Pardew: “Avoid defeat and we make history”

Pardew talking the talk...
Alan Pardew has dangled a rather large carrot in front of his players ahead of the match against Manchester City tomorrow.

The message is simple yet effective: “Avoid defeat and we make history”

This is true of course, certainly in the Premier League era anyway. Avoid defeat and it will officially be our best start since Kevin Keegan and his Entertainers back in the 1994-1995 season. However, standing in the way of history are Manchester City.

Being honest a lot of negative comments get thrown at Manchester City because of their wealth. Personally I don’t see why. If any fan they wouldn’t want that kind of money pumped into their team then they are talking rubbish. I’d love it, and my Manchester City supporting mates are loving it right now.

However their money shouldn’t concern us. We can’t do anything about it and we are following a different course as we try and get back into Europe. Small steps and all that. We don’t have a team that is filled with international players, but we do have momentum and a group of players who will give their all for the cause. Perhaps Pardew’s pep talk can spur them on to an unexpected result?

“Avoid defeat and we make history. That is something we can focus on,” Pardew told the Chronicle ahead of the game tomorrow.

He continued: “It’s a fantastic target for us and if you can’t put your body on the line for that you shouldn’t be playing for Newcastle United.”

“We have to approach it with a tactical plan to win the game. Otherwise you will get beaten, it won’t just fizzle into a draw.”

“We’ve looked at every game they have played this year and at segments of games. We feel that defensively we need to be very tight as a unit.”

That is the kind of rallying call I like. It shows he wants commitment and that he is prepared for what City have to throw at us. Will it be enough? Time will tell, but even if we do lose we can keep our heads held high providing the players do as Pardew says and throw their bodies on the line.

Howay the lads!

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72 thoughts on “Pardew: “Avoid defeat and we make history”

  1. Well we’ve done race, lets talk religion… 😆 😎 😉


    Having seen our defense concede the least goals in our first 11 games, I also must say we have looked rather shaky the past few games and it is entirely possible Saturday could be a route.

    I’ve been surprised in every game so far, and there is no reason why they won’t surprise us with another good results again.

    But if I had to put money on it, I’d say it’d be 4-1 to Man City.

    Doesn’t detract from the brilliant start we’ve had… They have the freedom to play any way they like with no pressure. So hopefully thats a good thing.


  2. aye, Religion gets my goat too. apparently Jesus was black. 😯 😯 havent seen many white men originate from N.Africa.. but sshhh YOU CANT SAY THAT!! the pics in my book say he’s white..if he ever existed 😯


  3. To JJ’s posts on the previous thread: white people can’t use ‘the N word’ because it is historically a derogatory term used against black people when racism was rife and slavery was occuring, if they want to use the work, like asians saying ‘paki’ and try to desensitize the word that is up to them, you thinking it is okay for you to use the word makes you an ignorant moron. End of.

    Your ‘portugese mate’ might not mind racist remarks but that doesn’t make it okay.

    And where is that sh!te about the football team come from? There is no such thing as quotas for our football teams so less of the bullsh!t yeah


  4. I reckon we’ll get beat 2-1. thats me being hopefull 😆

    Shame we havent all our players fit, could do with best to hold the ball-up to stop the flow of their play a bit.


  5. Well ,Pardew will have been working very hard on the squads fitness and tactics, plus the fact that they have probably studied Man City more than a woman watches soaps.
    The promising thing is, that we go into the game unbeaten and in a very healthy league position but without the pressure that the high position brings, if that makes sense.
    Basically , Man City are odds on to turn us over but as we all know, it doesn’t always go to plan and if it did, the bookies wouldn’t exist.
    If anyone’s carrying the pressure and expectation, it’s the Man City players and manager because they know that their fans, especially at home will expect nothing less than a sound spanking of us.
    If we can fight as a unit and give them no time on the ball, plus scare them with the football we know we can play, then it can unsettle them to the point of playing haphazardly.
    Naturally it works both ways and equally we could fall into that same category.
    Over all though , I think it’s not going to be a game for the faint hearted but I’m going for a Man City 1 Newcastle United 2 result. 😎


  6. looks like Santon on the right along with Simpson Gutty and Taylor left, Ben Arfa & Ba up front and Guthrie Cabaye in the middle….should do ok sounds strong


  7. @SolanosTrumpet

    yes I agree m8. but I say paki as reference to the local shop, just abbreviating the work Pakistani. I have nothing against Pakistanis or their culture but I could imagine them being against me saying it.


