Barton launches fresh attack on Ashley and Llambias

Barton opens up again
Joey Barton has launched a fresh attack on Newcastle owner and Managing Director, Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias, labelling the two of them “cretins” in the process.

Speaking on QPR Pocast ‘Open All R’s’, Barton also claimed that he was not paid whilst in prison and was offered an ultimatum of reducing his wages or leaving whilst spending time at her Majesty’s pleasure before going on to admit that it was him and a few other players who ultimately cost Chris Hughton his job over the much publicised fallout from the bonus payments, or lack of them, last season.

You can listen to what was said in the Podcast by clicking here or you can read the main points below. If you do choose to listen to it then you’ll need to press play (obviously) and skip to 28 minutes in as that is where the juicy Newcastle stuff is. Thanks to Chris G for pointing that out.

First off Barton reiterated his disdain for the upper management duo of Derek Llambias and Mike Ashley:

“I’ve got a lot of ill feeling towards Llambias and Ashley, like a lot of fans have, but the football club is always going to be bigger than any said individual,” said Barton.

He continued: “I keep getting told they are really savvy businessmen… but they didn’t want me as I ask questions. They promised a number of things and delivered on very few.”

“When you pull the shirts on you do if for yourself, the fans and the club but if you despise everything that the owners stand for then its very difficult. I’m a man of principles and maybe that’s why I am not at Newcastle.”

“I’m happy with them doing well, but the flipside of my happiness is if they do well then the people who I don’t like are doing well. I just wouldn’t like to work for those two cretins.”

So essentially Barton wants Ashley and Llambias to fail, and using his logic, ultimately NUFC to fail, due to his personal dislike of the ownership. Cheers Joey.

Barton then went on to speak about his time in jail, and how the club tried to railroad him into signing a new contract on vastly reduced terms but were prevented from doing so by FA regulations. He also claims that he wasn’t paid during his 77 day prison stretch.

“Newcastle say they paid my wages when I was in jail but they never. I was not paid,” said Barton.

“They were giving me an ultimatum saying if didn’t sign this contract on a fifth of the money I was on they would sack me. I was sitting in a jail cell at the time so I had no real power.”

“As a principal I told my agent I’m not signing, I will let them sack me. I was quite confident I would get out of there and get back to the player I was. FA rules proved they couldn’t then sack me.”

Joey Barton then went on to talk about the sacking of Chris Hughton and the fallout over bonus payments which Alan Pardew sorted out earlier in the summer. He claims that the bonus payments and sacking of Hughton are linked.

“We were only club in Premier League history not to sign a bonus sheet. It never happened. It’s unprecedented. We refused because they tried to railroad us into it,” claimed Barton.

“It fundamentally cost Chris Hughton his job as he couldn’t get us to sign so Mike Ashley said he had no control over the players and that was his undoing. Chris knew he was on borrowed time from then – yet this was a guy who kept club together when we went down, had no budget, inherited a playing squad fragmented and disjointed and handled himself with nothing but dignity. He did a fantastic job swimming against the tide at boardroom level and got the club back into the Premier League.”

“We felt aggrieved by Chris’ exit, at the same time we refused to sign the bonus sheet. They decided we were the paid workforce and thought we were Sports Direct and do what subordinates there do.”

“The bigger name players advised the players not to sign and that filtered back to the boardroom. It’s no coincidence that I got sold, or given away, Carroll and Nolan were sold and Harper is being forced to go on loan and his position is made untenable and Alan Smith has been told to train with the reserves for the rest of his days.”

So there you go. More Barton bombshells. Well, I say bombshells but they aren’t really are they? A lot of people already think Ashley and Llambias are cretins and a lot of people already twigged on that Hughton got the boot because he ultimately couldn’t control the players. The only ‘new’ thing, for me anyway, is the bit about him not being paid whilst in prison. Boo hoo.

I just think it’s time for Barton to shut the f*ck up about Newcastle now. At the end of the day he is nothing to do with the club anymore and should focus on QPR. No doubt he will be in his element today as there is a lot of attention on this and, once again, the name of Newcastle United is dragged through the press.

