Does Nile Ranger actually have a future at Newcastle?

How much longer will he get?
Nile Ranger has picked up a reputation for himself during his time at NUFC although, unfortunately, it’s perhaps not the reputation we’d all like him to have.

The 20-year-old has shown glimpses of his ability on the pitch and has shown that he can rough up some of the best defenders in the league. I remember last season against Liverpool, the 3-1 at St James’ Park, it was his introduction that changed the game.

The thing is, I look back on that and often wonder just how good he can be. He has pace to burn and has strength in abundance, but it’s his off-field antics which have proved to be the biggest talking points when it should be his football that does the talking for him.

In a week where the domestic game has ground to a halt thanks to yet another international break, Nile Ranger has not been short in his own personal list of fixtures. He was in court earlier in the week on a drink driving charge and yesterday he was back in the dock where he denied four counts of assault and one of being drunk and disorderly. He was supposed to back again today but the magistrates decided to bundle all of the charges together.

That means that Ranger will be back in court on January 13th where he will answer the drunk and disorderly charge before being committed to crown court for the four assault charges which will mean another guaranteed date in court in the future.

See what I mean? A little bit about football and a lot about his off-field antics.

For some fans the attitude of Ranger has gone too far. They want him out of the club and I can see their point to be honest. I mean it’s not like this is the first or second time he has been in trouble for this, that or the other is it?

However is there a way back for Ranger? It seems that way according to Alan Pardew who has gone on record, not for the first time, and recognised Ranger’s talent.

β€œThis is a guy who has got real talent and he needs to understand that there is a professionalism that comes with his football. I think he does understand that now,” he told the Chronicle.

So what do we do with him? Do we give him yet another chance as fans? Get behind him, support him? Or do we just throw him to one side knowing that the form book suggests that he is likely to balls up again?

I know he is young and young people can make mistakes, but part of growing up is learning from them and becoming a better person because of them. I’ve done it, you’ve probably done it. It’s part of life. Having said that we have other youngsters who we hardly hear a peep out of that are in the same position as Ranger was. they didn’t suddenly turn all “G” (street for gangster) once they hit the fringe of the first team. Look at Sammy.

I can’t help but feel that there is more to come from Nile Ranger, and I don’t mean more court cases. Instead I refer to his on pitch activities this time. He has ability and if he can get his head down, wake up, and realise that he is in a fortunate position then perhaps he can start t show it to us fans on a regular basis.

That’s both sides of the argument pretty much covered there. One side arguing for Ranger and one against him. What do you think though?

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68 thoughts on “Does Nile Ranger actually have a future at Newcastle?

  1. Total waste of space, I was all for him in the CCC and wanted him ti get a run in the team to see if it would settle him down.
    But from then its just been one thing or another, he simply doesn’t have the brains to realise that he has got a gift that most would die for, but he would rather throw it all away rather than get his head down and keep out of trouble.
    Gangsta 1st Footballer 2nd


  2. Of course he has a future, he isn’t the first footballer to have been arrest or served time at her majesty’s pleasure, Joey Barton and Marlon King have gone on to salvage they careers and he’s younger than they were when they were inside.
    The reality is that it needs ranger to realise how big an opportunity he is throwing away, and perhaps a spell behind bars will do that, hopefully it does! It’s not nice watching a young lad ruining his life.
    I think Newcastle have to turn their back on him though and cancel his contract if he is sent down. They have to send a message to the other kids coming through that if that’s the way they want to go, they’re on their own.
    He may not be our best player but shola has been at the club for donkeys, grew up at NUFC and I don’t ever remember him being in bother, hopefully young Sammy will follow his brothers example, please hes signed a contract extension.
    Sort your head out Ranger before it’s too late son.


  3. Sharpy – The only bother I remember Shola being in was when he called the bizzies saying that his house had been ransacked before realising that he’d just left it in a mess πŸ˜†


  4. The leicester and cardiff matches in the fizzy where his hold up play was good as anyone since al and the impact he had on the Liverpool win and the 4-4 last season. Pace, Strength and a canny scoring record at youth team and reserve level, Carroll even if he was a flash in the pan for us, Put in effort to improve his game and Ranger born with the talent couldnt give a ****

    I would get rid asap total waste of talent… πŸ‘Ώ


  5. I really don’t think he’s all that anyway… i can onl y really think of that goal against chelsea that stood out. Infact I’m going to put it out there…. he’s turd! πŸ‘Ώ


  6. sorry but…. following from the last blog…

    can anyone think of a song for HBA?
    He’s got one of the hardest names to sing… it doesn’t really rhyme with anything.
    All i can think of (to the tune of the outhere brothers – boom boom boom)
    BOOM BOOM BOOM – Hatem Ben Arfa – ARFAAAAA!!!!


