Why is Dan Gosling “out of the picture” at NUFC?

Dan Gosling

Dan Gosling
Gosling shines for the ressies.
Dan Gosling has become our very own Scarlet Pimpernel in recent weeks, which is strange considering that he was probably one of our best performers during pre-season.

We seek him here, we seek him there. Those Frenchies seek him everywhere, but where has Scarlet Gosling been hiding?

Well it seems as though he has been plying his trade in the reserves mainly. A cup appearance against Scunthorpe aside, Gosling is yet to really have a sniff of the starting XI. He was outstanding for the reserves yesterday and scored two goals against the Norwich reserves. He could have had another two had the woodwork not come into play.

I don’t read too much into reserve games. To me they are purely for fitness purposes, so on that score it seems as though Gosling is fine. Granted he’s been out a long time, but he played most of pre-season and came through it unscathed. Why be so careful now?

It’s this quote from John Carver which has me more perplexed than anything else though. Read on.

“Dan’s out of the picture at the moment, but he’s doing the right things, and he needs to keep on doing them,” Carver told The Chronicle.

Peter Beardsley hasn’t helped things either by saying that Gosling was in a “lull” after leading his reserves to a 6-0 victory at Whitley Park yesterday afternoon.

“That will do Dan Gosling a lot of good and give him a lot of confidence,” said Pedro. “We have to be realistic and realise the kid has been out for around 14 months. He’s worked hard to get back.”

“He did well in America in pre-season, and when you come back from injury your initial burst is always exciting and positive. There’s then always a lull, which is normal for a long injury, but hopefully he’ll come again.”

What is this lull? Why is he out of the picture?

Maybe I’ve missed something here, but how do you go from being one of the better performers in a disjointed pre-season and earning praise for looking sharp, fit, and fast, to being in a lull or finding yourself out of the picture?

I just don’t get it.

In my mind Gosling should be knocking on the door of the first team given the way that he has performed. He’s effectively earned the chance to be in with a shout after his performances for the reserves and away with the England U21 team.

I understand that he is young and has been out for a while, but there has been no comeback so far in terms of his injury so it can’t be anything to do with that.

The problem is competition in my opinion. Gosling wants to play in the middle of the park, but with so many players in front if him he is going to find it tough to break into the team. Competition is great, healthy competition is better, but there will come a point where players just can’t be bothered to wait around.

That is the flipside of having so many options in midfield, and it’s also a flipside of not playing a formation which suits the players better. There is not enough room to fit everyone in so as a consequence there will be players who have to sit out and bide their time before getting a run in the team.

The question is, how long before these players get fed of waiting?

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98 thoughts on “Why is Dan Gosling “out of the picture” at NUFC?

  1. I think uncle pete explained it well. He did have a good pre-season after such a long period out, then ran out of gas I suppose. 2goals for the ressies will boost him tho. Where would he play anyway, in for Tiote/Cabaye?


  2. I’m right with ya toonsy. Both those comments on Gosling confused the hell out of me! Was the lull this past week in training? Because he looked good against scunny.

    Like u said, we have SOO many good options in midfield that they need to be utilized. Gosling deserves a place in the squad, or at least on the bench over Lovenkrands and Shola!

    He obviously has his scoring boots on right now, I say give him that role behind the striker. He’ll tuck in close enough to the midfield so that they won’t be overrun again, and he has the physicality to make things happen


  3. The lull is probably similar to Tiote’s. Had a stormer last yr, Holidays/Ramadam then he returned looking pap. he was hopeless v QPR, timing was terrible, tackling was poor and kept giving the ball away. Should of sold him when he was worth something.. get nowt nu


  4. Mark, he played in the hole yesterday for the ressies.

    I see gosling in the mold of Kevin nolan actually, only he actually has some pace and passing to him! 😉


  5. the kid seems to have a bit of fighting quality about him the little ive seen of him which is never a bad thing,ive seen nothing bad about him,maybe they have,its a strange one and a good thread to bring this up imo


  6. “The problem is competition in my opinion. Gosling wants to play in the middle of the park, but with so many players in front if him he is going to find it tough to break into the team.”

