Cabaye injury not serious

Cabaye won't be out for long
I think it’s fair to say that Yohan Cabaye is establishing himself as one of the key players at NUFC these days.

I’ve always found that a decent gauge of how much a player is appreciated is by going by the reaction of the fans when they pick up an injury.

On that score I’d say Cabaye is pretty popular.

Take last night as the prime example. Obviously we have eyes on our players who are away on international duty so when Yohan Cabaye was took off in the 47th minute by France manager Laurent Blanc it wasn’t long before it was picked up by the fans.

However it seems as though it’s less of an injury and more of a knock. Inspired by fans who were/are concerned about the potential loss of Cabaye I’ve decided to do some digging to see just what the score is.

Now I’m not a doctor, but to me it seems as though the injury to his ankle was picked up in the first half. Cabaye was given the good old magic spray and carried on until half-time. He then came back out for the second half although it was apparent that he couldn’t shake it and off he hobbled back down the tunnel just two minutes later.

Now you would think that the fact that Cabaye was prepared to try and run it off would suggest that it’s not a bad one right? Also it would seem that the French medical team were happy for Cabaye to try and run it off. Good signs?

Then we have the comments of Laurent Blanc after the France game. In short he said that Cabaye was only “doubtful” for their next game on Tuesday which doesn’t sound too bad at all. A bit of rest and some ice compression and fingers crossed he will be fine.

Then we have the apparent words of the man himself who spoke to French football writer Matt Spiro after the match. This then prompted Spiro to tweet….

“Had a chat with Cabaye after France game. Doesnt seem to worry about ankle injury. Cant stop saying positive things about Newcastle!

So if the player, the manager and the medical team aren’t worried, then why are we? Surely if it was that bad he would have been sent back to us and wouldn’t even be in contention for Tuesday?

We won’t know the full picture until Cabaye returns and is assessed by our own medical team, but from my digging about it doesn’t seem to be too serious.

Hopefully he’ll be fine for Tottenham.

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39 thoughts on “Cabaye injury not serious

  1. Hope its not serious as were gonna need him and Tiote at their best vs Spuds.
    Probably the hardest test yet and we need all players in top form and the right team on the pitch (horses for courses) and not just playing the same players every week.
    It is nice to be doing well and even nicer to think we have quality waiting in the wings to fight for a place.


  2. Cabaye is a great player, but he actually plays in a position which makes him one of the players we could relatively easy “replace” since we also have Abeid, Gosling and Guthrie in that position. I would be much more afraid if it was Colo who looked injuried.


  3. Least we still got more than a week to the Spurs game as well. I reckon he will be ok for it, he shouldnt play for France tuesday. Its a massive game for them on tuesday tho, they play Bosnia with the winners getting top spot and the losers coming Second and probably have to take the play off route.


  4. This is why I hate international breaks. Having said that at least France don’t overlook the toon where as the FA probably see Newcastle as a Scottish team because they never give us the time or day. Would love our midfield to show up Scott Parker to show how average he really is next week.


  5. I don’t know Valle, if you look at some of his link up play he seems vital to the football Pardew wants to play.


  6. I wouldnt say the FA overlook us to be honest, lets face it, we dont have many English players good enough that would get into that team under Capello week in week out at the moment. We was only a championship team not long ago and you very rarely see championship players get in the England squad.


  7. @5, fan of gaslight anthem? Good band.

    Strangely considering what happened in the last playoffs i’ll be supporting france on tuesday. If they win, by my calculations, Ireland would be seeded in the playoffs if they can get a win too. Still not worth cabaye playing if he’s not fit like πŸ™‚


  8. Yeah huge fan of them πŸ™‚

    Well the whole seeding thing in the last play off’s shouldnt have even taken place, Ireland really got done over with that. Think Ireland should get a win or draw home to Armenia, then the play off’s is like a complete lottery.

    Bosnia arent a bad team at all, got players like Pjanić and Džeko around for awhile yet too, a nation on the up. Will give France a good test.


  9. Good ol’ Steve Kean just can’t catch a break, can he?

    “Rovers defeated Pune FC 3-0 in the home city of club owners Venky’s yesterday, but 6,500 miles from home their manager was unable to escape further scrutiny over his future with a group of Indian spectators holding placards spelling out the message β€˜Kean out’ during the first half of the match.”

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  10. Should but from from staightforward if they play for a draw against a team that’s scored 21 goals and 11 in the last three πŸ™ I know international football is muck but it would be a great achievement to qualify.
    Most important thing is cabaye being fit for spurs anyway, love the look of our midfield since he came in


  11. Dubtoon

    Feel a bit sorry for him. He’s out of his depth and clearly only there so those moronic owners can do as they please with the club.

    Almost makes me happy with the liars and cheats at our club.


  12. I know, they’re terrible, hasn’t gotten anything like the support they promised. So much for robinho and ronaldinho. Hard for him to walk away though when he knows how tough it would be to get a similar chance again to manage in the premier league


  13. Surely the france squad is good enough, to not have to risk playing cabaye serious o not he shouldnt be risked and if i was pardew i would be on the phone to make sure they are not taking any unnecessary risks.