I still have a soft spot for Barton, but the more he whines on the harder it is becoming. I mean essentially they were moaning about a bonus, an addition to their normal wage that is already millions of pounds of year. All this simply because of principal? Hmm…. Funnily enough the bonus sheet was signed this season, and with a lot of the same players still here. Go figure.

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66 thoughts on “Barton launches fresh attack on Ashley and Llambias

  1. Fed up of Barton really he wouldn’t even get in our team had he stayed anyway. Why would the club feel at liberty to pay someones wages when they are in jail? They should be sacked.

    Great move in hindsight to get rid of a jumped up lil upstart who has a glorified opinion of himself yet is doing nothing at qpr.

    You don’t think its sour grapes do you? 😈


  2. Agree toonsy I loved the bit about his principles… I love his sort of principles beating up kids and everyone else for a hamburger.
    What an inspiration!
    Bugger off Barton your boring and average.


  3. Barton needs to put his brain into gear before he opens his mouth, his campaign to project himself as a superintelligentmegahyperbeing is backfiring bigstyle, there is nothing new in what he says, its old hat, been done to death and we have moved on a long time ago.
    I think the above comments reflect more badly on himself than the board, in particular as he is claiming the credit for Chris Hughtons demise, not big and not clever.
    Fans that had a bit of time for him, and im one, will now turn against him and he needs to concentrate on his own club from now on and let sleeping dogs lie.


  4. I can believe everything he says and don’t share the said opinion as toonsy, liam and robert


  5. cor we wouldn’t pay Barton when he was in jail! my heart bleads for him. At a time when we have lost a fine man in GS why do we have to put up with this crap


  6. TLR – I believe what he is saying. So does Robert, and Liam. Not sure where you get we don’t?

    The point being there is nowt new, nothing that we don’t know, and by Barton raking it up,AGAIN I’ll add just well, baffles, me.


  7. surprised Barton is still banging on about toon, hasn’t he moved onto bigger and better things – interestingly parts has sorted out the bonus pool for this season as mentioned by steven taylor and a few others


  8. Barton’s showing his class again…tool! Shut the fcuk up ****head…

    Personally i reckon it’s the scouse in Barton & Nolan that caused all the bonus issues, fcuking scousers


  9. “I’m a man of principles and maybe that’s why I am not at Newcastle.”


    That has made my day. You’ve got to hand it to the daft twunt – he is funny as fcuk sometimes. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  10. I’m off to stub a cigar out in someones eye because I’m also principled. I’ll also not compensate him for any financial loss as I’m principled, even though I’m wedged up πŸ˜€


  11. “Excuse me young scoundrel, my team mates appear to think a clip round the ear will suffice but, as a man of principles, I feel it only right that I take this here cigar and extinguish it on your cornea.”


  12. Having seen his disgusting comments on Twitter about a true Toon legend ” Gary Speed ” he needs to shut up now about all things Toon.

    Newcastle United Fans are not as stupid as Barton seems to think. He only played 4 more games than Michael Owen over the same time span for Newcastle.

    As for being paid in prison what a knacker as many have already said we would be sacked.

    He is a clown.


  13. “Toby le Rhone
    November 30, 2011 at 07:58

    I can believe everything he says and don’t share the said opinion as toonsy, liam and robert”

    Toby, I can also believe everything he says, but so what. He just makes himself out to be a stereotypical ego inflated, and self loving Premier League hotshot, who believes he derserves to be treated differently from anyone else on the planet.

    If I went to jail for any crime, I wouldn’t only get a salary decrease (he should be kissing Ashley’s arse for that), I would get sacked and find it very hard to ever gain employment again.

    Then he still went on to fight for bonus, and admits to playing a role in getting Hughton sacked because of player greed. Clearly there was too much player power.

    Why could Pardew sort it and not Hughton?

    He is an absolute idiot. He is only popular because he is controversial, that doesn’t make him intelligent or right at all.

    So so glad he is gone.


  14. Without Barton Nufc is riding high in the Premiership and the fans are delighted at the effort being put in by the players.