    Shouldnt be that tough i think its bloody obvious we should be playing 4-5-1, He was playing off donaldson last night and scored twice, His anticipation breaking from midfield is good, Look at the chances he had against the mackems and scunny and he hit the post for the under 21s.

    Him and Santon would both be starting on saturday for me…


  7. I thought he was more of a central midfielder. seems fit and willing. like CC says tho, where do u fit him in. Same as others like Marv, Sammi, Vuckic.

    Is Sammi a forward or a midfielder?


  8. It’s a judgement for the coaching staff and manager to make – and clearly they don’t think he’s ready. OK – so it’s not obvious to us – but they’ll have their reasons. Maybe they just don’t see anything to gain in making their reasons available for public debate.


  9. have the ressies droped kinky park for good? I only live 1mile away and used to visit often, esp under Kenny, Ruud, Souness.


  10. The problem he has is the players in front of him, HBA, Cabaye, Tiote & with other first teamers Gutherie, Vuckic coming back strong too, he’s having to fight with 5 other players for a midfield 2…. and some think we need a replacement for Barton.. to be honest, I don’t think we need anymore MF players coming to the club for a long time now… he’ll probably be on the bench for the Vile game & then play MF for the Forest Cup game…

    Shame we can’t train him to be a striker instead of MF, we’ve very short of them at present.. lol 😉

    Sy, on a OT topic, what’s happened to the smileys fella 🙁 why can’t we use them anymore 🙁


  11. Sy, on a OT topic, what’s happened to the smileys fella

    I’m glad they’ve gone. My commadore use to crash everytime when those little cheeky buggers were aboot..


  12. The only thing I can think of is that he did have a poor game in the league cup against S****horpe which maybe showed he had “hit the wall” in terms of his comeback. To counter that argument though he was in a much changed team in which most players struggled so to single him out of a “lull” would be unfair.

    Either way he should be at least on the bench for the 1st team as all of the current midfielders need competition for their places as none have set the world alight yet and if he were to get a game he’d add much needed pace and some controlled agression. I personally think in our current set up he would be an ideal replacement for Barton on the right as he seems a similar player albeit with a bit more pace.


  13. I dont think he will displace cabaye because he has been one of our better players, tiote not on form but if he keeps getting games he should improve. I think pardew might chnage his starting formation next week and play 5 midfielders so every chance gosling can get in the team next week whether he starts or comes on as a sub.






    subs: marveaux, sammi ameobi, gutherie, – lot of players seem injured at the moment or just a lack of cover but starting 11 is fine.


  14. yeap marveux did look good when he has made an appearance but only as a sub so far in the prem with obertan being preferred so far by pardew to start, I think gosling and marveux should both play at some point.


  15. Gosling is clearly unfit which is understandable but he wouldn’t be out of place in our midfielder this moment in time as none of them are performing for me.


  16. Mark the ressies dont use KP anymore due to the pitch being chewed up alot by the falcons. Plus they wanted too much money to use their facilities etc. Also it was always too bloody windy lol


  17. Would rather see Gosling as a deep-lying playmaker alongside Tiote with Cabaye playing slightly further up. I don’t see us playing very attacking football away from home, so hopefully we’ll a formation like this at Villa. We need our wingers to be a little more attacking though but poor options at left and right backs have probably hampered that for now. If Santon plays well at LB, maybe we’ll see marv as a really attacking left winger in the coming few weeks. Lots of options, I’m sure Pardew and Carver know what they’re doing and are trying to find our best formations during training.


  18. With tiote’s poor form I think he needs a session on the bench then we can give gosling a shot. If not I think it would benifit him and us to loan him out to the championship for 3 months, as the loan window’s now opened for them. On the topic of loans, who thinks we should badger chelsea about the possibility of getting one of their unused strikers on loan (ie Lukaku)?


