Captain Colo backs attackers

Captain Colo rallies the troops.
The pretty blatant lack of attacking threat from Newcastle has been highlighted numerous times already so far this season.

We may be unbeaten in four games but few can deny that we’ve not been at our sparkling best when it comes to attacking the opposition goal. Personally I feel that it’s just a matter of time before things start to click and we start to see a more creative side, although I do understand those who are erring on the side of caution and have real concerns about current lack of potency in front of goal.

Captain Coloccini is not one that you could put in the latter group however as today he has come out and said that he believes that we’ll start to see more attacking over Newcastle United over the next few games.

Maybe he is just doing a Captain’s job by trying to inspire a bit of confidence? I mean he is hardly going to come out and say that all of our attackers are awful is he? Let’s take a look at what he told the Northern Echo.

“I do not have any worries about our attacking,” said Colo. “I know we have a side that is capable of creating chances and scoring goals and you will see that in the next few games.”

“It was difficult on Monday because I thought QPR played a very good game and prevented us from creating too many chances. They pressured the ball very well.”

“But I don’t think there is any issues in terms of us creating things – we scored three goals in the two games before that. We have very good creative players. We have strong attackers and strong midfielders – I really don’t think there will be a problem in terms of scoring goals.”

It seems as though Colo doesn’t share the same concerns that some fans have. Perhaps he knows something we don’t? Maybe he has seen enough in training to come to that conclusion?

Whilst I don’t think we are playing the best, most fluent football at the moment, I do think it’s going to improve over time. In my opinion we are paying the price for using a sledgehammer to tinker with the team over the summer.

In reality all that was needed was a tweak in a few areas, but now we have a virtually all new first team, and even if only some of the players are new they’ll still need to learn how the rest of the team plays, and, of course, vice-versa.

Maybe Colo knows better? Maybe these are just Captain’s words?

What do you think?

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175 thoughts on “Captain Colo backs attackers

  1. aye they’re not to shabby for a ‘b’ team like.
    Enjoy mate, I look forward to your report after.


  2. Aye it’s weird cos obviously they can’t get promoted as the ‘A’ team’s in the league above and if Barca ever got relegated(won’t happen,I know) but then the ‘B’ team would automatically go down to the 3rd div.


  3. Haha Troy,
    “Ive lost the Will to live”… As if we could be so lucky ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Troy, do you think Obertan has been an improvement as an option to Routeledge or Guthrie on the right wing?
    I actually think of all our,signings,he looks,the most likely to offer us something better than what we had.


  4. 13 and half hour shift, fkn knackered. Maybe Pardew should take a look at Kadar or Fergie for LB. There’s no doubt though we will be punished by the teams with better finishers. What a bummer. I thought, strikers aside, things were looking bloody rosey for once.


  5. maybe we should give Simpson and Raylor more credit for the first 4 games and being in the tightest defense in the league. I just can’t help but think though that there will be a game where it will all fall apart big time; it could have been the last game to be honest.


  6. This is a nightmare.
    FIFA 12 comes out soon but its got a new apparently more realistic system for gauging injuries. It’s not gonna be possible to finish a season in in the player manager mode cos our team’s made up of dodgy crocs.
    Also it won’t be possible to sell off all the squad and buy decent players in the preseason like you could in 11, cos none of them are rated as highly so they’ll be worth bugger all.
    I just hope it doesn’t accurately reflect Jabba’s cash investment strategy too, or it won’t be possible to get anyone in at all.


  7. Pootle – just release them then, or I just loan them out!

    Hate to bring it up again but I actually have stayed away for a while as I cant be bothered to read Troy’s negativity. It just grinds me down.

    I think Cabaye will more than come good, and the Tiote/Cabaye pairing will be great for us. The difficulty I see is that he is used to playing in a 4-3-3 formation, and him and Tiote were outnumbered against QPR. I think he is also struggling because theres no decent outlet up top for him. Strollas movemene is appalling and he loses contol with his second touch.

    I think to get the best out of him we will need HBA back in the ‘hole’ behind Ba/Best. Until he comes back I would like to see Gosling or Marveux to link the play and have some movement for him to pick out passes.

    I think maybe Tiote tried to play himself out of trouble a coule of times, and got himself into trouble, a la Jose.

    JJ – I think Obertan has already proven to be better than Routledge and I see him much more as a threat. He has pace and is direct and he is another who has a second chance and a point to prove.