  7. Toonsy, I remember that… class.

    I u-tubed shola when he was on cribs, if you haven’t seen it have a watch, classic glakey shola


  8. Of course he has a future with the club.

    He’s young and very talented.
    Like many youngsters he needs to mature.
    He’ll soon grow up, settle down with his girlfriend, start a family. His mates one by one will be doing the same.

    So many hard-liners …

    So many old farts …

    Support the lad. He plays in B&W, he’s family!


  9. get rid.

    we could do without any more negative press as it just undermines the hard work put in by everyone else at the club (barring the knackas upstairs).

    The boy has got talent but if he wants to gan on like 50pence and the rest then theres no place for him here am afraid


  10. Geoff your right so many hardliners and old farts, but I would prefer to be one of them than a door mat.
    I will back anyone even when they make 1 or 2 mistakes, but I wont make a tool of mesel by blindly backing them when they dont learn from their mistakes.
    By doing that it just encourages them to keep doing what their doing because fans are still backing them.


  11. Sharpy – The hats one? All different hats, in all different colours? πŸ˜†

    Tell you what, if we had 11 players with the heart of Shola we’d not go far wrong!


  12. What do we know?

    He turned up late for training a couple of times in 2010.
    He’s since got back training with the first team, so I guess he’s put that right.

    Just over the limit by a few mg. On the drink driving. Silly mistake?

    The assault case, we don’t know the facts. What was said, provocation, who started it.

    The real truth is that a lot of fans didn’t like is the stupid photo with the gun.
    Sure it was an an imitation and done for a laugh then leaked without his knowledge, but bottom-line it was a black guy with a gun.

    Since then it’s been a witch-hunt.


  13. Ranger is worth nothing at the moment.

    Could be worth Β£35m in two years time.

    That’s why Newcastle will keep him.


  14. Geoff I was one of the few that said the gun pic was a lot of **** and no big deal, but its pretty clear that the lad has had chance after chance and as you said he must have got the head down to get back in the 1st team but just that weekend he breaks a club curfew and gets lifted again for d a d even though we had a game less than 24hrs later ? Yeah that sounds like he’s trying.


  15. Geoff re reading your post, basically what your saying is that a lot of the bloggers are racist because its only because it was a ‘Black guy with a gun’ give yer heed a good ****ing shake, its **** all to do with race its to do with him being a tosser.


  16. @Big Dave

    D & D? Or the police building up their case for the assault charge?

    At the end of the day the club and the terms of his contract will decide if Nile’s personal life means he can no longer be a NUFC player.

    I’ll support him while he’s a Newcastle player. His personal life is his business. Lots of players have done a lot worse things. Look at a certain Scumderland player, similar things happened when he was wearing b&w too.

    We could end up with a fantastic forward on our books if we support Nile through his troubles.
    Or we can drive him away …


  17. Toonsy, that’s the one mate and his big shower coz he’s tall…. “and this is me bed coz a like a lie down in the afternoon after a heavy training session”.
    I’m giving him stick but I agree, lovely lad with a good heart… if only he could play football (hahaha)


  18. As inconsistant as shola is on the pitch you can’t help but love the lad. The thing is though, if you think over the years… as crap as he’s been he’s also scored some absolute wonder goals that have also been crucial ones!


  19. geoff

    even if there was provocation for the assaults etc, that’s no excuse, he’s in the public eye and needs to grow up.


  20. Get rid. He does not desreve a second, third chance etc etc. Young or not a lot of lads his age would give their right arm for the opportunities he has been given. Thise lads would apply themselves every day 100% and not get themselves into trouble once. If he does not recognise and appreciate how lucky he is today, then who says he will tomorrow?

    See you later Nile, you wont be missed.


