Aston Villa 1-1 Newcastle – Match highlights and managerial interview videos

Same old Besty, always scoring!
Here on NUFC Blog I think it’s fair to say that we like to analyse our matches.

Win, lose or draw we generally have reports, stats, facts, interviews, highlights, reviews and Man of the Match votes on all matches, and this article is just a part of the above process.

First off we have some rather primitive highlights of the match against Aston Villa. I will endeavour to update these with better ones as and when they become available. Hopefully they’ll be longer ones that show our chances a bit better and don’t just focus mainly on Villa. Every attack Villa had must have been featured on these highlights, but here goes anyway.

If you really really really can’t wait for the highlights I’ve managed to find the full match highlights which you can download in two parts by following the two links below. As is the case when downloading anything though, please make sure that you take appropriate steps to check the files for anything nasty before starting them.

Download first half
Download second half

Next up we have the managerial interviews and reaction. Step forward Alan Pardew who has been speaking after the 1-1 draw with Aston Villa. The general consensus is that is that he feels that Newcastle should have won the game. I agree with his assessment although I’m personally happy with the draw and the continuation of our unbeaten start to the season.

Meanwhile Alex McCleish has blamed injuries to some of his players for the result today, citing Stephen Warnock as an example of his case. You can hear what he said in full by watching the video below.

All in all a much better performance from our boys. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch but it was much improved on what we’ve seen in recent weeks. Alan Pardew deserves some credit for tinkering with his tactics from the QPR game to this one. He saw what was wrong and addressed it which is about as much as you can hope for really.

In terms of playing personnel there were some much improved performances from, well from most of them actually. Yohan Cabaye was brilliant yesterday and I have a sneaking suspicion that he will run away with the MOM vote which will be along shortly.

Stay tuned for more reaction and analysis.

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66 thoughts on “Aston Villa 1-1 Newcastle – Match highlights and managerial interview videos

  1. I have to admit, that i had us down for a loss on this one for several reasons;
    We were total **** at QPR, villa having a good start, bad ground for us normally, ex toon players in teir squad adn also them having a good team also. It helped that they have a ****e manager so that was in our favor.
    I had to listen to it on world service but from everything that i could tell and looking at the game stats this was a game we dominated so i am well pleased with that… the stats dont lie, we beat them in all areas.
    The one thing that naffs me off is that the mainstream papers spin and word everything as if we were lucky to get a draw, i mean, sensationalised headlines such as ‘ villa held by newcastle’ or ‘newcastle peg back villa’ or newcastle salvage draw’. And as for that jock **** manager of theirs.. he must have been watching a different game to think they did so well. The stats dont lie.. villa were very very lucky not to loose and i take heart from this display alot. I say it again….. i really like cabaye and i think he is already half geordie..not your typical frog, he gets stuck in and has a right go. And Moreno’s other stat yesterday i loved too.. on Best’s games per goals ratio he is the 5th best all time prem player lol lol … seems crazy but true i guess.


  2. @Craig

    I saw the game live in the pub. We played extremely well and there was no getting away from it we were the better side.

    The one thing I like about Best, is his head never goes down and he gives his all. That with the fact he is always looking for goal and is not frightened to take on his man to get a shot off. It doesn’t always come off but it occasionally does.

    Cabaye, the first time for me, played well throughout the game and is combative and was a good play maker as well as getting some shots off and getting in good striking positions.

    Everyone, including Raylor deserved praise for yesterday’s result.

    If we beat Forest on Tuesday then I think you’ve got your prediction wrong regarding the next crowd being sub – 40k.

    What do you think?


  3. If I was Pards, I would throwing the gauntlet down to the CF’s, suggesting that the number 9 shirt is up for grabs and the only way to get their name on it is to bang the goals in and prevent a new striker taking it off them IF we get one.

    If Best keeps this going then Pards has to seriously hand it to him.


  4. I’ve answered my own question;

    The only time a player may change a shirt number is between season. You can’t change mid season as the club submit the squad list at the start of the season. Onece this has been given to the FA, UEFA and FIFA it cannot be changed. You can be given a number once the season starts but only if you have signed for a new club and you have to take a vacant number.

    Jean I Uss


  5. credit where it’s due, we outplayed Villa for long periods, for the first time this season we resembled a team who could pass the ball.
    I predicted a Cabaye goal yesterday, woodwork and Shay aside he would have obliged.


  6. Newcastle were a massive difference from yesterday to the qpr game!! But why??? Did we pass around better? Did we try harder?? Oh no thats right its bcos shola didnt start , silly me !!!!


  7. troy.. na mate, i still think our attendances will drop below 40’s esp for the **** teams like swansea etc.. we will prob maintain low 40’s for normal ones like bolton etc and ghigher for manure etc.


  8. @Craig

    I’ve predicted the same but not quite as quick as that.

    If we play like we did yesterday and maintain a top half position then they will maintain plus 40k. IMO

    The Forest result will dictate it.


  9. Troy….Will you not be able to change numbers in Jan when you have to re-submit your 25 man squad agai at the end of the transfer window?


