Fancy any of these freebies?

Drenthehas impressed so far this season
Rumour has it that NUFC are looking at players who are out of contract in the summer as part of their recruitment drive.

Fair enough. It makes sense to have a look at what can be had on the cheap, and sometimes you can pick up a real bargain like a Demba Ba for example.

What sort of players can we expect to see on a free transfer though? I mean a lot of people said over the summer that if you pay peanuts you tend to get monkeys or various other ways of suggesting that money had to be spent to acquire quality. I happen to agree, but spending money on transfer fees is not the only way to strengthen a squad as we are witnessing right now.

So given that we scrabbled around in the bargain bin last summer, what can be found this time around?

I’ve been mooching about and I’ve found a pretty comprehensive list on Click that link and have a look for yourself. Use the arrows at the bottom right of the list to navigate through to the next page, and use the ‘competition’ drop down menu to change league. Suffice to say that there is some talent coming to the end of their contracts.

Now taking into account our general policy of recruiting players who have their best years ahead of them I’ve managed to come up with a few names that I’d be interested in. Now I’m not a football manager, and neither are you, and it’s important to remember that this is just about opinions so if you disagree with my picks that is fair enough. Feel free to nominate your own.


Junior Hoilett – 21 – Blackburn
Gary Cahill – 25 – Bolton
Solomon Kalou – 26 – Chelsea
Royston Drenthe – 24 – Everton (on loan from Real Madrid)

I’m going to stick with England as I know what the players are like so I can form a better judgement of them and these four are the ones that jump out at me. However I know a lot of you guys have interest in other leagues around the globe so it will be interesting to see what you can come up with. Just remember that any suggestions will have to meet with the criteria that the club has with regards to signings.

Sure it would be nice to grab a Berbatov or someone like that, but the fact is that we aren’t going to pay his wages so it’s kind of pointless even discussing it. Paying obscene money is not the new Newcastle way anymore.

So go on then, have a look and let us know if you fancy any of them, from whatever league. I’ve had a quick look at France and nothing jumped out at me and I followed that up by looking at La Liga before visions of Xisco and Luque flashed before my eyes and I gave up.

Happy bargain hunting!

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41 thoughts on “Fancy any of these freebies?

  1. I’d take all of them to be honest toonsy – tho I would imagine Kalou is being paid more than he’s worth to us at Chelsea.

    I also reckon Cahill will end up in London at anyone of Spurs, Arsenal or Chelsea.


  2. I would gladly take any of those players u mentioned Toonsy. Although I’m with TC in thinking that Kalou’s wages will be too high as well.

    There was a young Brazilian defender that topped the list for the Eredivisie named Douglas. Anybody know if he would be worth a pop?

    Diego will be available as well, but I see his wages and personal issues getting in the way


  3. Hopefully drenthe’s wages will be too high, don’t know if I’ve mentioned it……but he’s a c@nt πŸ˜‰


  4. Having Gary Cahill as competition for Steven Taylor and Coloccini certainly seems like a tantalising prospect, although I can’t imagine him getting in the team, at the moment. As regards Royston ‘Ricky’ Drenthe, he’s undoubtedly a quality player but I would have to question his temperament. Juniour Hoilett has proved this season that he is a solid Premier League player and I wouldn’t be surprised if we sign him, whilst I don’t think much of Solomon Kalou, to be honest.

    Looking at leagues from overseas, Tranquillo Barnetta immediately catches my eye, despite currently being out with a long-term injury. Indeed, he’s an experienced, versatile midfielder of international pedigree and we have been linked with the player before. I think that, along with Junior Hoilett, Barnetta would be the most likely Bosman signing of the lot.

    Jefferson Farfan and Hedwiges Maduro offer versatility and experience in attack and defence respectively, whilst both players are still in their mid-twenties. Simon Kjaer could be another quality acquisition, as he would offer competition at centre-back, in addition to other defensive positions.

    In conclusion, I would bring in Maduro, Kjaer, Barnetta and Farfan, whilst I wouldn’t say no to Gary Cahill. However, such a signing is highly unlikely, as many top sides are likely to be interested in him, in particular. A great article and a great website! Thanks, Toonsy!


