Santon set for quick return?

Pardew think Santon will be OK.
Newcastle have been boosted with the news that Davide Santon’s knee injury might not turn out to be as bas as was first feared.

Alan Pardew revealed in the Sunday Sun that the Italian U21 international could even be in line to make his debut against Blackburn next weekend.

It was feared that Davide Santon would need to undergo an operation to “clean out” his knee joint, although perhaps operation is not the appropriate way of putting. The procedure would have involved keyhole surgery which would have meant that the recovery time would have been significantly less compared to a conventional operation.

Fingers crossed neither scenario will have to be used now that Santon has had fluid drained from his knee leaving Pardew feeling optimistic over the fitness of the young Italian.

“He’s had fluid taken from his knee and we think, fingers crossed, that will be OK. Maybe he’ll be available for next weekend,” Pardew told the Sunday Sun.

“If that doesn’t cure the problem we think he’ll probably have an operation in there where we just go in and tidy it up. It’s not a cartilage, just a little bit of scar tissue.”

I don’t know why I’m hopeful as, quite frankly, Newcastle have a shocking record of player injuries. Maybe it’s that previous that is making me feel ultra cynical about this supposed positive injury news?

I fully believe that having fluid on the knee is not a good thing. It got there somehow so if you don’t remove the cause of it then it will just come back. I’m not a doctor, but that seems relatively straight-forward to me.

Whilst I’d like to believe that Santon will be right as rain after his little fluid draining session (enjoy your dinner folks!) I have a sneaking suspicion that he’ll still have to undergo an operation. Put it this way, I’m not putting money on Santon making his debut against Blackburn although I’d love it if he did.

It’s not all doom and gloom though remember. Hatem Ben Arfa is still pencilled in to make his comeback against Nottingham Forest on Tuesday evening so, hopefully, we’ll be one player up by the time Steve Kean brings his funky chicken family to St James’ Park next Saturday.

You never know, maybe we may even be two players up!

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117 thoughts on “Santon set for quick return?

  1. I am not sure why Troy is so impatient waiting for my responses. Tis not like this argument amounts to much.

    Growing up in Washington I have had a lot of contact with Mackems and argue with them daily. I enjoy the banter and wouldn’t wish them dead like lol. In the junior school we used to have fights, Geordies versus the Mackems and there were a lot more Geordies than Mackems. Good times. I guess beating the hell out of Mackems everyday got the hate out of my system a long time ago.


  2. @lace

    Even worse. You are a Geordie in my book if you were born in Gatesheed but now your accent is tainted.

    I’m with Craig. . I just can’t stand anything Sunderland and for me it’s probably that horrible accent that grates on me more than anything.

    It’s a good job I can’t hear you. You’re posts are bad enough. 


  3. You should step back and read your posts mate, it is almost like you are trying to give the impression that you have no charisma. I bet you have.


  4. i dont think its about where you live but i do think its about where you are from though.. thats cos its still very tribal isnt it. I think there is only one ever ever time i would want them *******s to win a game and that would be if by them winning we stayed in the PREM and the team they beat went down. If that situation were to ever arrise i am very surethat would also be the one time their fans wnated them to loose.
    If you are a geordie and move down to london and support spurs etc, you will never grasp the rivalry between them and arsenal, you might understand it .. but you would never .. FEEL it.


  5. @lace

    In junior school you used to have fights? Geordies v Mackems. I thought you grew up on westgate hill?

    I’m sorry but there are no Geordies in washington however some mackems may support the Toon.

    I knew as soon as you mentioned that you wanted the Mackems to beat Stoke that there would be a story. Always is.

    You just don’t understand , simple as.

    Enough said on the issue. 


  6. TGS….I’m in the minuses I think, my only hope is if man utd game stays at 3-1 as that was my prediction and I put my bankers chip on it 😕


  7. Troy find me the quote where I said I wanted Sunderland to win. I never said that. I said that ‘nee body wants Sunderland to win’. Did you notice that I didnt ask you anything about yourself? It was because I wasnt interested. You only asked me where I lived and was born etc so you could make the argument personal simply because your argument had no legs. Shame you had to make it personal.


  8. Dimpleboy – how can you properly support NUFC if you weren’t born on the banks of they Tyne? You are obviously not a true fan, you can’t be. 😉


  9. So Troy, since you have said it is enough on the issue it draws a line under it, doesn’t it.

    How much more self important can you be?


  10. Obviously Micky. I should have refused to come out the womb until my parents decided to go to a different hospital 😀


  11. ICE: Nope, hopefully I’ll get to go back to Left-mid for the next game. No it wasn’t midfield lost the ball and there was me and another defender left to deal with it. Midfield didn’t come back and help at all


  12. @lace

    The fact that you said my take on Sunderland is like a 12 yr olds.

