Who was your Man of the Match against Aston Villa?

My Man of the Match - Yohan Cabaye
This is quite a simple article really, just asking the question of who you thought was our Man of the Match against Aston Villa yesterday.

I’ll stop short of doing a full assessment of the players as I’m expecting one from either Fernando or Archie, or both even perhaps, so we’ll get our fill of blow by blow player analysis from them.

Listed below are all of the players who featured yesterday, including the subs. Obviously some may say that they didn’t have enough time to make an impact, but I’ve added them in anyway even though I think it’s folly as I have a rough idea of who I think will run away with the vote!

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You get one vote and one vote only so make sure you use it wisely. My vote has gone to Yohan Cabaye who I thought was excellent yesterday in a more advanced role and was unlucky not to score, several times in fact.

Who will yours go to though? And why?

Get voting!

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73 thoughts on “Who was your Man of the Match against Aston Villa?

  1. Tiote and Cabaye the best players on the park yesterday, the Ivorian just nicking MotM honours for me. If they can continue like this, we’ll do alright this year…..

    Welcome back Cheik!



    for Forest game:















  3. always thought cabye had class from the moment i saw him he just needed to bed in,i also think marv will give one or two a shock imo he will prove his class he has it just hope he can handle the PL after players twig him.
    dont like to say anything bad about result as it was very good,but imo krul should have done better with their goal,but thats the thing with keepers one mistake stands out where as out field players can get away with the odd mistake a lot of the times


  4. cabaye just edged it over tiote for me. he looked a top player and showed what all hype was about. bargain of the season defo


  5. some Pardew quotes on Santon in today’s SundaySun –

    β€œHe’s had fluid taken from his knee and we think, fingers crossed, that will be OK.
    β€œMaybe he’ll be available for next weekend,”
    β€œIf that doesn’t cure the problem we think he’ll probably have an operation in there where we just go in and tidy it up. It’s not a cartilage, just a little bit of scar tissue.”


  6. For me, between Best and Cabaye. But because Best got the goal then I go for him.




  7. stroller wsa my man of the match… cos by not being involved from the off gave us a huge boost in his absence! but if not him,. from what world service were saying and five live and final score.. its godda be cabaye.


  8. @icedog

    If I think the Toon deserve credit I always give it.
    I just don’t get this, always positive attitude when things clearly aren’t right.

    You never get improvement by being that way. Ask Sir Alex if he is fluffy and nice when things clearly need improvement.

    You must remember, I have as much passion for The Toon as anyone, if not more and all I want to see is us performing to our full potential.

    If we play crap next week I will tell it how I see it.

    But for now, let’s enjoy a great performance.


  9. Some people keep mentioning the anti Pardew crew.
    I haven’t seen anyone criticising him much for his tic tacs.

    Certainly there was the issue about being a patsy but I was happy with his criticism of the regime and he’s rid himself of that tag for the moment .

    Long may it continue .


  10. Who has kidnapped Troy? Own up. Who done it?

    Good news about Santon hopefully. It would be good if removing that fluid was it, but its never like that at Newcastle is it? He’ll probably be out for months as they’ll have done something silly like suck his leg away πŸ™„


  11. From a villa site

    Attempts on target 3 – 13
    How can anyone defend that stat? Let’s remind ourselves we played Newcastle at home.

    Also, this goes to show that McLeish’s tactics not only fail, but our defence are useless too. The only strong aspect in our team is Given and it shows. Yet again he has saved us from a defeat more times than our defence ever wish they could.

    That sounds so familiar! πŸ˜› How many games have we thanked given for salvaging us a point because he’s just pulled off ten brilliant saves.


  12. Hahaha, a month for the leg to regrow. Liked Barton’s comments about dekka. Tried to stay out of it for the most part but clear contempt coming through for that man


  13. Ice – Better. Its still bruised but its not broken and I know what I did to it now, especially when I saw that my ankle was as black as the ace of spades!

    Dubtoon – What did Barton say about Lamearse?


  14. Barton avoided getting into it too much at the start but alluded to the fact that problems arose out of asking questions about where the carroll money was going. Said it was stupid to have a casino manager making football decisions. When Sheppard asked if it could make sense for someone outside of football to come in and make clubs financially viable he said ‘you’ve obviously never met the man’

    went on to say to say that he didn’t have a problem with making clubs self sufficient but just lamearse as a person and the way he was doing it. Maybe not in so many words.


