Thoughts from an Everton fan

Now I know why you’re thinking. A thought? From a Scouser? Was I right?

Settle down though people. I only jest. Everton fans are a bunch that I personally hold in high regard. My two best men at my wedding are diehard Evertonians and I have a few other mates who follow the Toffees, one of whom has been to every game, home and away, domestic and abroad, for the past 30 years.

Maybe my affinity with Everton fans goes beyond that? I literally can’t stand Liverpool and my hatred of them is akin to what an Everton feels towards them. Put it this way, I can’t tolerate Sunderland, and Liverpool fall into that same category. I’m trying to stay adult about my feelings towards them…

Anyway, back to Everton who of course are the visitors to St James’ Park tomorrow for a lunchtime clash that will be broadcast live on Sky. That was the reason I was contacted by the boys at BlueKipper who asked me to answer a few questions ahead of the match. You can read what I had to say here.

And now the favour has been returned as I took this opportunity to grill an Everton fan going by the cyber name of ‘Jogger’ about all things NUFC. I say cyber name but I could be wrong. For all I know it could be his/her real name although it would be a bit weird.

1. What are your expectations for Everton this season?

The way the season has started I would be happy with a top half finish. We are out of the Carling with only the FA Cup to go for.

2. Have do you think Newcastle will do?

You have got off to a great start. You were impressive against Stoke and I think you’re a top half side.

3. How’s the clubs search for investment doing?

We Haven’t got a pot to piss in and the outlook is bleak on the money front. We hear rumours all the time but nothing concrete. We’ll just have to keep hoping.

4. How do you rate the job David Moyes is doing considering he’s had little money?

He’s doing really really well. God knows where we would be without him.

5. How are your new signings doing?

Royston Drenthe looks the part, but has got to calm down a bit. He could be the spark we need.

6. Do you think you will make any signings in the January window?

I hope so, we need someone to put the ball in the sack.

7. Who do you consider to be Newcastle’s danger man?

Demba Ba looks a great signing and he scoring plenty for you at the moment.

8. Who is your all time favourite Newcastle player?

I’m showing my but I loved Malcolm McDonald.

9. What will the score be on Saturday?

I’m going for a cheeky win for us 1-0.

10. Are you going? Have you been to St James’ Park before?

I’ll be there. It’s a great place to go but please ask your stewards to take it easy!

Brief and to the point I’d say, although he does raise a particularly good point about the stewards, especially ahead of the game tomorrow as they are doing a trial run for the Olympic events over the summer.

Essentially fans are going to get searched on the way into to the ground. Not a cavity search by any stretch, but it’s going to be an empty the pockets and get patted down search which is going to hold things up for fans getting in the ground at the Leazes End so make sure you get there in plenty of time. I’m in Gallowgate so it doesn’t affect me.

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50 thoughts on “Thoughts from an Everton fan

  1. I’m lost why people hate Liverpool football club.

    They have a history which is awesome and it’s lasted decades.

    I can only assume it’s jealousy.

    As most will know, I’m not a Liverpool fan but I don’t hate them anymore than another club.

    Kenny Dalglish. Now that’s a different argument. 😯


  2. how can anyone from the toon hate king kenny ? he provides us with our pocket money lol, he,s probably lining up a 50m bid for ba now


  3. Jobey…Isn’t this Toonsy’s article?, plagiarism is a terrible thing 😉 😆

    Troy…maybe it’s because the “deluded” tag that is often applied to us would be alot more appropriately applied to alot of Liverpool but isn’t because of the big press love in they have, great history as you say but alot still think they have a divine right to be at the top. That isn’t and hasn’t been the case for along while.

    I think we’ll win today but they’ll make it tough, Moyes works miracles there with no cash, maybe one day he’ll get the chance to show what he can do with some money and see where he can take them.


  4. Spot on Rich. How Liverpool believe they are a top four side (let alone title contenders) is beyond me.

    They’ve had pretty much the same fixtures as us for the first 10 matches, for some reason we get stick for having an “easy run” whereas every match they play they draw or lose and they “don’t deserve it”.

    I’m fine with their fans (my brother is one) as long as they recognize that they are going to finish well below us this season 😀


  5. I hate Liverpool because of some of their players actually… I cant stand Steven Gerard and that goes all the way back to when the Great Sir Bobby was manager, i dont remember the exact game but he was going “John Terry” all over the place and i have hated him since. They have now added to that with the weasel Suarez and ofcourse ex players who went in search of something “bigger”. They get more recognition than most other EPL sides due to past history which seems a very unfair since they havnt challenged for the title seriously in decades… Last but not the least it stems back to 5-6 years ago where they were our rivals for that 4th spot.