    I would say it was a Geordie thing having been born and bred all my life on Tyneside.

    You’ve already admitted your accent is tainted by living in Washington.

    That says it all really. You know youre not bothered by Sunderland winning but I’m gutted.

    You’ll never get it . You’ve either got it or you haven’t.


  13. Aye you keep saying that and I took offence the first time. Do you intend on keep posting the same thing? I couldn’t care less about them tbh. Does your hatred trump my indifference? Does this make you more of a Geordie? A better fan somehow? Because your answer is yes to my questions this means you care more about Sunderland than me.


  14. Troy @98:

    It is not a Geordie thing, it is a ****heed thing with you. Are you telling me you wouldn’t date Cheryl Cole if she was from Washington?

    I live in Chicago now. Is my accent “tainted”? It is beyond belief what you say.


  15. Troy…. you’re an annoying poster on this blog. Why do u keep wasting everyone’s time trying to pick a fight.

    Oh how I wish the jobless uneducated ones would stay off the blogs


  16. marveaux and sammy gave us more balance when they came on..only luck in the last 10 mintues stopped us getting all 3 pts…with 2 better players 2 come into the side we take them chances soon..the team played well and plus points tiote and cabye got their fitness back..which made us attack villa..we can only get better and we will then make teams take note…


  17. Asim we have the squad now to actually bring players on to change a game if needed. It is quite exciting, though like most fans I am disappointed they couldn’t bring a new striker in. Of all the players linked to us only Cisse and Gameiro had any sort of pedigree, the rest were cack. Best seems to have taken advantage of this opportunity though.


  18. GS
    September 18, 2011 at 18:23

    “I live in Chicago now. Is my accent “tainted”? It is beyond belief what you say.”

    Randomly I’m actually listening to Chicago right now. Not sure i wanted to admit it but it was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the word ‘Chicago’.

    I’ll go get some taste in music then yeah? Drifters here I come 😛


  19. Wow anyone who wants Sunderland to win needs their heads sorted!

    Re Nolan toonsy wonder who would rather Nolan than cabaye now??

    Torres to be fair Liverpool did an even better deal than we did with Carroll who was rubbish today! Apparently Enrique was exposed too!

    Shame the mackems won otherwise great weekend!


  20. Re the thread can’t wait for santon to play.. Him and hba back…

    Something bass going to happen at toon… It’s going too well…


  21. As long as it is not the Chicago soundtrack …

    Calling someone a ‘****heed’ in a Chicago accent would be awesome.

    My step dad referred to himself as a born again Geordie as he was a Forest fan growing up and spent many of his adult years in Glasgow following Rangers. I have photos of him at the Bernabeu with the Euro cup when Forest won it. His knowledge of football surpasses that of everybody i have ever known. The day before he died he dropped me off at a friends house in Washington and he wound the window down to shout abuse at a Mackem going past. Uriah Rennie sent Shearer off later that day and my father was furious. He ended up in hospital that night and died the following day. Now his accent was a bizarre mix as you can imagine but I have never met a more passionate supporter of Newcastle United in my life. I remember watching an England Workd cup game with him and a pal. He was crying mid game not because we were losing but because he knew we were going to lose. Watching a match with him was something else.


  22. @GS

    There you go. You live in chicago and your accent is tainted .

    You dont get it. You can rant and rave all you want. I said that anyone who was happy for the mackems to win today did not live in the north east or was not a Geordie.

    Youll never get it. Deal with it instead of being defensive .

    Nothing wrong in being a toon fan if you don’t live here or not a Geordie. But you won’t ever get the Geordie / Mackem tribal thing.

    Instead of being defensive about deal with it. It’s true.

    I honestly believe some people despise other teams around the country more than the mackems.

    I tell the truth. Not my fault if you don’t like it. 


  23. Hmm dunno. Marktoon’s Dad was an all round top fella and he was a Sunderland fan. Mind you he also didn’t have a hatred of Newcastle really which is something a lot of them don’t possess


  24. Toonsy:

    “if you leave me now” is the only song by Chicago I know. I am leaving this blog now if you say you are playing Styx though.

    I am watching the Chicago Bears at the moment, or as I like to call it – a bit of throwing and catching in between three hours of adverts.

    I have read your blog for a while and it is usually good fun. Sorry for getting wound up by a wind up merchant.

    Lacedaemonian, I am from Newcastle, just live in Chicago.


  25. Troy, stop winding up the plastic Geordies!
    Have you just been to the tackle shop for a reinforced rod or something?

    You know they’ll just start telling us we should all just ‘forget about everything else and get behind the team’.


  26. @pootle

    It really pisses me off when they say that.
    Stop being negative and support the team .

    It’s the fact we support the team and care so much, that we tackle important issues which may involve criticism.

    I’m assuming some of the fluffy people aren’t in the workplace yet.


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