  8. Sorry but telling people that may have racist slurs thrown at them to “man up” and comparing it to songs sung about geordies and ****neys is the most pathetic, ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard.
    If someone was making anti-semetic comments to a jewish player i’m guessing you’d tell them to “man up the holocaust was ages ago”.
    The reason why it is double standards is because a lot of the people have had hate and persecution for hundreds of years, of course it should be treated sensitively.
    Can you honestly not see the difference between slagging off someone because they are from london and someone because of the colour of their skin?

    You should apologise to everyone reading this blog for your disgraceful views.


  9. Yeah but Mark if it offends wouldn’t it be easier to grow up and not say it?
    I can understand why they wouldn’t like a term that was traditionally abusive to come from a white persons mouth.
    Either way i dont care, it doesnt take much effort to use a non potentially offensive word does it.


  10. yes it would be easier m8 but if I was in Pakistan and had a corner shop and a Pakistani said I’m nipping in to the Brit shop to get some devon-mix I wouldnt be offended??


  11. I think Ive went a full circle and got back to my Stan Collymore remark when he said “he can’t be racist coz he’s black”

    I think he meant only White ppl can be racist. which is racist in itself..


  12. Yes but Mark you haven’t suffered persecution from them for hundreds of years, ffs people get annoyed by immigration, well just imagine if Pakistan came and took over this country and controlled it, be a bit sore wouldn’t we? Well the UK did that to most the world so forgive them for not wanting the abusive terms to come out the mouths of the residents anymore.


  13. Toonsy lol I think that’s why no one teakes me serious hahahaha, they must look at it and think I’m in one of those cartoon suits lol


  14. Wolfie – totally agree on that approach, and AP’s said as much. Should be a frantic match, with some seriously tough challenges going in. I just hope it doesn’t lead to red cards or serious injuries. I can just see Saylor doing one of his penalty-giving, oscar-winning brain-fart moments.

    What I also think is that we’ll score. Even with Kompany fit, they’re a bit weaker at the back than us. I think we’ll go down 4-2 but I really wouldn’t be surprised if we held our own.


  15. ffs I didnt persecute Pakistan, I dont even agree with us being in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    So every time a remark is made by a white-man years of persecussion is brought up.. there’s a fine line here m8 thats where JJ’s comment about manning-up has legs, don’t agree with most of what he said by you cant hold grudges forever or the white man will forever be persecuted for their ancestors crimes.. thats not right..


  16. Well Whumpie as we know , it will be a game with incidents and like you say, possibly/probably something will happen in the card stakes (prays it’s them that suffer it but not at the expense of an injury to us).

    For me, this is the hardest test we will have all season in terms of dealing with a Man City side that’s soaked in quality all over the pitch as well as all over their bench and further back.

    What I love about Newcastle though under Pardew is, we seem to have that death before dis-honour type attitude and the no retreat, no surrender mindset, which opposition teams hate as the game goes on because it frustrates the hell out of them as much as it zaps our own energies.

    They edge us in the overall technical department but they don;t edge us in the blood and guts, all out war mentality which we will need and more than likely have in abundance.

    Naturally , games can change in an instant with red cards or yellow cards early in the game , making players toe the line more carefully, plus dubious penalty decisions e.t.c can all change what would otherwise have been a top notch encounter.

    Let’s hope that ,should any of these shenaningans go on, that we get the rub of the green . 😀


  17. Right, enough I think.Time to call, ermmm, time on the racism argument. It’s an emotive subject that is of no relevance to the game tomorrow.

