Santon to have knee “cleaned out” – Pardew

Davide to go under the knife, sort of.
Further details have emerged over the extent of Davide Santon’s knee injury, and the general prognosis is better than I personally had first feared.

The 20-year-old will undergo keyhole surgery to “clean up” the knee which will keep sidelined for around four weeks should everything go to plan. Personally when I first heard that it was a knee cartilage injury I thought we were talking months and not weeks so I guess it’s a slight bonus.

It does raise the question of how this problem wasn’t picked up during the players medical however. I mean Santon has a history of knee problems which was fairly easily exposed by you guys with a computer, internet, and a few minutes to spare, so why weren’t these highly paid doctors aware of the issue? How did he pass the medical?

The only thing I can think of is that it was found, but it was deemed to be an issue that was low risk. I’m quite unsure how they could come to that conclusion knowing that he has suffered from the same problem on the same knee twice before but then again I’m not a doctor and I don’t know how it all works.

It’s a blow for Newcastle in all honesty. Santon would have surely made his debut this weekend at Aston Villa but now he is on the sidelines without even kicking a competitive ball for us.

On Santon’s injury, Pardew had this to say:

“It looks like it could be a cartilage. He is going to have the knee cleaned out and then keyhole surgery, which will mean at least four weeks out.”

I was really looking forward to seeing Santon in action for us. I think he could turn out to be a fantastic player and is one of only a handful of players that has the potential to leave me saying “Jose who?”. I just hope, much like Jose’s banjo hamstrings, that Santon’s knee can be cleared up for good.

As for as left-back goes, we obviously have Ryan Taylor which fills me with zero confidence, although he isn’t our only option. Tamas Kadar played well for the reserves the other day, as did fit again Shane Ferguson. They may both be young, be they are options that we can call upon. Options that we didn’t have a few weeks ago.

As for Santon, hopefully it is closer to the four week diagnosis and we’ll see him in action sooner rather later.

Get well soon Davide!

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82 thoughts on “Santon to have knee “cleaned out” – Pardew

  1. … they never said it would be a month… AP words underneath mate, he is mega vague and is HOPING its MAYBE a month and AT LEAST four weeks out. There is not a chance in hell of him being ready in a month… he has been with us for near on a month already and couldnt make the team and that was without any injuries…AP is trying to put a positive spin on it but its crap and waffle and like i said before… although an old cliche its a true one….. you get what you pay for.

    “It’s a worry. It looks like it could be a cartilage and it’s not something you want when he’s just come into the building.
    “Maybe we’re looking at a month out. He’s going to have to get it cleaned out, it’s keyhole surgery nowadays which is a quicker operation but it will certainly mean at least four weeks out.”
    “He’s been through a really thorough medical and he’s a little bit unlucky as we’re only a week or so on from the medical. He trained today and trained well.”
    “It was just when he came off, he complained a little bit and we’re erring on the side of caution with him.”
    “Davide has had a few injuries in the last couple of years which isn’t ideal.


  2. Oh well, at least Ferguson is fit again.
    Tough to feel terribly negative on a friday. On that note, thank F*ck it’s friday. 6 hours to go to the end of the day.


  3. Phew. Even if it ends up being 8 weeks it’s still better than the 6 months some people were getting in a flap about yesterday. That’s good news in my book. Get well soon Davide.


  4. It’s the end of the working week for me and the toon are still in forth place… 🙂 all good

    Sad news about Santon, still a young fella, so he has time to heal and get fully fit…. Maybe we can play Jonas at LB and have Marveaux playing in front of him at LM… just a thought…


  5. TC, i agree as i want to see what Davide can do… the only thing that naffs me off is that we were a one shot deal for a LB… fatty was only ever let us get one in.. that being the case why did we take the risk in the first place.. We had Pieters and also van arrnholt wanting to come. We should have went for the safe bet knowing full well that Santon was suspect and would leave us bolloxed. If we were in the market for two LB’s which we all know is what we needed, then yes, get Santon and one of the other two mentioned. But this was a deal that left us with no back up and no plan B and was at best nothing more than a gamble to save ashley spending a single penny in the window. Reap what you sow.