    Barton is absolutely distraught that we are doing so well and will resort to any means to discredit the club.

    A very sad individual!


  15. Ashley and LLambias are cretins.
    Barton wasnt paid in jail when they said he was.
    NUFC were only club in history not to sign bonus sheet.
    MA and DL treated players like sports direct employees.
    Hughton couldnt get players to give in.
    Barton hates working for those ‘cretins’ upstairs.
    This is the reason he left – he didnt shut up and lick arse

    Clam donw lads – nothing here is incorrect. All JB opnions and experiences as an NUFC player (which we were not privvy to) to me and nothing to get worked up about.

    Im assuming he was asked these questions and he answered, thats Joey. He doesnt hold back. Take it or leave it. Devenaa why all the hate and name calling. Hes never called me as a fan anything.

    Good luck to him I say


  16. While we are on the subject of idiots, ive just seen Steve Keanes comments that he forfeited last nights Carling Cup tie v Cardiff as he wants to keep his players fresh for league games, so the point of his team playing out of their skins against us in the previous round into extra time was what?
    What a prize tool.


  17. i was behind kean before but for what he said last nite i now feel sorry for the bburn fans. he coulda told them that before they made the trip to cardiff on a minging tuesday night.. πŸ™„

    sorry to interupt – you may go back to barton bashing πŸ˜†


  18. Waiting for the day his head expands to such a size that it blows up. Hopefully someday people won’t associate Newcastle with this deluded, self-centred, full-time-philosopher part-time-footballer.


  19. Copout by Kean if everI’ve heard one. If they’d won does anyone think he’d say “well I didn’t really want to win as I wanted to keep things fresh”…..? Course not.


  20. I’m pleased Barton has came out and said what he has… but not as pleased as Mike Ashley should be!!!
    All Barton has done is confirm my suspicions that the likes of he and Nolan are greedy fcukers full of their own self importance.
    What a prick, yes Barton, footballers are part of the paid workforce because you earn a salary… far more than most of you deserve!!!
    I may have the wrong end of the stick here, but am I right in assuming the bonus sheet Barton refers to would be some kind of agreement that if the players weren’t performing, they would not collect a bonus???
    I’m sure Ashley is also writing into everyone’s contract now, that if we are ever relegated again (god forbid) that players wages will be adjusted accordingly… how very dare he!!
    I may be wrong, but it sounds like the board are planning for every eventuality for the future.

    Regardless of what Barton may think, players are no more important than ground staff, canteen staff or the kids that work in Sports Direct, who all have lives to live and bills to pay.
    But if we ever get relegated again or our club falls on hard times it will be those people that loose their jobs first!!… Whilst the likes of Barton and other over paid players don’t loose a penny.

    I was pleased to see the back of Barton when he left, and if Nolan, Carroll and Enrique share his views we’re well rid of those as well.

    I would hate to see Newcastle in the kind of position Portsmouth find themselves in now, but pre Ashley, that’s exactly where we were heading with a squad of players like Barton and Smith who is still sapping money from our club.

    Go to hell Joey Barton, you were never a fans favourite (not this fan anyway), and in a week where football had lost a real pro and true gent, you, yet again have made yourself look like a *******!!

    Rest well Speedo


  21. Why is Barton ranting about all this now? Why not a lot sooner. Sour grapes or he protests too much or maybe he hates looking at the league table these days. Its got boring and repetative previously I could of supported him in much of what he said. So the big names and egos have gone and we are much the better for it. Sorry Joey but shut it now.


  22. Just off-topic a min, but Ladbrokes have us at 3-1 to win at the weekend. I might sling a tenner on that πŸ™‚


  23. bonus scheme? arent they paid enough? I’m happy with a Β£10 tip after humping furniture about all day.. bonus scheme πŸ™„

    I feel sorry for Hughton, was a very nice man and a good manager. I thought there was more to it regarding the play-power rumor and chris losing their control.

    Barton shouldnt be paid whilst in prison.. the guy on another planet and a **** team.


