Simpson contract talks stall as exit door opens

No new deal for Simmo....... Yet!
Contract talks with Danny Simpson have broken down according to several local journalists.

The right-back has been in contract negotiations with NUFC for some time now but at this present time it appears that a deal will not be reached, and with Alan Pardew recently insisting that he signs or leaves it paves the way for Simpson to leave the club in the summer.

However it may not be as dramatic as that. Remember, none of us know what is going on with negotiations and just because they appear to have stalled at the moment it doesn’t mean that talks won’t be revisited in the future. Cast your minds back to Steven Taylor, who was on the transfer list under Chris Hughton after failing to agree to a new deal, and he is still here so all is not lost.

However I’ll be honest. I view Simpson as one of the players who would be easily replaceable. Yes he’s done well and is generally solid, but there are a host of other players who fit that category so finding a suitable replacement wouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. In an ideal world it won’t come to that but it pays to prepare for the worst as far as NUFC is concerned.

Simpson was signed whilst we were in the Championship so is presumably on a Championship wage. No doubt, after being a virtual ever-present since our return to the Premier league, he’ll want a wage that reflects that. Is there anything wrong with that?

Of course I’m only speculating as I don’t know the facts or figures involved but to me it seems like a pretty good hit which is echoed from a number of fans.

I was also shocked to see people calling him “greedy” and generally abusing him on Twitter, which is a fantastic idea and shows that the players have our support. Sarcasm intended. Being serious though, that kind of thing is going to do no good. The phrase “cutting off your nose to spite your face” springs immediately to mind.

We’ll see what happens of course as Simpson still has until the summer of 2013 to run on his contract. I doubt he’ll be going anywhere in January but beyond that there is a possibility that he could be off. In the interest of balance though there is an equal chance he could strike a deal that would make him and the club happy.

Keep calm people!

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59 thoughts on “Simpson contract talks stall as exit door opens

  1. Thing I don’t get with this is, majority of our fans don’t seem to like/rate Simpson but when this came out the same people were moaning saying ‘get him tied down!’ Strange…


  2. The guy is average at best! I think the problem here is that he thinks he is an awful lot better than what he actually is! He’s only had a couple seasons at Newcastle being first choice and he probably now thinks he should be on a world beaters contract!

    We have Santon who will surely become our first choice right back plus ryan taylor and young tavernier who can play at right full back!

    What we need is a left back; sell simpson and sign eric pieters! It’s not rocket science! I am told that we bought santon to replace simpson whom the club thought was going to villa at the end of the transfer window; upon completion we would then have signed ridgewell. The simpson deal fell through and this had a knock on affect on the ridgewell deal!

    We must sign a first choice left footed left back in january plus a centre half.

    Peiters and ridgewell would be ideal in my opinion; let simpson leave and play santon in his natural right back berth!


  3. Dan…it’s called being fickle, which we’re all guilty of at times…….for Simpson, insert Guthrie, alot wanted rid and a couple of good performances later he is a “must” keep, then there was Saylor, Raylor, Willo the list goes on. That’s football for you πŸ˜‰


  4. Think it has more to do with being lightweight as regards numbers in defence tbh Dan. If we knew there was a replacement waiting in the wings, like Maiga seems to be, then I think most would not be too bothered if he signed a new deal or not.

    Personally think we`re playing this one very well. He has been offered a deal, wants more money, club obviously feels the offer is good enough and are sticking to it knowing he is not irreplaceable.

    Doubtful we will see it in January though. Most expect we will go for Clyne at some stage as he is potentially free in the summer but because of the level of competition for him I can see us signing Cyrus Christie as back up for Santon by the summer.

    Other scenario being we could possibly offload Simpson in January if an offer anywhere around Β£5m comes in and sign a back up for Santon for half that at most. Otherwise he`ll stay until the summer and be replaced then.

    Don`t know too much about Christie to be honest but his reviews and stats are impressive for a right back, who can also play centre. He has 5 assists in 21 appearances this season, better than most midfielders, also available on the cheap due to Coventry being a financial mess.


  5. Richie, yeah your right. The Guthrie annoys me the most though, know matter how well he does there’s always that select few that will point to that Westbrom moment πŸ™„ πŸ˜†


  6. Don`t mean to sidetrack from the article, just something that`s been bothering me of late.. why are so many sold on Pieters? because he looks like he could definitely sign at some stage or because he is actually a good player?

    I think we will sign him but very surprised if it`s in January. He is out until February as far as I know with a broken foot and available for free in the summer. Could see a pre-agreed deal been struck there.