  6. Alan Pardew`s team have just come off the back of a 0-0 draw at Loftus Road against newly promoted Queens Park Rangers and were unlucky not to snatch all three points.

    Both teams are proving hard to beat with the northerners losing just one in ten Premier League games, whereas ourselves have lost one in twelve.


  7. two fairly “in-form” teams which is nice, lets hope we get a result!

    Would love a draw but recently Villa Park’s been a bogey ground/team for us!!!

    Still i reckon we’ll fare well 0-0 or 0-1


  8. no score draw is my prediction for this one. whatever happens, it will be tight, it could go to the vile 1-0 perhaps.


  9. Play a 4-5-1 and I reckon we’ll win. 4-4-2 and we’ll get more speculative punts forwards for Best to craft his own half chances.

    Would LOVE to see Fergie start LB with Jonas ‘in the hole’, but reckon Pardew’s going to play 4-4-2 with Raylor.



  10. ‘cleaned out’ sounds like a dirty auld cupboard full of dust nd cobwebs. get the jetwash oot. 🙂

    Very frustrating for us, being a prem team with only 2.5 decent defenders available and only perch as back-up!!

    what happened to healthy competition?


  11. They will remove the excess liquids in the lads knee that are floating around. In my experience of peeps i know who have had it they have taken 6 weeks to recover….and they are not professional footballers 🙁


  12. Raylor has done well for us so far. He did have a bad game against QPR but he is still more of a goal threat than say simpson.

    Fergie could be a good player to come in as he could potentially deal with the pace of n zog.

    Would like to see tav return from loan i think we need the back up now!


  13. Craig – The about Santon being here “nearly a month without playing for the first team” or something like that…

    Is it not a bit hard to play for the club when there are no games and when you’re off playing for your country?


  14. Just had a flashback which I can’t confirm….. When Wigan drew 2-2 with us last season at SJP. Was it Raylor who was playing then?

    And didn’t Charles score both goals?



  15. @Liam Southern Toon

    while its hats off to Raylor for his efforts, I’d rather have a decent defender than a player who could get us goals.

    4 games into the prem its sad we find ourselves in this position. Imagine if Simpson and Colo were injured in training. who would we play. other teams not ‘supposedly’ as big as us have it covered.


  16. I’d rather play Ferguson ahead of Raylor. That lad has no fear and will do well.

    Having said that, assuming it will be N’Zogbia up against a left back, that means he’ll be looking to cut in in which case playing against a right footed left back should, in theory, be helpful to us.


  17. Ridgewell for all i’m not a huge fan looked good last night despite a b’ham’s loss. would slot straight into our team.

    How can a club like us not attract a player like Ridgewell. I doubt he’s a douche and demanded silly wages.


  18. @17

    Agree Toonsy, everyone keeps calling Ferguson “light weight” but I’ve never seen him pull out of a challenge, get out muscled or get done for pace.
    I’d definitely give Fergie a chance at left back. Feel sorry for Raylor, but like some have said, his freekick taking abilities don’t disguise the fact that he is very average defensively in the left back role.

    I still think Pardew will go with Raylor though. I just pray he drops Shola.


  19. Big dave he would be very welcome worringly we are relying on young uns!

    The kid it shows 🙂

    Mark raylor has limitations but is our top goalscorer! Think he deserves a chance again but we will see I agree with toonsy think fergie was brilliant every time he played last year


  20. @Liam Think he deserves a chance again..

    even if Santon wasnt injured?

    I have got a softspot for Raylor, he tries his best but sentiment in football is retarded. I’ll only end up hating him for giving him a chance in the 1st place. lol


  21. JJ – You know the score. You can’t call Raylor average as he has been in a defence which has started brilliantly. Therefore they are all ace at this moment in time 😛

    Oh and I’ve tarted up your article and added a table and stuff.


