Cabaye: “We will be playing for a win on Saturday”

Cabaye gunning for Man Utd
Yohan Cabaye insists that the squad remains in a positive mood ahead of another tricky trip to Manchester at the weekend and claims that the boys in Black and White are going to Old Trafford looking for a win.

It’s nearly 40 years since we last won at Old Trafford although there is a growing feeling that we could actually take something from a ground where, traditionally at least, we’ve not fared too well.

Manchester United may not be as impressive as they have been in previous years, or even at the start of the season where they pretty much hammered everyone they come up against. they may have lost 6-1 to Manchester City and will have to settle for 2nd place in their Champions League group – a rarity for them – but they’ll still be dangerous and will be the favourites for the game. Personally I’d be happy with a draw.

The players seem to have a different idea though. Buoyed by an impressive second half against Manchester City last week they seem to have retained the confidence within themselves and are now eyeing an upset at the home of the 12 time Premier League champions according to Cabaye.

“We want to win against Manchester United. I think we can. We will be playing for a win on Saturday,” Cabaye told the Chronicle.

He continued: “This is a big game at a big stadium, but it’s good for us. This week we have a tough game against Man United and then Chelsea at home. They are two good games, but two tough games.”

“We can test what we are made of and what we can do. We must see what we can do against the league’s big teams. Therefore for us, they are big games.”

Cabaye has been an instrumental part of the team during their impressive start to this season. His work rate is phenomenal and his passing is sharp. He’ll get stuck in for the team and he isn’t afraid to have a crack at goal from distance, which has led to him scoring two cracking goals already for us.

He’s not been alone in performing well though and at times it’s been the team that has shone instead of any one individual. Whatever it is, it’s worked and Newcastle still occupy a Champions League place. We probably won’t keep that 4th place for too much longer, but if we keep winning games then why not give it a try? This is something Cabaye claims that the players are trying to do. He said:

“We have played well and have picked up good results. It’s been a very good start here. I am happy with that and I want to keep winning. It’s important for everybody here we do that.”

“We want to stay at the top of the Premier League and get back to winning a lot of matches. The team spirit is still very good here.”

You can tell Cabaye was Captain at Lille. When he speaks he says all the right things and can back it up with his actions on the pitch.

Here’s hoping these words resonate with what happens on Saturday!

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27 thoughts on “Cabaye: “We will be playing for a win on Saturday”

  1. Would be a glorious win! With Obertan and Tiote back, we will have that bit extra to offer. Ben arfa will be less rusty as well! I seriously think we have a legitimate chance of winning against Man U this weekend, especially with Rooney doubtful!
    Our central midfield will completely dominate them I think

    2-1 win for the Toon!


  2. i hate wednedays… football the weekend before has been assessed the hell out of and the football coming up seems ages away! 👿

    I’m going for a draw… i can see us going ahead until the 117th minute and then the ref finally blows his whistle after they equalise 😆



    Let’s break our ridiculous hoodoo, never a better time to do so in my opinion.

    Looking at Man U’s team from last night:

    01 De Gea
    03 Evra
    04 Jones
    05 Ferdinand
    20 Fabio Da Silva (Smalling 82)
    16 Carrick
    17 Nani
    18 Young
    24 Fletcher
    25 Valencia (Hernandez 80)
    09 Berbatov

    …I’d say we’ll probably see Smalling come in for Da Silva, and Hernandez is obviously gona start. I’d think he’ll be our main threat.

    I’d love to think from that line up that he’d rest Nani and Young too, maybe bring in Anderson and Park/Valencia.

    Hopefully there’s no Rooney, fingers crossed. And I guess it’s a blessing that the little **** from Cheshire is injured.

    This could be the most evenly matched encounter we’ve had with them since our glorious 5-0 howking back in the day!

    …then again, it is Man U, at Old Trafford.

    The bookies have us down for 10/1 shots again, which I believe is overpriced. I’ll be giving them another ten of my English pounds this weekend – hopefully they’ll give me 110 back!!!


