How much longer can England ignore the North East?

Fabio Capello
Steven Taylor and Danny Simpson are two players who have recently been tipped for an England call up.

Well guess what? The latest England squad shows that there is no place for either of them in the squad for the forthcoming friendly matches against Spain and Sweden despite the fact that there are other experimental names included in the squad.

You see this is what gets on my crackers when we talk about England. In fact it’s part of the reason why I struggle to get behind them. Granted I never even thought of Danny Simpson for England until he tweeted it late last night, but I had been thinking that perhaps Steven Taylor was in with a shout of being called up to the national team.

To make my point it’s perhaps easiest to look at just who Postman Pat has called up to his squad. I’ll purely focus on the defenders as that is where my complaint is. Pat has called up the following:

Leighton Baines (Everton), Gary Cahill (Bolton Wanderers), Ashley Cole (Chelsea), Phil Jagielka (Everton), Glen Johnson (Liverpool), Phil Jones (Manchester United), Joleon Lescott (Manchester City), John Terry (Chelsea), Kyle Walker (Tottenham Hotspur)

The case of my first defence will be Steven Taylor. The London-born ‘local’ lad has been exceptional this season alongside Fabricio Coloccini. Some have said that Colo is the steadying influence that Taylor has needed and whilst I tend to agree with that I also think it works the other way aswell as Colo has looked ropey at times without Taylor next to him.

Whatever. The fact of the matter is that Steven Taylor has been an ever present in the the best defence in the Premier League – the only team that has conceded less than ten goals in the entire division. Add in his stats which make him the fourth highest ranked defender, or second highest ranked English defender behind John Terry and you kind of have to wonder just what he has to do to get into the national side.

People will no doubt pipe up with something along the lines of “Taylor not being international class” or something similar. Fair enough, Point taken. What does that say about the rest of the “international class” defenders who are performing worse than him yet have waltzed straight into the side?

To me the England team should be picked on form. Granted there are exceptions, but those exceptions shouldn’t become the rule. Jobs for the boys, and this is one of my problems with England. Unfortunately it won’t be solved until Capello buggers off after the Euro’s in the summer.

Speaking of Capello, does someone want to tell him that Newcastle is actually in England? I’ll make it broader than that. Does somebody want to tell him that there is a North-East of England that isn’t Essex? I only say that as, nigh on four years after he got the job, Capello is yet to visit the North-East in person and sends his little bitches instead. He even told Darren Bent to move for the sake of his international career although I’ll let him off that one as I found it funny at the time. Does kind of make a point though does it not?

Back to the defenders. Of that list the only two I agree with being in ahead of Taylor are John Terry (because I have to as he was never ever going to get dropped, with or without racist remarks. Allegedly) and Joleon Lescott as he is playing for Manchester City who are top of the table so he must be doing something right. Can anyone give me a decent argument as to why Phil Jagielka or Gary Cahill are in ahead of Taylor?

The case for Danny Simpson is a little bit tougher however. I agree that Kyle Walker deserves to be there as he has been great for Tottenham, but what about Glen Johnson? That lad can’t defend, but he can attack. Is that why?

Like I said, I can’t really argue Simpson’s case as there is only ever a couple of right-back spots up for grabs. What I will say is that I don’t see many other English right-backs between those two and Simpson so you never know…

That would involve Postman Pat having a look though so I guess it’s a moot point.

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41 thoughts on “How much longer can England ignore the North East?

  1. In a very selfish way i am quite happy we have no players in the england squad, less chance of injuries if they’re not playing.

    I think Taylor is certainly playing better than at least Jagielka and would have easily justified a call up.

    I’m not Lescott fan at all though i have no idea how he gets anywhere either the England squad or Man City 1st team. i personally don’t rate him at all!

    The biggest shock for me is Glen Johnson in for Micah Richards??


  2. steven taylor no doubt desserves a call up his form is unbelievable

    danny simpson is up and coming but i am not sure he is newcastle ready for enland

    off subject i said on here that newcastle would take 8 points from the four games beggining with everton and that it would be 2 1 so next game willl be 1 1 with man city followed by a goaless draw at old traford and a 2 0 victory at home to chelski

    tiote should be back for city fingers crossed for best marv and cabaye


  3. Feel sorry for the players as I’m sure they would like the recognition, and Steven Taylor in particular deserves it. Having said that, personally I’d rather other EPL players risked injury in chasing the lost cause that is the England Football Team. We’ve got enough injuries to worry about without extra risks being taken. The italian blokey rarely sticks his heed north of Watford – so it won’t change until he goes and “Sir ‘Arry” is in charge. Oh…wait….!!!