  22. Tavs is to be loaned out for another 2 months. obviously rated by the toon chiefs whilst in this defensive pickle..


  23. Raylor is average however now Santon is injured i don’t think he will be replaced by fergie just cant see it.

    Would actually love marveux and ba to start


  24. looks like Agbonlahor and Nzog on the wings 2moro, both like to cut in. I’d be tempted to play 5 at the back. If we had defenders available lol


  25. @LIAM

    Would actually love marveux and ba to start

    Me too m8. Marv for Obertan. although I’d be tempted to start with Best on his own.


  26. Toonsy.
    Great, Ill send my girlfriend over, can you tart her up too 😉
    Went for first pregnancy scan this morning. Special moment.

    She’s not too keen on naming the kid Cheikbenarfa though. But Ill have my way! Haha.

    Puts football in perspective. Hope things are going well your side.


  27. Raylor is decent right back, just dont think he’s comfortable on the left. Still he had one shockers so I suppose I can cut him some slack.


  28. Santon started well in his first season at Inter. 
    But the following season did not start well. Suddenly, he was not quite so convincing. In one particular game after coming on at the break against Palermo his inability to cope with the pace and direct running style of Abel Hernandez was a large factor in Inter almost squandering a 4-0 half-time lead, before a late Diego Milito goal sealed a 5-3 win.

    Mourinho had been forced to spend much of the second period coaching Santon back into position from the opposite wing as the full-back time and again opened himself up to exposure.

    Weeks later, he suffered his first major injury in damaging the meniscus in his right knee, and when he returned it wasn’t for long. Unable to train with his team-mates as he suffered pains in his knee once more, a second operation ended his season.

    But after speculation last summer that his future lay elsewhere as a result of his inability to nail down a first-team place, he managed a decent run either side of the Christmas period in 2010-11. However, this was simply a mask as to the issues he was having, and when he was run ragged for a second successive season by Palermo in January – resulting in his substitution at half-time – it took coach Leonardo no time to offer him to Cesena on transfer deadline day 24 hours later.

    The 20-year-old – a close friend of Manchester City player Mario Balotelli during their Inter days – made 11 appearances as Cesena reached their goal of survival in Serie A, but his spell didn’t go without its problems, as he once again found himself coming up short against more direct styles of play.

    His downward curve has been mirrored on the international stage too. With seven caps in total, and only two in the last 22 months, he has under-achieved so far, and has been used largely as a right-back when representing the Under-21 side partly to ward off attacks on his weaker left side along the touchline.
    As well as injuries, his career lost momentum due to the emergence of Maicon and Cristian Chivu in Inter’s full-back berths and now he has been completely surplus to requirements following the arrival of Japanese international full-back Yuto Nagatomo this summer.

    Very interesting indeed. 
    Any thoughts?


  29. Any thoughts?


    we never seem to have any competition for any of our signings & when stuff like this comes oot you can see the reasons why.


  30. krul
    simmo——- saylor——- colo——— fergie


    obertan—- gosling— marveaux


    thats the team i think pards should play at villa, but pards will have his own ideas


  31. Troy – as i posted yesterday my cousin in milan has season ticket at inter and seen santon play many a time and told me about his knees. I actually commented when we first signed him.

    THink that why mourinho never took him to madrid!

    To be fair like someone said shearer had dodgy knees all his carerer. We will see!


  32. @moore83, I think similarly.

    Wouldn’t drop Jonas though, either play him on the left and use Marv as an impact sub, or play him instead of Gosling behind Best.


  33. Troy, that line-up looks good to me, but I’d actually swap Simpson for Gutierrez. I’d like to see him get a shout at RB.

    ….as far as Santon goes. I really doubt it’ll be as short as a 4 week absence. You can always pretty much add about 30% to injury lay-off durations called by the club.

