Santon to have knee “cleaned out” – Pardew

Davide to go under the knife, sort of.
Further details have emerged over the extent of Davide Santon’s knee injury, and the general prognosis is better than I personally had first feared.

The 20-year-old will undergo keyhole surgery to “clean up” the knee which will keep sidelined for around four weeks should everything go to plan. Personally when I first heard that it was a knee cartilage injury I thought we were talking months and not weeks so I guess it’s a slight bonus.

It does raise the question of how this problem wasn’t picked up during the players medical however. I mean Santon has a history of knee problems which was fairly easily exposed by you guys with a computer, internet, and a few minutes to spare, so why weren’t these highly paid doctors aware of the issue? How did he pass the medical?

The only thing I can think of is that it was found, but it was deemed to be an issue that was low risk. I’m quite unsure how they could come to that conclusion knowing that he has suffered from the same problem on the same knee twice before but then again I’m not a doctor and I don’t know how it all works.

It’s a blow for Newcastle in all honesty. Santon would have surely made his debut this weekend at Aston Villa but now he is on the sidelines without even kicking a competitive ball for us.

On Santon’s injury, Pardew had this to say:

β€œIt looks like it could be a cartilage. He is going to have the knee cleaned out and then keyhole surgery, which will mean at least four weeks out.”

I was really looking forward to seeing Santon in action for us. I think he could turn out to be a fantastic player and is one of only a handful of players that has the potential to leave me saying “Jose who?”. I just hope, much like Jose’s banjo hamstrings, that Santon’s knee can be cleared up for good.

As for as left-back goes, we obviously have Ryan Taylor which fills me with zero confidence, although he isn’t our only option. Tamas Kadar played well for the reserves the other day, as did fit again Shane Ferguson. They may both be young, be they are options that we can call upon. Options that we didn’t have a few weeks ago.

As for Santon, hopefully it is closer to the four week diagnosis and we’ll see him in action sooner rather later.

Get well soon Davide!

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82 thoughts on “Santon to have knee “cleaned out” – Pardew

  1. To save you further embarressment I’m just going to move on from the debate, you’ve clearly hit rock bottom… πŸ™‚


  2. @JJ

    Always on my game just one step ahead you just don’t see it fella;-)

    You actually woke up yet? When you wake up I will go for my power nap.

    You’ve got to love Troys foresight. Granny Baba predicted all this commotion about injuries and cheap buys.

    Her final words on her deathbed were ” Troy, don’t let the dreamers beat you down. They will see you were right all along”

    You’ve got to love Grandma Baba Vanga.


  3. @Troy
    Haha, you make me laugh, have we ever had a season not blighted with injury. This season is no different to any other in that regard.


  4. never seen him play…well dont make comments about him untill he plays or quotes…i only abuse people who abuse me…i am only saying the way u put it…u made it look like he was no good…when u have not seen him play..n wonder nobody bought him or played for inter…we have taken another chance..we have 2 many of them players…gosling ba marveaux santon ben arfa have i left any body out…if they come off we will have a good side..but we have taken a big gamble..and ashley likes a gamble…


  5. @asim

    Never seen him play – well don’t make comments.

    I made it look like he was no good?

    I printed an article and asked for views?

    I’ve later pointed out that I don’t know if he’s any good but that article certainly tells you he’s got a serious injury scare and his ability is doubted.

    You feeling okay today fella? You really are struggling with the simple issues.



  6. Troy – JJ knows I’m your bro. He has alluded to it before. We have never disclosed this because it has no bearing. Why does it fascinate him? Besides, I get the impression he is closer to Toonsy than I am to you. What difference does it make?


  7. I posted yesterday that I thought this could be a torn meniscus. Unfortunately, I have a little experience with this–a scan revealed some evidence of the same injury for me, but it was not conclusive.

    My first doctor said “If I were you, I’d have the operation to ‘clean it out,'”which is exactly what seems to be going on here. He said recovery would PROBABLY take about 4-6 weeks. I’m a wee bit older (41 now, thank you) than our boy Santon, who should recover more quickly cuz young’uns heal quicker.

    I went for a second opinion and the 2nd doctor told me ‘The evidence is just not that clear. So if I were you, I’d do some physical therapy and if it seems to get worse, we’ll do an exploratory operation and patch things up then if necessary.’

    So from that, I can see why there is some to-ing and fro-ing over treatments for this. If the op goes well, recovery should be fairly quick. If not… Well…

    And if he’s just a perma-bust, it will fit our luck.


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