Does Danny deserve a new contract?

No new deal for Simmo.
After a very long day at work yesterday, in which I battled on through the harsh symptoms of man flu I’ll add, I’ve been catching up on bits of news.

When I’m on my long shifts I don’t get much of a chance to get on the web and see what is going on with regard to NUFC. Put simply my phone battery doesn’t last long enough.

Add two successive vehicle breakdowns, a situation which involved an assault to what should have been a 13 hour shift if everything ran smoothly and you end up with a day from hell. Only one more 13 hour shift to go today though. Clouds. Silver linings.

Being honest there really wasn’t a lot that I missed yesterday in terms of news. The one thing that instantly flicked a switch however was the bit about Danny Simpson and his new deal, or lack of a new deal I should perhaps say.

The story suggests that the club and Danny Simpson have reached an impasse with regard to a new five-year deal for the former Manchester United man. God knows why they are even contemplating negotiating a new deal when the player still has two years to run on his current one. Even stranger is the fact that they are negotiating one with a player who, in my opinion, doesn’t actually deserve one at the moment.

You see for all the criticisms of the board over the contract discussions and subsequent departures of Jose Enrique, Kevin Nolan and Joey Barton over the last few months, there was at least a case for suggesting that the players in question had earned it. Maybe not at the levels they wanted depending on your opinion, but they were most certainly deserving of a new deal through their performances on the pitch.

To me Danny Simpson can’t be counted in that same bracket unfortunately. If anything he has gone backwards as a player and has looked rather shaky so far this season. You know it’s bad when I’d consider playing Ryan Taylor at right-back at the expense of Simpson!

Opinion on Simpson has been split from day one. Some rate him whilst others don’t. Me? I think he is decent but I also think he has glaring flaws, such as backing off attackers as if they are thrusting a knife at him nearly every time he comes up against an opposition winger. I finished my playing career at right-back. Having been a striker I hated it, but even I knew that there are times to go and have a go and there are times to stand off your attacker. That time, unfortunately for Simpson, is not all the time.

Many people have looked at our squad and have said that we’ve lost a lot of experience and goals. I believe that, once everyone is fit and once they have all gelled, this team could be very good. the one weakness in our starting XI (assuming we make use of our string midfield and with our lack of strikers) is Danny Simpson. To help put it in perspective have a look at this.

Time Krul, Danny Simpson, Steven Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini, Davide Santon, Gabriel Obertan, Yohan Cabaye, Cheik Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez, Sylvain Marveaux, Hatem Ben Arfa, Demba Ba.

All internationally capped in some form or another, all highly rated, except for Simpson. Incidentally it was the calls of Simpson for England last season which heralded his downturn in form.

Now I don’t want him sold. I don’t think he is a bad player. I do think that he needs to up his game though, especially if he really wants to earn a new contract that will take him up to the age of 29.

I do have sympathy for Danny though. His baby was born premature and it can’t have been easy for him to stay fully focussed through it all. For me though his dip in performances happened long before that though.

Does Danny deserve a new contract? In these days of incentives and “earning” a deal at Newcastle, not in my opinion.

What about your opinion though?

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60 thoughts on “Does Danny deserve a new contract?

  1. Not too sure he’s good enough long term, certainly for a 5 year contract. Would look at bringing in another right back in Jan.

    He’ll do for now though…


  2. See only Goals on Sunday probed the Bardsley stamp with BBC and most of the papers omitting it from their coverage, shocking incident but im not holding my breath on the FA taking retrospective action, thug!


  3. Simpson is poor positionally and poor when in possession of the all. He just doesn’t know what to do with it and panics when he is closed down.

    I think he was improving really well at one stage, and perhaps due to person issues, like his wifes/girlfriends pregnancy and his baby girls birth, his mind may have been focused elsewhere, understandably.

    I certainly don’t think his current form merits a starting place, or long term future, but with only three games gone, its too early to tell.


