Pardew: “We will go to Manchester City thinking we can win”

Pardew hails the belief in the squad
Alan Pardew has resurfaced after taking some time away during the first part of the international break.

Good job really considering we are up against Manchester City at the weekend. Puppet or not (or is that outdated now?) I’d say it’s pretty important to have manager in place for the trip to the Etihad Stadium.

Football news has been in short supply over the last few days with the international break leaving us with an empty chasm, which was rather delicately filled using a sledgehammer by our illustrious owner and his foul mouthed sidekick over the weekend. However, thankfully, it will soon be back to business.

Newcastle now face the two toughest away days in the Premier League in consecutive weekends. First up it’s moneybags Manchester City, which is frightening enough when you look at the amount of talent they have at their disposal, followed by a trip to their neighbours Manchester United. Again daunting considering they have a habit of hitting top form against us. However Pardew believes that the players believe they can win on Saturday.

“Belief comes from results as much as anything. I genuinely think the team believe they can win every game we enter. We will go to Manchester City thinking we can win,” Pardew told The Chronicle.

He continued: “That is very important because every manager, I don’t care who he is, sets their team up to win, they have a tactical plan in place.”

“Players, though, have to believe because if there is not an inner belief you can win then the players after 25 minutes, 30 minutes, accept it is going to be a tough day.”

“Perhaps they start protecting themselves, come off the gameplan and then it is usually a case of trying to keep the score down or make it respectable. We are not doing that, we believe we can win, no matter if the other team scores two. We still believe we can win.”

There has been a lot of noise made about our good start to the season. Apparently we’ve not been tested and have had easy games along with a shedload of luck along the way. Whilst it would be foolish to suggest that we’ve not had a bit of luck at times, it’s also foolish to suggest that we aren’t third on merit given the talent that we have in our squad. This is eomthing Pardew seem to agree with. He said:

“When you actually look at our squad, I thought it was a lot stronger than people were giving it credit for. Nevertheless, you still need breaks and you still need to gain wins at crucial times. The Sunderland game was a massive game for us and then the Wolves game, when we could have conceded a last-minute goal and when perhaps Wolves deserved to get something that day.”

He added: “Purely because of work-rate, and we have the best defensive record in the league, all those things add up to where we are. Where we go from here is going to be down to momentum and injuries.”

I’m looking forward to getting back to football matters and come Saturday at 3pm none of the controversy that has gone on over the last few days will matter. It will pale into insignificance for 90 minutes at least and the attention will be back on that little green thing in the middle of the football ground.

I’m also looking forward to seeing us going to these grounds and having a go. We can do that because of our “lucky” start to the season against all those weaker teams in the self styled “strongest league in the world” you see. It could backfire, but we’ll still have 25 points which is a massive massive bonus.

Bring back the football!

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57 thoughts on “Pardew: “We will go to Manchester City thinking we can win”

  1. Obviously we’re expected to lose this one… but what if? What if we manage to get a win. Would it really be that surprising?.

    yes…. probably.

    I predict we lose against the rich ****s, draw against the horse poo and win against ‘rich but-not-as-rich-as-the-rich-****s ****s’.


  2. I predict we lose against the rich ****s, draw against the horse poo and win against ‘rich but-not-as-rich-as-the-rich-****s ****s’

    Tickled the frig oot o me that like mate!
    Priceless. 😆


  3. The bar-codes couldn’t beat us when we were crap they will get a hiding next Sat.

    It always amazes me how fans of clubs who have bought themselves a position at the top feel they have a god given right to gloat.
    nobody expects us to beat you on saturday but we will give you the hardest game you had all season, and if we come away pointless, having played out of our skins, I will be prouder of my team than you should be of yours.

    Cant buy pride you MUG.

    Alan Pardews Black & White Army

    Howay the Lads!!!!!!!! 😉


  4. Jack
    November 14, 2011 at 14:09

    “The bar-codes couldn’t beat us when we were crap they will get a hiding next Sat.”

    My my. Look at how much ONE FA Cup can do to fans. It’s almost embarrassing 😳


  5. I aim to please skip.

    Jack, I actually like man city fans. The majority of them know their roots and that they have always been massive under acheivers until the take over.

    but you’re a cheese wand.


