Krul: “I want to stay at this club for a long, long time”

Krul happy at Newcastle
Tim Krul has expressed his desire to stay at Newcastle for a “long time” as he eyes a place in the Holland squad for the European Championships next year.

Krul has been in great form so far this season and has come on in leaps and bounds since being awarded the number one goalkeeping slot ahead of Steve Harper and Fraser Forster at the time. His performances between the sticks have ensured that he has kept the shirt and have left many pundits describing as the best ‘keeper in the league at the moment.

With that comes the inevitable transfer speculation amid rumours that Harry Redknapp is interested in taking the 23-year-old to White Hart Lane as a long-term replacement for Brad Friedel. Now obviously big money moves are something that make the majority of NUFC fans twitchy, but it seems as though any move away from the club is not even entering the mind of Krul.

“I want to stay at this club for a long, long time and, hopefully, because I am still only 23, I can do that,” Krul told the Daily Mirror.

He continued: “I am loving life, and going to places like Old Trafford is special. Every game is bringing new challenges for me and it’s up to me to keep rising to those challenges.”

“I’m very pleased with my game at the moment and with the way things are going. To be honest, I couldn’t have wished for better. We are answering a lot of questions as a team this season and everyone is playing their part.”

Krul is a walking, talking advert for youth policy and demonstrates that it can pay dividends if it is persevered with. Remember he was initially brought in for nothing after failing to agree professional terms at his old club although the move subsequently cost Newcastle €220,000 as ADO De Haag demanded compensation for the youngster. In hindsight, it was €220,000 well spent.

However the youth policy will only work if those players get a chance to impress in the first-team. Krul was afforded that at the start of the season and has taken his chance with both hands. He said:

“The manager has always insisted that if you’re good enough, then it doesn’t matter how old you are. I’ve always firmly believed in that myself, and I’m just glad I’ve got my chance.”

“Maybe in the past, ‘keepers have traditionally been a lot older, but there are some top young goalkeepers around now and that’s very important.”

To be honest, I believe Krul is by far and away our best ‘keeper at the moment and whilst Steve Harper is an able backup I don’t believe the veteran is on the same level as the Dutch international. Timmy believes differently though and claims that the competition for places is so fierce that he can’t afford to sit back and rest, especially with the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine coming up.

“To be in the squad for Euro 2012 would be the icing on the cake after what will hopefully be a successful season with Newcastle,” said Krul when asked about a call up to the Dutch squad for the tournament.

“I can’t rest on my laurels and I can’t allow myself to relax, because I know Steve Harper and Rob Elliot are there to push me. I can’t rest easy because I need to be on top of my game week in, week out.”

Go get ’em Timmy!

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50 thoughts on “Krul: “I want to stay at this club for a long, long time”


    Read my mind. πŸ˜†

    So far the lad’s done nowt to show he’s even a half decent keeper. Don’t think Krul will be losing much sleep just yet!

    I know Vorm is another great Dutch keeper but for me Krul should be the Dutch no.1!

    He’s an adopted Geordie and a class act we have on our hands, no doubt about it. 😯


  2. Rob Elliot could push an attempt at goal round the post never mind pushing Krul for his shirt!

    Batty – If Tiote goes in January then I agree, Krul will be next.


  3. “All I’ve ever wanted to do is play for Newcastle United.
    That’s been the case since I was a teenager, playing for the juniors and reserves, and it’s still the same now.
    Every time I pull on the black and white shirt – and even more so now that I have number nine on my back – it means the world to me, so to be able to do that for at least the next five years is brilliant.” – Andy Carroll – October 2010

    “Derek asked me to hand in a transfer request, so I was pushed into a corner and had no choice, I wasn’t wanted by them and they made it clear they wanted the money. I didn’t want to leave at all. Make sure they know I didn’t want to leave. The players, staff and fans were fantastic.” – Andy Carroll February 2011

    …sorry, but long term contracts and pledges to the club mean jack **** to me these days. I’d love to see Timmy spend his whole career here (as I did with Shay Given). I’d love to see us keep our best players and actually compete with the teams in the top 7, not feed them better players. We’ll see what happens in January I guess, meanwhile I await the usual flannel.


  4. Nobby, flannel also means ‘informal talk that deliberately avoids dealing with a subject honestly or directly’.

    I’m not just about to get washed πŸ™‚


  5. Hope that’s true Dan.

    I would be happy with Ridgewell or Tomkins, Prem experience is purely what we need.
    We don’t need a player that takes time to settle as by the time they have adapted they will be playing third fiddle to Colo and Taylor.


  6. Shanghaitoon, so predictable, but I walked straight into that one – I guess it deserves a smiley face πŸ˜†


  7. Okay that hasnt worked at all!

    Basically I think that is our core for the future. Christ we are so close to a ridiculously youthful, quality team.
    I think Jonas and Colo have a few years left anyway, but now is the time to be sourcing the players to take over their reigns.
    Literally only need a left back and a right mid and we would have an absolute quality starting XI


  8. flannel is definately a new one on me! πŸ˜†

    Anyhoo… swansea this weekend.. does anyone remember Paul Kitson putting 3 passed them in the fa cup in 1995?