    Also Richie and Dan.. do you think Guthries recent injury could cost him a new deal? think the lads a good player would like to see him stay but he is forever out for 6 weeks at a time with something or other!


  7. I still say we should be buying better players and keeping the current players to form a strong squad.

    Basically sign him up and also buy someone better. Then we have cover for his position.

    I don’t think we’ll ever have that with our current owner who seems to think you only need one player per position. Apart from midfield πŸ˜‰

    I actually rate Simpson, but the fickle fans always have to pick on someone.


  8. Keith, I think the club and Pardew are happy to for him to sign, even with his latest injury. Its just whether Guthrie himself is happy to be next in line to Tiote and Cabaye…


  9. Dan, yeah true mate, hopefully so, very good player, seems a decent lad too

    Paul @9 Do you think Simpson wold be happy to sit on the bench?


  10. Eventually we are going to have to get someone better in than Simpson if we want to push on. He is almost 25 years old now and doesn’t seem to be getting much better as time goes on. He is past the ‘potential’ stage for me and won’t ever be good enough to break into the England team, contrary to his own belief.

    He has done well this season and was decent the last but the question for me is…will he be happy to sit on the bench and play second fiddle to a better player when they come in? I would say no.

    The fact the club aren’t willing to pay what they feel is over the top for him surely suggests that they have alternative plans for full back position….I would hope it’s a quality left back and get Santon at right back.


  11. Keith… I think Pards would love him to sign, not so sure about DL with his injury problems though.
    I’d read Pieters was back the end of Jan, but that may of changed. I’d worry though that if we wait until the Summer then we may lose him(if we have a chance anyway) he’s now first choice LB for the beaten World Cup finalists, I dare say he’ll have a few suitors πŸ˜•


  12. Moreno
    December 13, 2011 at 14:33

    “I would hope it’s a quality left back and get Santon at right back.”

    Bingo. That’s what I can see happening.


  13. Keith@8, probably because he is quality(on paper) and between him and Santon they can cover all the back 4 positions πŸ˜‰


  14. Simpson – decent squad player but i think he’s getting above his station. For lack of a better option at the moment I’d say get him tied down in the summer if nothing happens (full back-wise) in january window. if we get someone in january and simpson is happy being back up then happy days but if he wants to go it’s no skin off our nose, he’s not really a fan favourite.

    what makes a fan favourite anyway? maybe if we sing songs about the player that makes him a fan favourite.

    i’d see current fan faves as:

    -tim krul
    -Sammy Ameobi
    -Shola Ameobi (He’s **** but you can’t help but love him)

    Almost fan faves as :

    -Raylor (but only for ‘over the wall’ moments)

    long way offs:


    Future fan faves?:


    I’m not sure why i’ve just done this big list but I had started it and then I thought ‘i may as well finish it’ πŸ˜†

    Agree???????? πŸ˜• ❓


  15. Nobby, rightly or wrongly I think the over all feeling is that Ben Arfa and Santon are big favorites with a lot of fans too.


  16. totally forgot about HBA…soz!. :mrgreen: .. i was going to put Santon but how can he be a fave when he’s had a toal play time of about 100 minutes???


  17. @Nobby lol you missed Barfa and I didnt notice πŸ™‚

    he must be doing something right

    also Marv is defo a future fav


  18. FUCK!!!!!!! Marveux!!! (sorry about language but it desevedly needed the correct spelling πŸ˜† )
    Defo in the future fave category :mrgreen:


  19. I love Saylor too :mrgreen: but he’s a bit of a (and i’m sorry about the cliche) marmite player. I’ve noticed a lot of people on here and down the pub slating him – mainly for showing immaturity on the pitch as well as the wrong decision (usually in the box) on the pitch as well.

    I think this season has been a bit of a re-birth for saylor which is why it makes it a double-shame that he’s got such a harsh injury. πŸ˜₯


  20. RIchie.. yeah suppose versatility is one thing we seem to be looking for in players. As far as I know once a player has 6 months or less left on their contract they can sign a pre-agreed deal with another club. That would mean we could wrap it up in January for the summer.. not 100% on that though…

    Would be with you, Moreno and Toonsy on Simpson as back up, don`t think he`d sign a contract if there was a risk he wasnt in the 1st team every week and there is a ready made replacement in Santon there for him. Just not too sure Pieters would be my choice for left back, wasnt overly impressed with what I have seen of him. He gets in the Dutch squad though so hes obviously not bad.


