How about this Manchester City defender instead?

As some of you may have seen, we have been linked with a move for Manchester City’s Ivory Coast defender, Kolo Toure by the press.

For a fair number of reasons this just isn’t going to happen, which makes me wonder if the press actually take any notice of what goes on these days?

It’s just not going to happen. Firstly Kolo Toure is on HUGE wages and I very much doubt he’ll be willing to drop to a level that we would pay. I did hear a rumour that he was on something like £220,000 a week but I don’t know how true it is. Secondly there is age to consider. Toure will be 31 in March which is far and away from the type of player Newcastle are trying to sign. Remember, only players who can improve in future and all that shizzle.

In short it will be hard for any club to sign a player from Manchester City, especially one that is, or was, a key figure in their first team due to the wages they are being paid. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t players that can be brought in from the Etihad however as there are stil some cracking players to be had.

Take Nedum Onuoha for example. A solid player who is a perfectly able Premier League player who, unfortunately, has been left behind by the improvement in quality of the squad at Manchester City. Players like him would be ideal for us at this present moment in time.

Onuoha can play right across the defence which would help us out tremendously at the moment. He has Premier League experience and is still only 25-years-old so is just approaching what should be the peak of his career. Does he want to waste those years being sat on the fringes at Manchester City? Or does he want to be playing football? If it’s the latter then why not a move to Newcastle?

I know he played for the unwashed last season, but that was just a temporary switch and with a couple of weeks in a decontamination chamber we could soon get rid of the stench of cheesy chips and trampy blue pop that will have festered on him during his time on Wearside.

You see there is nothing to substantiate my interest in Onouha. It’s been a while since we’ve been linked with him so it’s nothing that has been in the press that has got me thinking about him. All I did do was look a bit deeper and a bit more logically than the press have done and found a realistic to solution to a very real problem using some well known facts about Newcastle.

So If I can do it, why can’t they?

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86 thoughts on “How about this Manchester City defender instead?

  1. ….”I know he played for the unwashed last season, but that was just a temporary switch and with a couple of weeks in a decontamination chamber we could soon get rid of the stench of cheesy chips and trampy blue pop that will have festered on him during his time on Wearside.”

    hahaha, nicely put! 😆

    I’d take Onuoha anyway, he’s decent and has played alongside Saylor for the U21s too so they’re probably mates.

    I doubt City would sell him though.


  2. Tublu great comment mate always good to get the perspective of supporters of other teams about their players etc…. Good luck for this season should be your time for premier league champions fingers crossed 🙂


  3. Onuwha would be a smashing signing. He is versitale and would be an improvement on Simpson and could slot in centre half when needed.

    In regards to Ben Arfa / Best. I dont think if we had played Best in the last 3 games anyone could hand on heart say we would of gotten more than the 1 point we did get. But I wouldnt write off Best just yet. Has played very well since Pardew came in and is more than able to hold his own and brings loads to the team. However I think Ben Arfa will get the nod ahead of him and will have greater influences against teams outside top 4 , esp clubs who like to pass the ball and are little less physical compared to Stoke etc etc


  4. @81 – totally agree, wingers are to busy helping out defence to offer much going forward and also agree that raylor and simpson are average at best


  5. meant @61 of course – unless I’m seeing into the future and I also agree – if thats the case I’ll go and stick lottery on


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  7. Toonsy good shout about Onuoha think he would be brilliant in our team if he plays like he did at the Mackems. Does anyone know if Ferguson is fit because it could be a good opportunity for him to come into the team against Norwich.


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