  6. Toonsy, Mark and others when you are in Fluid where do you have a bevvy. Upstairs, downstairs etc. Might look in if you don’t mind


  7. Yeah Liverpool can genuinely suck my balls. They’ve had average team upon average team for decades and they still get ridiculous amounts of coverage. Part of the problem is half the pundits on TV used to play for them when they were a big club, and they constantly make sure we’re all reminded how big the history of the club is. They tell us Liverpool fans expect more or deserve better when things aren’t going so well. When things aren’t going so well for Newcastle, we’re told the fans are deluded and expect too much.

    Brendan Rodgers comments the other day about how proud he was to receive a message of congratulations from Dalglish and how that epitomises the class of Liverpool FC literally made me want to hurl my guts out.


  8. Cant go or even watch today as have a wedding to get to….but good luck lads, heres to three more points and another “non-test!”


  9. Needles, I’ve just posted this on the other thread about ‘copying’ from leazes terrace. Which I didn’t

    Zoë Vicarage
    November 5, 2011 at 09:39

    I did this in my free yesterday at school, I even have the notes to prove it if you want to see them. This actually took ages for me to do, so if anyone wants to see those notes I will happily post the picture later.


  10. @Thad

    At this moment in time, Liverpool are considered a greater draw to players, bigger club and greater history than The Toon.

    They have finished above for about the last 10 seasons or more. I think it’s natural for them to believe they will finish above us.

    I hope they don’t but your viewpoint is poor IMO .


  11. breakfast – bus – companions club – beer – match – win – more beer – bus – motd

    sweet saturdays eh?


  12. Just credit your source material/s, if u use any. If ur serious about being a Journo, it’d be a good habit for u to get into. Also, you must realise that many of us check out all the NUFC blogs n sites….

    Shamrock’s pre-match thing also contained some similar Baines-Hibbert stuff that strongly resembled the same LT piece that I’d first read the previous day


  13. Breakfast – manicure – spray tan – latte – The Yard – mince to ground – 3 points – mince to powerhouse – sleep at some strangers house. 😯


  14. Just put my Christmas tree up today.

    Putting all the lights round the outside of the house tonight.

    Bonfire on the front garden.

    The neighbours are ganna love it. 😛


  15. With tactics, people are going to think of the same sort of things, each team has their own dangermen and areas that they aren’t strong on. There are bound to be similarities as people will identify where we need to target, I haven’t even checked out leazes terrace at all. If i use sources I will credit them like with the stats I’ve used from OPTA.


  16. Needles did you ever think that there could be similarities because they’re analysing the same teams 🙄 check the threads pre match last week and you can see the discussion that inspired that article. Much appreciated Zoe


  17. Dont mind everton or their fans, going for a toon 2-0 win – dislike Liverpool simply because of lawro and Hansen and the rest of the media forever banging on about how class there players are and how Gerrard is the England maestro – we’ve come nowhere close to England winning out with the golden generation as Gerrard, lampard, terry & co who consistently get shown up for what they are 2nd rate – amazed that every pundit and England manager pick the ****ers


  18. Zoe…don’t worry, we all know Jobey is the only one who takes credit for other peoples work 😉 😆


  19. Steve: It just annoys me as I put a lot of effort in to that article for someone to turn round and say I had copied stuff when I didn’t. I was nowhere near a computer when I did this, I was at 6th form in a free done all of my work and started on it.


  20. ….just to add, I can’t remember any professional journalists crediting their sources before 😉


  21. @zoe – everton obviously have weak spots which are fairly easy to spot and hear about – harder to exploit mind you.
    Divvent worry about it, when the teacher asks why your essay is an exact copy of the person next to you is when you should worry – not that it ever happened to me like 🙂


  22. @Zoe

    Yeh. You could be trying to make yourself look better than you are.

    What about photos to prove it! 😯


  23. Yeah I have my notes on paper so I could easily take photos of them to show people what I had done.


  24. Zoe, Troy’s fishing. You don’t have to prove anything, if your word isn’t good enough for some then **** em, don’t worry about it 😉


  25. TlR – I’m upstairs in fluid right now mate.

    Zoe – ignore Troy and his fishing.

    Troy – Stop fishing. Its matchday.


  26. @Zoe

    We know you too well to even think that you copied Leazes.

    In fact, you might want to check their article to see if they plagiarised your notes 🙂


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