  21. If Simpson was as good on attack as he is in defence he’d be a great player.
    Unfortunately he is poor on attack which makes him an average player.
    Raylor is good on attack and poor in defense, which makes him an average player too.
    Both are easily replaceable…


  22. Hi guys,

    I’ve been a long time reader of this blog, so I thought I’d create an account and discuss all things NUFC with you guys!

    With regards to Danny Simpson, I wouldn’t be too disappointed if he was to go, however, he has progressed well this season, and maybe deserves a new contract.

    If we did lose Simmo then we have an ideal replacement in Santon, and with talks of Montpellier right-back Mapou Yanga-M’biwa coming in, then to me we should then have a solid-ish right side.

    As to regards to centre back, Liam Ridgwell springs to mind as the obvious choice, however I’d stick in a cheeky bid for Bolton’s Gary Cahill who’s out of contract in the summer.

    At left-back, I hope we sign Erik Pieters from PSV as from what I’ve read he’s a versatile defender who can also fit in at centre back. Despite Ryan Taylor’s valiant effort in the position all season, I’d like to think that having Pieters there instead will free Jonas up so he can attack opposition defences instead of having to cover for Taylor.

    Hopefully by then we should have a decent defence!

    Great articles as always guys. Keep up the good work!


    twitter: @J_W_Edwards


  23. JJ@32 Simmo isn’t tooooo bad in attack he can put a dangerous cross in. Just by putting balls into a dangerous area something can come off.

    Nottingham forest Carling cup he scored from a cross (ok he didn’t mean to but a dangerous ball is a dangerous ball)

    And against everton a few weeks ago – we got slated by the scousers because one of our goals was ‘only an own goal’ ******* again he put a dangerous ball in and it came off someone to go in the net!

    Ok these are only a couple of examples but i think its a bit unfair to say he’s ‘poor’ in attack. i’d say he’s ‘ok’ :mrgreen:


  24. Nobby
    In fairness to Simpson, he is doing well, but he just needs to work on his distribution from the back, which is by far the weakest part of his game, and getting forward more to support the right wing.

    Otherwise he is a good player.


  25. Welcome JW

    Simpson has been a pleasant surprise for me this season, but as the article says, he is certainly replaceable. He clearly deserves more than a CCC wage but, then again, he might be believing this England hype and wants paid on that level. Who really knows. With Fergie, Santon and Tavernier, we have some youngsters at FB plus aother signing and I’d be fine with letting Simpson walk. Should be able to get a few quid for him as well. Hopefully he is named to the England squad in the near future πŸ˜‰

    I realy liked Pieters because he can play CB as well but hasn’t he been out all year with an injury?


  26. @J WEdwards

    A lot of people seem to have already decided Santon is up to the standard and have him as a ready replacement for LB or RB.

    Far too early to decide that IMO .

    He comes with a good reputation but as we’ve seen over the years, that counts for nothing.

    He looks ok so far but nothing to get excited about. Once he has proved himself then I will give him credit but until then he is an unproven premier player . 😯


  27. @Richie

    You know I’m always right and there’s no shame in jumping on board the reality train. πŸ˜›


  28. I’ve just spent a fortune on one of those life size plaster cows for my front garden!

    I live on an ordinary housing estate which makes it look more interesting!

    Mooooo πŸ˜›


  29. I like Danny and he seems to be a decent kid, and is a decent player. That seems to get a hell of a lot of abuse, which I don’t think he deserves.
    But I have a funny feeling that he thinks he’s better than what he really is, So maybe he is asking for too much ?
    Or then again he could be asking for just a decent wage as I would say he is on a low wage atm.
    But I hope he can get his contract sorted, becausewe could end up being even weaker in defence.


  30. Troy
    “He comes with a good reputation but as we’ve seen over the years, that counts for nothing.

    He looks ok so far but nothing to get excited about. Once he has proved himself then I will give him credit but until then he is an unproven premier player . 😯 ”

    Did you copy paste those comments from the Cabaye and Ba articles πŸ˜› πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰


  31. Troy….you should have said, there’s a chain of shops over here that all have one in the entrance, I could have brought you one over in my hand luggage πŸ˜•


  32. “Troy Stavers
    December 13, 2011 at 15:45

    I’ve just spent a fortune on one of those life size plaster cows for my front garden!

    I live on an ordinary housing estate which makes it look more interesting!