    I just hope he doesn’t get rushed back. Seen it FAAAAAARRRRRR too many times before at the Toon. Get well soon Davide!!!!


  34. Troy,

    Can you think of any other 20-year old International full backs that have got seven caps for a country like Italy who have won the World Cup four times?

    20-years-old, the lad hasn’t even played a game for us yet, and you are trying to search for reasons why he might not be a success here!

    There have been many more articles stating he has ability but you search this one out because it backs up your opinion.

    This contant looking for a reason to criticise new signings. It’s really getting a bit old now…

    What exactly are you trying to prove?

    You do realise you crusade to slate discredit the potential or ability of our new signings, particularly the ones that have barely played a game yet, doesn’t actually make a difference to anything other than make you sound like like a constantly droaning fog horn, that just won’t go away.

    You are rapidly becoming the Vuvuzela of the blog. From once posting interesting arguements you are now becoming very very monotonous.

    Try create a new character with a bit of variation 😉


  35. troy…u are trying 2 tell us he is a **** player…just say it…he has been injuried for years…never played full season apart from first…then he was good….he is a great young player but like we all said.why have we got him so cheap….inter took the money full stop…his knee may be fu.ked and sold it 2 us…simple pardew and co have ****ed up again..lie lies lies


  36. @rodz

    I never provided a line up.

    I posted about Santons injury and doubts about his ability.

    Have you read the article? No wonder there was no mention of his sale on the Inter website.


  37. Asim

    I see… you still… need to… work on… your sentence …. structuring… its very hard to make… out your … comments mate…


  38. ……”Vuvuzela of the blog”.

    hahahaha JJ, nice analogy. Troy doesn’t bother me though, yeah a lot of his comments can be negative, but very rarely made-up. I think you need cynics on blogs. Everyone just agreeing all the time is boring.


  39. Yeah Troy, I realised that after posting, and yeah, course I’ve read it. I always read the article AND all the comments before I comment myself. It’s only polite, and that way I never look a **** by repeating what someone’s already said. Anyway, gotta go. Laters……….


  40. Gosling? did u see his performance at Scunny??? He’s not ready

    His reserve showing should earn him a place on the bench tho and he’ll hopefully get some gametime as a sub

    No need to drop Jonas either, Marveaux in the ‘false 9’ role behind Best.

    The big Q is… who’ll start at LB? I’d like to think that (a) Fergie is up to it and (b) Pardew is brave enough to play him…. surely we can’t get away with Raylor getting repeatedly roasted down their right again


  41. @ rodzilla lol no worries not the first time. would also like to see jonas tried at RB, but think we should do it in the cup against forest.

    @ blip also sounds good just jonas’ final ball in the last few games worries me a bit. marveaux had alot of assists playing for his last club and the way we are creating goals at the minute i think it would be nice to change it a little


  42. @JJ

    Do you just ignore the article? Or do you read it and digest it?

    I find it very interesting and informative. I haven’t gave my opinions yet so how do you know what I think?


  43. Rodz,

    I generally enjoy Troy’s comments myself, and like the banter, but lately he bangs on and on and on about the same bloody thing, as if we were too thick to understand his point of view the first four hundred times he stated them…

    His arguement about our new players being risks and they might not be successful, and then trying to prove it because they havn’t set the world alight in the first four games (or no games in Santon’s case), is really getting pathetic.

    It takes a long time for these players to settle. He is the exact type of fan that probably said Coloccini and Enrique was not up to scratch. Unproven in the Premier League, not up to pace, getting lost… etc.

    I’d like to know what he wants us to do if Cabaye, Ba, Santon, don’t play up to “class” standards for the first six months of the season?
    Would you then write them off and sell them for whatever money we can recoup.

    Or would you keep them, give them the support Colo and Enrique got in the relegation year, when they “found their standard” and carried to to become quality Premier league players.

    Because given that same time span, and patience from supporters, I truely believe 100% that the likes of Cabaye, Santon and Ba, will come good in a big way.

