Poll – Will the name change again?

The cathedral on the hill. Let me first warn you that this article won’t be very long. You can be pleased with that or not. It’s up to you.

Once again it’s about the name change at St James’ Park, and I say St James’ Park (once again) as that is all it will ever be to me regardless of the signage that is used on it.

Anyway, I noticed yesterday, and it was picked up on by a few others, that this hard, defiant stance about “wiping our history” softened remarkably when a name like Nike was mentioned. It happened the day before when O2 was also mentioned as a prospective sponsor.

This has made me start thinking what the real problem is. Is it purely because of the name change? Is it the current “showcase” sponsor? Is it the fear of the current “showcase” sponsor being more than just a showcase?

Anyway, I was asked over the weekend to make up a poll to gauge who thinks the name will change with the introduction of a new sponsor and who thinks it will stay as it is. I’ve been at work all weekend so, a bit delayed, here it is.

[poll id=”47″]

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90 thoughts on “Poll – Will the name change again?

  1. It won’t change. Very unlikely anyway. And I don’t see how we can call it a “sponsor” when Sports Direct is not paying us anything for the name change.

    Its just more free advertising for Ashley. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 35million was used to pay for the signage.


  2. thought i’d have a little read whilst i’m waiting for me mince & dumplings.

    raker. :mrgreen:

    Thing is though you’re right, it did soften my opinion when they heard ‘nike’… i’d take st jimmy’s park every day o’the week and twice on sunday over that though.

    See i fee so strongly about it that I had to use one of me grandma’s phrases to get me point across.

    god rest her soul.

    no… god… please rest her soul, i always ‘feel’ her watching me when i masturbate.


  3. I read a good post somewhere (undoubtedly here) with the poster suggesting that Ashley had in fact already found a purchaser, the ‘Sports Direct Arena’ just being a temporary name for a month or so in order to absorb all the negativity of the name change so that when a different company uses it’s name it doesn’t cause as much anger, actually being a bitter relief to fans?!



  4. Solanostrumpet

    It was Stardust who suggested that so in all likelihood it was bull****. It would make sense for NUFC, but not for Sports Direct, which is Ashley’s primary concern…

    The name won’t change for a long while yet.


  5. I don’t think it softened at all, I don’t like the name change and never will but if it’s going to change would I prefer a sponsor which is a world wide brand and known for quality i.e Nike or would I prefer Sports Direct? The quality one that is Nike would win every time, which one would look better, the one word sponsor or 2 word, again one word. Would I prefer a sponsor who pays for the exposure or one who doesn’t, mmmmm let me think. Of course people are going to prefer some sponsors to others, some names will be more acceptable than others, that’s natural but that doesn’t mean some find the name change anymore acceptable, just some sponsors more acceptable and certainly one who pays would be better. 😉


  6. Any publicity is good publicity perhaps JJ?

    If anyone that follows football hadn’t heard of Sports Direct they certainly have now.


  7. Its here to stay, why bother changing names, putting up signage, stitching it into seats? Sports Direct Arena for the long haul.
    Why buy something to advertise your company then let some other company benefit from it for 10 million or whatever? Not gona happen. Hope I’m proved wrong..,.


  8. My own opinion on the matter (and I realize not being a Geordie, it doesn’t count as much 😉 ) is that you get over name changes to stadiums. I recall when the 49ers and SF Giants renamed Candlestick Park to 3COM…everyone was up in arms (back in the early 90’s). And then it became Monster Park for a bit…maybe still is (don’t know, don’t care)…but no one calls it that…they still refer to Candlestick Park when going to watch the 49ers play. The Oakland A’s and Raiders play in the O.co Coliseum officially. But I NEVER hear that…they play in the Oakland Coliseum, at least that’s what the announcers and fans say.
    So yes, it’d be preferred not to have suffered a name change to such an iconic ground, but the fans and people familiar with the area will rarely if ever call it by that name.
    So, maybe this is an opportunity for revenue that’s otherwise being missed. And, perhaps that revenue would actually help the product that we pay to see (or watch from 5,000 miles away). But, I agree with Richie @ 7, it’s got to be a better name…Nike would be acceptable.
    What about the Budweiser Arena? Or, perhaps Pepsi Stadium? Perhaps a car company would pony up the funds, Audi Arena or Mercedes Stadium? (Both of these would be fun logos on the shirt and the players could get sweet rides thrown in as well…)

    Everyone put on their creative hats and come up with some fun, yet realistic sponsors, I think it’s fair to say that the name change is inevitable and not going to go away…unfortunately. I just wish they would have done it with a NEW stadium.


  9. There’s something special about Newcastle United. Within 10 yrs or so, there will be very few football clubs still with their original grounds.

    Chelsea, Liverpool, Villa, Everton are all looking to move to new stadiums.
    Man City, Arsenal and the Sunderland already have new ones with new names.