  21. As for drink driving Geoff, how can you call it a silly mistake? Many lives a needlessly lost due to the tosspots that put themselves in charge of a 3 ton death trap when over the limit. It is there for a reason. The sad thing is, it is usually anybody other than the idiot that drinks and drives that loses their life. There is no excuse. πŸ˜•


  22. Geoff yeah we will have to disagree because I say the fans don’t want him because he is a trouble causing waster, and you think the bottom line is because he was a ‘ Black guy with a gun’
    Even though he didn’t have many fans before the gun incident. πŸ˜•


  23. As long as he’s contracted and has the potential, the club may as well try to help him (if only with a view to selling him). It doesn’t cost much money to keep talking to him and trying to get him on-side.

    I can understand the people who are saying we’ve done all this and he’s had multiple chances, but what are the alternatives? If you banish him alltogether he’ll likely just disrupt things.


  24. And off-topic, what exactly is wrong with Tiote? I know it’s something with his knee, but does anyone know what? Is he training yet? It’s been 4 weeks now sine the Wigan game and the longer it goes the more serious it looks…


  25. I’m gona say it because of all this controversy.

    I’m sick and tired of self pitying people of colour like Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra a well as the public who fall for their bull****.

    They provoke comments all the time, calling people w@nkers, and saying f#@k you, and your mothers this and that, and then when a player retaliates and calls them something back, it is branded a racial attack…

    The world is far too sympathic.

    These are professional footballers. If the crowd hurls racial abuse fair enough, ban them from going to football games. But things are said on the pitch to each other that should never be taken personally.

    In cricket its called sledging, and it influences the mind of your opponent giving you and edge. If I as a white man call another white man a monkey, its fine, if a black man calls me a monkey its fine, but if I do it, I’m racist because of their inferiority complex!

    There are genuine racial atrocities in this world, things like Apartheid, Affirmitive action, racial killings, racial tortures, things like the holocaust where races where wiped out, and yet these pre-madonas are whinging because on their 100 000k a week salary a fellow player insulted him on the pitch after a miss timed tackle…

    Man up FFS!

    Over here, the world went mad with sanctions during Apartheid, and rightly so. Yet, now, you can be the fourth best footballer in the country, but because you are white, you don’t make the team best only three whites are allowed int the first team. That applies for all sport.

    Such double standards…

    Also Geoff, people don’t not like Ranger because he is a black man with a gun, they don’t like him because he acts like a gangster, beats people up, and then brags about his lifestyle.
    They don’t like him, because he, unlike many others, has an amazing opportunity to take a path for the better and change his life into one many of us only wish we could have. But he f#cks around and wastes his talent.

    This is about strike five for Ranger… So he can f#ck off…


  26. Jon R – It’s because Tiote is lined up for a January sale. It’s just like Carroll again πŸ˜‰

    On a serious note, he should be back for Man Utd apparently. I’m not so fussed about him missing out tomorrow. I’d prefer it if he was 100% fit for Norwich, Swansea, West Brom etc after thses three games.


  27. why even have a debate. get rid as soon as poss.

    How many chances does this guy want?

    Total tosser who disregards his own future and the safety of others, I hate ppl that drink and drive. To say he was only a little over is very silly, how many times has he been a ‘little over’ before being caught?

    he’s just ended his three-month stint in reserves then hes up at court, 3times this month.

    Other youth players will see him given chance after chance and think its fine to bend the rules a little – bad example to others. Send him back to Croydon with his placka gun πŸ™‚


  28. while we’re talking about black ppl. How can Sep Bladder constantly make a fool of himself and keep his job. Shake hand will solve racism. Its as bad as hug a hoddy. πŸ™„

    Sep is about a century away with his views.


  29. Actually Mark, if I took you to court for saying that, they’d laugh at me… Why, because were both white.

    Also, I’m not saying racist comments are not existant, but I am saying, that certain players blow things out of proportion, and that there are huge double standards.

    Also, regardless of how hard anybody tries. It will not resolve the problem.

    Its not really a race issue, its a cultural one, and there will always be large sections of the world that abuse those who differ from themselves.
    The best way to handle it is to ignore it and become thick skinned. The more you react, the more they will provoke.

