Taylor sidelined for the season

Taylor to miss the rest of the season
Steven Taylor has effectively been ruled out for the season after the club confirmed that the defender will undergo an operation on a damaged Achilles tomorrow.

This is a big blow for the aspirations of Newcastle this season as Taylor had been showing the kind of form he’s been capable of since he burst onto the scene as a 17-year-old.

This is a serious injury, make no bones about it. It doesn’t look serious in the way that a bone sticking out of a leg does (enjoy your dinner) but it does carry the same kind of recovery time. In fact it’s not uncommon for the lay-off to be longer than anticipated although I’m hoping for the best possible outcome.

I’ve had a rough look at what the injury entails and what sort of timeframe we’re looking at, which is a problem as I’m only basing my research on rumours that Taylor has ruptured his Achilles Tendon. If it does turn out to be a rupture then Taylor is looking at 6-8 weeks in a cast followed by physio work to recondition the muscle. The rather vague period of recovery is given as four moths in the best case scenario up to twelve months in the worst case scenario.

I’ve read the views of a few people who are expressing anger about the situation, especially about our lack of cover in the centre of defence. The fact that we are light in numbers at the back is not a new concept and it’s something that pretty much everyone has mentioned at some point, but what I will say is that even if we had signed that fourth defender in the summer we’d still be left with only one fit centre-back at this present moment in time.

As for Taylor, I’m sure we all wish him a speedy and hassle free recovery and hopefully everything goes without complications. It’s frustrating as our settled defence has been key to our start to the season but the reality is that there is very little that could have been done about it.

Get well soon Stevie boy!

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142 thoughts on “Taylor sidelined for the season

  1. such a shame for the lad as he has had a great season,pardew will be working overtime on the defence this week.Hopefully the lads coming in will step up to the mark


  2. Spoke to two reliable sources who state Tiote is definitely going to Chelsea for Β£20m in January.

    It’s a done deal. 😯


  3. Johno Toon
    kadar’s one the other alternates, sometimes remi streete (think thats his name). 😐


  4. @oblong

    Do you really believe anyone will pay more than Β£20m?

    They have apparently and I believe it.


  5. Really bad news this. Who can forget ‘Super Nacho’ Gonzales, he did his achilles with us and was initially ruled out for 4 months but ended up losing a whole season. Hope we don’t try to rush Taylor back, this is a nasty injury.

    …incidentally, I reckon Tiote’s price tag of 20m sounds about right. I’ll be foaming a the mouth though if he goes for that and we don’t spend ALL OF IT in the same window. I’m not holding mi breath though with that fat cnt.


  6. I believe that it could happen. I don’t believe that u know anything more about it than the rest of us though. full of sh*t


  7. @Rodz

    If we do get Β£20m for Tiote then with the money saved from the summer which Lambias promised would be spent on new players in January, that should give us Β£30m.

    I will be amazed if we spend a third of it. 😯


  8. Well I’m going to pretend i’ve not heard any of this Tiote stuff and stop on my happy cloud until January πŸ˜†


  9. I think he will be a bigger miss than a lot of fans think, losing 1 CB would have been bad enough but 2 is a total disaster πŸ‘Ώ
    I wonder where Stardy is πŸ˜•


  10. @oblong

    Try and look at the positives.

    Arsenal have sold there best players over the years but continued to develop.

    I will only accept it as long as players keep coming in like Tiote, Cabaye, Ba, Marveaux.


  11. I know Troy. Been bitten too many times to expect a fair outcome.

    This **** really pisses me off though, the Taylor ****. It’s been so bloody glaringly obvious for a long time, by every fan and his grandma’s dog, that we have no defensive cover. We ****ed about the whole of the Summer with stupid little bids that were never gona come off, and the end just ended up letting one defender go and bringing another one in.

    Anyway, no point whinging on about it. See what happens in January I guess.


  12. Loads were saying the tiote thing the other week and people – including ”Toonsy” – were saying not going to happen etc but now they’re ‘in the know’

    Keep up boys


  13. @Big Dave

    You ask where Stardy is?