    I can just see four games into Ben Arfa’s comeback when you start calling him out of his depth.


  44. Troy

    I read the article, I digested the info, I realise Santon is a risky buy, but if he comes right, it’ll be a massive coup. If not, he cost us 5mil, we’ve had far more expensive flops.

    I’d have loved us to get Pieters as much as anyone, but we didn’t, so what is the contant nit picking on the signings we have made going to help the situation – especially after just FOUR games into a season.

    If you criticised Shola’s lazy, pathetic displays after 10 years, where he has proved his incompetance, but come on…

    Cabaye is a French international at 25, and they have a pretty decent midfield. So he must be decent himself.

    Santon is 20 years old and has played seven times as fullback for Italy, who are reknowned for their defensive strengths.

    I’ll I’m saying is try to stop droning on about our new players, because you couldn’t possibly judge their ability accurately until you’ve seen them for at least a full season.


  45. @JJ

    As you never follow what I write I now understand how you lose your temper.

    Not once have I wrote Cabaye off. In fact, every theme I write about him is based on his first 4 games. All I’ve ever said is, he’s tidy, can pick out a good pass but has gone missing for large parts of the game.
    I was having a go at Cabaye yesterday, only in defence of Tiote. What about all those who were calling Tiote, yet I supported him?
    He’s one of the regimes buys.?

    Please explain?

    As for Santon. I’ve not provided an opinion yet but wanted to hear everyone’s views first.
    I posted the article as it’s interesting and needs highlighting IMO to get a balanced view.

    I feel now that if I give anything other than an opinion which is not in line with many on here that I will get a warning from Toonsy.

    Surely that is not right .

    Your turn to answer my question.


  46. Troy
    “As you never follow what I write I now understand how you lose your temper.”

    I’m clearly not the only one, so perhaps you should look at the way your comments are written.

    As for answering your question, answer mine first…

    I’d like to know what he wants us to do if Cabaye, Ba, Santon, don’t play up to “class” standards for the first six months of the season?
    Would you then write them off and sell them for whatever money we can recoup? Or would you keep them, give them the support Colo and Enrique got in the relegation year, when they “found their standard” or rather confidence and went on to become quality Premier league players?


  47. JJ agree with your last few posts aimed at Troy.
    We have potentially some good signings, they may be flops or turn into Toon favourites, it’s way too early to say. Remember all the whineing going on about Collo/Enrique etc and yet look how they turned out.
    Wish some people would give our players a break especially new signings. It reminds me of ancient Rome. where the gladiators enter the Colisseum and the crowd make quick damning decisions about the fate of the people they’re fighting. Quick make your mind up good or crap – pathetic


  48. troy…why not say santon is crap..the way u put your opinion is if he was not a good player..nothing else 2 say…


  49. Again JJ. The answer to your question is simple and I’ve answered numerous times.
    You’ve got to give players a long time to adapt. I won’t put a time frame on any player as each is individual. Depends on attitude and willingness to try more than anything.
    I hope you haven’t wrote Perch off? Like many who criticise me (wrongly IMO) about Cabaye are the same ones who didn’t give Perch the lickings of a dog with half a dozen games in.

    So answer my question please.


  50. @asim

    Because if I say something like that I will get abuse.

    I will give my views shortly.

    I do recall being hated on here by all the same crew when I was one of 2 or 3 who were against Ashleys transfer policy.
    I stuck to my principles, unlike many who jump from one side of the fence to the other daily, and in the end I had more support than the pro Ashley crew.

    This should be a free forum to express your football views without being abused.

    There is nothing wrong with missing out my posts and generating craic around me. It seems many are incapable of doing that and prefer to spoil other people’s discussions.

    Despite what many say on here, there are many who like to join in. Leave us to it please.