    Howay the lads!


  18. Why don’t we wait till the devastating effect we’ve had on places like Africa have eased and the majority of people are actually able to eat first eh Mark?

    In the mean time get yourself a dictionary so that in heat of the moment football matches you can use words other the N word, there are many out there that can still get angst and frustration out without causing offence to people whose grandparents were enslaved, imagine that!

    That’s my last say on the issue. I would say to all the people that agree with Mark and JJ to have quick read up on how recent things like slavery were and the general devastation the UK’s empire had on the world and just consider whether the need to complain about race double standards and the like are really justified.


  19. If you call someone a d**khead or a mother -f**ker during a game then you are making a personal slur – way aye, shake hands and it’s finished. If you allude to their race in the derogatory, you are abusing everyone from that racial group. That’s the difference.

    Didn’t know there were so many daily mail readers on here.


  20. Funny place for these kind of musings – imagine being German.

    Very up for tomorrows game. We’ll probably lose, it’ll have to come sooner or later and I’d much rather it was a tight game against City than at home to Norwich or somebody. Imagine if we did win though – we’d be title challengers!
    Love to see Hatem get one.


  21. The Guardian seem to think:

    Jonas, Guthrie, Cabaye, Santon
    Raylor, Saylor, Collo, Simpson

    I’d be surprised to see Santon start, but what do people think?


  22. @SolanosTrumpet

    I would never call someone the N-Word and think any racist comments are disgusting. I never said they were fine? I said I found the N-Word confusing, thats all.

    So are you saying only whites can be racist? confused..


  23. This Man City loss is pretty irrelevant to be honest. Man Utd have set the benchmark in terms of commercial revenues and of which UEFA are happy that they are realistic in the current market. City’s owners will just sponsor the kit, the stadium, the training ground, the players and anything else they can sponsor.

    Financial fair play will be all but a joke.


  24. BLIP!!!

    That’s the team I put forward so the guardian owe me millions of pounds!!

    If you want proof look on the ‘Sammy signs on’….



  25. Tomorrow is going to be a tough game , but Im hopefully after reading waht Pardew has to say. Teams go to places like these and are already beaten. We need to go there be well dicsplined but also show no fear.


  26. I’ve just put my life savings on that scoreline with skybet.

    Bastards had it at 15 to 1 but it’s a dead cert.


  27. I see the Loan Ranger has been shipped out to Barnsley. Hopefully he stays out of trouble and can return next year :mrgreen:


  28. Toonsy – Santon only played against Man city this July for Inter, granted it was a friendly but he’s got some experience!! :mrgreen:


  29. Toonsy – just to start a new line in arguing for a Friday afternoon: I have a rare disagreement with something in your article: No, I wouldn’t be happy if we had an owner that spent what Citeh are spending. Because any resulting silverware would be meaningless.

    I have no respect for the trophies Chelski ‘bought’ any more than the League Cup Blackburn has. For me it’s not much different to turning up at the Tour de France on a motorbike and then wondering why nobody considers you the real winner.

    So while I hate our owner’s attitude, anything we do achieve under his model does actually carry some weight and pride, because we’ll have done it within the only real constraint that matters in football: a budget based on income.

    Winning at all costs is the kind of ****e that Manure supporters go for. Victory without meaning or pride is worse than none at all in my book.

    Ok, that’s my soap-box rant for the day. Any takers?


  30. Whumpie

    I’ve just stood up and applauded that post… with a tear in my eye I grab my coat and piss off home..

    laters. 😉


  31. excellent post Whumpie.

    Couldnt agree more m8. I think we learned after relegation and Fat Freds debts, real football is better earned.


  32. Whumpie – Of course, but its a fun ride whilst it lasts. Its almost as though we’ve been conditioned subconsciously to believe that us spending no money is good for the future of our club when in reality nobody knows of its a good thing or not. Its too soon to tell.

    I wonder if the City fans were concerned about the future when they won the FA Cup or now they dot at the top of the league? Probably, but the there and now would have drowned it all out id guess.