  15. MOTM Cabaye, He is now showing some class.
    I am one of the fans who thought we had ripped the spine out the team and looked to replace them with cheaper options, we played better and quicker than last season, we passed the ball well kept it on the ground and put some decent balls in the box, if we can continue like this and add more goals we should safely finish in the top 10 maybe as high as 8th.
    We’ll need luck with injuries, but we have the makings of a good team.


  16. @toonsy

    Who’s kidnapped Troy ?

    Honestly don’t know what you’re on about.
    If we play crap next week I will be critical.

    I just don’t live in a fluffy world. I don’t hide from the truth and take it face on unlike many who hate to hear it.

    I just hope we win by playing well because this is great.

    Btw . I don’t want any of the fluffy brigade trying to befriend me. I know you want to. 


  17. What’s going on today in the toon?

    I’ve tried getting into the centre but there’s loads of roads closed. I turned back!!!!!

    Surely it’s not the Market on the quay!?


  18. Troy – Dint know if its related or not, but its the same in Birmingham. Some protest about tge government, jobs, unions etc etc. Didn’t really take much notice as I had my “get home from work” head on so as long as they didn’t hold me up they could pretty much please themselves what they get up to.

    Wrong time to go on strike though, considering that there are a few million who would be happy to fill their places if they dislike it so much, but hey ho.


  19. Yeah good to see another dub around. Not many toon fans over here!

    In regards to the article i didn’t see any of the match as daughters christening but saw goals this morning. Good to read tiote n cabaye having good games.


  20. poor effort by forster. 3-2 Rangers.
    Its been said before, that he doesn’t get down very well to the shots on the floor.
    Good game tho.


  21. see monkey heed been sacked,great he was spoiling a canny club,know they are in strife at the mo but he wasnt helping,couldnt motivate a brothel


  22. @JJ

    I only hate Liverpool cos of Dogleash and how he destroyed the entertainers within a season.

    It looks like the Dogleash rot is setting in.

    Get in!


  23. Troy@44…..I hate Dogleash too….loved it last week when we has whingeing on about refs treating the bindippers badly…just loved it…


  24. Troy,

    I remember him dismantling a great side, and buying his pals for a last retirement package. Thats why I hate him too.
    Carroll going there makes me hate them more. And the fact they cost us the title the one time we had a chance.

    Also Suarez’s cheating in Tue world cup where he handballed on the line for no penalty, and then dived to get the South African defender sent off.

    Great player but an absolute cheat.


  25. To be honest, I love seeing all the big clubs suffering as they are quick to criticise us for moaning if we don’t get into Europe .

    I just love seeing them suffer and whinge louder than us.

    Even though Arsenal have done things on a budget, I still enjoy seeing their fans suffering .

    I can see Dogleash being a disaster and financially it will hit them hard.


  26. Cabaye showed his class yesterday. If he can play like that regularly he will make a mockery of the memory of Barton/Nolan who never once played at that level. But like I say he has to do it again.

    Away from the conversation….. I have always thought that Mike Ashley will one day float us on the stock market and make his money doing that. Can anybody add anything to this?


  27. @BB

    I want to hear my brothers (B&B) on that about Forster.

    I did suggest the Celtic fans have made that criticism of Foster for a while.

    My brother rates him better than Harps if I remember correctly.


  28. Hmm dunno about that. It was him who took it off in the first place. Maybe he will, but that would mean dividends to investors and more money going out of the club ala Shepherd and Hall.


  29. He has a history of buying and selling shares in his own companies, seems to me this is how he has always made his money. Just not sure how much cash he would get for floating us.


  30. @ Troy, FF’s defence didn’t help him mind. But he was a statue again for the 4th.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if celtic dont follow thru with the loan to purchase offer 😯


  31. Are the days of floating Footy clubs on the stock Market not over?

    I can’t imagine anyone buying shares in a club unless buying as a serious investor.


  32. Troy,

    haven’t Man Utd done just that on the Singapore stock exchange? I thought I saw something about that recently but never read the article…

    Unless that’s what you are referring too?


  33. @Moreno

    No idea. I just can’t imagine the ordinary gan buying into a club as it’s throwing away money which very few fans have spare these days.


  34. If the club did go on the Stock Exchange it would signal Ashley’s intent to sell as the shares would be open to be bought by anyone, whether it be an individual or an entity.

    For that reason, I can’t see it. Can anyone else see Ashley risking selling the club for actual market value? I can’t…..

    Also, can anyone else see anyone serious investing in a company that hasn’t posted a positive financial result for years and is currently nearly twice it’s own annual turnover in debt?


  35. cabaye was the best on the park he made up for the poor performance at qpr i still think we r going to be punished at the back not looking forword to the two away games on the trot the two manchester sides


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