    Also, where do you draw the line…

    “Shearer is a sad Geordie *******, songs sung by all opposition supporters.” Do we ban them from the grounds?
    “Ashley is a ****ney ******” do those people get jailed or suspended because they judge Ashley on where he lives.

    Its not an attack on race, its a spontaneous attack on the character by saying something you know will rile them up the most. And no its not right, but it happens, and it always will happen. Its unfortunately human nature.


  30. aye, TC coz white ppl arent allowed to say the word n****r (so I’ll put stars there instead) even tho every rap song and ‘brother’ 😯 say it in every sentence, but aye we can’t say that word coz we’re white..hmm very confusing..

    I remember S Collymore saying that a player couldnt have said a racist remark coz he was black πŸ˜•


    Although he has indeed shown glimpses of his potential talent his continued behaviour proves to me he will not change at our club. I think its in his and our best interests we part company with him i dont believe he will reach his potential here.I think he needs the shock of being sold to a lower league club which may or may not make him realize what is important and i dont mean a loan deal the real shock of being sold or indeed sacked would do it.
    Will he progress i dont know i just know it wont be here!


  32. No he doesn’t Toonsy.

    Calling someone a ****ney **** or a geordie ****** doesn’t even come close. Anyone who thinks that’s a fair comparison is off their heed.


  33. JJ thinks the best way to handle racism is to ignore it.

    WTF??!! Are you for real?

    That’s worse than what Blatter said.


  34. TC – But isn’t that part of the problem? You’ve just basically said that some racism is fine but some isn’t?

    Which is part of the problem.

    If Ferdinand called Terry a honky or whatever, would it be getting the same coverage?


  35. Toonsy
    Its a debate that will never be solved.

    Thing I find funny, is that the people who find it most offensive are the biggest hypocrytes. Like the English FA asking Sep to step down.
    Despite Sep’s efforts to ensure a World Cup came to Africa, even though half of Europe said it would be a disaster (including the UK).

    Then they keep the captain of the England National team in charge, and don’t ask him to step down when there are allogations of him making racist remarks. Its a joke.

    Like I said, it’ll never be resolved. Not at Fifa, and not on this blog. So I’ll stop debating to ease your nerves πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  36. TOONSY @38 aye with you on that,move on eh πŸ˜‰

    over the moon TOONSY has said we will got nowt on sat πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  37. And I never said abusing anyone was fine – so you can cut that **** out.

    Anyways – probably a good thing I’ve gotta go now.

    Catch ya’s after.


  38. TC

    You seem to be getting very worked up over this mate. But I live and experience it every day.
    If I play football with my Portugese mate, the opposition will say, don’t let him take the corner, he’ll open up a shop.
    You know what he does, he laughs about it. After that, thats it… its done.
    The only comment I’ve made, is that yes, it is wrong, but there are double standards. The more you react negatively, the more you give them what they want.

    Simple. I had my say. I’m done… so don’t tell me to ‘give it a fckn rest’ and then carry on like a mad man ranting because I have a difference in opinion.


  39. Hahaha – wondered when JJ was gonna play the South African card.

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  40. TC – What about the last bit? About if Ferdinand called Terry a honky?

    Geordie or Cockney may technically not be a “race” but they are a group of people linked by geography to one particular area which, by dictionary definition, is a race. That’s makes it fine to make disparaging comments about them? Fair game?


  41. Andy Caroll fought with N’zogbia and Saylor, and glassed someone, yet many blamed MA as trying to recapture his investment when he was sold. JB? Enough said. Assuming he scored 10 goals this season, do we still want to sell him?


  42. What about the last bit? About if Ferdinand called Terry a honky?

    honkies havent suffered abuse in the past m8, slavery etc

    I dont think any name calling is fine, especially racist names. Its just the word ni**** that get me confused but aye, controverial fridays isnt a good one..


  43. TC

    Its not a card…
    Its an experience, and a learning curve… Something I’ve lived through and something you’ll never understand unless you have done the same.


  44. Zammy

    I think you’ll find most people are very happy to have got rid of the likes of big mouth Joey Barton and Andy “gangsta” Carroll.
    Both their attitudes stink and I’ll be delighted to see the back of Ranger too.


  45. Pardew seems to think he has a chance to really make amends, which is enough for me. Good for him to be going off to the bright lights of Barnsley to get his head on straight


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