    We are fortunate in that we don’t need to move and one of the great assets we possess is the history of St James Park.

    What will £10m help us to do? Compete with Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd?

    It will make no difference at all.

    Our competitors are Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool and none of these receive sponsor money for their grounds (Emirates cash went to pay for the stadium and that money is not surplus for players).

    I would rather do without £10m per year and retain prestige than cheapen the brand. We are no worse off otherthan the top teams I mentioned and that £10m would make no difference at all.


  10. And besides, I still believe they aren’t looking for a sponsor but want it to be called the SDA from the outset. 😯


  11. I have an opinion on this subject but since I am not a Geordie I am not a true supporter and my opinion doesn’t really matter.

    Hey Norcal, fancy a discussion on MLS or baseball??? 😆 😆


  12. It wouldn’t matter to me who if anyone other than SD got it it’s the point of it being changed fullstop.
    There should be things in life that are worth more than money and to me its the name of the ground, I dont see it being any different to the colours we wear as they are both traditionally linked to us 😉


  13. MDS – For MLS is was a disastrous season for the team I support. The Rev’s were bloody awful and fired their coach at the end of the season. I’d rather not discuss them… 😆

    As for baseball…why is it just generally accepted that the first pitch is one you take? I mean, everyone knows it’s going to be a fastball down the middle…swing for the fences damn it!

    Oh wait, you weren’t serious. My bad.


  14. MDS 🙄 whats that all about 😕 Im not a Geordie but no one will tell me I dont have an opinion or my opinion is less important ❓
    Saying that I do understand that not living in an area can mean you don’t fully understand certain things.


  15. Big Dave, @19, it’s a reference to a bit of a tiff on Archie’s last thread regarding the naming rights.


  16. Off topic but the reserves are playing Sunderland at the Stadium of Light on Wednesday. I’ll be there 😈


  17. Jesus by the sounds of things half of you would be opposed to ever even moving stadium if it came to that.
    The way i see it, magnificent though it is, St James has just been the scene for many great memories, not the memories themselves, the players and managers and the moments have meant more to me and provide me with a greater sense of pride when i look back.

    When I was 13 I moved house for the first time and I was absolutely distraught, but looking back, the house is just the backdrop to the memories, nothing more.

    It is a NAME. We still have the stadium, the stands, the fans and all the history. All the true fans will always call it St James Park anyway.


  18. if sir john hall was such a great owner, who always had the clubs interest at heart,why did he sell to ashley when by his own admission,he knew what he wanted the club for.Mike ashley will never make as much money from this club than hall and shepherd did,and the subtle difference is ashley is using his own money,So if sports direct is plastered all over the stadium,and if the ground becomes sports direct,how come he [hall] is in the papers showing disgust.All these owners past or present, are after making as much money as possible out of the club.Sad but true


  19. Richie, he was on twitter this morning saying he’s playing.

    As for the name change, I think it will in the end, but will be SDA until the end of the season. Not happy about the change at all, hope as unlikely as it is that the new sponsor will keep St James in it somehow alongside their name. But thing keeping me going is the team on the pitch doing so well, lets hope it continues.

    And Archie if you are reading, just want to say think your stuff on here is brilliant. For some reason my phone unless I’m in the house won’t let me read the comments, but could read your post while at work, put a smile on my face at had to explain why I burst out laughing at work


  20. Solano if the name change doesn’t mean owt to you thats your choice and your entitiled to it, and even if I think thats a sad way to be I wont have a go at you for it.
    I have noticed that over the last few days that a few of us that strongly believe the name should not be changed seem to be getting told that we have to get a grip etc etc and move with the times because we need the investment.
    But as I said would anyone go along with the blk and wht stripes being changed ??


  21. RICHIE icepup is working funny shifts at the mo read your comment at work but couldnt get on to reply.
    says to tell you he flys out on 22nd and starts work there on 5th dec 😀


  22. Fair point BD, in my head I feel the kit is different, in reality i guess you’re right, probably not so.

    Think the main thing is this doesn’t split fans, which I don’t think it has done, been impressed with the balanced reactions to the last weeks events. Whatever peoples views we dont need anymore talks of boycotts or protests.


  23. Or Big Dave what if the Club moved out of St James Park and out of Newcastle all together if some Council would help us finance and build a 80000 seater staduim?


  24. Johno I dont really see how that would happen tbh. I do believe if a bigger ground was needed that the fans would understand that a bigger ground was needed and I believe that they and I wouldn’t be against the name change because its a new ground and a new begining.
    But I cant see there being enough fans to fill a stadium that wasn’t in the Toon.

    Solano I dont think there is any difference in the colours we wear or the ground we play in we started with both so to me they are both historically and traditionally valuable to us


  25. For those who believe I am critical of those who support the toon who aren’t Geordies or don’t live on Tyneside, I can honestly say, that is not true .