    It clearly isn’t a bad injury but i would still like to see some precautions to prevent an even worse injury


  14. N.Irish Toon…if his injury isn’t too serious, hopefully Cabaye won’t be risked mid week. I’m sure the player, Pardew and the French FA will sort it out between them…let’s hope so, cos he is obviously a big player for the toon AND for France. Howay the lad…!

    Interesting regarding players getting injured on international duty, FC Bayern and the cloggy FA have been **** slapping each other for over 1 year now, cos Robben is always injured, but insists on lining up for the cloggy national team. Madness really……by the way he’s injured again…doh… πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  15. Interesting comment Valle.

    Technically with a squad of 25 players plus home grown we probably have 33 other players who COULD play in Cabaye’s position, but I would suggest that of those 33, 33 of them are not as good as Cabaye.

    Surely its not about how many, but how good?

    On the same subject, theoretically we have about 33 players who COULD play up front and replace Ba……


  16. When Wenger was brought in to be the new Arsenal manager, he told them to get a young midfielder from AC Milan who was struggling to games. When Patrick Viera started playing, the fans were asking ” who is Viera?” After a few games, whenever he wasn’t playing, the fans were asking “where is Viera?”

    I’d say that would be our reaction too if Cabaye is not playing. Cabaye is our Viera. Except our Cabaye can take freekicks, corners & letting out the occasional right foot thunderbolt. It’s amazing how Wenger’s scouts missed out on him. He would have been a perfect replacement to Fabregas as oppose to the 29 year old Arteta. It seems to suggest that we may have better scouts than Arsenal these days πŸ™‚


  17. @21

    Arteta Is just as good if not better than cabaye but as you say is a good bit older.

    I think the Arsenal scouts are just as good as they always were, its just players prices have gone up so much in recent years arsenal dont like to spend big so miss out on alot of players.

    I agree we were lucky all the “bigger” teams missed cabaye. It looked like we had the deal done before the window even opened though so maybe we just moved faster than other teams did.


  18. N Irish Toon

    I don’t agree that Arteta is just as good if not better than Cabaye.

    Similar vision and goal threat, but Arteta has NEVER had the engine Cabaye has. Doesn’t work anywhere near as hard, which was one of Everton’s main criticisms of him.


  19. I aint saying that we wont miss him, i am saying its the position we are best covered, so if we HAD to get an injury, this is the position on the pitch i would want it in. Imagine Perch comming in for Colo? Imagine LΓΈvenkrands comming in for Ba and so on.


  20. Hopefully its just a knock although eurosport seem to reckon its 4-6 weeks. Mind you, they are the only ones reporting it do far and they don’t have a great track record with exclusives, plus it goes against what has been said by Blanc and I can’t see him having any reason to pacify us NUFC fans…


  21. FSOTC funny what drink does to you πŸ˜€

    hate bloody these breaks not just the injury parts,its the travel that takes the edge off players pleased colo is haveing break,anyone know how many of spuds players where called up??


  22. Munich, good bit of journalism you just provided us with. Nice to see Gazza picking up the pieces again. Lets just hope this time he sticks to it in the long run. Would be a tragedy to lose such a legend of the English game to an addiction. He is showing great presence of mind to be finally turning it around, so very well done to the man. Cant have been easy. Nice one for providing the link πŸ˜€


  23. Lets hope Cabeye is OK, I’m sure we will know more later on today but if it was something bad I reckon we would know by now…


  24. Toonsy, it was Eurotrash that had him out 4-6weeks man
    I think the reason we would be worried is that most toon fans (if they are honest) are just waiting for our bubble to burst.
    The recent years we have had as fans, it’s a bit hard to believe how well all is going for us at the moment, and whilst most of it is hard work, commitment, good team spirit and talented players playing well there’s a giant scoop of good fortune thrown in there as well.
    Honestly though, as well as Cabaye is playing, I think we wld struggle more if Tiote picks up an injury. We dont have as much cover for Tiote as we wld for Cabaye in my opinion.
    We have Hatem ready for action now and the likes of Marv and Gosling putting in good performances in for the reserves.
    That said, don’t want to change an unbeaten 11 unless we have to, so if he’s fit Cabaye starts for me… Nice to hear he’s saying good things about Newcastle as well


  25. Cheers Shamrock, the write up about Gazza makes interesting reading don’t you think ?

    The bloke is obviously still mad as a hatter, hopefully he can overcome his demons, but we know from before that’s a tall call….


  26. Munich – It was a very good read, albeit a tad drawn out! Good for somebody to let us know how the man is getting on though. He clearly has his demons, but appears to have the best chance he has had in recent years to turn a corner for good…. I respect anybody that can look their demons square in the eyes and overcome them like he is doing, because I deal with so many people that dont on a daily basis and watch them slowly kill themselves.

    If the man can demonstrate the will to leave something like the ‘botttle’ behind him that has controlled him for so long – then he desreves to be given a chance by those that wrote him off… Howay Gazza! πŸ˜€


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