Pardew allays fears over sale of stars

Alan Pardew
Alan Pardew has said that he doesn’t expect any of our main players to be leaving club in the next transfer window, unless a silly money offer comes in for one of our stars.

The statement comes hot on the heels of renewed interest in Cheik Tiote from Chelsea who are said to be pondering a £20 million bid in January.

Last January said the same thing about Andy Carroll, and we all know how that ended up! However the justification for it at the time was that we weren’t in a position as a club to turn down the deal and he warned that it could happen again. However that stance has changed.

When asked about any potential sale of his star players, Pardew told the Mirror: “It is going to cost a hell of a lot of money, a hell of a lot of money because we’re in that position now.”

“I think any of our players that get linked to other clubs, those clubs are going to need to know they’ll need to pay a shed load of money to get anyone out of this football club.”

He added: “I don’t envisage anyone going out in this ­window.”

“But if a club, one of the top clubs, comes in and wants to pay way, way over the odds we’ll have to look at it.”

To me this is the acid test. Are we going to try and build a team? Or are we going to cash in and attempt to replace any outgoing players? That is the question isn’t it?

I don’t think many people will argue that every player has a price, and if one of the top teams comes in for one of our players the likelihood is that the player will want to move. It’s part of football.

However this cost-cutting needs to have an upside somewhere. We’ve been told how great we are doing financially and how we are on course to break even so there should be no reason to sell. Time will tell of course.

Pardew then moved on to incoming players and gave us a bit of an idea of what we can expect in January.

“We have looked at the African Nations Cup and we have looked at the next window,” said Pardew. “I think the maximum we would do is two players in. That would be our maximum. Then if anyone left, it would be a third.”

So the upshot of this is that we don’t need to sell players now unless it is for silly money. Perhaps now we can start to build a team and squad with a view to improving longer term and not worry so much about players leaving?

I remain sceptical. Actions are louder than words!

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102 thoughts on “Pardew allays fears over sale of stars

  1. toonsy/Wolfie – It’s all very well just lying over and letting the bigger clubs tickle your tummy but why not make a stand and say no you’re not having him and no you’re not leaving because we’re building something here. Spurs did just that.

    Answer me this – What is the point of selling our best players for millions and millions if the money is just going to sit in the bank and make our balance sheet look pretty?

    Footballs about winning or at least trying to win. I have no problem with selling our best players if the squad is going to improve by doing it, otherwise what is the point?



    I agree with you, in-fact he would trouble any players in the world when up to full speed and clear mind.
    I love the lad, well what I mean is, I wouldn’t go to bed with him (for nowt anyway) but I love the lad because he is a player that we have missed in terms of getting the ball and giving us the ” what magic will he do” factor.


  3. Definitely, his run for when he hit the post was great but what really impressed me was when he slipped Ba in, he didn’t even have a glance up as to where he was, he just played it without looking.


  4. STUART79….
    Unfortunately we aren’t in a position to immediately start mouthing off to the big guns that we are after their crown.
    This club has had to basically re-invent itself all the way through and that means from brass tacks.
    We are at a stage where we can attract untapped quality because we have a scouting system in place that appears to be second to none.
    Unfortunately the same system eventually produces the Gems that the hard work said it would produce, which naturally alerts the big Vulture clubs.

    We are in no position to match those clubs in terms of ability to flirt regularly with silverware,so if they come sniffing, players heads get turned.

    The problem with that is very simple.

    Once a players head get turned, his game suffers in 90% of times, so in effect ,if we refuse to sell, we then have a player that is only half the player we signed and basically more of a hindrance than an asset.

    It’s a pisser but it’s football I’m afraid.
    The good thing though is, we won’t be mugged off in the money stakes and like I said before, if we replace with as good or better, then we win basically every time until such time that we are playing up at the top wanting our piece of the action and when that happens, we keep the nucleus because they can see the bigger picture themselves and want to be a part of that.


  5. DAN , you’re correct , his vision and ability to be one step ahead will show through the more game time he gets .
    He will be our little Dynamo.


  6. Selling to “CL” clubs also increase our profile in that players want to come here to showcase their skills. The mercenaries are sold on at a profit the loyal ones improve the team.


  7. Wolfie, I sort of agree with your synopsis@79, but despite our lack of silverware and European status, I’d like to think we’re already at the stage where ….”we keep the nucleus because they can see the bigger picture themselves and want to be a part of that.” When we brought in Barfa, Cabaye, Santon and Marveaux they all said we had very high aspirations and that’s why they came here.

    I know it’s early doors yet, but I have high hopes for this season, maybe erring on unrealistic. Suppose we’ll all know a lot more come next May…


    I agree, those players we signed did come because they wanted to be a part of the set up but also they see this club through Ginola and Robert’s eyes and probably know that it’s special in terms of them show casing their skills and being revered for it by the fans e.t.c.
    I’d be the same if I looked at a club like Newcastle, I would be excited as a player to think I could be part of lifting a club like this into the dizzy heights.

    The more potential quality players that see the quality we have at this club will no doubt be wanting a part of it as well and maybe, just maybe we will get some of those over the line by the end of January and also by the summer we are in a healthy league position (hopefully Europa or better) which will then give us massive scope on who we can tap into, knowing that we have a better than average chance of selling the club to those players as well.
    It’s half hypothetical at the minute but not out of the realms of probability.


  9. On another note, Chelsea play Liverpool today. A draw would see Liverpool still 5 points behind us and Chelsea still 2 points behind… Would be ideal for us and could make for a proper battle Vs Chelsea, as we will be on a similar points total by the time we meet.