  24. It’s Barton being upset at being regarded as the “paid workforce” that cracks me up – that and the idea that only being paid Β£3million a year at Newcastle United makes him the scouse Nelson Mandela. When people say Ashley “doesn’t understand football”, this is the kind of thing he doesn’t understand. Tell you what though, I’d love to know what guys like Gutti and Collo (or Saylor) make of it all – they’ll have great books to write when they retire.


  25. I too am glad that JB is no longer our Problem. But for the one saying that he hasn’t told us anything we didn’t know, is living in dreamland.
    I never heard anyone mention that he wasn’t getting paid while in jail ?
    As for the ones that say he should have been sacked in when he was inside ? It says in his cast that under the pfa rules they couldn’t sack him, as they had tried.
    I just can’t get my head round the fact that somany fans are lining up to bash him now for answering questions that are put to him.
    Only last season most of the fans had grown to like and support him except for an odd 1 or 2 like TC that ave kept the same stance.
    Twas the same with Nolan most on here loved him and thought he was the best thing since sliced bread, captain fantastic, king kevin etc etc, but now he was the devil πŸ˜† how fickle the fans are.
    As I said im glad that JB isn’t our problem anymore, but I still think he has a god given right to say what he feels, and I do believe that he has strong feelings for the Toon so he has as much right to express them as anyone of us, the only difference between him and us is that he knows lots more about the running of the club than us.
    I don’t agree with everything he says but he has the right to express his feelings.


  26. Gary Speed tribute at SJP:
    lee_ryder Lee Ryder
    A singer will also perform the hymn Bread Of Heaven at SJP #nufc
    1 minute ago

    lee_ryder Lee Ryder
    #nufc fans to hold up cards with Speedo’s number 11 on before minute of applause on Saturday
    3 minutes ago

    milesstarforth Miles Starforth
    A singer will lead St James’s Park in a rendition of Welsh hymn Bread of Heaven on Sat, & cards will spell out No11 in the East Stand. #nufc
    5 minutes


  27. What a **** i read this last night and couldnt believe how spoilt and arrogant he sounded, Hes lost any support i had for him when the club got rid.

    “Subordinates” of sports direct, Like these people are below you, You Verminous scouse thug. It just shows where the problem lay last season for all that Harper has done im disapointed he has aligned himself with these money driven ****s who have shamelessly chased megabucks, Barton jumping for silly money at quite honestly the most cringeworthy club in the league with an owner who whores himself to the press and will never follow through with his laughable bull**** (45k stadium for QPR πŸ˜† )

    Nolan waddled off for a pay rise for a desperate club in a lower league and good old smudge who steadfastly refuses to leave and rape the club of more of its income, What a pro and of course the Β£35m neandethal whos making a bit of a tit on merseyside while a freebie with a ****ed knee scores goals for fun.

    All replaced by hungry, talented, technically better and cheaper players who are on course to take us to a better finish than any in these supposedly influential players time at the club, Sounds like pretty savvy business to me…


  28. ‘should of give him the boot when he went to the big hoose’ well said mate

    Look, i can’t understand why Toon fans are forgiving this here, what a jumped up little *******. Why can’t he just move on. I read in the interview somewhere he said,
    “Me and some of the other Bigger name players were head of the player committee…..” (Little ******) then went on to say that’s why Nolan and Carroll were sold, then said that harper and smith are being forced out. I bet they all thought they were running the club. lol.

    then…..he said he wanted to know where the “35million had gone?????” Is he the manager or some little ****** that’s had one good season in his life??????

    I can’t believe the ****ing front of the guy. I wonder how many promises he broke to Shearer, Keegan and the board when he was meant to be sorting himself out, instead he thinks he can row with shearer and get sent off in a massive game prior to relegation..

    All respect is lost for this man. A man of principal – god i wish it was him instead of Speedo.


  29. I love how these players who were paid a fortune and all underperformed or were injured/in jail can complain about not being paid a bonus scheme despite being paid premier league wages when they helped highest paid team to become relegated in premier league history.

    And the players group of Barton, Nolan, smith and harps wanted to get more money for getting us back to where we should never have left?!?