  19. I think once Santon starts overlapping like he does, him and Jonas will create more space in the middle.

    Santon certainly likes getting forward. Raylor, for all he tries isnt a very good midfielder or defender.


  20. Been injured for 14 months and its just right not to rush **** in this club will only cause setbakcs or even more horrific ****. Lets just get ben arfa back with same pace and accelartion or better and gosling contiunues to shape himself up he will ofc be in the 6months + future newcastle team maybe even before depends ofc..

    Future team:

    Krul – DONT sell, and sort out the few mistakes he got the simple ones.. Like hitting a ball under tiny pressure.
    LB Santon – New madlini no need to say more **** pistone
    CB Colo – Gets better and better
    CB Saylor – Ofc
    RB Raylor/Simmo battling
    DM Tiote – Plz get more cards..
    LM Jonas or Marveaux – Sprints alooot, no running sprinting
    CM Cabaye – Playmaker
    RM – Obertan – Great jumping and pace
    AM – Ben Arfa – Benny boy !!
    ST – Ba inshape or we have to stick to Best who can surprise u but also make u angry

    Thats the team we got now. Yeah nr 9 we need. If they gonna buy the nr 9 plz dont tell me they gonna buy him for 10m or 5 m or 15? must atleast bid 25-30 m for the real nr 9 who wil lget u goals instantly and be a hero.

    Abeid, Vuckic, Ferguson, Sammy will and hopefully get more chances aswell can easy replace if someone slacks. Think Abeid and maybe Vuckic (shame he got so many injuries but not the worst u can get tho)will be excellent

    Get rid of the ones with high wages that isnt in the first team we all know who.

    And splash the cash abit in Jan, we got a damn decent team **** all the ashley hatin he’s doin something good we got loads of good players at young age, but ofc he need to splash the dude I even wont mention so tired of that **** saga bull**** stories all over from there all the way to here

    Regards a norwegian that support NUFC, howay the lads and bring me the attacking Newcastle that i fell in love with way back ! Conceded 1 goal like Stoke, impressive yeah but please **** that football, ATTACK !


  21. He should replace one of the two idle, waiting for the ball to reach them, can’t be arsed to stay onside strikers we have been fielding. 4-4-1-1. Also could replace Jonas after Monday night.


  22. Agree Troy, I would play Gosling in the HBA slot, NOW.
    Can anyone see any difference between Obertan and Routledge, or is it just me?
    I think if Pardew takes a dislike to you, you’re out.
    Ranger, Routledge, Best and now Gosling.
    Of course he sees more than we do, but it just seems that way to me.


  23. @BB

    aye, Routledge was older and probs wanted ‘English’ wages.

    calibre doesnt come into it when we purchase/sell players.


  24. BB – I wouldn’t say Pardew has a dislike of Best or Gosling. Didn’t Best actually say that he wasn’t even on the transfer list as was reported?

    As for Gosling I think it’s just a case of not being able to fit him in/fitness etc that have combined.


  25. I hope so Toonsy, as it seems a bit of an odd way to go about things.
    Plus I really like Best. He tries hard and gets into some good positions.
    Was unlucky not to score against QPR, (good save by Kenny)
    I hope we see more of Gosling in the 1st team squad from now on.


  26. I totally agree Toonsy. I was scratching my head when reading those comments. I think it may be a couple of things. They know he has great potential, but trying to ease him back gently (Kid Gloves) after a long time out, whilst not wanting to build his hopes up of an automatic slot in. I am sure he will be given his chance and pretty sure he could cause AP some selection headaches. Unfortunatly he might have to wait for injuries to occur, or Tiote’s first ban or red card 🙂


  27. @Norwegianmagpie

    Good to see you follow the Toon!

    Don’t expect attacking football with this team tho.

    Don’t blame Ashley you say? Hmmm.

    The reason why we don’t play attacking football is because of him . He buys the players.