  4. Jachin – That would be the right way to go, but it won’t be the way we go!

    We should have been doing what Stoke have done and make a real play for top 7 but alas we settle for a top ten ambition.


  5. Haha… I’ve just heard once again that Andy Carroll isn’t happy at Liverpool. But not because he is struggling to gel with his new team mates, or that he is not idolised in the same way he was at Newcastle.

    No, apparently it’s because the bars and clubs aren’t as lively during the week as they are in the Toon.

    Well you made your bed, Judas – now fcuk off and lie in it!!


  6. since judas left what has he done for l/pool not a lot imo so what would he have done for us not a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. Gotta say – looking forward to Jonas v Barton down our left today. Be interesting to see if Joey can keep up.

    Plus if he drifts inside as much as he did at RM for us, our left side might be quite important! Hope Jonas has his crossing boots on…


  8. I actually think simpsons decent. He would be a good back up player as well if we do manage to bring in a LB with santon switching to RB as i see it. I also feel toonsy that with two years left it’s the perfect time to be negotiating, we are still in a position of power with no threat that he can just leave for free. Also means if they don’t see a future contract being reached we can still sell him at a premium with again no threat that he can just walk away for free lowering his value.


  9. very bad player…it might sound strange..he is better without the ball…when he has 2 think..what 2 do he hasnt got a clue…he best asset crossing the ball…put cant pass a football..what makes me mad about him…is when he trys 2 take players on..when he cant even control a football…always gets caught out…he isnt that bad is he…


  10. I like the lad and he isn’t the worst in the world, if he didn’t back off as much he would be decent.
    But until a better player comes along I would keep him, I think he still has 2 yrs left on his current contract.


  11. well although i would like to say no to simpson, the facts are he is better than nothing and nothing is what our board are prepared to spend. its not about selling him is it.. its about who we would get in his place. Him gone, santon at RB and Pieters at LB is great.. no chance of it happening though as we would not get 6.5 million for simmo as thats what pieters club want. for the two years remaining on his deal thing and dont see the point yet… well, i disagree, its the right time to sign him up, if not now, when? When he has 1 year left and can then run his gig down like the others and we loose our bargaining power – aka jose etc. Now is the exact right time to sign him if we are going to. Same as we need to sign up colo and jonas as they too are less than 2 years to go now.


  12. TC + Ice there is definetly something not right about Judas, when he was with us he always looked as if he was enjoying himsel and alwas had a smile on his bake.
    But I haven’t seen that from him at liverpool, but thats his own fault and he can thank Tugboat aswell.
    Saying all that I still think he will be a success, I think a few goals might help him out.


  13. Has anyone heard about this Islam Feruz kid at Celtic?

    Apparently its his 16th birthday today which means he’s free too talk to Premier League clubs, of which we are being named along with Manure, Shitty and Chelski.

    Sounds like he’d be a great addition to the development squad and wouldn’t cost much in the way of compensation to the sweaty’s.

    Now I know the other clubs can offer much more in terms of money and trophies etc. but he would definitely be a lot closer to the first team at SJP.


  14. By next season I would like to see someone like Pieters brought in and Santon switched to RB. Simpson is okay as back-up or for a team in the bottom half but nowhere near good enough for a team with aspirations of the top-6 IMO. Unfortunately though I think by then the club will be looking to sell Colloccini and the defense will be pap again anyway. That is a question that should have been asked the other day instead of about 3 or 4 questions all getting the same answer.


  15. @Army:

    Would guess the same starting 11 as the Fulham game, but we’ll see. Depends on the fitness of ShAmeobi and whether Santon has impressed in training, I’d imagine.


  16. Blip@3, haha well spotted.

    Hitman, oh dear, looks interesting. Whoever it is will be fkd. Remember Adrian Mutu??

    I see gangsta Ranger has been nicked again for being a tit.