  4. Tend to agree that Capello needs a short geography lesson.

    Sit him down at a table, nail his feet to the floor, push a map of the British Isles under his nose, show him that the Newcastle is IN England and then run him through our squad list asking him to point out the birthplaces of our players.

    If he still doesn’t get it, well…… it’s his loss!


  5. couldn’t give a toss. Didn’t even know who England were playing until i read this πŸ˜†

    Glad to read today that Tiote will stay on Tyneside rather than link up with the Ivory C… hoping he’ll be fit for ManC


  6. M – I tend to agree and not really give a toss BUT, what does it do for a player when he plays to his best, better than other England players, and keeps on getting ignored? Where is the reward? What is the point in playing to your best?


  7. Non- English, so I guess a have no standing to comment, but I’m bored so I will anyway.

    I always sort of rooted for england as my #2 back to the Shearer days, but can’t do it any more. It seems like a merit based system has been replaced by a good old boys network. And having a disgisting human being like JT captaining the side just sets the wrong tone IMO. You all really need an english manager with recent Prem experience to manage to side


  8. Put simply they dont receive the media hype such as cahill who is crap and conceded plently of goals this year. How can he be in the england team and Saylor not? They could argue he has worse players around him but the players around saylor are raylor and simpson both english!! Makes no sense really. All it is, is that capello cant be arsed to travel up to NE. who cares hes ruining english football anyway. He doesnt pick on form as why would he pick terry with all the aggro surrounding him?

    You dont reckon I have sour grapes do you? πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  9. Capello has never picked players on form whether from the NE or not so I wasn’t expecting any different this time. That’s why he is a **** international manager, and therefore that’s why England are **** πŸ™


  10. I know – ur just putting it out there, doing your thing. It’s a fair enough point.

    For the record, this current version of Steve Taylor is f’in mint. England or not.



  11. The current England set up is a joke and judging by the way the players have the football coached out of them, i am more than happy for our players to stay away from that scene and get refreshed for the next batch of games, we could ill afford for Taylor to get involved and risk injury seeing as he is one of our only 2 fit centre backs.
    Danny Simpson for England? Why, on the back of 2 good performances, he needs to keep his head down and improve as he was abysmal in the first few games and is lucky to be still in our team never mind England.


  12. the longer the better, our squad is not great in depth, why the F— do you want to subject any of our players to the garbage that is england international team., every player that plays get lambasted, slated and ridiculed regardless how they play for their country and most of the time the press are only interested in their off-field activities.

    i want our players to play for our clubs and stay fit instead of joining up with the rest of them big time charlie-boys getting their heads turned and metamorphasize into d–kheads like michael owen.


  13. I would imagine it makes contract negotiations more difficult when a player says, “thanks for the offer, but I’m an england international now”


  14. while its a shame for the player I’m happy they’re ignored. Watching England is crap, they’ll only come back injured or depressed.

    The longer the Toon and wor players stay off every radar I’m happy but your point is right m8. Why should he ignore the N.East. This has been the case for years.


  15. Wayne @13 if Saylor and Simmo were playing for Top 4 teams they’d probably be better players, so of course they’d be in the England team.


  16. To me the England team should be picked on form. Granted there are exceptions, but those exceptions shouldn’t become the rule. Jobs for the boys, and this is one of my problems with England. Unfortunately it won’t be solved until Capello buggers off after the Euro’s in the summer.

    Its gone on long before Capello and it will go on longer than Capello as well.


  17. if u are english and play 1 game 4 united u are a england player..toon chicken ..welbeck ..smalling and cleverly got call ups after 2 games for united this season…they are nthing special..very average players…nothing is going 2 change they are never going 2 win anything with them players…


  18. ….”Capello is yet to visit the North-East in person and sends his little ****es instead”

    hahaha, quality. πŸ˜†

    …should it not be his ‘little pussies’ instead though? Given his photo on this story.

    Yeah, I get your disgruntlement Toonsy, but I don’t think Simpson has put in enough consistently good performances yet to warrant a position. Saylor on the other hand, deserves a call-up IMO.

    Postman Pat doesn’t completely ignore the North East though. Although he completely overlooked Barton, he did give Judas his first break.

    Anyway, I couldn’t give a monkey’s. One less chance for our players to get themselves injured.


  19. I’m actually english (just living in scotland me self) but couldn’t give a toss about england. I was quite interested in them during the world cup, after the drama though I couldn’t care less. Though I agree that if your playing well you should be able to carry that over into international duties so steven should be in the squad. He proved he is much better than cahill and jagielka. If stuart pearce was manager we wouldn’t have this problem!
    On another note I’m suprisingly optimistic today and I’m thinking if we could beat manchesters and chelsea, we then have norwich and swansea back-to-back with those win we’d be on the 40 points. Thats our 1st objective of the season complete within the 1st half of the year. Even if we only get a draw from each of the ‘big 3’ we’ve got west brom and Bolton after swansea so 40 isn’t as hard as I 1st thought it would be.