  5. We aren’t predicting ahead to the summer already are we! 😯 😯

    Howay, deal with that when it comes round. I can understand looking towards the January window. But only just. 😯


  6. @nobby

    Does Pardew use this site? 😯

    Of course he does. He relies on Baba Vanga’s predictions. πŸ˜›


  7. 3 out of 4….dont rate Kalou at all..he will score you the 3/4 goal in a big win but thats all….Hoilett and Cahill would be great but no chance!


  8. Troy – Its kind of winter and summer to be honest. They’ll have six months left in January so there are deals to be had whether it be string up pre -contract agreements or looking for bargains who have six months left.


  9. Just one little point though, the wages they get now are completely irrelevant, it’s the wages being offered by the other interested clubs you have to compete with and the signing on fees, i.e Kalou will most likely have to take a paycut if he leaves Chelsea no matter which club he goes to, ditto Drenthe….who’s a c@nt don’t you know. πŸ˜‰


  10. Bucks – That is quite an impressive list 😯

    Saw a striker in France, 22, Al Azin or something similar. Remember when he was going to be the next Benzema. Im assuming he never lived up to the hype as he is out of contract in the summer and I’ve heard nothing of him since.


  11. ToonTom, It’s when he was on loan to Hercules that bugs me, he was on loan from Real Madrid and they were paying most of his wages anyway. Hercules were fighting relegation and struggling financially and were late getting paid so he didnt bother coming back after the winter break, bearing in mind the ****er was on double and more what the other players were getting. Also at Madrid he refused to play games because he’d been booed in a previous game and ****ed off in a huff when he wasnt picked for a game…c@nt, of course he may of changed…..but I doubt it πŸ‘Ώ


  12. I think Rich wants us to sign Drenthe judging by his comments. Think he wants a Drenthe on his shirt 😯

    Perhaps the fact the he has been loaned out AGAIN will make him realise that he isn’t the muts nuts. Still played well on Saturday though.


  13. Toonsy…. πŸ˜† good player but I’d expect he’d want guaranteed 1st team football, like I said he may of changed but I wouldn’t want him.


  14. Drenthe and Hoilett are good players but unless we seen Drenthe as a left-back we really don’t need them, although like I say, both quality.


  15. Out of that list, Hoilett and Cahill would be good additions. Trouble is, if they’re part of the daft money culture among prem people at the moment, then we won’t get them on the right terms.

    As an aside: Our younger equivalents in terms of backup are Kaz and Kadar – what’s going on with those two?


  16. Whumpie, I would think Lualua will join Brighton permanently and Kadar… Well your guess is as good as mine!


  17. Baffled by the Kadar thing – he looked incredibly good when I saw him play – but then that was back in the Fizzy, so perhaps he’s having trouble stepping up. I’ve got a soft spot for Kaz having seen him take Workington apart for the reserves many years ago. Huge talent and a wonderful arrogance on the ball. Again – maybe he’s one who just has his level.


  18. @22

    Pardew just doesn’t seem to like Kadar at all I don’t know if its because of his injuries, a lack of commitment or if he just doesn’t think he is good enough?

    From what i’ve seen of him i thought he looked a good prospect but Pardew knows a lot more about football than me…I would personally like to see him Sent to West Ham with big Sam and us get Tomkins in the other direction.


  19. Back on thread.. kind of:

    If we’re still doing well by Jan 1st – and looking likely to be in a European spot of some kind at the end of the season (I know, I know – long way to go and quite unlikely) will the club bring forward their plans and spend to make the squad more resilient across multiple competitions?

    I’m pretty sure that is slated for next season rather than this, but these guys are not daft and I think they’ll see the need to protect their investment against burn-out next season, backed up by the extra money they’re likely to see coming in.


  20. Now for a game of fantasy football…. πŸ˜†

    There are a lot of good players out of contract again this summer. I’d love to see us go in for Kalou, we could offer him the first team football he wants and given a run in the team through the middle I think he would score plenty of goals. Hoilett, Barnetta and Kjaer are the other players that jump out of the list for me.