    Then to top it off, disrupting other players by telling them not to sign?…. Fuck off!!!

    No wonder Enrique left when the senior players hammer it into your mind that you deserve mOre money despite only actually earning it for half of their 4-5 year contracts.

    Also, how come pardew managed to get the team to sign the bonus sheet within weeks of his appointment?


  30. Also another point, I really liked Nolan, Barton, Enrique, Carroll, Smith etc but at the end of the day they were flat out all season and we finished 12th, I say hoorah for getting shot of them all really


  31. I might be in the minority here but I don’t believe half of what Barton says anyway. He seems quite good at twisting the facts slightly to support his own point of view.

    For example, he said that the club couldn’t sack him because they were trying to re-negotiate his contract in a way which was contrary to FA rules. That’s very misleading, because if they had wanted to get rid of him I’m sure they could easily have found another way of doing it – either by charging him with gross misconduct or simply because of the length of the prison sentence that he was serving.

    Also, I’m not sure I believe him when he says that he wasn’t paid while he was in prison (although I sincerely hope he wasn’t). He said that his agent was supposed to bring the new contract into the prison for him to sign, but took it instead to a solicitor in London, who phoned up the club and explained that it didn’t comply with the FA’s rules and regulations. But if that were true, surely the solicitor would also have explained that the existing contract was still valid, and if they weren’t intending to sack him, then the club was still legally obliged to honour it by paying his wages?

    Lastly, I think he’s overstating the apparent witch-hunt against the ‘bigger name’ players who upset the boardroom. We all know that the reasons why Nolan and Enrique left were quite different to those of Barton. The reason that Harper’s position has become ‘untenable’ is simply because Krul is proving himself to be a better keeper. And what he said about Smith was very curious:
    @38.42 mins “..and Alan Smith told he’s going to train with the reserves for the rest of his days and they don’t want him anywhere near the football club”

    Obviously Joey didn’t notice him on the bench at Man City 😳


  32. Chis G – Barton, lying? Surely not?

    On top of that didn’t Barton’s agent come out and praised the club for standing by his player while he was in jail?


  33. “To be fair to Derek Llambias, he and the club did stick by Joey after his troubles” Willie McKay


  34. Toonsy – I thank you

    JJ – really, the best you could come up with, in my 33 yrs, have a wild guess how many times that may have been said – but thanks mate, I presume that was you agreeing with me.

    Big Dave – I also never took to Barton, ever.

    Regarding Nolan though, I did think he was a heart on your sleeve kinda player and had a passion for our club and fans.
    However, when he left he still had 2 years left on his contract. Negotiations started on his new deal but with 2 yrs left there was no hurry and he could have still been at the club now.
    Instead, he dropped a division to join West Ham, for football reasons – hardly, he could have stayed with us, then if West Ham get promoted join them back in the EPL.
    What happened was that we offered Nolan a contract with bonus clause and other ammendments and his reply has been “do you know who I am?!”… straight on the phone to his agent and que fat Sam.
    But the day I really turned on Nolan was the first football focus of the season, when Nolan was interviewed and said he left because he had to do the right thing for his families future…. WHAT!!!!
    If he had have seen out his 2 years at Newcastle and left a free agent he would have made in the region of Β£5m!!!

    Players are paid THAT much that they have lost all sense of reality and they think by kissing the badge that they relate to the fans… They haven’t got a clue!!

    Big Dave, he’s welcome to his views and I encourage them if it gives us an insight of what goes on, I don’t agree though, that he has strong feelings for our club but I’m happy for him to prove me right…. which is that player/agent power is ruining our beautiful game.


  35. The agent said: β€˜I’ve got nothing against Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias and the guys that run the club. They can do what they want, but I think it’s suicide what they’ve done. We have been inundated with interest’. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  36. The bit that really irked me is the “Sports Direct subordinates” bit. What a jumped up little prick this man is. Does he have his head so far shoved up his own arse that he fails to realise the us, we, the fans, don’t earn millions of pounds a year in general? In fact a very highly paid fan will earn in a year what he earns in a week. It’s these “subordinates” that contribute to keeping the club running, which includes his wages, and the fricking bonuses.