    He’s gone to confessions this morning to find forgiveness for his sins.

    He has booked in an 8 HR slot with the priest and a further block booking of 10 slots. πŸ˜›

    His hatred for Taylor knows no bounds but is now starting to realise he hates himself more than Taylor! πŸ˜›


  14. Troy @ 18 the problem I have is that while it works sometimes it wont work everytime, we cant keep selling our best players every window and expect the replacements brought in to all bed in straight away.
    We need to have stability and keep adding to the squad we have, but I dont think that will ever happen under Jabba.


  15. I’m as positive/delusional as they come squire πŸ˜€

    I’m going into hiding for the whole of January then when I re-appear in Feb we will have signed….

    James Tomkins
    Wilfried Zaha
    Nathaniel Clyne
    Erik Pieters
    Modibo Maiga
    Junior Hoilett

    And no one will have left…..Hows that for positive? πŸ˜†



  16. We shouldn’t be too downbeat we have perch! πŸ™„
    On tiote heart says no but head says yes troy would make sense they missing essien for a long spell. Would be gutted

    What happens when ba goes to African nations πŸ˜•


  17. it wasn’t confirmed last week, it isn’t confirmed now. Stop spreading sh*te about players leaving…. or name your ‘source’


  18. Billy Bull**** – Realy? I said it was never going to happen?

    Can you explain why I wrote an article about it happening a couple of weeks back? How I find this knee, then groin, now knee injury again plus his tales of training, not training, being in contention then suddenly being “nowhere near contention” according to Pardew.


    All I said was that I heard a deal had been done. Not stating it as definitive fact…. Mind you, a look at the form book doesn’t fill me with hope


  19. Think there is a bit of 20-20 hindsight going on here. Aiming for a top half finish and with no european commitments I think that 3 senior Cb’s with 2 juniors or utility players as back up is reasonable. It’s because we are are doing so well and that we are down all 3 CB’s before christmas that we have been exposed. If we are in Europe the extra games requires a larger squad. and Given the long term nature of Saylors injury we will replace in January.

    As to Tiote is this why we have been monitoring Alain Traore from montpellior.


  20. @ 30 Heard from who? Won’t reveal your sauce? is it heinz or HP? Why haven’t you ‘heard’ anything else before now? What else have you heard? Yawn, thought so. The papers have been saying the tiote thing for weeks now so it’s annoying when people come on sites like this with these nuggets of wisdom like they’re hot **** and in the know. You and others rubbished it at the time and I never said a couple weeks ago did I?


  21. Is a nightmare scenario with regards to our central defenders. The only positive to take from the situation we are in is, it’s not long to the transfer window, hopefully the powers that be go out and get us some much needed cover.


  22. @ 33 – Just through the grapevine really, which is why I never post any of it is fact. I can’t help it of others read into it what they like….

    At no point did I do a Troy and say that Tiote is going to Chelsea. I just said that I’d heard the same thing. Anything wrong with that?

    And only edited to put that link in and to put the final “look at the form book” comment in.

    “Billy Bull****” πŸ˜‰

    That’s three usernames you’ve used now. Why?


  23. @needles

    Shut up. How do you get sources if you keep naming them.

    Now go and eat your tommy sauce on your bread soldiers. πŸ˜›


  24. Steady on lads….they are only saying that they have heard it and that’s what they think might happen! I hope its not true as i imagine Toonsy and Troy do but they are only letting people know what they have heard….is that not what this place is about or have i totally missed the point?


  25. @38 Troy Stavers, how many have you ‘kept naming’ and how many of these things have you put on here that have kept coming true?
    Any links?


  26. Without wanting to come across as the preverbal doom monger, what the fck is our squad going to look like come Jan?

    We’re without Taylor, Tiote (either sold or ACN), Ba, Strolla and if stories are true regarding Miaga, he’ll not even be here!

    With Ashley penchant for being a tight arse I really think we could let our great start Peater into mid table obscurity.

    For me this is the biggest transfer window in Ashley’s reign. We will finally find out whether he has ambitions or if he’s just happy to stay in the PL and recoup his money.