  33. Here’s the litmus test:

    Which fantasy, in your best, Friday pm imagination, makes you smile more:

    1. Being owned by an Oil-rich foreigner, spending 300M on players and beating Citeh
    2. Beating Citeh tomorrow as we are?

    No brainer. :mrgreen:


  34. Whumpie – Or competing at the very top of the game whilst feasting at the table of footballs elite

    Compared to more years of slow progression with maybe, and its a big maybe as were only a quarter way through this season, a chance of the Europa League which is a pointless competition anyway?

    Sorry but I just want to see my team at the top. If it takes years of progression then fair enough, but I wouldn’t mind seeing what happens if we had a few hundred mill being spent on us in the meantime. Call it a leg up 😛


  35. Does anyone actually think that in 10 years time Citeh fans will be able to cite that FA Cup without someone saying “yes, but you bought it”? Course not.

    What we’re doing may not last long, but I’m really enjoying it!

    BTW – love the Beeb’s way around Ashley’s latest ****up. “On the pitch at St James’s Park”.

    Wuddun, guys. Moratorium on Ashley’s name, please – or just say “” :mrgreen:


  36. “but I wouldn’t mind seeing what happens if we had a few hundred mill being spent on us in the meantime. Call it a leg up…”

    I like the thought of that but I also like us being the paupers that might change the way clubs are run in the future with hopefully wages, ticket prices etc coming down.

    City and Chelsea are spending dirty money but aye, I agree with toonsy about conditioned subconsciously to believe that us spending no money is good for the future of our club.. I’m happy to tag along for now to see where it leads us


  37. Nah. Prefer to stay down among those playing in reality where you have to earn your players. Much rather see Ba costing nothing and scoring for fun than paying some tit £200k a week knowing the most he can do is come somewhere near justifying it. Give me a Sammy over a Silva any day.


  38. Whumpie – Two things…

    1 – You’ve inspired me towards an article.

    2 – Have you ever thought of changing your username to ebilent as that is what my phone suggests when I type Whumpie :mrgreen:


  39. icedog says:
    November 18, 2011 at 15:33
    see m/city post 194.9 million loss for 2010/2011
    And that woul even include that shady sponsonship deal, correct?

    This is why FFP is a joke. This is the first year of the 3-year window, so as long as they show improvemet over the next 3 years, they will likely be forgiven by FFP.

    Theie philosophy, and it appears to be a good one, is run up losses now by spending themselves into the biggtime, and then back off a bit over the next 2 years. Plus they’ll eventually sell Tevez which will help.


  40. I’m sure we all want to see the best players at our club and I’m also sure we would love an owner who will splash the cash to bring the best to the club.

    The Reality though is, if that were the case, then our youth would be a continuous conveyor belt of youngsters in and out of the door due to their prospects being about zero of ever pulling on the black and white shirt because our fixes would be major buys at any cost type of thing.

    So in effect, although we might have a top team, competing in all ranges of competitions, it would mean we are doing so on a wage bill that is mammothly unmanageable and players on the whole that really don;t gibe a tuppeny **** about the club.

    I think we got rid of a few of those in our relegation season.

    Ellis Short is a prime example of coming in and throwing cash at managers to buy at whatever cost it takes, only for him to have a reality check that his pockets are emptying faster than he thought and he cannot sustain it indefinitely without success.

    Basically , if we were to be funded by a Sheikh then you can be sure that the Sheikh is there for 2 things.

    1…. to make his new toy successful for himself.

    2… To have the fans adore him like some floosies rich sugar daddy.

    The problem starts when he gets bored and decides he’d rather play with the box than play with his toys anymore and walks away leaving the club to now start finding a new owner or consortium with the football brains and financial wizardry to re-invent the club again from bottom to top on a manageable income from what the club brings in , in revenue.

    So in effect , what we would be doing most probably, would be fast tracking upwards for trophy , only to fast track back to the doldrums to then take 10 years to repair what would have been dismantled.