    Fcuking cretin!

    I would have got more angry about that in the article but I’d just woke up when I read it πŸ˜†


  37. Barton is a tit. I’ve never like him. He is at a different club now, he should be focusing on them. I wonder what his fans make of him talking about other clubs more than his own?

    He actually thinks he is important. Such a top player he is plying his trade in front of 18,000 fans for a Championship club. Hint of jealousy at our position? I think so. Crawl back under your rock you thug.


  38. Yeah Toonsy, just seen it on Sky, at least the club seem to be getting that right, got to do something to show his family how much he was loved and respected


  39. I can’t get to the game on Saturday which gutted me before the passing of Speed but really wish I could be part of such a fitting tribute to the bloke.
    Well done to the club for arranging such a memerioral, I’m sure the Chelsea fans will respect it and feel priviledged to be part of it


  40. Gadga, what is Barton supposed to have tweeted about Gary Speed? Please don’t tell me he has been in anyway insulting. Peace.


  41. Just thinking there about the players committee, I said at the time that Hooters wasn’t strong enough or have the steel needed to be a manager, and it looks like I was right because he helped cause the problem by letting them take control. So Stardy and Co were wrong when they said that letting the senior players help was a master stroke.
    Toonsy you are right when you said about the SD subordinits, I have tweeted him to tell him that he has started to come across as an arrogant know it all prick, and even asked him if he was back on the drink.
    But he is just the same as the majority of prem players, that have a very high opinion of themselfs.

    As for the tribute to Speedo I cant wait, and I hope that we can all prove to the media that the Toon always look after their own.
    I still cant get my head round it, and my heart really does go out to his Lass, as I know from experience that the last time she seen Speedo is the memory that she will always have.
    I hope that she gets loads of support as she will need it, I know its not a very nice thing to talk about but its facts, and the more its spoke about the more people will listen, and just maybe more will be done about it.
    R I P Speedo you will be sadly missed. but now SBR has his captain for his heaven eleven


  42. Gadga, what is Barton supposed to have tweeted about Gary Speed?

    It was his use of the word ‘selfish’ that upset a lot of people, Lionel:

    @Joey7Barton Joseph Barton
    Suicide is a mix of the most tragic, most selfish, most terrible (and I want to believe preventable) acts out there.
    28 Nov


  43. @ 53, It is a relection of a stupid ignorant man, who thinks that pulling noteable quotes from some famous face of the past somehow makes him an intellect. He is a right tit.


  44. Good write up Toonsy.

    I think most on here have summed up just what Barton is all about and he’s on his last legs with the majority of Newcastle fans as far as good thoughts for him.
    He is coming across as simply BITTER and TWISTED.

    I liked the bit about him not getting paid in JAIL hahahahaha, honest if he was sat in a pub with me and told me that I’d have spit my drink out.

    He though he was top dog at the club along with Nolan and a few others and was brought down a good few pegs and it rankles with him.

    He spews his bile out about the club based on the fans dislike of Ashley and Llambias and thinking they are singing from the same Hymn sheet, which 99% are not I think.

    Here’s something for Joey…”I was one of those fans that said you deserved a chance when you were Jailed, even though you continued to push the boundaries because I was interested in you leading the team into the good times but you wanted too much say and were too pig headed to accept what your employers were putting into place.”

    Most clubs sack jailed players but we stood by him and if that was me, I’d be forever grateful and accept what I was offered simply because I’d appreciate the lifeline and the help that Joey Barton was obviously given.

    Newcastle United was his rehabilitation clinic and got his mind partially on the right track.

    He repays us by stalling on a contract and being the big man in the dressing room and I bet, probably very intimidating towards certain players.

    I think we have a tighter knit dressing room with him and the others gone and soon enough I think Q.P.R will get a taste of what Joey Bartons all about in the not too distant future.

    Keep your anti Newcastle comments to yourself Joey, we don’t give a toss .