    Imagine this scenario – Chelsea draw with Liverpool, win their next game then draw with us. Points total 27. If we grab a draw at Man Utd then hold Chelsea, our points total will also be 27. We would have got all the top sides out of the way bar Liverpool by then and would be level on points with money bags Chelsea almost half way through the season, a real achievment…

    I expect Spurs to pull ahead of us soon, but their fixture list from end of January to end of March is a real tough run. It could really knock them sideways. I fancy us to nick 6th spot this season if we dont flog key players in the next window….


  10. Roll on next Summer then Wolfie eh. Hopefully we’ll keep our form up, and not get hit by the dreaded injury curse. No reason why we can’t stay in the better part of the table if this happens. Surely we’ve been ‘tested’ enough now!

    Reet, I’m off. Catch yers later……


  11. @Wolfie @79

    I aslo hoped we would be at the stage to push for Europe with the team we have. Why not keep the team we have and add a few more with good buys from our excellent scouts.

    Tiote etc have just signed excellent long term contracts so why sell them if they don’t want to leave. heads wont be turned if we refuse to sell and reach Europe this season or next.


  12. Are you trying to sat Liverpool are overrated Rodz?! Funny, if they lose they are 6 points behind us having been ‘tested’ just as much as us. But they will still be seen as dead certs for the Top 6, despite us clearly being more consistent so far this season…


  13. Wolfie – Sorry but have been on an illegal substance?

    Your rationale is that of a defeatist who would just keep going round and round in circles in pursuit of a perfect balance sheet ahead of a trophy in the cabinet, How do you get into a position where you don’t have to sell your best players if you keep selling them? we’ll never get there.

    At the end of the day there has to be cut off point where we’re going to stop selling the clubs best assets and why cannot that be now? Great league position, will be at least breaking even, have recently received the best part of £50m that is sat in the bank and most of our better players are on long term expensive contracts.

    There just isn’t is a better time to push on and be strong, just ask Spurs if it’s possible to tell the so called bigger clubs to fck off!


  14. STUART..
    I think you took what I said a little bit out of context.
    What I was saying is about a player who’s head could be turned, I didn’t specifically say say Tiote and in actual fact I was thinking of Enrique as an example of getting your head turned.
    The club aren’t in a position to just crack on with money in the bank as you say, not yet anyway because it has to become sustainable in it’s own right, meaning Ashleys pockets stay sewn up and the clubs coffers deal with the finance .

    I’m also not on about losing loads of players, I’m simply saying that one or two at any given time will be sounded out by bigger and better placed clubs to give them what they want (trophies) and it “could” potentially turn Tiote’s head regardless of his mammoth contract.
    If it does, we can choose to play ball or not but if the right price comes in and it does turn his head, it would be counter productive to play hardball with Tiote.


  15. Wolfie – We don’t need Ashleys money anymore! Pardew has already said he’s not putting any of his own cash in anymore.

    I think we need to face facts, the only reason we will sell our better players is to replace the hole left by what Ashley’s creating by taking his money back to pay off the loan. He’s entitled to do that but it will only harm the clubs ambition as imo he has absolutely no interest in the club being ambitious, he just wants to get out with as much of his investment in tact as possible.


  16. Don’t get why everyone rates the current Liverpool side as a top side imo they are no further forward as we are , big difference is they have spent buckets loads on players some of who have yet to step up to the plate . Where as we have brought in unknown’s (in the premiership) for next to nothing and they are producing the goods . I honestly think when HBA is back to his best and the wingers are back fit we can still kick on even more than we have done already . Just look at yesterdays game ,we give City more of a game than manure did and that with a weakend side .


  17. STUART to be fair mate, you’re hatred of Ashley is making your guesses for you.
    In fiction Ashley could be planning to take over the planet and to dominate the world and using Newcastle as a front.
    Ashley could using the basement under the club to finalize his nuclear program of blowing the club sky high so he can build us a new ground near Tottenham called the Mike Ashley Arena..


    Shock horror, he could be deviously trying to turn this club into a top outfit running like a Swiss watch on and off the pitch for us and the future generations to have something to shout about.

    I prefer the latter but that’s just me. 😀


  18. keithrtoon@44
    do you really buy the signing on fees spin we are the only club in the world that include them when buying and selling players , D Ba was free he dident cost a bean .
    We can all speculate on what has cost what but ,
    Season ticket money ?
    Sky money ?
    Premierleague money ?
    Player sales 30 million ish profit !
    Food and drink revenue ?
    Shirt sales ?
    My point is Mike Ashley is only taking out of the club not putting in and we are relyant on our scouts to come up trumps every season and in my opinion that will not happen .
    And to answer your question about would i want to pay over the odds for any of the players you mentioned the answer is YES im a football fan i want to watch good footballers play football is that not the point ! im not an accountant or a shareholder im a football fan !
    Thats why i dont understand fans bleating on about finances and the bottom line , if Ashley wants to make money then buy more cloths shops but in football you have to speculate to acumulate if we spent 10 million or so in january and kept the players we have we could push for europe and ashley would make more money next year but in my opinion that will not happen we will sell 20 or 30 million worth of players and spent5 to 8 million making him a profit in this and every other window sinse he bought us .
    now i could just be negative or not getting behind the lads but it looks very much like mike is asset stripping at nufc !


  19. keith post 98 I absolutely disagree with.
    How can be be assest stripping the club when the assets are worth more now than ever ?


  20. wolfie@98
    Whats worth more now than ever ,
    Our squad ! is smaller than ever .
    Our star players ! he sells them and keeps the money it may be good for the balance sheet but its not good for the team !
    Are you happy that we may lose the likes of tiote or colo and that little or no money from the deals will be spent on players ?
    Do you think its possible to find good players for nothing or a couple of million every year whilst selling our good players when the right offer comes along rather than wene we have replacements lined up?
    Do you think its ok that Ashley makes a profit in every transfer window ?


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