Llambias: “You guys don’t ­understand how f****** ­horrible we can be”

Llambias goes on a rant
You would think that Derek Llambias would be keeping a low profile after the renaming debacle that has dominated the news this week.

Not so. Instead we wake up on a Sunday morning to headlines such as “Toon chief blasts heroes Shearer and Keegan in foul-mouthed rant” which is a bit dramatic in fairness, when you look at the actual content of the article the headline is about.

Apparently Llambias has been recorded by fans responding to questions that they posed to him. The problem, for me anyway, is not his answers to the questions, but the way he answered them. It’s seems that Derek may have been on the sauce this particular night so let’s hear what he had to say.

First off he opened up some old wounds with Kevin Keegan who made an ill-fated return to St James’ Park which ended in a much publicised fallout.

“Kevin Keegan can’t take pressure. His f****** head is all over the place,” said Llambias, before revealing that Keegan was only appointed to appease potential buyers of the club.

“Mike was selling to the Arabs and they wanted Kevin Keegan. The Arabs wanted him, the fans wanted him — perfect!”

Personally speaking I never wanted Keegan back. I don’t think many fans wanted him back as such. I certainly don’t remember there being any notion of returning to Newcastle which is why the news shocked so many when it started trickling through. Llambias is wrong on that one, although I do think he is right when it comes to Kevin Keegan and pressure. His job history shows that he tends to walk when the going gets tough.

Moving on, and next in line for a roasting is Alan Shearer.

Llambias said: “Shearer was my choice and I have to hold up my hands — the wrong choice. Shearer, for this, destroys us. He gave all the responsibility to Dowie. Rubbish!”

A supporter then suggests that “It wasn’t the right time” for Shearer. Llambias agreed, and then took it further by saying: “It would never be the right time. Shearer? There would never be a right time in football.”

When one of the onlookers hinted that Shearer is arrogant, Llambias agreed and said: “You guys have given him that arrogance.”

There is a reason why Shearer hasn’t picked up another managerial job since his ill-fated time in charge with us. Personally I don’t like the fact that he seems unwilling to drop his level too low and go manage in the lower leagues as a kind of apprenticeship but it’s up to him I guess.

The man who replaced him, Chris Hughton, was next in line for a roasting.

“He would never have taken us where we want to be. That’s my decision by the way,” said Llambias when asked about the sacking of Chris Hughton.

“Chris can’t make decisions. If I am asking about a player, Ben Arfa? he says ‘I’m not sure, blah blah’.”

“With Chris, he couldn’t cope with where we are mentally. We are aggressive. You need to be aggressive. I don’t want a manager below me who can’t argue. You guys don’t understand how f****** horrible we can be.”

This kind of fits in with my view of Hughton. He was too nice and the players had too much power in my book which would have lead to problems in the long run. However it should be remembered that he did a great job for us and learnt his trade which will hopefully stand him in good stead in the future.

Finally, Andy Carroll was the last target for Derek Llambias’ lyrical weapons. He claims that the striker is worth “f*** all” and that Newcastle got the better of the deal. In fact he goes into more detail about the deal. We’ll pick it up at the point where Liverpool offered £30 million for Carroll on transfer deadline day.

“I have to admit that £30m for Andy Carroll is a lot of money.”

When one supporter asked him “Is he worth £30m?” Llambias responded: “No — he’s worth f*** all.” He then explains that after rejecting the £30m offer, Newcastle refused to sell even for £35m unless Liverpool paid the entire fee up front.

“It is about control.

“We had the control. We knew the Torres deal was there. We drew that f****** deal, perhaps the ultimate,” explained Llambias.

“So £30m? F*** off! Don’t waste my time and I slammed the phone down. £35m? Everybody including Pardew all agreed.”

“But the £35m they wanted to pay over four years. It was rubbish. Mike (Ashley) said — and he is a brave boy Mike I promise you — get all the £35m up front.”

“We got it all up front and then they never paid us on time and we charged them 12 grand f****** interest.”

I personally like that last one.

So what is in here that we don’t know? Is it really worth the sensational headlines that it’s been getting in the national press? Personally I don’t think so if you look at what is actually said, and we already know that Llambias is a buffoon.

– Keegan can’t handle pressure. This is true as his entire managerial CV proves. It should be remembered though that pressure wasn’t the reason why it all went wrong the second time round.

– Shearer is arrogant. This is again true and many of our own fans will say that.