  20. Postman Pat’s black ‘n white cat seems to be prodomenantly red and blue :mrgreen:


  21. Capello’s record as England manager is decent except for the World Cup but the players don’t look motivated playing for him at all. Would rather keep Saylor out of the limelight and avoid possible injuries. Another season of steady improvement and a different England manager and he will get his chance. Our astounding defensive record is going to be tested in the next 3 games. If we allow less than 5 or 6 goals in the three games it will definitely show our tremendous defensive ability. Would like to get at least 2 points out of the 3 games. Draws against ManU and Chelsea seem a definite possibility.


  22. Geordie, His record against mediocre opposition is good you mean, qualifiers etc but when it comes to playing decent opposition its ****e, he hasnt got a clue.


  23. @24

    I cant remeber ever seeing England motivated by anyone. The next England manager looks like it will be old Harry, so do you think anything will change with him in charge he wont pick anyone that isnt a cocney.


  24. Call me a moron but the conspiricy theorist in me tends to think that Capello as many a manager in the past has very little choice on who they pick. Due to the FA being broke or near broke the FA are pressured to pick players like rooney, beckham, ferdinand etc players who are injured (during tournements) or past the play by date. How many comps have we started with one or more injured players, just watch if rooneys ban isnt overturned he’ll still be there missing 3 games.

    A national squad needs to be picked on form not as we do it on persived reputation whether injured, suspended or just plan past it. The England national side stinks, and until it is cleaned up I dont wish to see any of our players reputations and more importantly Ego’s ruined by these A Holes.


  25. @26. As much as I dislike old ‘arry, I think a prem manager is probably more likely to know about more players, their strengths and weaknesses, their form at any given time, how they could fit together, etc., than someone like capello


  26. Why would you not pick Rooney?

    Even if he was 12 stone overweight and hadn’t scored a goal in 18 months he’d still be more of a threat than Crouch and Judas etc.

    Like him or not he is our best player by some distance.


  27. Hope Roy Hodgson and not Arry is the next england manager , Hodgson imo has a better cv than Arry for the England job having coached / managed a lot through out Europe and even had a couple of national team jobs . He can’t have done too badly to have had the Inter Milan job twice .


  28. They need Saylor above all others because he’d one of the few who’d play for the shirt (as he did for the U21s many times) and wouldn’t basically be a primadonna **** with his mind on the next opportunity to cheat on his missus.

    He’s not in because he’s not part of the FA’s in-crowd. If you told him (or Simpson, Raylor, Guthrie or Sammy) to play but they had to share a room in a hostel and make their own way to the games at their own expense, they’d do it. But that attitude just won’t do for Pat; you have to be not just an ********, but HIS KIND of ********.

    Screw the national team, I say. 😎


  29. @ TC

    1. He is banned for 3 games and it could go up to 4

    2. He is a liability in the big games if he starts to get frustrated he will get sent off

    3. England has alot of quality strikers that would lve a chance in the England squad Gabby Agbonlahor for one who is playing amazing this season and we hhaave seen how good him and young play together and recently him and Bent.

    Though i do agree he is our best player he shouldnt be picked for the reasons above simple. He might even learn a lesson the fat c*nt


  30. I have to agree with N.IRISH TOON . what would it do to the team morale and confidence of the other strikers if we took Rooney , knowing he could not play the group games and then let him walk back into the team for the knock out stages . The likes of Defoe , Bent ,Sturridge?and Welbeck ? would all be thinking fcuk him , could not be good for the squad’s feel good factor.


  31. I couldn’t give a **** about no Toon players appearing for England. The English FA is a joke and we’ll never win a think until it’s completely restructures from top to grass roots. I’m happy our players aren’t featuring and risking injury in vain.


  32. I am more than happy that no toon players, play for england.

    Look what happened to waddle, gazza and carrol once they play.

    The ‘southern media’ then agitate and force our players to move to ‘big’ clubs to improve their international chances

    I have no interest in England. None.


  33. Did anyone see sammy has had a call-up for the england u21. Well done Pearce ❗


  34. Here is an interesting thought,as someone suggested could it be because we claimed big compo for the little welsh dwarf,now plying his trade as a bench-warmer for man u so some bitterness and grudge holding at the FA ❓


  35. Interesting point Thomas, but I’d like to think the FA are a bit more professional than that. Having said that, they’re only human.

    Besides, there’s still plenty of time left for Tommy Cooper to call up a Toon player anyway.


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