Santon injured already

Santon out. But for how long?
Newcastle new boy Davide Santon could be out of action for a while after picking up a knee injury during training this morning.

The news will come as a blow to the Italian who had hoped to make his debut against Aston Villa at the weekend although that has now gone out of the window. Alan Pardew will also be rocked by the news and, to be honest, I’m pretty certain that a lot of fans will be rather irked by this piece of bad news.

There is very little news about this as I’ve just heard it on Sky Sports News, but they are speculating that that Italian U21 international is currently undergoing scans and that it is believed to a knee ligament problem. Alan Pardew claims different though and says that the club believe that it is a knee cartilage problem.

“Unfortunately Davide has hurt his knee in training and been sent for a scan,” Pardew told the Chronicle.

“It is an injury he has had before, we think it is a cartilage problem. We thought it was best to send him for a scan.”

The length of absence depends on the extent of the injury so fingers crossed that when the results of the scan come through it shows only a minor problem. It won’t be enough to get him back for the weekend but at least it would mean that he isn’t out for a sustained period of time.

However, if it’s and one, then Santon could be out for a very long time. We’re talking months, plural. I feel this worst case scenario is something that is going to become reality.

More to follow…

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103 thoughts on “Santon injured already

  1. Ok, I admit I was erring on the side of optimism just for the sake of debate: but some people still just cannot accept the strategy so instead they pretend it’s some kind of deceit or incompetence.

    There certainly IS incompetence – but not in the strategy.

    Oh, and Troy – I never predicted any of those things; not biting, mate. (I was adamant that Carroll would stay, though…. oops)


  2. Not always Liam mate, just have to be well looked after. Look at Shearer, suffered with knee problems for years, had operations, etc. Still played over 600 games for clubs and country in his career.

    Until the scan comes out nobody knows, swelling of the knee could mean anything from ligament damage to something as simple as inflammation due to fluid on the knee or a minor cartladge problem.


  3. Craig and many others shouting for more £50k-per-week players: why are you quoting transfer fees? They are a fraction of the cost of signing a player over the life of a contract. Santon is probably on a deal costing the club in the order of £13M. Pieters would have been the same.

    I don’t know how much clearer the club can make it: WE ARE NOT IN THAT LEAGUE OF SPENDING. We simply don’t have the income to blow in excess of £5m per position every year just on the 1st and 2nd choice players. That would account for well over half our income spent on just 22 players; no youth system, no facilities, no marketing, no backroom staff, no travel… nothing.

    If you can’t come up with ideas that can’t be delivered with £100m a year, why are you even suggesting them?


  4. Sorry freddie I must disagree with you about us getting stuffed some time soon , we have conceeded 1 goal in 4 league games. Even with Raylor playing leftback. Yes we had a bad day at the office on Monday night, but there is nothing to suggest at this moment in time it was nothing more than one of those nights. If we Villa out play us the way QPR out played us then I would be worried but I dont see that happening.


  5. Whumpie at 53. You talk sense but only if you have as your main left back a player who you can reasonably expect to play 75% of your games. When you have a player who by the sound of it will be fit for very few games HE becomes the backup, not the main man.


  6. Shitehawk: I think that’s jumping to a big conclusion based on a few tweets from someone not even working for the club…


  7. @whumpie

    I note you didn’t deny that we would buy Gervinho, Gameiro and Erdinc. Hmmm.

    The policy is crap and you are naive in believing it.
    And that’s not to help the debate. 😉


  8. Johno Toon
    I hope your right nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be proved wrong. However, with players like Bent and Agbon the whore I feel the pace and strength they have could destroy us, not to mention the zog. God help us if he plays directly against raylor.


  9. We will soon see the fat mans chickens coming home to roost after a dozen more games. The first team is decent but everyone knew a few injuries and we’re down to the bare bones.


