billing that some of him gave him on there. A move to Sunderland or here would have the same result though as we both need strikers now. Not in a fewyears time.


  22. At the end of the day it is what happens on the pitch that matters. The last two seasons I have been very happy and given the start to this season I am extremely happy. In fact it is some time since I have been so happy with the team and performances. Blame the board.


  23. Meh 😀

    I just came in to do a reaction article but looks like Toonsy has beat me to it 🙂

    Question 7 annoys me though.

    I don’t see fans from Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, Stoke, Villa, Tottenham, Sunderland, Man City etc. getting threatened with banning orders if they don’t sit down.


  24. TOONSY not because its the scum but i really think they will go down this year and doubtfire will be left in cinders imo


  25. Dimpleboy – Do you regularly sit in the home ends of the aforementioned clubs? You do know that the stewards were stopping people taking pictures at the SoL today don’t you? Remember according to the Premier League unauthorised photos are not allowed…

    The fact is that just because other clubs don’t do it, that you know of, it doesn’t make it right. I didn’t go rioting but I still know it’s not right. Why should other people have their matchday experience ruined by other people who, like it or not, are breaking the rules.


  26. Ice – I don’t think they’ll go down, but I do think they won’t finish above us. Not a prayer now Gyan has gone and they are relying on 1 in 4 Bendtner.


  27. Toonsy- I agree people shouldn’t be standing up in the Strawberry corner because it is completely unfair on the people that want to sit and watch the game.

    However I don’t see the problem with giving them level 7, everyone that was there wanted to stand in the first place.

    And obviously I don’t sit in the home end of their stadiums, but if you watch Match Of The Day you will see it happening.

    Quite simply the no-standing ruling was a knee-jerk reaction (we’ve seen lots of those recently). There is more risk of a supporter getting injured while standing up to celebrate a goal momentarily than there is if a supporter stands up the whole game.


  28. Irrelevant of what risk you say there is or isn’t, the rules are on the ticket and when you buy that ticket you agree to adhere to them. I know it happens. I go to many away games and I see it with my own eyes. It doesn’t make it right though and the club are quite within their rights to take appropriate action.

    The “no standing” rule is not a knee-jerk reaction at all. It’s been around since the early 90’s. It’s part of the reason why SJP was developed into what it was when it became the 36,000 seater bowl.

    The decision to enforce it properly is new, but like I said they are within their rights to do so, especially when fans start abusing other fans and ruining their matchday experience because they are irked about being moved.

    Actions have consequences.

    I wonder if the Level 7 gadgies are regretting venting their spleens about Ashley instead of focussing on supporting the team now?


  29. @Toonsy I understand what your saying, it just frustrates me that the club can’t turn a blind eye like some clubs do. And the law itself was a knee-jerk reaction.

    And to be fair there were two sides to the story when it came to fans being abused, espacially as a 16 year old was attacked and it was completely overlooked.

    They were hardly abusing Ashley instead of supporting their team. :S

    From my spot in the ground I heard them loud and clear backing the team, yes occasionaly calling for Ashley’s head, but mostly backing the team.


  30. The law itself was in reaction to 96 people that died at Hillsborough. It was far from knee-jerk.

    From the resulting report it was deemed that grounds had to made all-seater for safety reasons. If you’d seen the old SJP you’d see that it’s been of great benefit to the club actually.

    I’m sure they would have turned a blind eye, but then when you get complaints coming in I guess something has to be done.


  31. I totally agree it was a great thing that stadiums had to become all seater as the conditions on some terraces were terrible. However I don’t see why you can’t stand in an all-seater stadium, safety wise there isn’t really an issue. Maybe knee-jerk isn’t the right word.

    But it is rediculous that you are allowed to stand in any stadium below Championship level, but as soon as you are promoted it apparently becomes un-safe. How does the quality of football affect if you can stand? It’s baffling.


  32. Because generally the crowds are lower. Anyway, it’s pointless debating it. Rules is rules and they’ve been that way a long long time. I actually prefer terraces to be honest although it’s worth pointing out that terraces these days have severely reduced capacities.


  33. Yep, things aren’t going to change for a long time in this country unless FSF get some support for the safe standing equiptment used in Germany.,r:5,s:0&tx=75&ty=56&biw=1366&bih=612

    I would love to see that in this country but I just can’t see clubs splashing out to purchase it….