  45. @Chris G In my opinion there was no need for him write something as crass. Regardless of what your opinion is of suicide there is a time and a place and making such a direct comment in such a public arena just to be controversial is typical of him. His lack of sensitivity by calling people who asked him to take down cretins says it all.
    He calls himself a man of principal yet he

    1. Stubbed a cigar out in the eyes of an apprentice at Man City
    2. Broke the jaw of a fellow player at Man City
    3. Was jailed for beating up a 16 year old kid.

    Show me any other industry than football where an employee could act like that and not only be sacked but barred from their profession.

    His comments that 10 of the players who were negotiating a contract no longer needed to work says it all.

    His contempt for normal working lads and lasses is there to see. Bonus for what getting us relegated, finishing 12th he needs to take a look out the window of his ivory tower and understand what is happening to us mere mortals by all these cuts.


  46. In my view the ones having a go at Joey for speaking the truth about Llambias and Ashley are the sort of fans who cannot see further than the end of their own nose. A good start to the season and they are suddenly blind to the mockery that the Odd Couple are making of the club.

    Just like the lobotomised individuals who go on Total Sport to heap praise on Llambias and Ashley, say what great businessmen they are, and go on and on about how the game has moved on, we have to move with it, blah blah blah.


  47. Frank – evdently the odd couple have have their flaws, but they have clearly improved the team and put it in much better financial standings thus ensuring the long term survival and chances of success for the club.

    There is not really that much to criticise. They are doing their job well 😯


  48. Have many people said Barton ISN’T speaking the truth like? That isn’t the point, and not many, if any, have made that point…


  49. Cheers Chris G,

    I must say I have been Barton for a few years now, always thought there was more to him than the surface behaviour, and there is. But, he still doesn’t know where the line is, he didn’t know when he used aggression as he means of expression. And he doesn’t know now how to control the words that role from his mouth.

    Sadly, he is actually just someone who sees everything from his own perspective. No matter how that perspective evolves everything still revolves around Joey Barton. He is not all that bad, but he’s not actually all that good either. Good luck to his QPR project. I am not sure there can be any doubt that he would still rather be here. We all have principles, but they are ours, they are not dependent on someone else. I am sure Colloccini and Guttirrez are decent men, they are both still here, and they are still leading by example.

    Sad to say it, but both Barton and Keegan were masters of their own downfalls. We have to ride the shi-t sometimes to get in the end what we want. Hey ho, onwards. Blo-ody sad about Speed, wish I was going to be there on saturday, it is going to be an emotional one.


  50. bartons a total ****head,just look at the improved performances of the players who were here at the same time as him.Seems to me, the dressing room is a lot better place, without him and his pisshead mates nolan and carrol around,our club is back to where it should be, on the back pages. instead of front page headlines about a bunch of overpaid,bigheaded ****s !!!!


  51. Its annoying to hear about us in the press, but I’m also open to receiving information even if its from Barton. I’d rather hear about what happened than have Ashley sweep it under the table.


  52. Great article, as usual. I have no soft spot for Joey. Everyone just keeps playing into his hands…and when you think of the IQ of someone like that everyone who follows him and all the press should feel like idiots.

    By the way, your Premier League log on the right hand side of the page is cutting off the points totals. Please fix!


  53. I like news as well, considering we don’t get much of it here (where I am) but Barton is NOT information. He’s just full of it. The fact that he can’t sit still and start playing actual football for Rangers, is evidence of his ignorance + blind arrogance. @JB: You’re not as good as you think you are. So STFU and let the real Toon sort out our own ****e.

    We’re sitting 4th with 1 loss in 13 and we welcome Chelski to SJP with a mountain of confidence and conviction that we’re as good, if not better. And we did it without JB and his nonsensical rantings.

    Oh, and there’s an extra ‘F**k you’ in there for Joey for his comment on Speedo + every sufferer of mental illnesses. I’d wish the worse on you, and proceed to Tweet it, but then again, I’m not Joey Barton.

    +1 on the much earlier comment on the scouse in JB and KN! 😈 I had that in mind but my mates couldn’t understand it when I tried to explain it to them

    Thanks for the read Toonsy! πŸ˜†


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