Ben Arfa thanks fans for patience

Benny back in action.
It’s been a long time coming, too long perhaps, but Hatem Ben Arfa is finally back in a black and white shirt.

The French international managed just over 60 minutes against Nottingham Forest last night, and if what I saw was a hint of things to come then we could be in for very exciting times indeed.

There is undoubtedly a lot of expectation on Hatem. The fans have pinpointed him as one of those maverick players who can produce the unexpected. Rightly so as we’ve seen him do it first hand, albeit a very long time ago now. It’s not just fans who have earmarked him for special things however as Alan Pardew looks to utilise the former Marseille man “in the hole” as a playmaker.

Time will tell on that one of course, but the signs were promising. Last night he showed some great touches and creative passing despite being marked by numerous players at the same time throughout the game. I still find it funny looking back and watching him beat five men right in front of me.

Of course it was only Nottingham Forest and he will no doubt come up against tougher tests in the Premier League, but in fairness to Forest they aren’t a bad side and are better than their league form suggests and for a first competitive appearance for nigh on a year I don’t think much more could have been expected of the talented Frenchman.

As is always the way when a big player returns, the local rags are all over it. The Chronicle in particular have been keen to cling on to the Ben Arfa gravy train and have interviewed him almost straight away.

First off Hatem spoke about the fans and how they encouraged him throughout his injury lay-off. The club was inundated with get well messages in the aftermath of the horrific leg break injury that Ben Arfa suffered at Manchester City last season and he commented at the time about how much it moved him. He repeated that sentiment to The Chronicle.

“I’m very happy to see the supporters again, and I thank them for all the encouragement last year,” he said. “It was hard for me, but they sent me messages, and I want to thank them.”

Ben Arfa then spoke about the match last night and and revealed that he is “very happy” with just about everything. The good thing for me was that he insists that he didn’t enjoy watching the game from the bench which to me says that the lad is intent on playing.

Ben Arfa said: “I was very happy to be back on the pitch, and we finished with a victory. It was a very good result, and I’m very happy.”

“All the year I worked so hard to come back, and I’m very happy to be on the pitch now. It was very hard for me, and I’m very happy to be back. I hope we do very good things this season.”

“It was difficult to watch the rest of the game from the bench. They scored, and it was hard, but I’m very happy that we won.”

You may have noticed that there was a lot of use of the words “very happy” in Ben Arfa’s words. A limitation on language maybe, but to me it suggests that he is very happy here… Perhaps it could be something to do with the amount of fellow Frenchmen at the club? After all, he insists that the French crew are settling in nicely at Newcastle.

“We are all starting to settle in at Newcastle nowsaid ben Arfa. ,“We just want to keep the team moving forward and making progress. Everybody is happy here.”

There is still a long way to go before Ben Arfa can be hailed as a success at Newcastle. In fact there is still a way to go before we can say that he is fully fit and can show his best form for the club. He may be very happy with everything so far, but if he can show us what he can do on a consistent basis then he’ll not be happier than me. It won’t be possible.

Welcome back Hatem!

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56 thoughts on “Ben Arfa thanks fans for patience

  1. Great to see him back. Best thing for me, and a better gauge of how he is mentally, was seeing his willingness to run at people. To me that suggests he is fine in that respect. Now we just need to get that first tough tackle out of the way…


  2. They were purring about him and Marveaux on 5Live. Bodes well for the future.

    On a side – I went on .com last night and I swear I had to check I hadn’t typed in “safcblog” – what a bunch of cretins. They make Craig and Bobby look like Mr and Mrs Happy.


  3. TOONSY yes the big tackle wil tell us a storey and there will be plenty out there to give him one.
    pleased you have now said you think of marv on a diff level.

    stick with old ice he will keep you reet 😉


  4. @TC

    me too, went to .com saw over 600 comments but soon left. .com seems better than .org tho

    Well that hefty challenge might arrive come Sat. Blackburns man-mountain Samba is more clumsy than dirty. Testing times for Arfa, hope he stays fit.