    DJG – I agree mate. I would like to see a natural leftie in at LB but Fergie is a LW and frankly we shouldnt be changing our back 4 if Santon or the ressie LB isnt fit to slot in there as we have started well. Raylor isnt everyones ideal LB but its working ok so far. I just hope Simmo can marshal le zog and not stand off him. Is the ressie LB fit? If so I would be tempted to tinker and put Raylor at RB to marshal le zog, but I would be cautious over tinkering for tinkerings sake. Ranieri


  8. ” Pootle โ€“ just release them then, or I just loan them out!”

    There won’t be much point in releasing them if they are all rated worse than the players we had in 11. Even Cabaye was only a 78 I think.
    Obertan is a 73 or something. They are worth bugger all (unless they’ve been uprated like) and half of them could also be tagged injury prone.
    I was able to buy a decent first team in 11 by selling off pretty much all the first team last time round.


  9. ” Hate to bring it up again but I actually have stayed away for a while as I cant be bothered to read Troyโ€™s negativity. It just grinds me down.”

    Hmm. Why bring it up then?
    I imagine that’s the way a lot of people feel when they hear the people who consider themselves to be ‘positive’ constantly defend the catalogue of errors and bad decisions made by Ashley and his cronies.
    it grinds me down sometimes watching them constantly shifting goalposts and twisting and slithering like snakes in defending the way the club is being run.
    But that’s what free speech is about. It’s what blogs and debate should be about.

    Lots of people get annoyed with Troy because much of what he says proves to be fairly accurate, which is inconvenient if they’ve spent most of their time decrying him as negative.


  10. Everyone on this blog is entitled to their opinion… that is a given..
    The problem stems from certain individuals banging on about the same point over and over again in an attempt to prove themselves correct. State your opinion, stick by it and stand your ground against those who disagree… But don’t drag the subject up in every post to. A. To get a rise out of everyone. B. Show everyone how clever you are and challenge everyone to prove you wrong.
    The desperate need to be right all the time is making those who fall into that category seem very insecure…


  11. @Aussie

    Which points do I keep bringing up ?

    The greatest thing is, that my criticism of Cabaye yesterday was in defence of Tiote who seems to be getting a roasting. The same people who criticise Tiote are the same ones who have a go at me for criticising Cabaye.

    I will always upset people with my views because I have a totally different mindset than many who are just always looking on the brightside.
    IMO they are just avoiding the hard questions.

    Pre – onslaught by BB yesterday, in relation to the midfied, I never directed my posts towards any individual on here, never used abusive
    language or said anything that I don’t believe.

    So please tell me what it is brisvegas?

    Just to point out, many people on here use this as a social network site and not a football blog.

    Good morning Brisvegas or good evening should i say.


  12. Come on Troy, I don’t believe for a second that you are that silly as to not know what you have been posting.. The amount of posts you have made about Cabaye not being class “like everyone else reckons” is countless…. That is your opinion and fair play to you… But you have been throwing it out there for reactions the past 2 -3 weeks.. It’s not the crime of the century, don’t get me wrong, it just gets a bit old mate….We all know what you think about him without all the reminders..


  13. Troy
    “I never directed my posts towards any individual on here, never used abusive language or said anything that I donโ€™t believe.”

    Never? Haha. Just because you dont use four letter words doesnt mean you dont do it… Or though you have called me a tool. Stardust gets abuse for having completely opposing opinions if in fact you arnt one and the same.

    It alright though because Ive called you a w@nker lots of times. Ive also never said anything I dont believe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What is your relation to Blackley and Brownly by the way?

    And on football matters. Did you criticise Joey Barton on his poor displays the first two seasons he became a NUFC player before he became the subject of your praise the final year and a half? Because he started far worse than Cabaye and he was experienced in the English game…
    I think it’ll take Cabaye 1/4 that time to settle down nicely but thats still a good six months. So Maybe give him that time before highlightimg average displays every week.

    I actually think against the Scum and Arsenal he was one of our better players anyway.


  14. Actually, Troy, I don’t necessarily disagree with your opinion sometimes, in essence, but you say it so often that it loses meaning and becomes a joke – an increasingly tiring one at that – until all meaning disappears from your words and it starts to look like a wind-up or you look like a sad little man desperate for attention.


  15. @brisvegas

    Ha. I meant to say Aussie in my post not you.

    You see, how this works is that many people have an opinion on various matters NUFC.

    I put my views forward. It creates a discussion.
    Some people dip in and out of the discussion.
    New people come in and ask me questions.
    I respond.

    The simple thing to do is to miss my posts and speak to like minded people and create your own topic.

    Unfortunately, some people are so boring they find it hard to create anything interesting to talk about.

    It’s strange how you find it boring but there’s always plenty of people willing to engage in a discussion with me.

    I’ve fathomed out that the ones who lose their rag are those who feel left out.

    Feel free to work around my posts. The trouble is you may find you want to join in where the fun is.


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