  6. Think we’ll get beat but fancy sticking a tenner on us to win – if it comes off I’ll be doubly happy if it doesn’t …. oh well the wife will have to stick to house wine 🙂


  7. “But you’re a cheese wand” 😆

    Is that two crackers from Nobby in one day? :mrgreen:

    Have to agree though. A good friend of mine is a City fan and gas been all all his life. His brother is the same. Follow them all over the country, from Mansfield to Munich recently. Most of them deserve asin the past they were very much like us.


  8. “At 3pm none of the controversy which has gone on in the last few days will matter”.
    Oh dear have we forgotten already?
    And they say a week is a long time in politics … or should that be football?
    Yes at 3pm there are other things to consider on the field but off the pitch they STILL matter.
    Like a bad smell – Ashley’s actions won’t go away.
    Wish HE would.


  9. man city fans are getting a bit too big for their boots now… calling themselves ‘city’ like the horse poo calls themselves ‘united’. At least manure got there through hard graft (most of the time) 😉


  10. skipwallsend, not sure why you reacted like that to a fairly harmless dig by jack. over the years we’ve tended to do ok against you lot and villa, regularly spanked by tottenham and everton. just the way it seems to work. don’t see it as gloating though. don’t think there’s ever been a real problem between the clubs (when you had kk as manager there wasn’t a city fan in the world who didn’t want you to beat the red sh1te just as much as your own fans did).
    TBH though the bit about can’t buy pride is the biggest pile’o’****e I’ve ever read. Our pride comes from being there in the dark days, maintaining crowds through 40 years of cr4p with the next door neighbours from hell etc and having the largest crowd in league history etc. I don’t think pride is a new thing round here and neither should you….


  11. Taken4mugs – It won’t matter as I’ll be supporting the team. For that 90 minutes nothing else matters in my world.

    If people, like you by the sounds of it, wish to get the bedsheets out then fair enough, but being a supporter is about giving those eleven men on the pitch all of our support. Remember, they didn’t change the name so why should they be punished by having support taken away from them and directed at the board?

    It worked so well against Hull that time I remember…


  12. To be fair to the Barcodes they wernt even mentioned at the start of the season about competing for a european place, and i think they have as good a chance as the liverscum and spurs, every game is different, 1 week we hammer the RAGS 1-6 then we play QPR and we had to play out of our skins to just about scrape a win.
    I say good luck to the geordys, but away at the etihad stadium……

    Naaa city will be to strong 😆 3-1


  13. Jack, I actually like man city fans. The majority of them know their roots and that they have always been massive under acheivers until the take over.
    Sort of how I feel about them if I’m honest. Every lot has their mugs, and we’re no different.


  14. You never know what will happen, last time we lost Ben Arfa, man city got a penalty that was outside the box and we didn’t get one that should’ve been. I think if we’re lucky we can get a draw.


  15. Ksmit, think we’re due an alien invasion or sumik.

    …maybe our new sponsors are due to fly in this weekend. ❓


  16. Agree we are in a position where we can give each of the next 3 games a proper go, we don’t need points so need to play for draws and park the bus.

    Would people have been happy with 25 points after 19 games?
    I know I would have been.
    The way I see it, we have two games between now and the half way stage that we “should” be winning: West Brom & Swansea home., scraping a few draws along the way could see us halfway to 70 points before we’ve reached the midway stage.
    Unbelievable season.


  17. I’m just dreading being on the wrong side of a rout.

    …the smug smarmy arse told-you-so brigade will be out in full force to tell us we’re deluded. I do think we can get something though. If we put as much effort into the 90mins as we have in all the other games so far, then why not? That’s the biggest, most obvious improvement I’ve seen this season – the willingness to play out of your skin for the WHOLE game. No slacking from anyone on the pitch. It’s this brand new work ethic that suggests to me we’ve finally upped our game to the level it should be.

    …and at outrageously overpriced odds of 9/1 for an away win, it’s got a tenner of my cash on it!


  18. …you can get even get 1/1 on us not to lose by more than one goal, which may be where the smart money lies. But I’m a greedy get! 😛


  19. Johno – I keep hearing you say about banned internet sites at your work. Are you sure the internet works as everything seems to be banned 😆


  20. What I like about this group of players they have kept the desire to prove the cretins that are the so called experts wrong.