    I do believe that some people who don’t come in that bracket, and I repeat some, don’t get the passion side of things on certain issues.

    Those are my opinions and I mean no offence to those it affects. It’s a fact IMO .


  26. In reality if selling the naming rights helps Ashley reach a point where he can reduce the selling price of the club because he’s got most of his investment back bar the asking price then i am all for it, the irony that any new owners would probably do the same will be lost on a lot of people i reckon.

    As long as we don’t end up playing in something that really makes us look stupid then i don’t mind especially if its actually worth 10m a season and not 10m over 10 years.

    I think most people are annoyed more at the way the whole thing has been handled i think 90% of the fans saw this coming at some point down the road like it or not…

    It doesnt surprise me that this Lambias story followed the renaming story being leaked, the press probably getting some favours called in from other premier league managers who dont like how we are doing at the moment…


  27. Sorry Big Dave my point is just an expansion on your point of if they switched the teams colours! I dont think either one would happen but as your asking where do people draw the line with things that are not for sale?


  28. @BD

    I wholeheartedly agree. The name, colours of our strip and the ground are untouchable IMO .

    It’s what makes us special.

    Would there be uproar if Orange communications sponsored our shirts and demanded we play in orange strips.

    Would that be a step too far? I bet some would say not. 😯


  29. Johno you don’t think either would happen but I don’t think anyone believed they would change the name of the ground before they dropped that bomb shell.

    Troy I know what you are trying to get at and to be honest I believe you have got a point, I don’t think anyone could get behind the team antmore than I do, but I do think it is different if they live around the area, and I do think that the younger fans through no fault of their own dont fully understand about traditions and history.


  30. Troy I always found the samething about the troubles etc ower here everyone had an opinion on them but unless you lived them you couldn’t fully crasp them.


  31. Anyone crazy enough to give fatty any money needs there head read but if they do it will go straight into his pocket or his shellsuit company and no where near buying a player thats for sure .


  32. @ big dave sorry mate iv just been working super hard 😉

    back at work now actually its my 84 hour week (7…. 12hours)

    as the owld dog says im away in 8 sleeps cheers for asking :mrgreen: 🙂 😛


  33. Bobby- I was just having a laugh with norcal but you’ve had a bit of a go with the whole “non-Geordie” thing before. I could care less tbh

    As I stated on here the other day, the name change doesn’t bother me much but that I understood if it bothered the locals since the place is a city/cultural landmark.


  34. DJG don’t know if you checked but I answered your post @ 59 the other day on >https://www.nufcblog.co.uk/2011/11/11/experts-say-ashley-will-struggle-to-sell-naming-rights/


  35. Icepup yeah yer Dad told me yer as good a grafter as he is, and if what Batty tells me about the graft yer Dad puts in you work 5mins in every hr 😉 which seems like good stats 😆


  36. Reet must go for 20 mins I promised the wee Lad I would play him a game of MW3 though I think he only uses me for practise as he normally wips me butt, and it is embarrasing for an ex sniper to get hammered by a 9yr old 😕


  37. Must not admit to agreeing with Troy, so I’ll just say I agree with Dave.

    I agree with Dave.

    Shiote, I said the first bit out loud didn’t I?


  38. See the unwashed have jumped on the stadium sponsorship bandwagon, Tampax are in talks with them, they see it as great opportunity especially as the scum are having a really bad period.


  39. Dave, I’m the same as you mate. We haven’t got much in the way of trophies to look back on, so I’m clinging to all the heritage we have. No money can buy that in my mind.

    I’ve said the same thing myself, how far does he have to go before people stop making excuses? Removing the stripes? Changing our colours? Re-issuing NUFC History books and removing all reference to Keegan and Shearer?

    Anyway, now I’ve said that, how many people on here were in favour of us moving to a new stadium on the town moor and the rugby team playing in St. James Park?


  40. Micky Toon…to answer your question regarding moving to the Town Moor, I recall the majority of fans were up for it cos…1 – the driving force was one of geordielands own sons, the momentum at the time was really picking up, and John Hall at the time couldn’t do owt wrong…..and 2 – cos the town moor isn’t too far away, and still had a kind of attachment to SJP…

    That’s the way I remember things at least…


  41. MM – I’m with you on that. I remember they even threatened to take us to Gateshead if the council wouldn’t play ball. In the end some old granny raised a stink about preserving the glue sniffers den where we were going to build and that was that.

    We were going to have a walkway between the two stadiums and have the Milburn statue put on it.


  42. nice to see the owld fella (dave) giving the young gun an example of losing gracfully

    u packing him a pink lunch box for school to get your own back like dave??

    if richie looks like busta blood vessel i wont say owt bad

    im more like a anorexic mr bean with ricketts


  43. Pup I hate when he whips me but I love to see the glow on his face when he does 😆 so its not that bad aslong as he takes it easy on me 😉


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