    Simpson-wise, no idea why he should be negotiating a new contract anyway, although hang on, weren’t QPR and Stoke interested in buying him? Anyway, does he ‘deserve’ an new contract with 2 years left on his existing one, eh? I’ll answer that in 2 years time.


  17. Craig – I know what you’re saying about running contracts down ala Jose, but the difference is that I can’t see Simpson attracting anywhere near the same level of interest.


  18. Hitman – Nah don’t believe that. He’s looking rather portly at the moment and if he’d been on the sniff he’d be losing weight and not gaining it ๐Ÿ™‚


  19. Hitman, I did think that, but the article said he was offloaded after the club found out, and we turned down 3 or 4 big money bids before he eventually left. I reckon if it was him we would’ve accepted the 25 or 30m.


  20. Stuart – Has to be Ba and Best for me. Heard Cabaye took a knock but is ok. We’ll see.

    As for the Barton sideshow, I hope Tiote smashes him into next week. Nowt against Barton as such, but he isn’t our player anymore so i couldn’t really care. Would make a nice change for someone to put him in hospital rather than it be the other way round ๐Ÿ˜‰


  21. No need for an improved contract.
    Has the uncanny knack of always being in the wrong place. You cannae teach that.

    Off topic I am failing to understand when some are saying don’t play Santon tonight because he is new to the club and doesn’t know his team mates.
    Would the same logic apply if we had signed Aguerro in the transfer window. Baffling.
    Raylor doesn’t defend it is Jonas who does the defending and leaves us short in attack.


  22. 442 Toonsy?

    ….I’d agree though. And I’d start Santon, why the **** not?


    …thought about having Santon on the right, but I just can’t trust Raylor at full back.

    Hitman@36, I’d bet my house on Carroll hitting the gak, with his lifestyle and gangsta image, but I don’t reckon he’ll be the mysterious silhouette in the Sun.


  23. Yeha hitman at 36 , there was something after the 5-1 derby win , Carrol n Nolan went on the beer , Carrol had a 3some and there was a photo of some white substance , but as far as i know it was all cleared up n wasnt coke.


  24. @Rod, would like to see that. Maybe with Marv instead of Obertan, but reckon we’ll see:



  25. ….aye Johno toon, apparently it was just a load of icing sugar from the doughnuts tugboat had scranned ๐Ÿ™‚


  26. yeah Blip, at least Raylor would get a bit of help from Spidey with that line-up, but we look pretty shaky in defence. All depends who old moany ******* decides to play, and where. Taarabt, Barton and SWP could cause us problems. I guess we’ll see!



  27. Slow blog day today, even with the match on later tonight. I’m so bored.
    8 pm kickoff is 12:30 here. Monday night beers, here I come.


  28. oh and new contract for simpson next year if he deserves it
    and qpr 1 – 3 newcastle. Cabaye 2 (long range and pelanty) and obertoon 1.


  29. Rodz – Ask Troy about his encounter with Jake Burns next time he’s on. I used to play footie with SLF’s current guitarist, Iain McCallum. He had a great left foot. You knew he was going to meg you every time, but could do nowt to stop it. Left footers are so much more classy.


  30. B&B, really?! haha, nice one. Aye, I’ll mention it to Troy next time I see him (in text). I’m off now anyway, catch yer later the neet………


  31. i think he will go with one in the hole myself as our midfield is our strength so he might as well play to that, esp with the physical nature of the QPR game now wor joey is there… its goong to be a fiesty scrap i think.



  32. TC ๐Ÿ˜€ it’s now wor obertoooon

    Rodzilla, I live in Bangalore. About three UK’s south of Delhi ๐Ÿ˜‰


  33. i keep saying the club are gona use tavernier as back up for simmo when he goes………….mabe keep him at rb??? or cover for cb?


  34. Hydeous, I was close though, give or take the odd thousand kilometre or two, and to be fair it’s only about two UKs ๐Ÿ™‚



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