  10. @Richie
    According to that extract it’s only at the start of the season. Any new players bought in January have to be given spare numbers.


  11. There is a man of the match article vote thing coming up in a bit. Make sure you take part πŸ˜‰

    Troy mentioned Forest earlier. Interesting problem for that one. Do we recognise that Best and Ba are our two best strikers at the moment and therefore save them from playing and potential injury…. Or do we play them because they are our best pairing?

    Hoping Hatem Ben Arfa makes an appearance although I reckon it will only be from the bench, if at all.


  12. Rich – Nah. Troy’s excerpt is right. I was going to confirm it yesterday but I was still in a huffy with him πŸ˜†


  13. Toonsy……We should be going for this one, still unlikely to win it but we should be going all out for it imo.


  14. Rich – And risk injuries? I agree to an extent, but I also believe we have tge capacity to make a few changes. Liam has sent in a thread touching on that which I’ve saved for the cup match especially. I’ll get it posted later.

    The first change id personally make is to put Sammy in from the start.


  15. Toonsy…didnt say we shouldnt make changes, but we should still be going for it, we can play at least one of them…….ref injuries…it’s NUFC so 3 times as likely to get injured in training as in a match πŸ˜‰ ..and if we’re going to start worrying about injuries then we can’t afford to play any of the back 4 or Krul.

    Makes sense about the squad numbers for those who get them on the toon tops…..although that’s propably the furthest thing from the rule makers minds.


  16. forrest squad… centre backs are an issue.. do we have any spare ones so we can rest talyor and colo???


    rtaylor ? ? fergie

    jonas guthrie smith marv

    sammi loven


  17. dont know if this is public knowledge or not i cant work it out but why doesn’t alan shearer comment on newcastle on Match of the Day anymore.Theres been a few games on now when he’s on the couch but its always lawro or somebody else whos there , shearer never has anything to say


  18. Toonsy
    8 mins ago
    Rich – Nah. Troy’s excerpt is right. I was going to confirm it yesterday but I was still in a huffy with him

    Brilliance! That’s where we differ. I never take the huff. Woo hoo hoo hoo


  19. Would love to see Best’s goals per minute ratio in the Premier league. Particularly seen as though he has never completed 90 mins.

    Must be impressive.


  20. Aye…….Sammy should get a game, Marveux too. I don’t mind bringing in players that don’t really weaken the team too much, but if you p!ss about too much you deserve to get knocked out imo


  21. Was a good game and the lads played well……. I think the main differences between the QPR game the Villa game are..
    QPR shut down the space really well and didn’t allow our guy’s to settle on the ball.. This tactic works well but I can’t see them maintaining the work rate through the whole season… And the other was Tiote and Cabaye were actually working together… The past few games Tiote has taken upon himself to be the main man in the middle of the park and he has been getting caught with the ball far too often… Yesterday he and Cabaye moved the ball with some fluency and it was nice football to watch..
    Cabaye’s passing and shooting was excellent, his cross field balls near on hit the target every time… He is a gritty little ****er as well….


  22. Lets try that again…

    You see the difference it made to our play to have two mobile forwards?

    Ba was dropping into deeper positions to offer the midfield anither option to pass to. Then both strikers moving down the channels spreading the midfield a bit wider and giving them more breathing space.

    Shola is such a weak link he makes other players look poor because its truely like playing with ten men sometimes.

    I think a Bellemy type striker in the Jan window would make us a much better team.


  23. Richie,
    Dont think I got more than one right so far… Lol. Bolton and Arsenal I thought were nailed but think there were a few shocks. Be surprised if anyone scored high.


  24. I was at the match yesterday, both Ba and Obertan seemed quite poor – lazy above all. I’d be keen to see Marveaux start and also Sammy against Forest in a 4-5-1


  25. Aussie.

    The difference was the absence of Shola and the fact that Jonas and Obertan both roamed often dropping deep or swapping flanks.

    Ive already explained why it makes a huge difference.


  26. Actually, while we did dominate the game and the stats lay testament to that, we were fortunate be 2 or 3 down by half time. So in that respect, I can understand where some of the reports come from. The trick is not to get uber sensitive about a shoddy piece of hack journalism.

    The real gem.from this.opening salvo to the season is that it seems this side currently doesn’t know how to lose.

    Best should be the first cf name on the team sheet. Real knack for goal.


  27. Obertan frustrated the f*ck out of me yesterday… Marveaux definitely needs to starting or put Gosling on… Obertan has zero end product, I really tried to be positive about his signing but to date he has been average to say the least..


  28. Sydney, you are joking, Obertan was like a man possessed yesterday. A lot of our good stuff had him.involved.


  29. JJ, Shola is a lot of things mate but he was not the sole reason we played sh*te at QPR… He had a lot of poorly playing mates that day….


  30. Sydney,
    Nobody covered more ground than Obertan other than Cabaye.
    And Sammy isnt ready to start.
    He is direct and take on defenders bit only looks as effective as he does now because he is fresh and they have played 70 minutes. So the game isnt as tight.