  10. Batty….the squad was much “stronger” with Nolan in it, have ya seen how much weight the ****er can carry 😆


  11. Freddie @ 84

    Agbon the whore , that is very witty i geniunly laughed out loud when i read that 🙂

    I would hope we give more going forward sat than we did mon and keep the ball better so our defense is not under so much pressure. Be happy with a another point


  12. whumpie@78.. what are you going on about…. we spent 600k in the window. thats it. salaries are ntohing to do with it.. pieters would have been on no morethat jose was on and we could have got him for joses transfer money plus 2 million more added to it. no matter which way you cut it, we would have had to outlay just 2 miilion to solve our LB issue… fat ******* wanted zero outlay though… and this is the end result… a once bright hope who went on the cheap as his club knew he was a donkey.


  13. It must be down to the intensive training the mouthpiece has been talking about, wish someone would superglue his lips together. He should know better than most that you can’t push crocks to hard in training. Ba will be next with a leg amputation. Have we bought anyone who has not had a bad history with injuries??? It’s like buying seconds from shops you know there’s a fault that’s why you get them cheap .


  14. I said to my son, “Where you going?”
    He said, “I’m off to meet a girl.”
    I said, “Don’t forget to wear a… you know.”
    He said, “What?”
    I said, “You know.”
    He said, “Do you mean a condom?”
    I said,”No, a ****ing hat you ginger Cunt


  15. Just got in from work to the Santon news – so Pard’s says its a problem that was known about – just how good are the medicals before signing ? Unfu****ng believable – only at NUFC – we are about one more injury away from a defensive nightmare – no cover, no depth,no brains or planning from Ashley


  16. Delboy and Rodney comes to mind. Sports Direct will be stocking Trevor Francis tracksuits next.


  17. I have a feeling that exactly like the Marveaux signing, Pardew knew nothing about this signing until it happened.
    AP had his eyes set firmly on Pieters, he even went and scouted him personally.
    He should be bloody livid at the board for what they have done.
    I do hope the lad gets sorted ok.
    But this is typical of happenings at NUFC.
    Actually, as someone posted earlier, it may be a good thing to keep DS out til after xmas now, and force the fat mans hand in the jan window.
    Could finish the season with two good fullbacks, and a top striker.
    Woo hoo dream on.


  18. Well reports today are saying he’s having a knee op & will be out for 4 weeks… not bad but it hasn’t stop the whinging gets on here starting up the same shyte we’ve had all sumer I see….

    My worry is, who injured him in trainng?? was it Raylor by any chance.. lol

    Maybe he knew he was about to lose his place in the squad & tackled Santon a little to hard, taken out his knee… it happens you know.. lol 😉


  19. they say out for a month with a knee op??? no chance, we wont see santon this side of christmas and when we do see him, lets be honest he has the boxers equivilant of a glass jaw in that knee. third op on it and he is only early 20’s???


  20. Toon69… they never said it would be a month… AP words underneath mate, he is mega vague and is HOPING its MAYBE a month and AT LEAST four weeks out. There is not a chance in hell of him being ready in a month… he has been with us for near on a month already and couldnt make the team and that was without any injuries…AP is trying to put a positive spin on it but its crap and waffle and like i said before… although an old cliche its a true one….. you get what you pay for.

    “It’s a worry. It looks like it could be a cartilage and it’s not something you want when he’s just come into the building.

    “Maybe we’re looking at a month out. He’s going to have to get it cleaned out, it’s keyhole surgery nowadays which is a quicker operation but it will certainly mean at least four weeks out.”

    “He’s been through a really thorough medical and he’s a little bit unlucky as we’re only a week or so on from the medical. He trained today and trained well.”

    “It was just when he came off, he complained a little bit and we’re erring on the side of caution with him.”

    “Davide has had a few injuries in the last couple of years which isn’t ideal.


  21. the way our luck runs Pieters could have suffered an injury in his first match
    Santon has been through the normal medical nothing showed up For once we cant really blame the owner its just one of those things that seem to happen to us I still think that Santon will become a major player for us


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