    We are in a situation right now , where the repairs are nearly completed and all we have to do is add a few more decorations to the team, plus the willingness and optimism of the youth coming through, knowing that they will be afforded the chance to shine at some stage and it’s a clever combination due to astute financial and careful transfer policy that’s geared for the future and not just for the time at hand.

    In essence, I prefer where we are at now and will happily forsake the luxury of a Sheikh type, for the very reasons I’ve stated.


  41. I would say the one nice thing about not having spent millions upon million of GBP, is that I think it affords more of an opportunity to see players that seem to inspire. There’s no obligation to keep the players you paid an arm and a leg for out there on the pitch. You can bring in the Sammeobi, Ferguson, or Gosling player and give them an honest shout. How many of Man City’s youth players are going to be getting looks this season? Maybe I am wrong there, but I feel like the team as it is now affords the opportunity to experiment and not justify any expenses. I for one think that seeing what we’ve gotten for as little as has been spent has made everything that much more exciting.


  42. I was thinking about this last night and I was seriously contemplating; is Pardew the best manager we’ve had in the premier league era?

    Before people grab the pitchforks and light the bonfire just hear me out for a minute.

    Obviously, (to me anyway) the biggest similarity between Pardew and the SBR era is the fact that he has the quite legendary John Carver at the club. This has made a huge difference to the organisation on the pitch and the simple quality of the coaching as well as the confidence in the players.

    Compared to the journeymen managers we had such as Allardyce I think we are seeing better man-management and tactics. We actually have a Plan B if things arn’t going to plan whereas Big Sam would simple scratch his big head and open another packet of wrigleys. #

    I don’t rate Keegan as god tbh, never have never will. If you look at the money he had to spend and the international players he got to sign compared to Pardew then I think you will agree he had more resources. It could be argued that even then the defense wasn’t as solid as Pardew and Carvers. (All the more impressive IMO that they are doing it with players like Danny Simpson and the two Taylors whereas Keegan could buy international quality like Phillipe Albert)

    That only leaves SBR IMO as the other credible candatate in the premier league era that has got the team playing like it is at the minute and not struggling at the bottom or mid-table obscurity. Now im not for one minute gonna suggest the Pardew is a better manager that the late, great Sir Bobby. I don’t think it is far to Sir Bobby and actually, I don’t think it’s fair on Pardew as he’s still managing and could go on to win the FA Cup or something.

    There’s one other person that needs a mention at this point and that is Graham Carr. You see I am including the whole team of Carr, Stone, Carver and Pardew in this. I was quietly confident that this group would do well, I just had a sort of belief in them. I think anyone who reads this ‘blog will know that I wasn’t as bowled over by the previous manager and coach as some where. If Pardew was sacked tomorow and took his coaches with him I think I would even go into a sort of year long sulk that some did when Hughton left. 😆 (Only I think I would be justified in it)

    Sorry about the length of this comment. 🙂


  43. No pitchforks, DJG; as a combination this team looks like being as good as we’ve seen. They just need to keep this up for another few years…


  44. DJG , I agree with what you’re saying as basically that’s not too far off my thoughts.
    Naturally Sir Bobby Robson was a very good manager but unfortunately, I think we got him too late in the day for him to make the impact that I’m certain he would have done.
    For some reason , Robson seemed to have lost the respect of some of the players in that I think they looked at him more as a grandfather figure and I don’t think some players too him seriously enough.

    It’s still early days yet but I think ,pound for pound, Pardew has the better set up of all when you factor in what you said about the coaches and scouting and has the potential to do a lot more , on a lot less funding.


  45. We need a body to start putting pressure on everyone in the industry to keep the SJP name. You can’t stop it legally – that’s the name of the turf, and it’s only the building that the Fat Twat owns.