    So hopefully they (Lawro and co.) will predict a thumping against City, United and Chelsea.


  21. ….best price 30/1 Belter (as opposed to 8/1 for them).

    I can’t watch games that I have correct score bets on – too stressful.

    I reckon this one has potential though, may well make Sky Sports’ Game of the Day at 8.30.


  22. Dont even get me started about my companys interenet policy , its ****ing a joke , I shouldnt be posting on here as Im using the companys computer , ebay is blocked until 5 o clock , all gambling and games websites barred , youtube barred , everything is barred. The place is a joke 👿


  23. eee, I can remember the days, when if you wanted to skive at work you either smuggled in The Sun or just stared out the window. 🙂


  24. Rkn we’re due a bit of luck at the Etihad.

    What about Silva going off after being tackled by De Jong who gets a red for stupidity?


  25. Man City are just toon wanabees, 😯 they’ll never match our endeavor and work-man-like ethos…

    As long as Tiote and cabaye are fit I can see us winning this one 1’s each 😆


  26. That would be nice Thad. We shouldn’t really be mentioning De J*ng by his name prior to a match though, it’s bad luck, just like ‘the Scottish play’. We should only refer to him as ‘the evil one’.


  27. Cheers m8, 30-1 hmmm.

    I hate making predictions but I just have a feeling.

    I never enjoy watching a toon game when there is only one goal in it, it’s not until I watch it back I can appreciate the game more.


  28. I know Rod the Nazi regime i clearly work for even banned the rte payer meaning i can’t catch up on eastenders or maybe a cookery show i missed on their time. Next they will tell me to come in on time and stop stealing all the tea bags from the canteen. Fuckers


  29. @Rodzilla

    lol I can remember getting banned from my works computer for abusing the net. had over a million hits on Soccernet forums in 6mths, about 5 yrs ago (was mainly refreshing the forums). had the most usage in the whole of Sage – lol those were the hard-graft days too..


  30. I love our lads but if ****ty come to play they will win. When they play as a unit, they’ve looked irresistible.
    If they come in too confident, we can take them. Our lads will be looking for a scalp and should give them a fight


  31. Tublu, ya probably right. Just really pisses me off when fans of other clubs come on blogs like this and say stuff like that Jack. Tbh I don’t have a problem at all with mcity fans. However, jack appears to be one of those that cause me to react the way I did. For the record mate, in hindsight, (wonderful thing that it is) I did spit the dummy a bit. I just wish we would be given the respect we deserve. We prob will get turned over on Saturday. But we won’t fold like your lovely neighbours. Id be over the moon with a point tbh.


  32. Toonsy @ 17
    Nobody is saying the team should have their support taken away or even reduced at gametime.
    What I was saying is we shouldn’t be forgetting at any time what our illustrious owner has done (and has not done for this club).
    Like the last fifty odd years the team will have my FULL support. Can’t change the habits of a lifetime.
    Even over 90 important minutes however I’ll still be feeling that I and my club have been treated with utter contempt.
    And no – I’m not the bedsheet brigade. Sorry if that doesn’t fit in with my original comment.


  33. rodzilla @ 36

    I nearly just fell out my chair laughing at that 😆 😆 😆 😆

    hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😆


  34. People… just relax and enjoy the game… StJames will be st James…. i dont care come idot giving us 10mil to call his name to display at the ground per year…lol no body can buy the name all out and out for million years…. lol
    so lets forcus on football and support our ever improving squad and management…. let ashley bring in the finance and the manager and carr buy good players to improve the squad and take us back to europe and one day champions! hope am alive 4 that but for now am enjoying it 😉


  35. max t million
    ” let ashley bring in the finance ”
    But he keeps it all and doesent invest it back in the team or the club…. lol
    ” one day champions ” not under this regime ….. lol


  36. I have been supported Newcastle United since arriving the gordie land in 1993…… I been meaning to join this blog so I can express my anger towards Mike Ashley the Twat 😆 If I can get hold of him I twisted his head 😆 Anyway I will have my fingers and legs crossed to beat Man City.


  37. Love Pardew’s approach here and again like in every match this season, Cabaye, Tiote and Collochini holds the key. If anyone of these three faulter or ever have an “average” game, we are in some trouble then.


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