  34. @toonsy

    Why does it matter how much time they had to prepare to answer the questions?

    The fact they have had so long and came up with inadequate answers (IMO ) is more

    I don’t think you are right at all. 


  35. Nope he was on the bench, Paul Farman was in goal for Gateshead. The Heed lost for the first time this season today, a 3-1 defeat away to Fleetwood. However they are still joint top with Wrexham 😀


  36. But Troy. You were lauding these as fantastic questions and criticised me for saying that it’s a waste of time.Do you not agree, regardless of how long they took to answer, that it was essentially a waste of time like I suggested?


  37. Let me make it clear before I start. Mike Ashley can do what he wants with his club. If anybody is not happy with it, they should put their own money in, if they have a few hundred million, of course. I have no objection to his policy of getting a grip of the finances and his investment in young talent.
    Now let me start. Ashley and Llambias are arrogant deceitful b*st*rds, who want to take us all for mugs. That’s why I would like to see the back of them as soon as possible. I will make a few quick points:
    1) Ashley and Llambias show contempt for everyone. What a clever **** thing to say to a potential purchaser: buy a box for five years and then we will take you seriously. Any bona fide purchaser would take it as an insult. I don’t know how much that would cost (six figures, I imagine) just to be able to take a seat at the negotiating table. This lends support to the stories that ashley wouldn’t turn up for meetings with prospective purchasers, and preferred to stay in the bar.
    2) He says “We didn’t promise to spend all of the Carroll money in this window. Money will be available going forward, for the right player at the right time.” He is only making this rider now. Why didn’t he say it at the time instead of trying to deceive. In effect, the statement is meaningless. When we do buy a striker for say £10M, it is as likely to be from TV, gate receipts, and player sales, or even the interest on teh £35M. It will be a year at the earliest, and may never even happen. Keegan said Pardew wouldn’t see any of it, and he was right.
    3) “We would far rather encourage a good vocal atmosphere around the whole stadium than in just one part.” Somebody tell him it doesn’t work like that. I think he already knows, and it is everything to do with protecting Ashley from the anti-Ashley chants.
    4) He bleats on that they are constantly criticised whether they say anything or not. Absolute tosh! They’ve brought the anti-ashley stance on themselves with their utter arrogance. I don’t believe in vicious abuse, but I do think we’re entitled to tell him what we think.
    5) “A section of the supporters don’t make him feel welcome at St James Park…” “This makes life uncomfortable and certainly doesn’t make Mike feel more inclined to put his hand once again in his pocket.” This shows that the anti-ashley chanting is working and it must give a good deal of encouragement to those who want him to go.

    The bottom line is that I would have been happy for him to stay with his tight financial policy if he had not been so deceitful and arrogant. I’ve got no respect for him as he has none for me. On that basis I can’t wait to see the back of him.


  38. TOONSY @ 47 our ground holds just over 52000 now,when we were standing ive been in the ground when there have been 60000 offical crowd mind there was a lot lot more but the extra got lost somewhere 😉 they were not very good at counting,nowt to do with the tax man like and some being dis-honest,so how do get to the ground holding more by seating?


  39. Ice – You can’t. Attendances were higher across the board when there was terraces. However when there are terraces now, such as at Peterborough, they reduce the capacity to allow for more room. I guarantee that in the older days there would be more then the 3,500 Toon fans that there was in there that day.


  40. @B&B

    I agree.

    Your original point was that shouldn’t be given a long time to answer them. For me, the longer the better, as they can’t say they were caught on the hop.
    For me, as I’ve said, it’s been a very important exercise and essentially shown them as being inadequate and they’ve put it in writing.

    I just wish others could see it but I find many people in general have not got inquisitive minds and are easily duped.