    Mooooo πŸ˜› ”

    Troy, you could have saved a lot of money if ya just asked your missus to stand there πŸ˜›


  33. “Can you tie a knot?”
    “I cannot”
    “So you can knot?”
    “No I cannot knot!”
    “Not Knot?”
    “Who’s there?”
    “F@Β£* off!!!”… πŸ˜›


  34. I usually have a rodeo horse on the lawn during the summer ! But it’s nee good during the winter.

    The rodeo is class like! The neighbours must find it entertaining when they drive onto the estate and see Troy giving it six nowt on top speed with young Chip on the back holding on for dear life! πŸ˜›


  35. @JJ

    to be fair I was right about Cabaye. He wasn’t great for the first few games but to his credit he looks a good player now which I acknowledged when he did settle in. πŸ˜†

    I actually cut and pasted it about Obertan. πŸ˜›


  36. I do think simmo gets too much criticism sometimes and I think he’s a decent player for us but he is by no means irreplacable. I’d be quite happy to sell him on for a better quality player allowing us to improve properly. Another stop gap approach though wouldn’t be welcome, simmo is English and a very good professional from what I’ve seen and we need to be careful with who we bring in so we don’t upset the team balance.


  37. We need competition for Simmo which will make him a better player. Keep him and buy a better player. Lets see if he can develop his own game to compete after that. If not then sell but not before we have done what all progressive clubs do. 😯


  38. Simpson is a decent player and gives his all and who knows what this contract situation is..
    I think back to when he was at court and telling them that he’s not on the money that other players are on as if he was skint lol

    I’m sure the contract offered will be one that reflects his worth to the club, I think Pardew would have saw to that but is it what Simpson values for himself, or his agent values him at?

    We can all best guess at what it is but if he’s calling the bluff, he should remind himself that this club calls back the bluffs.

    He’s a decent player but he’s not irreplaceable and he won’t go to a better club as far as I’m concerned.

    He might go to a club that will pay him a tad more than us but that could be more hurtful to his career if he doesn’t produce because his next step would be right down.

    If he stays and puts the effort into getting better as he is doing and takes the rough with the smooth…then in time he could be a top player on top money but it can;t be just handed on a plate because he thinks he deserves it.


  39. If we buy a better player than Simpson what’s the point in keeping him if someone will buy him, as we’ve got Raylor who is an ok squad player and Tavernier who is an alright youngster learning his trade in league one at the minute, and of course Mr. Santon who’s learning the premier league. And allegedly Perch is a right back but I think he’s better suited to coming on as a holding midfielder late on, unless he tackles like he did at stoke when he just come on.
    Simpson thinks he’s above his station, one thing that annoyed me was reported that at his court case he was claiming he couldn’t afford a driver…maybe because he just bought a Bentley Continental GT? He must not be making much money off his game app he’s selling too. Poor guy must be tough being on about 5-10 grand a week. How does he cope? Maybe he should recognise the economic climate that people are going through to pay to watch his average displays.


  40. this is why i think santon was brought in ..and tavernier being rushed up through the leagues…….new simmo would turn down the crap pay nufc are offering at the moment


  41. I can only guess coz I don’t know the crack with the contract he has actually been offered. From what I read in the chronicle, the problem is not with the length of the contract but personal terms… does that include wages?? I’d have thought so.
    Simmo seems to split opinion with regards to how good he actually is and whether or not he’s even the best RB at the club?!. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but let’s put it this way:

    We do the same job, we turn into work everyday and work as hard as each other. We work alongside each other and contribute to a high level of performance. We show an equal level of commitment to our roles and are both excellent ambassadors for our employee… Here’s the kick in the teeth… I get paid Β£20+ thousand a week more than you… fair?, well I think so!!.. but would you??… Doubt it!
    I’m not suggesting he should be on the same money as Taylor or Colo but his salary has to be relative when you consider the likes of Smith and Guthrie aren’t close to first team regulars and are probably on at least Β£30+ thousand a week more than Simmo.
    Simmo has been selected at RB week in week out and has does canny enough IMO, and I also think he has every right to say “you view me as a first team player so pay me a first team players wage!”
    He has every right… but the problem Simmo has is that he not vital ingredient in Pardews plans and cld be replaced with relative easy, and importantly, from his point of view is that there are not many other teams he’d be first choice.
    On that point, if you were Simmo, would you be thinking “I need first team team footy to keep up my chances of an international call up”. If you are you’re deluded!, there are at least 3 English RBs ahead of him. So for him, his career has to be about the highest salary he can possibly pick up… 1st teamer or bench warmer.
    I like Simmo, so if he signs good, if not, all the best for the future to ya young man


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