– Chris Hughton was too nice. Again it’s true although it sounds harsh to say. Too many rumours of player committees and so on…

– Andy Carroll isn’t worth £35m. Can that really be argued? Not at the moment it seems. Granted I think he is worth slightly more than “f*** all” but I don’t think it can be denied that our club got the better of the deal.

So there you go. I agree with Llambias on most of this although I do feel that he should have picked his words more carefully. Mind you, alcohol can be a bad thing and from the content of these ramblings I’d guess he was sloshed as he sounds a bit like that drunken old man sat in the corner having a moan about anything and everything.

These quotes are taken from the Sunday Mirror nd you can read the original articles here and here, Of course people will say that “it’s only the mirror”, which is true, but they would be getting themselves into sticky territory if they started printing quotes without basis knowing full well that Ashley and Llambias would be on the phone to lawyers almost immediately. Money money money remember.

What do you make of it though?

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86 thoughts on “Llambias: “You guys don’t ­understand how f****** ­horrible we can be”

  1. Once the fans had left Derek’s company, he turned to Fat Mike beside him and said: “Mind you, the biggest load of tossers ’round ‘ere are the f*****g fans! What a load of wankers! They haven’t got a f*****g clue how to run a football club. You’ve put f*****g millions into this club and all they want is to give you a f*****g hard time. Loosers, the lot of ‘em!” Followed by a very loud belch as he slams his empty beer glass onto the counter. Exit pub through main door. Trips outside on pavement and the cussing continues…


  2. first class pricks we have running our club ,and any 1 who sticks up for them are in the same boat KNOB HEADS


  3. Let’s face it what he is saying is absolutely true. The folks who now run the club are aggressive and ruthless…with high expectations… what exactly is wrong with that? What does it take to run a football club? Do you think that Alex Ferguson is a ‘nice guy’, that he lets sentimentality get in the way of kicking arse or making decisions that precious fans get up set about? F*ck no! That is why he is successful and Man U are. Because he is driven and ruthless. These are the qualities required to succeed ! Get over ya selves


  4. ToonRoss @15, Big Dave @23, Gazza’s Dressing Gown @30, Troy Stavers @ 35 and Richie Toon @41.
    Glad to see there’s still some sensible and decent supporters left at this club.
    Anybody who thinks Llambsarse and Ashley do ANY good for Newcastle United should really hang their heads in shame.
    They are not funny, they are not clever. They are just a disgrace to the reputation of this fantastic club (and city) with their lies, manipulation and total contempt for everything it stands for.
    It was the worst day in the history of the Toon when Ashley took over and it will be the best day when he finally p****s off back from where he came.
    At least the air will smell fresher.


  5. maybe ive been desensitised over the last few years but i cant see much wrong with this….. its all true every bit of it, I love his honesty and admire his bravery if I am to be truthful … Granted i like shearer, keegan and CH but face fact CH could only take us so far and I am truly grateful, Shearer was a figure head , a face for the public while Dowie managed , just like Staunton at Ireland we all the the late Sir Bobby Robson was in charge behind closed door Staunton was just to please the crowd they wanted an Irish manager and they were winning until Sir Bob became ill lord rest his soul, on too Keegan he could never take the pressure you recall his ill fated rant at Sir Alex many years ago i do… and carroll is worth F all in the wrong team


  6. We have winners running our club and if we get 10 million a season for sponsorship rights I’ll be over the moon.Its a nasty world out there and we need nasty buggers to do the dirty work needed to transform our club into a place were other teams think ” oh god not them this weekend”
    They won’t pussy foot about and will be ruthless in directing the club into the top echelons of the premiership.


  7. To me there is nothing necessarily untrue in the statements but that is beside the point- it is totally unacceptable for the head of any business discussing matters in such a public and pithy way. That said this is a bit of a storm in a tea cup- had it broken a week or so ago there would not be as much of a scandal but the name change has inflamed everything again.


  8. Toon Australia @ 79, could you for a moment imagine SAF saying this kind of stuff about past players and managers to a bunch of fans, and showing off about what a f*****g shit he is to deal with. No chance. Llambias has disgraced the Toon and if Ashley was not cut from the same low-class cloth, he would have fired the man first thing Monday morning.


  9. I believe that fans who stood this buffoon are somewhat prepared to support Sports Direct FC…
    Yeah, the hell with history. They juat after a better deals. With the money that went untraced…
    *sarcasm off*


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