  31. Aussie,
    Shola is only one thing… ****.
    And I truely believes the teams play is massively influences by his lazy, slow ineffective peformances.


  32. JJ… He ****s me as well….. don’t get me wrong.. but it doesn’t say much about the rest of the team if they all get dragged down to his lazy style of play….


  33. Shearer’s
    I think Obertan takes massive pressure off Jonas because we now actually have two players with the skill and pace to carry the ball from defense to attack. Whereas before our only threat was with Enrique and Jonas on the left side.

    With better attacking fullbacks to support. Those to would be even more effective.


  34. We have been incredibly lucky we have been in the 20 games we have not been defeated in Stuart πŸ™‚


  35. Aussie,

    Your not understanding what Im saying. Shola only offers the option of holding the ball up and them passing backwards.

    Its ALL he can do and sometimes even struggles there.

    His movement and pace is terrible so he often just gets in the way of his strike partner or is standing offsides.

    He slows down the momentum of every attacking play.

    And as such narrows the options down for our midfield.

    The opposition dont see him as a threat at all and as such focus on being tight and pressing the midfield because their defense can play a very high line because Shola is **** slow.

    He is just a massive weak link.


  36. JJ, I know exactly what you are saying mate… However, Pardew should have subbed him or not play him at all.. So who’s fault is it really… Shola can only play to his ability, if the manager thinks that it is good enough, when it obviously isn’t, then the blame must fall on the gaffa….


  37. Aussie,
    Ye there you are spot on… I just really hope we get someone in January, Ill feel much better with Shola as 4th choice.


  38. Stuart….ya negative ****er πŸ˜‰

    We still need a striker obviously, but hopefully the midfield will get better and chip in and Ba will hit form….touchwood.


  39. Still need a striker and a left back with Santon on the right for me… Then we’d have a squad that should easily be fighting for that seventh position…


  40. Right now having two right footed players on the left side constantly cutting in slows down the momentum again.
    We need an overlapping left back on the left side.


  41. @51 – Bit harsh like

    From what I’ve seen Simpson has been very good in the last 2 games. For Β£1million I’m happy with him, Who around is better for that money?

    @Stu well happy with that little stat, and it’s now 12 games unbeaten I think. It’s just a shame we couldn’t nick it yesterday!

    Could we sneak up in to Europe?


  42. Simpson did improve the last couple games and is great value but that doesnt mean we cant five him some stiff competition to improve further.
    We have no depth in the fullback positions…


  43. Stu… iwasnt aware there really is much of an anti AP brigade.. anti ashley and dekka yes for sure… not AP, at first no-one was well impressed with his taking over from CH but i think he has pretty much won most fans over now. Out of those stats.. how many wins does AP have as i think our draws ratio is huge. Hard to beat us but hard for us to win. What does that tell us?? To me, it means we have solid defence and good engine room with piss poor final third.


  44. Thought we were slow in getting going and were poor first half, 2 wingers in particular but the longer the team plays together, the stronger it will get but i still think we could be technically better up front, one scuffed effort into the net was poor reward for the possession we had.


  45. @53…..If the team continues to gel and plays consistently we have a chance of a 10th to 7th finish. If Ashley had got the sort of players Pardew wanted in the transfer window, I believe we would have had a very good chance of doing it, after all if the players hadn’t switched into holiday mode v WBA we would have finished 8th/9th.
    Despite all the arguements on the blog through out the window, nobody was asking for millions to be thrown away on dross like under FFS, just to add the quality players that we needed and still need, if you can get them for peanuts then all well and good, but if you have to spend a bit then thats what you do. The club can’t turn around and say the money isn’t there after supposedly chucking multi million bids in all over the place on deadline day. Another full back, a CB and a striker and I believe we’d have had a very good chance of dusting of our passports again. As it stands, I’m over the moon with our start and the chance is still there but the players Pardew wanted need to be got in Jan to increase that chance…….oh and a couple of decent cup runs wouldn’t go a miss either πŸ˜‰


  46. @37 Obertan was in Warnock’s pocket imho. I don’t think there were many crosses that found their mark – if any, and he rarely got past him. Warnock was Villa’s best outfield player.

    It’s encouraging to see him move forward, though, and I’ve no doubt he has some ability. Just needs more time on the pitch.


  47. I think that as soon as Arfa is fit he will be in the hole all the time, thats AP plans. with one up front.. that will be best or Ba. Stroller i think is third choice now. If when Arfa comes back and if ihe is still fit come january i would say our priority should still be Pieters fro LB over a striker. I am worried about santon and even if he does get up to speed, we could deploy him at RB,LB,RW, LW so he would be very valuble to us in several areas. So for me, IF arfa is fit and we do revery to him in the hole as will be his best slot, we should go for LB next.


  48. I’ve been saying Leon Best is mint for the past 6 months..

    Nice to see some of you finally realising it too. πŸ˜€


    Agree with that, thought Warnock had an excellent game. Was mostly his positioning play which is essential for a full back.


    I reckon it will be Loven and Shola up front for Forest. Can’t see Sammy getting a start unfortunately πŸ™


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