  41. TOONSY take your point mate,i got quite good at guessing crowds since going with my dad and brother as a kid useing varying things i wont rattle on about,if there was 60000 there i would like the other 8/10 thousand 1/6d in my back pocket 😉


  42. On the whole I think nothing was said that we did’nt expect to hear however he moans about protecting the majority regarding standing at the game but then hammers the majority over the minority who invaded the pitch at darlington….double standards then. I think the club will continue to strive for a top 10 finish as this is the most cost effective way for Mike to guarantee a revenue stream without forking out reaL money to challenge above that. Therefore we will never again challenge gfor the top six under his leadership.
    This in itself will not remove me from being a genuine supporter of NUFC but it certainly stops me from buying the shirt and investing full throttle into the club. Until this regime has left and taken their profit with them they can count only on morale support to the team only and will have no finacial renumeration from me in any way including sky tv who I have abandoned recently. I have not spent any money at that club since KK and intend to keep it that way until these clowns have left. Trophy signings…..who the fu~k wants trophy signings after micheal owen? we need strong well advised investment in the team. Some of the players we have signed since Mike has been at the club have fallen into that category but unfortunatley listening to the likes of denis wise has meant signings like xisco and others and of course our failure to sign a relevant striker to replace ( not as good as people think he is) Carroll was clearly undermined by NUFC’s unwillingness to pay the going rate for the most important part of any team” a goalscorer”.Nevertheless i will contnue to subscribe to an online streaming site to see my team play and shout at my computer when we miss or score but as long as I live NUFC will not receive a penny of my money until Mike Ashley has sold the club and the new owner has sacked the incompetent prick that is Derek Llambias. Judge me as you will for my stance but thats me and you do what you feel is right for you.


  43. I’m not a supporter of a number of the decisions taken by the current board: Keegan & Wise spat; appointment of JFK & then Shearer; sacking of Hughton etc but the one decision that I can back fully is the policy of reducing the club’s debt (acquired over a number of years by previous owners), and their current intention to secure young, motivated, talented players who come to our club with something to prove. Ultimately, the days of players staying with 1 club for their entire careers are long gone on the whole, and we should just accept that our players are going to move on to bigger clubs (providing we receive a sensible fee). NUFC has been happy to do exactly the same in the past and how many of our signings this summer have stated a desire to come and prove themselves in the PL. I’d much rather have a team of young motivated players (bought from other clubs & promoted from our own academy) than overpaid, unproven wasters from abroad or those who are unwantd by their current clubs.

    I also found the comment by Llambias about the abuse aimed at Mike Ashley a particularly fair comment. I for one wouldn’t give NUFC another penny of my own money if I received the constant abuse (not criticism – there is a difference) that he has received over the last 3 years, and I’ve been a supporter for over 35 years so far.


  44. This arrogant, deceitful lot have divided the support, and alienated so many. I am sure there are many more like SteveyC. We should all be pulling in the same direction, but it is impossible while this cancer is at the heart. The fans’ questions say so much more about the leadership and management of this club then do Llambias’ answers. What the hell is going on when you get questions of that ilk? When we should all be debating the football on here, we are instead having an internecine war about the running of the club. It is Ashley who has brought this on himself, and it ill behoves Llambias to try to blame the fans. I cannot recall such arrogance and lack of respect for the fans, even in the darkest times under Douglas Hall. That is why they should go.


  45. Batty – In fairness you could have a point. I mean he did used to spend once upon a time, back when he was liked. Maybe laying off him a bit would loosen his purse strings? Worth a shot maybe?

    Having said that I still feel that it’s his job to invest anyway, but if he wants to be a huffy **** and keep his wallet closed then we can either carry on doing what we’re doing and keep it closed, or get behind him a little to try and get him to buy into it all again.

    It’ll never happen though. For a lot of people it’s gone too far.


  46. Batty – I thought you were stating some fundamental point of principle, but your motivation seems to be more self-interested. I won’t be bought or bribed. I don’t care if he puts any personal money in. He can f*** right off. The best he and Llambias can do, bar getting out quick, is to start showing some dignity (keeping their clothes on in public would be good), and to treat the fans with the respect they deserve.


  47. Oh ma gawd

    Is that Batty and Toonsy lying on their backs letting Ashley tickle their bellies?

    I’m pleased you pair aren’t fighting for Ueen and Country!

    Do the pair of you really believe he’s not investing because the fans give him abuse ?

    Really ?


  48. troy i beleive hes not investing because of that and he has already put a lot of his cash into the club ,you find me another owner that has put a higher percentage of his personal wealth into a footbal club in the prem ?


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