  28. Thought Gosling looked poor against S****horpe. Now we have a lot of competition in midfield. I though he could play right back? Might be worth a look as Simpson isn’t great. Maybe he is too small though, like Ferguson is too small for left back. He will have to play more or he will not improve. Use him for a full game against Forest in midfield along with Marveaux on left wing, Guthrie and Obertan. Need to see more end product from Obertan. He’s starting to look a lot like Jonas. Good on the ball but no end product. How about a shock start for JJ Hooper against Forest just to see what he can do. Probably not as Pardew wants a cup run. We have to start finding out about a lot of young players though. Would like to see Kadar play against Forest as well to see if he has improved.


  29. Everyone is having a go at the defence but I believe the midfield need just as much scrutiny .

    They don’t help to take any of the pressure off the defence. Very very poor midfield for me.


  30. He was`nt able to pass a ball at Scunny and could`nt hit a barn door I was there and believe me he looked out of sorts. but to be quite honest Tiote has been shocking and Cabaye only played in fits and starts.


  31. ———-krul

    This for Saturday for me


  32. @Troy

    “Everyone is having a go at the defence”

    are they? One goal conceded, I think we’ve looked decent, thts with Raylor there trying to spoil things.


  33. I agree with troy about the MF they also don’t hold onto the ball long enough , jonas isint there ,

    That formation I suggested would mean the wingers working overtime ,
    can / will obartan do it ???


  34. Start Marveaux instead of Gosling but bring Gosling in for 15 or 20 minutes and I would be happy with your formation Hello @39. If Best doesn’t work bring on Ba but get the ball to his feet. Jonas look up and pass the ball!!! He wastes so much possession looking down at the ball trying to beat 2 or 3 players. So much wasted effort. Can he actually cross the ball with either foot? We almost never see it. Who was our last great classic winger? We haven’t had one for years now. Pace and crossing ability, mixed with some pull backs to late attackers from midfield. We are crying out for that. Maybe Marveaux or Obertan? Haven’t seen it yet.


  35. In my opinion merv has the ability but is lightweight and once he looses the ball is a passenger can we afford to carry this type of player


  36. I think between these comments we’ve got our answer: good comeback, but the expected lull in training, with a less-than-great performance at Scunny (it was Vukic and Sammy that did it for us) but definitely not more than a delay in what is expected to be a long come-back.

    For me he and Vukic are the same: potential in-the-hole spark players. Which is why I also agree with MrFlibbles’s team above.

    I actually think Gosling can be Benny’s understudy… if only we could convince Vukic to become a striker!


  37. For Villa game:












  38. Spot on Hello @46. Play Shola in cup games to give him some playing time in case Best or Ba get injured but not in league games. Raylor should be a bench player again. Let him fill in for injuries or in cup games but never at left back again. With the Ranger fiasco we have a shortage of decent strikers to say the least. Why is Peter still with us? Probably because they still haven’t decided what to do about Ranger. Giving him a new 5 year deal was a disaster. Should have offered him a 2 year deal mostly with incentives such as goals scored, games played etc. Loan him out to a team in northern Siberia and see how his gangsta rap plays out there.


  39. @toon chicken

    The thing is I know you believe it .

    He’s been absolutely ineffectual so far and in a class with his other midfielders. So much for the creative midfield you predicted.
    Woo hoo hoo hoo


  40. Not at all sure about Raylor as a defender on either side Petras @49. I would stick with Simpson. Raylor is very inconsistent with free kicks, it’s just not worth the risk playing him. Give Marveaux a chance Freddie Shepard @47. This is the player we supposedly grabbed out from under Liverpool’s nose. He needs some playing time. Supposed to have devastating pace when fully fit. We need to find out if he can cut it in the Prem. If Ben Arfa and Vuckic can stay fit we might have a very decent attack playing 4-3-2-1 with Ben Arfa and Vuckic/Obertan in behind Best or Ba. Gosling can hopefully compete with Vuckic/Obertan. Lots of possibilities. Eventually we have to replace Jonas. He just doesn’t provide enough attack in a 4-5-1 or 4-3-2-1.