  51. Troy

    If you are really likening Cabaye and Santon to Perch, then you are more deluded than I ever believed
    – Santon and Cabaye both bought for around 5mil as first choice players.
    whereas Perch was bought as back up to fill various positions as a utility player.
    – Perch has never played any high standard, he played Championship football for a team flirting with relegation, whereas Santon has played for Italy, won a Champions League with Inter, and Cabaye has played in Europe, won league titles as their main midfield dynamo, and earned a place in the French midfield, alongside Nasri, Ribéry, Malouda, Blaise Matuidi etc.

    Your really are grasping at straws today! And unfortunately making a complete arse of yourself in the process.

    Maybe try go take a nap and come back with your brain functioning properly, and try give a decent answer to my question.


  52. Haha, i know that was tounge in cheek but there is a difference to writing off a player who is just pap and a player you can see has something in him. There have been flashes from our new lads and they were good at their old sides perch has neither of these things going for him.


  53. Troy
    In response to your question:
    I believe you opening criticise Cabayes, play, saying he looks off the pace, and out of his depth, basically implying, he isn’t the amazing signing “everyone” made him out to be. When it was only a select few that said he would be amazing.
    The majority just think he will turn out to be a very good useful players for us, and good value for 4.5mil in todays market.
    I also believe the only reason you state, “I’m not writing him off” after your rants is so that you can backtrack when/if you get it wrong.

    As for your “defending Tiote”.
    Firstly, I never mentioned the regime, you did… I’m not protecting this regime, I’m defending the new signings, and I would regardless of the regime they were signed under.

    If you really believe Tiote’s game has been influenced poorly by Cabaye, then fair enough, but personally, I think Tiote, is being more influenced by a lack of movement in the forward line, and our wingers being too deep to cover for our poor faith in our fullbacks.

    However, having said that, he must also shoulder the blame for some poor performances. His little pirouette turns have been sussed out and the oppostion is pressing him. He needs to learn to make his decisions quicker, or he will be found wanting, especially in a four man midfield and especially on a small tight pitch like at QPR.


  54. Just answered your question Troy,

    It may not be the answer you want to hear. But I answered it.

    I’m still wating for you to answer my question with something better than the Perch drivel you came up with…


  55. @asim

    As I never shirk a punch I will answer your question truthfully about Santon.

    Never seen him play, heard lots of good reports from bloggers on here and read some good quotes from respected footballers and managers.

    On the flip side, as im very sceptical of the regime transfer policy and the type of players they target , ie injury question marks over them,
    I quite naturally tried to find out more and to get a more informed view instead of headline grabbing quotes.

    That article highlights important issues which answer many doubts I had.
    The first one was, how old the quotes were?
    Not recent for sure and morinhos was back when Santon was 17.

    There was no mention on the inter website of his sale. I find that strange considering he was supposed to be the new maldini.

    We had little or no competition for his signature.

    He’s suffered two serious knee injuries resulting in operations and he’s only 20!

    We now find he’s injured again with the same knee and he’s had keyhole surgery.
    3 ops!

    You wonder why I’m sceptical.

    Im not writing him off but I’m certainly bringing up issues that many seem to sweep under the carpet.

    Please ignore if you want to abuse. It makes you look infantile. 😉


  56. @JJ

    So it’s ok to have a go at the forward line but not Cabaye. 😉

    Is that Ba, Shola, Best?

    That’s terrible, give them a chance. It’s Ramadan.

    Don’t join in if you don’t like what I write. No one forces you.


  57. Troy,

    I am giving Ba and Best a chance, in fact I think Best has done great to carry his useless strike partner Shola’s burden.

    I’ve stated several times I think Shola is a massive weak link, and I think if he were to be dropped it would make a very positive impact to the team.

    Even then, they’d take a while to settle in. But the absence of Shola IMO would make a massive question.

    Where did I say I wasn’t prepared to give Best and Ba a chance, have you not read my comments?

    I have said numerous times Best has been great, and Ba I think will come good.

    Are you now putting words in my mouth to back your argument. Your are really digging deeper and deeper.

    Like I said, go take a nap fella, you not on your game today.


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