    Them four plus Pieters and i would be in dreamland….


  21. For centre back in January I was thinking Ridgewell again but I’ve heard a few people mention Lewis Dunk at Brighton, He’s a bit like Williamson but only 20.


  22. Think drenthe is a cracking player but he is mental. Looks like he could lose the plot at any time. Cahill? Seems odd that arsenal and the likes didn’t come in for him in summer, could be decent for us and British too! I’d definitely take Hoilett, he’s tricky, got pace and can finish to. Would be great either left wing or right wing.

    It all comes down to strategy. Do we spent bigish money in January on a couple then get the freebies in the summer or …..


  23. Patrick van Aanholt, now that Bertrand is the backup to Cole.
    Hugo Rodallega, not bad for a free.
    Danny Guthrie, doing a good job while Cheik is out. πŸ˜€


  24. I would try Mohamed Diame from Wigan.

    Would only plump for Mariga from Real Soceidad. Seen him a few times this season and looks very decent. only 24 as well.

    Would love to see Barnetta and Farfan but Sokratis from werder bremen has been getting rave reviews and his contract is up….also a defender and only 23 years old.


  25. Just a thought but do we need to start looking for decent cover/competition for Tim Krul? Harper is a good keeper but i can’t see him being here next season unless Krul has a major down turn in form. Personally i would love to see Harper here until he retires but i wouldnt blame him if he left for first team football.


  26. 😯 To be totally honest i’ve never seen him play first hand apart from highlights of the cup but from what i’ve heard he doesnt look that good.

    Obviously its unfair to judge him on one performance and only time will tell if he will come good but i’m not convinced. πŸ˜•

    Obviously we have Soderburg and Alnwick who have a lot of potential but they both lack experience and it may be too early for them?


  27. I’ve never really thought about it until today but if Harper and Forster Leave in the summer we will be going from one extreme to the other…

    #1 Krul
    #2 Harper
    #3 Forster/Elliott

    2012/2013 (Potentially)
    #1 Krul
    #2 Elliott
    #3 Soderburg/Alnwick

    I know which one looks better! 😯


  28. Oblong – I’ve only seen him the once live against Forest and he wasn’t great, but it was his first game.

    However I watched him during the warm up on Saturday and he never got near saving anything πŸ˜•

    He is also fat πŸ™‚


  29. Now Now Toonsy, nowt wrong with being slightly rotund (i’m getting rounder by the day πŸ˜† ) However I’m not a professional footballer!

    Paddy Kenny used to do alright for a fat lad! πŸ˜›


  30. A warning about the information. The lists generated are those players whose current contracts will expire at the end of the season – including loans. Look more closely at Kjaer’s entry on the site ( He is in contract with Wolfsburg until 2014, although Roma will have an option to buy at the end of this season. While a very good player, he is definitely not an option.

    Bayern Munich’s troubled 22 year-old defender, Breno ( is nearing the end of his contract.Chelsea were rumored in for him last year (see:, but nothing came of it. Breno’s career bears some similarity to David Santon’s – he used to be considered a future superstar, but has had a poor time of it in Germany – and for that reason I think he’s a plausible signing. He has the quality to contest a first-team place now and could be a long-term replacement for Colo. (Twente’s Douglas is another contender for this sort of role. He has fewer personal problems and more admirers. Also less pace.)

    Roma’s Stefano Okaka ( is not a brilliant player, but was described by Andrea Tallarita at described Okaka’s prospects for the Azzuri: “Exceptional amid his fellows if only for being so humble and prone to sacrifice, Okaka is definitely not one of the most talented strikers in Italy. Yet he has been improving at a slow and steady pace, and he can bring a physicality to the table that is unmatched by anyone but Balotelli. Think of him as a potential Luca Toni, but twice as fast on the run.” He deserves a place on the short-list.

    Genk’s versatile Anthony Vanden Borre (normally a right-back, but comfortable as a holding midfielder) could be in the mix.


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