  4. I may even put money on this if they’re going to be that stupid with the odds. I’d have Manure as favourites of course – you don’t win 12 titles without knowing how to win points in adversity – but a draw looks far from unlikely to me.

    I don’t think we’ll keep Hernandez out, but I can’t see their midfield standing up to ours and with Benny, Ba and Cabaye taking constant potshots I can see us getting through at least once.

    2-2. But I may put a tenner on a win at those odds. :mrgreen:


  5. It would be a major triumph to get anything at OT – just look at our record. I’d love to think we can but with the bookies giving us 10/1 . . . Chelsea will be far from easy too. Testing testing


  6. I think we can get something this weekend 😀

    The weekend seems so far away, can’t believe Im actually lookin forward to playing the so called top 4, first time in a long time 😉


  7. This is probably our best chance of getting something from a game at OT in a long time. A bit of self belief from the players will make all the difference.


  8. Lee, I know what you mean. It’s just good knowing the team you hold so highly is gona go out and fight every game. I got so fkn sick and tired of watching the same old tw@ts in black and white shirts over the years who just couldn’t be arsed – and there’s certainly been plenty of them!

    I think it’s safe to say that if we went at Man City the way we did, then no other team will be spared – we ain’t scared of anyone! Pardew seems to have instilled confidence and optimism in this squad that I ain’t seen in a long time, and I’m lovin’ it.

    …this season is like a breath of fresh air. Back to the way we should be.


  9. I don’t see manure as dominant as they once were. I think it hurts them knowing they are second best to man city and I think it’s having an effect. I think fergie is starting to fade ever so slightly and I think that this is shown more in the euro league than domestic. Normally they walk the group stages and this season they are going to go through second at best. I think if they loose their last it’s even possible they don’t even make it to the knock outs.
    I think this is a great time to play them ESP with Rooney out this weekend.
    As for cabaye…..maybe next captain when colo leaves????
    I think we will get a draw this weekend at worst.


  10. Can people stop mentioning Colo leaving, please? I know it’s a possibility, but it’s just such a depressing thought!

    He’s got the best song for a start!


  11. I just love it that Manu seem to be running scared. Fergies mind games with an ‘unfit’ Rooney. Oh what a surprise come game time he is fit after all. Just a tactic to try and foil any formation we play not taking into account Rooney.
    Who cares man you suck lol


  12. Rooney’s really not been all that good this season anyway. Comes from being more interested in his (plastic) hair and worrying about his preference for grannies over his surprisingly cute missus than in football.


  13. What annoys me, and I’ve seen it a few times now, is that apparently Man Yoo are back to this “winning ugly” thing that all great sides do blah blah blah.

    The exact same kind of thing we were apparently lucky to be doing not so long back.


  14. …to me “winning ugly” is just another way of saying “playing ****e and getting lucky”. I hope Man U just do the first part on Saturday.


  15. Seriously… do the bookies really think that if you played this match 10 times, the Toon would only win one of them??

    Then again – think back to school. Who was the sort to become a bookie? The dodgy ****wits. Explains much. 😀


  16. Rooney has not taken a swipe at removing his father from this Earth as far as I know, but it may be that he has simply not quite at that stage yet Rodz…


  17. Out of all the Man Utd players, it’s this little **** Hernandez that worries me the most because he reminds me of a scurrying little mouse that pops up from nowhere just to annoy the shyte out of you.


  18. Anyone else think we knackered city out? They looked exhausted against Napoli. :mrgreen:


  19. Andy Mag – They deserved to lose just for dropping Richards with the form he’s been in.

    “I know, Richards was our best performer at the weekend so let’s drop him for a crunch game”

    Great work Mancini 😉 🙄


  20. Man City did look knackered against Napoli like Andy Mag said. We made them work hard for their win and it took it’s toll.
    I think Mancini got a bit too smug thinking Napoli were gonna be a pushover as well and got suckered.
    That’s what you get when you start getting ****y believing your team only has to turn up to win.
    I’d love to see Man City win absolutely phuck all this season.


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