    Penny for his thoughts…


  27. Just to add to the player sales malarky, Tim Krul to Spurs in Jan. Β£15M. Done deal. Get over it.
    πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ


  28. Missed the point oblong this has been in papers for weeks and a few people have been saying this would happen but when the cool kids say it we’re supposed to go wow you so connected, sorry mate but I call billy bull**** and I want proof or people to not say oot til januart because all the doom mongers will have their knives out with both CBs being out now is not the time for my sisters husbands dog walkers uncle heard a whisper when it’s been in the daily mail ffs


  29. @ Rodzilla

    They are on the list as is Ronaldo , I just left them out….I don’t want people to think i’m being unrealistic! πŸ˜†


  30. @billybull****

    Just like I predicted Nolan, Barton, Enrique would be sold.

    I did state it was from reliable sources.

    I trust them when they say it’s a done deal.


  31. Billy dont be so naive pal.
    Making money is the name of the game for Ashley. Player sales is the method.
    Dont worry tho, new replacements will be brought in lol.


  32. @ 48

    “the cool kids” <—– I chuckled at this haha! πŸ˜†

    Your entitled to you opinion, as are they. Its gave us something to discuss which I thought was the idea. This place would be boring if everyone was as delusional as me! 😎


  33. Beardsley my point is this was raised before and people put link to the andy carroll injury then transfer and got rubbished because carroll didnt play for a while for liverpool and it was a weak argument because we were flying high now a couple injuries and it’s all doom and gloom.


  34. My source reckons that we will play Blackburn in the FA cup…..Dont tell Billy though he will only get upset!!! πŸ˜†


  35. NEWKIE
    December 4, 2011 at 14:43
    Yesterday’s game was really disappointing and we definitely deserved something from the game, we’ve been done over by the ref who by his own admission now says he should have sent him off-wonder whether the f.a will give him a match ban? Anyway here’s the luck we got for wolves and Man U I suppose except its hit us way harder in the form of injuries. With Taylor out for the season and Colo still troubled we’ve got from top 7 to very mid table.
    If we have Tiote right back in it next week we may be able to soften that because neither Guthrie or Cabaye can cover as much ground or tackle as well as he can and that’s why he he has to be right back in the team when fit in place of guthrie.
    Raylor has once again shown he’s not a left back and as I’ve been saying all year as soon as Jonas isn’t there to track back for him we get destroyed. We could have conceded from about five counter attacks because we had no break up presence in the form of tiote and the only people with the stamina and pace to track back are Obertan and Simpson.
    Simmo wasn’t great today but I think he’s proved he’s the better defender than Raylor and when we go forward he can actually create space with his pace and sometimes put in some dangerous crosses/passes.
    Obertan was very poor I thought, he needs to be told to just bomb to the byline and shoot across the goal because he fannies around way too much outside the box and tries technical crosses which he just can’t pull off enough times out of ten.
    As for our defense for next week, Simmo and perch at centre back? Is that a combined weight of 15 stone against Holt who probably weighs that much himself? Reckon we’ll get bullied Still at least we’ll have Jonas back, and a pray for a speedy recovery for Colo and Tiote, absolutely gutted about STaylor.

    And blackburn again? Annoying, was hoping we’d get someone we could have played the real youngsters in. Spose we can give Tav a match at least.


  36. Billy bull**** I think you owe Toonsy an apology as you got it all wrong cause Toonsy said he thought there was something fishy going on with Tiote, while a few of us told him he was paranoid.
    You really should get your fact straight before making a real **** of yersel
    Toonsy @ 39 he maybe uses different names because he doesn’t have the balls to use his normal one when he is trying to act the big man


  37. @ 68

    Wind it in man! i’m very hungover today and i’m in an antagonistic mood….i was just trying to have a laugh with you! Obviously i’m not as funny as i thought! πŸ˜₯


  38. Newkie, the space they had down our left was just horrific. It was always gona happen. Ryan Taylor is NOT a defender, he’s a mediocre winger.


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