Happy Anniversary!

Dirty Monkey Mackems

Dirty Monkey Mackems One year ago today I managed to escape St James’ Park with my life. Just.

It’s funny how a day that will live long in the memory of many a NUFC fan brigs back memories of near death experiences although to be fair I could have fallen that 20 or feet onto solid concrete and I’d have died a happy man. Unfortunately, or fortunately for me I guess, it was only 5-1 that day. Only 5-1 against Sunderland.

Let me fill you in a bit on why I almost died, numerous times. Some of you may have heard this before so if you have please forgive me and let me explain this one to those that haven’t. I was sat in Gallowgate Upper, right next to and right on top of one of entrance/exits to the concourse. This was all well and good. I wasn’t driving so I was pretty steamed and I’d met a few people before hand, like Richietoon for example.

The problems began when Kevin Nolan scored what turned out to be the first of many. You see I’d made a ‘special’ friend about five seats away and I’d managed to make this friend without actually speaking to him. When the ball hit the back of the net the little b*stard charged at me full force to celebrate which resulted in me nearly toppling over the edge of the concourse entrance/exit and plunging to death. Dramatic? Maybe, but it would have hurt at the very least!

This happened five times.

This is why in the end I was quite happy that it was only five goals. Actually, nah I’m not. I’d have liked it to have been more. I’d have taken my chances on survival for a sixth goal!

Anyway, without further delay I suppose I’d best crack open the celebratory video so we can all relive that glorious day one year. What makes it even more glorious is that Widow Twankey and his band of merry retards are still waiting to get his own back on us. Here goes…

Tonight we face another team who wear trampy Red and White stripes. It’s not Stoke’s fault that those inbreeds from down the road have sullied those two colours and to be fair Stoke have nothing to do with this video.

However it does give us something to watch ahead of the game at the Britannia this evening. I very much doubt the game this evening will be as memorable as this but we can wait and see. In the meantime I’ll just enjoy watching this again. And again, and again.

Happy 5-1 everyone!

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34 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Cracking memories, but I’m nervous as hell about tonight.
    I know we are probably punching above our weight at the moment, but I really want to go third, hence why I’m so nervous.

    But with the meanest defence in the league I’m looking for at least a clean sheet, even if it means we draw. I hope it’s a decent game as it’s on Sky. Wonder if they will fawn over us the same way they did with Spurs, if we win tonight? Doubtful


  2. Aye wonderous day once in a lifetime stuff and i cannot blame that slow lad for getting excitable or the one that nearly knocked him over the wall… 😉 😆


  3. Ya know, speakin of the scum, I recently got a Lee Clark style Sad Mackem Bastards t-shirt. You’d be amazed at the questions I get when I wear that shirt over here in the States. It’s very hard for people to understand lol!


  4. Even after watching it so many times it still gives me goose bumps…. amazing!!!!!

    As for the neet lets hope the boys have a bit of hunger to bounce back after the Blackburn game.


  5. I still have Ameobi’s 2nd goal as my desktop for my laptop. Love that video.
    Also, quite happy the game is on ESPN today as that means I get a quality stream at work…boss is out…time to close the door and sit back and enjoy some footy.


  6. Next kid who knocks on my door, is getting a glass bottle over his head 🙂

    Can’t believe its a year, was my first derby I went to and what a derby it was !!!


  7. TGS… I didn’t think they didn’t do trick or treat here but the little ****ers do, I’m running well low on cough sweets now 😆


  8. Happy 5-1!
    I remember that day so clearly! Dragged my girlfriend to a sports bar, had a small fight, got into the bar in a terrible mood, half choked a waiter to death when he refused to switch the channel from some bloody cricket match to this game. 60 minutes later I had not a care in the world.


  9. Oh god, still an hour to go. Got to stay awake somehow. Anyone else cracking open some early-tuesday-morning beer?


  10. Tiote wouldn’t have owt to do anyway if he played, Stoke don’t play owt through central midfield 😉 😆


  11. Come on Danny boy prove me wrong.
    We need you to dog out the second ball.

    Sammy and Benny to come on second half and grab a goal each.

    Squad is thin in places when Perch is our turn to centre back if anything goes wrong.


  12. . hahaha nice cosvernation. If I put all the marriages together it’s almost 20 years yeah, two i met online, if counts, one in BKK and the other three are from my crazy teenage past hahahaJust kidding I met my wife in a bar here in Singapore and the first thing I said to her was: “Why are you so stupid?”. In chinese mind you


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