    Marv looked good in pre season, I doubt they’ll drop work-horse Jonas, even tho obertan is getting better i’d try him on the right.


  5. completely off topic but how much of an arse is Mclrean for this :

    Forest boss Steve McClaren was also able to take positives out of his team’s performance despite the result as they responded in spirited fashion to Saturday’s 2-1 home defeat by Derby.

    He saluted the character within the dressing room, which was demonstrated by defender Luke Chambers after he was released from the squad to attend the birth of his child.

    McClaren said: “Luke Chambers’ girlfriend delivered a baby at about 6pm this evening, and I jokingly said, ‘Well, there’s a place on the bench this evening if you can make it’.

    “Five minutes before kick-off, he turned up. He will be fined because he had jeans on, but that was just a demonstration of what they have got in that dressing room.

    “Then we just need to sort little bits out to start getting results.”


  6. I followed on .com yesterday as i don’t do .org.

    Really excited about Ben Arfa and Marvaeux. Hard to imagine that we can make 9 changes and still score 4 goals and grab an away win. Different times are here I think…

    A win on the weekend and I will be absolutely buzzing…


  7. @toonsy

    I think a lot went to .com given the comment count.

    Thats becasue the server went down, don’t worry tho they’ll be back.

    Its like Newcastle didnt have a game and some fans went to watch Gs’heed for a change, different league tho 😉


  8. Mark – Aye I’m just jesting. Understand entirely like. Just a bit pissed off as its the first time its happened in ages lol. On a matchday aswell….


  9. @toonsy

    lol these things happen m8. when the boss is away nd al that.. I didnt post tho –

    some ppl should be ashamed 🙂


  10. Its catch 22 though. The only long lasting solution is to look at new hosting but to do that costs money, which I can’t really spare with a baby on the way. Im sure people will empathise and back me up when I say that every penny counts right now, especially with mrs planning on taking nine months off of work…

    I could put a donate button in and I know people will very generously put in, but its something I want to avoid after what happened elsewhere.

    That leaves ad money. As it stands I’ve not made a penny on this and all that has ever happened has been money put in. When I start getting cash from that I can look at changing, but to get income you need to keep the site running…

    Ideally someone with a huge great server will sponsor us in return for free advertising like what has happened on other sites, but its not an ideal world lol


  11. @icedog

    same as me m8, sat like a stuffed goat in the kichen listening to bbc5Live.

    I hate having nothing to look at. no stream is bad!!


  12. Things are definitely looking up for the toon.. recruitment has been first class and we have had a very easy start to the fixtures for the season that has allowed new players to get acclimatised and to build for the tough games coming up.
    The question for me though is not will we sell these players when they play consistently better and hopefully cement a spot higher up the table, but will we then pay them higher wages. Cos if we don’t, it means nought whether they want to stay or not, they’ll be off at the first offer to a citeh or chelski or even QPR who pay higher wages than us.


  13. I mentioned about donations etc a few days ago. thought ppl must of thought it was a crap idea coz nobody replied (story of my life – lol)

    advertising would be good, esp since its linked to Newsnow. have you tried sports direct… you dorty sell-out 🙂


  14. toonsy says:
    September 21, 2011 at 15:43
    Mark – Aye I’m just jesting. Understand entirely like. Just a bit pissed off as its the first time its happened in ages lol. On a matchday aswell….
    I think it’s because it was a mid-week match with many at work and no streams or television. Plus a rather exciting squad probably created a perfect storm…


  15. Can’t believe some of these new ratings – if true – Ji Sung Park (82) is better than any Newcastle player :S

    Ben Arfa’s 79 aswell


  16. perhaps gentleman Troy can repay his posting fees back if his beloved site needs help..

    Troy? you still got the doe? time for payback m8..


  17. Stuart – Depends where you go, what you need etc. It can get expensive. Problem is a lot advertise monthly but want paid in one lump sum.