  46. Comparisons of Pardew to Sir Bobby and Keegan come a little early for my taste. Let’s look at his record after several years, not after 30 or 40 games. He has done a tremendous job but for me Carr deserves at least as much credit. Whether we can sustain this level of play over an entire season is still uncertain. Money has warped the league standings moreso than ever as well. Losing 195 million is ridiculous and shouldn’t be allowed to continue. Man City have also destroyed any semblance of a realistic salary scale as well which is probably the worst part of allowing them to spend as they have. Who can afford Tevez or any of their other players? The whole FA has become a complete farce completely lacking in proper oversite, and much of it is due to foreign, often corrupt ownership such as at Birmingham, or complete incompetence such as Portsmouth. That’s my rant done for the day. Hoping for a good competitive match tomorrow.


  47. Solanostrumpet

    I apologise to the entire blog for Solanostrumpet’s inabilty to read and properly digest information.

    Please point out where I said the “N” word or when I said it was ok to say it?? Utter moron am I?

    Also the quotas I’m speaking about for sports teams are very much in place in South Africa. I never mentioned the UK.
    I said those are double standards and all race selection crtieria should be removed from sport. Otherwise you are saying its ok to be racist as long as its only towards black people. Rubbish… Racism is racism. whether its geographic or towards the colour of ones skin. It doesn’t matter how far the borders are.

    Finally, in using the example of my Portugese friend who gets abused and teased. I never said it was ok. I said he does the best possible thing he can, by ignoring them because that way he doesn’t give the provokers the reaction they are looking for.

    I also acknowledged there are serious incidents of racism, but there are also many many instances where small remarks are blown out of proportion. And in these instances the players need to man up and accept stupid things are said in the heat of passion. It happens both ways, all players of all colour are guilty of it.

    In those instances, Blatter is quite right. The problem should be resolved with a sincere apology and a handshake.

    Your were so intent on making your points to failed to even notice I never one mentioned any derogatory or racist words. That was actual aimed at me sarcastically by Mark to prove a point he never proved.

    By attacking me for something I actually never said… You have perfectly illustrated the exact point I was trying to make… #doublestandards.


  48. Witters, look past the name because that’s all it is and it will always be St James’ park to every Newcastle fan and even the majority of non Newcastle fans.


  49. Is there anything more boring and useless than racism? Surely there are more important issues than skin colour. We are one species with almost no DNA difference from race to race. Let’s get on to the important topics such as how we are going to beat Man City tomorrow!


  50. stop talking politics,thought this was for football fans,sadly cant see us getting anything 2mrw. will have a bet tho on 2-2


  51. Bazza, stick a fiver or a tenner on a Newcastle win.
    Anyone who sees this, get a fiver or a tenner on us to win.
    It’s worth a shot and I’m gonna do it but I’m slinging the ten spot on cos I’ve got a tingle in the end of me nob and butterflies in me stomach about this game and it’s a nice tingle, not a bell end stabbing pins and needles carry on. 😆


  52. Good article mate, really looking forward to the match tomorrow!

    One thing caught my eye though…

    “We don’t have a team that is filled with international players, but we do have momentum and a group of players who will give their all for the cause.”

    We have quite a number of international players actually…

    Sammy Ameobi for England u21s as of recently, Shola Ameobi plays for Nigeria, Coloccini and Jonas both for Argentina, Cabaye and Benny are both in the French squad, Davide Santon has played for Italy u21s and since made appearances in the senior team, Krul plays for Holland, Tiote for Ivory Coast and Demba Ba plays for Senegal…

    PHEW! That’s alot of international players! (I think that’s them all???)

    Sorry to be pedantic but damn look at how awesome our squad is!!!


  53. Sammy Ameobi – 2 caps England (u21s)
    Shola Ameobi – 20 caps England (u21s)
    Fabrico Coloccini – 34 caps Argentina
    Jonas Gutierrez – 22 caps Argentina
    Johann Cabaye – 9 caps France
    Hatem Ben Arfa – 8 caps France
    Davide Santon – 7 caps Italy
    Timmy Krul – 2 caps
    Cheik Tiote – 21 caps Ivory Coast
    Demba Ba – 10 caps Senegal

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


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