  41. @Freddie Shepherd

    Marv is lightweight but he does get back to defend and has pace to burn.

    @hitman. At least we’ve kept the newcastle United bit. I won’t be too bad imo


  42. @Troy Stavers

    Messi couldnt ‘create’ with shola standing pedestrian waiting for the ball.

    Cabaye reminds me of Parker, who doesnt create much but is a vital cog for the team


  43. Hitman @ 51 how much money is Newcastle getting for the Sports Direct advertising? They are 2 separate companies after all, correct? This seems like a very sneaky way to understate Newcastle’s annual earnings. If Sports Direct don’t pay properly for advertising then it is Newcastle United that take the earnings hit. That way Llambias can make claims like wages represent 65% of income. I still don’t believe that figure. This is one of many reasons why Llambias will never be trusted or respected. You could easily say the same about Ashley. Even communication from the club to the supporters is not enough if it is dishonest communication.


  44. DAVE one would have thought coaching/manager would try these diff compo but it is the toon,a couple of rags said tiote held the m/f together they must not have been there imo


  45. Dave, lets be honest, I don’t think anyone has the balls to drop Tiote. I dont even dare do it on Football manager haha.


  46. Geordietwo I read somewhere ( very possible on one of the threads on this site ) sportsdirect are paying £5 mil a year for it. Have no idea of its true or not


  47. Dont want to sound stupid, but how can sports direct pay 5mil a year for it, when MA is the owner of the club and sports direct?

    is MA 5mil sports direct money going into the Newcastle accounts each year?


  48. As i said spence not sure if its true or not but they are separte companies. So why wouldnt they pay something? Plus not sure if Ashley still owns sports direct outright.


  49. Newcastle get 2,5 mil a year for their shirt sponsor ,
    they would be lucky to get a million for a name on the stadium ,

    Spence , sports direct would pay nufc IF there was money to pay ,

    But I doubt there is any changing hands ,

    FREE ADVERTISMENT for the fat one , that’s all it is


  50. @Mark

    You say;

    Cabaye reminds me of Parker, who doesnt create much but is a vital cog for the team

    I thought he was meant to be a creative midfielder who was going to get goals. ?

    We relied on Nolan to score from midifield and we need the midfield to chip in more than ever.
    I haven’t seen any hope so far.


  51. Spencer…NUFC & sports direct are two legal entities (or businesses) therefore one can pay the other. It would be classed as revenue for NUFC & a cost to sports direct when completing their separate accounts.

    Im sure there’s a much better explanation…


  52. ….I read the 5m a year thing too. It came from ‘Roy Cropper’. He’d been out with someone who knew Lambmadras apparently, who said the fee was being paid. Who knows? There are a lot of complicated financial arrangements at the club. Sounds about right though. Looks **** like. Really cheapens the stadium.


  53. Troy, he was supposed to be our playmaker. Maybe I misunderstood the term, and he’s currently scriptwriting an NUFC theatre production.


  54. How can a playmaker play when he doesn’t get the ball? How can any midfield function if the ball is being hoofed straight over them?


  55. @Rodz

    Can you recall the dreamers getting all excited by the new signings ?

    I honestly have not been impressed by one of them.


  56. Ice@ 60 – Well he was kind of setting himself up for a fall wasn’t he? I mean he was straight out saying how he wants to leave instead of playing it cool and leaving it private in case what actually happened, happened.

    Maiga is a ****ing idiot. He shat on his own doorstep before he left the house and now he stepped in it 😆


  57. @toonsy

    Howay fella. I can allow that excuse to be given to a striker who is isolated but not a central midfielder. It’s impossible to be starved in the centre.


  58. Also how can a play maker play when the strikers have no pace and just ****ing stand there, boil my piss our strikers do like.


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