Will Ashley stick or twist?

Money or football, Mike?
Life is pretty sweet as an NUFC fan at the moment in all honesty. In fact I’m actually struggling to recall the last time we had things so good.

Results, if not performances, are up there with the best, we currently occupy a Champions League spot, we have a team that has shown that it can dominate things and add flair to a game, and that same team has also show that it sticks together when the back are against the wall.

In a way it’s sad that us Newcastle fans can’t get a little bit carried away about our start for fear of being labelled as “deluded” or accused of “getting carried away”. Still, you can blame the media for that, the very same media who are seemingly ignoring our more than respectable start to the season.

I’ve not met one Newcastle fan who expects this run to last. Likewise I’ve not met one NUFC fan who actually expects us to qualify for the Champions League. The general feeling is that it’s nice while it lasts, but there is always a cautious guard in observance by a collective of fans who are used to getting a proverbial kick in the nads just when it seems as though it’s safe to crack a smile.

One of the reasons for worrying is, dare I say it, the transfer window. It may seem miles away at the moment but plans will be being put in place at clubs around the country, managers will be identifying players and scouts will be looking for them. Apparently it’s even happening at Newcastle as we speak.

To me this season hinges on two things now. First off lets assume that we get to, say, mid-December and we find ourselves positioned just outside the European places. We’ll say 8th or 9th and a few points of 7th for arguments sake. What happens then? Will Mike Ashley stick with what he has knowing full well that the current players have enough about themselves to survive? Or will he twist and sanction further incoming transfer deals that fit the current club policy to improve the squad and help push us on?

The same can be said about our current players. I mean providing some of them continue to impress there could be some interest from clubs as a result. Will Mike Ashley reject any bids aside from silly money ones? Or will he cash in his chips and just find another replacement for a fraction of the fee?

If we can get a positive answer to those two questions then we will have real signs of optimism and it will go some way to dispelling the fear that money dictates while confirming that there is a plan for sustainable growth at the club. Remember, nobody is asking for mega signings, but continuous strengthening should be on the top of the agenda for sure.

Any thoughts?

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92 thoughts on “Will Ashley stick or twist?

  1. Lace @ 70 I always believed that if we hadn’t brought Tino in at the time we would have won, I just thought that he upset the balance of the team at that moment in time, and it wasn’t until the next season that we started to play well as a team again


  2. Spurs looked beatable especially given that we’re at home – not to sure about Simpson against Bale, maybe we could stick Stanton on instead – although may be harsh on the best defence in the league we’ve had a lot of luck and poor finishing from opposing teams


  3. Why pie unfortunately, being professional but generally useless gets u kept around or even a new contract 😯 shola…


  4. Dave – a lot of people think this mate. He was a brilliant player to watch though. When he played at Parna he played upfront with Zola – amazing team to watch


  5. The sheer number of chances we create now are what is pleasing me. Last season our chances could be counted almost on one hand. With this squad we seem to have that extra yard of space and that extra second to put in a pass or take a shot. Saying that Lovenkrands still seems to find a way to vanish and accomplish nothing….

    Anyway, I really would love to see another striker, I’m not sure whether that’s because I think we need one more than defender or just because I want to see us scoring more goals..even if we concede them.

    Thinking about it though, if Colo’s injured we’re ****ed, but if, Ba or Best get injured we can still do decently with 4-5-1, using Benny and Marveux.


  6. Zoe – I’ve got your draft. Just in the middle of a mild crisis but it’s sorted now 🙂


  7. toonsy and zoe sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


  8. Whumpie – Bit early to be saying that Ashley’s strategy is working dont you think? If we’re still in the top six come May it could be argued it’s working, but if we fall away like Villa did under O’Neill due to a small squad it good be argued it isnt working.

    Anyway proof of the pudding and all that, hope it does work though.


  9. ffs do we have to be top 6 before you think his plan is working.
    Christ on a bike we have been **** for years, yet when we do start to look a tad good its just not good enough.
    If we finish top 10 thats an improvement that shows things are on the turn.

    And for the record I dont think Ashley has any intention of repaying his debts to himself.He may reduce it to a manageable level, but to totally repay it makes no sense as he can claim against it as a tax loss thing.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if he kept it at around £100M. Plus it keeps away the semi rich who have a dream of owning a prem club.
    You will have to be damned rich to buy NUFC. Ashley has no intention of selling to some johney cum lately like himself.


  10. Regarding Spurs and Bale I’m personally not worrying too much about it, Obertan has the pace to keep up with him and help cover Simpson, also Tiote gets across alot, and Tiote and Cabaye together are good enough to keep VDV quiet.
    Before Saturday I would of been really pleased with 5 points from the wolves, spurs and Wigan game. Now I’m looking at 7 or 9 😆

    Regarding Ashleys 5 year plan, it’s working, not just based on our position, but they fact that we are improving year on year and lowering debt, also we have a decent youth squad.

    I myself have always been against the “get out of our club” and protests etc. Maybe if Ashley was made to feel wanted and enjoyed himself more he may put that little bit more in.


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