    Mark – Got the ads sort of sorted. Its just waiting for the agency to fill the space.


  18. aye well don’t get too carried away m8, once the bairn arrives you may find your energy is out-sourced. 🙁

    I was a web developer for Sage before my wife popped. now I hump boxes aboot for a living – lol – wouldnt change a thing. more time on my hands to see the kids..


  19. Mark does night time removals. Anywhere within BMX distance 😛

    Stuart – Honestly not 100% sure. I’ll take a stab at 300 yearly for tge hosting that will keep this place running. To buy an actual server would be stupidly expensive lol


  20. MARK nowts cheap mate but got a canny deal in the end as i sent a car two,say one thing pickfords i would never touch,very dear and there crap once used them to send stuff to aussie,never again


  21. Some Judas ****ers on here like 😉 😆

    I just spent about 10 minutes looking for a radio sttream online….sorted 😀


  22. lol pickfords. they charge £800 for a removal that I’d charge £190

    bigger the company the more you’ll pay as you ‘re paying fro premises, staff etc..

    Smaller companies with insurance will surfice imo.


  23. mark says:
    September 21, 2011 at 16:19
    @toonsy lol youre not wrong there m8
    £300? 10er each for 30 of us… peeasy..
    Mark not sure how long you been about the blogs but there was a bit of bother last time “donations” were asked for and given which is why I assume Toonsy hesitates to do it


  24. @richietoon

    lol just had some gypos up my street 2day on a horse n cart collecting scrap. Thought I was back in the 70’s

    they’re not daft those buggers.


  25. RICHIE your there again,always get a laugh off you,more so after mother-in laws been i need cheering up,tryed all sorts but she wont gan doon 🙂


  26. @MDS

    I’ve been a reader for a while m8, posting for a few months.

    If ppl have probs paying then don’t. If I gave a tenner and so did many which bulged the required amount then so what, I still only paid a tenner.

    You get what u pay for, blogs take time and dedication.


  27. Finally back from some travels so I can now get back to what’s important in life, watching newcastle then talking about newcastle. Managed to catch the Villa game in some Ukranian bar where according to pundits we held Villa to a frustrating draw? Was I watching a different game? Because apart from Bent missing a sitter we were the better team for the whole match and played some good football, whilst Villa just seemed to Stoke it up to Agbonglahor.

    Unfortunately missed the QPR game which I also heard we struggled at? But I caught some of yesterdays goals on SSN and it seems all the lads did well there, although from those few miliseconds I didn’t really like the look of Elliot.


  28. first touch off shola guess what off-side,does my heed in,think ive twigged him being off-side all the time hes got nee work to do


  29. This is a longshot but does anyone know where I can find the full match to watch?

    And I had a mini panic last night because I thought I had been banned from the site so I frantically tried to remember if I had said anything offensive. Thankfully it was just the servers 😀


  30. Fantastic to see Ben Arfa back and playing well. I don’t think Pardew will risk starting him against Blackburn but could see him getting 30 minutes or so. It’s probably going to be 4-4-2 again with Best and Ba to start up front. Would love to see Marveaux start but probably Jonas and Obertan. Things are looking up if we can avoid any more injuries at the back.


  31. @46. I should say that it occurred on another site and plenty of people donated, but the money was allegedly used for “unauthorized” purposes.


  32. Mark- Believe me, I am very appreciative of the time and effort people spend running the blog and would definately donate. I am just giving you the likely reason why he hasn’t asked- though in hindsight, I shouldn’t have spoken for him.


  33. @mds I wasnt aware of problems m8. I intitally posted a donation comment after toonsy mentioned he was doing 3 jobs and I thought a bit of payback from his readers would a reasonable thing to do.

    Hope I havent opened an old can of worms, sorry toonsy if i have… anyway I still stand by my offer regardless of whats happened on other sites etc. What’s a £10er? its chickenfeed compared to time and effort that’s been put into this site.


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