    I don’t but my mate keeps banging on about it πŸ˜†

    We stuck 3 passed them the last we played as well… i remember that one as i was there. Marlon harewood got a brace and I think the other one was loverman.

    A Ba hat-trick is defo on the cards!!!

    If tiote plays we’ll keep a clean sheet as our defence won’t have to do anything πŸ˜‰


  9. Nobby, admittedly I hadn’t heard it either until a couple of years ago. It’s a refreshing alternative to ‘bull****’. πŸ˜€

    Shanghai, some cracking photography work there mate (a few funny ones too, no fish boxes πŸ˜› )


  10. No worries mate, I was expecting it from someone, and welcome piss-taking, fair play for beating Nobby to it. πŸ™‚

    Just seen Pardew on SSN “…they’re gona have to pay a lot of money if they want to take anyone out of here……” ….when asked about Tiote.


  11. That quote from Pardew really begs the question, why don’t these ‘bigger teams’ spend a little bit extra on a decent scout, instead of buying ‘2nd hand’ players at inflated prices all the time? Surely if Carr can do it there must be others out there!!


  12. toonsy is tiote back for saturday ??

    this tiote carry on is just like the andy carroll situation!! carroll was injured then never played for us again!! we WILL sell tiote if the right price comes in!! i am fuming about it bcos its all just gona go straight into fat ashleys back pocket!! if we got 25m for tiote he would 5-10 back in 2 players!!


  13. @rod – because they can afford to buy proven prem players rather than nurturing them – if a player wants to go then he’ll go regardless, Harry Hotspur kept Modric but only by making him the clubs highest player and I’m sure he has a get out clause if spurs don’t make champions league this season


  14. Quite simply it stinks of he is for sale as long as the money is massive. Sorry but not good enough for me, he should be saying ‘None of our players are for sale END OF. We are building for future success so no body is for sale unless it is to the benefit and progress the team’.

    If Spurs could do it with Modric then we can certainly do it with Tiote, Krul, Cabaye, Ba…


  15. franky – spot on bud!! we are so soft when it comes to teams coming in for our best players!! what would alex ferguson say if someone asked for wayne rooney? would he say if the price was right then he would sell ?? NO!! tiote might think hes not wanted if he hears ” if the price is right”


  16. Steve, but neither Cabaye nor Tiote required any nurturing – they steamed straight into the first team. I hear what you’re saying though, as they can ‘afford it’. I guess we’re not the only club out there that finds bargain players, but we seem to do it more than most these days – thankfully.


  17. Timmehhhhh!!

    A lot better rehetoric from him than last season when he came across a bit petulent at times. Anyone would think he was only 21. Ah, so he is.
    Great ‘keeper, and still improving. As long as he doesn’t start to believe his own hype he’ll be fine.

    That’s what happened with Judas. And if any other player – including Krul – did the same I’d expect the club to do the same to them. Let’s not forget that we have good evidence that Carroll was forced to the door… but only after he’d demanded the club match the bindippers’ ridiculous offer. So for me, it’s self-policing. If you’re a decent bloke, you’ll want to stay and the club will want you to stay. If you’re a greedy, narcisistic ****wit, you’ll be sold to the first mug willing to pay several times your value.

    Fair enough, I think.


  18. Franky, although I agree with you, it’s not quite that easy. As SteveP says, Modric was made the highest paid player at spurs to keep him there, and NUFC have a stringent salary structure – increasing the wages of our most desirables will have a domino effect on the rest of the team, and fatty doesn’t like paying extortionate wages (with the exception of Alan Smith).


  19. If we were skint I would understand, or if Mike came out and said ‘Listen, I’m going to claw back my loan as quickly as possible before investing and taking the team forward properly.’ then I could understand and appreciate the situation. But the total lack of trust between us and him causes no end of bother.

    What am I paying my season ticket money for if the team I want to see becoming successful are happy to just ‘exist’ in this league? πŸ™„


  20. Rod – Fair comment mate. Are Spurs a highly profitable club? I always thought we would generally make more than them ❓


  21. Lol, niceone Solano’s πŸ˜† Same newspaper and everything. At least we’ll be getting megabucks for him…


  22. Why would Pardew say something so blunt as that, when it’s patently not true? Wasn’t everyone on his back about the Carroll ‘promise’ a minute ago?

    Everyone wants honesty… until they don’t like the honest answer. πŸ™„


  23. Frankly Franky@34, I tend to distance myself from club finances as I don’t think they should be relevant to us fans, we just want to see good performances in a settled side that doesn’t chop and change all the time. With reference to Spurs, I couldn’t answer that but I’m sure there are many others on here who could. I would’ve thought we made more than them, I think they just hoy money about regardless. London is always gona be more attractive than the NE to players; unless of course we finished a few consecutive seasons in the top 6 or 7, by KEEPING our best players.


  24. I hope Kruls comments doesnt mean he’s off soon or am I being too cynical. πŸ™„

    As for Mike asking “so when r u getting a center-half Alan?” lol is that a joke by last window when u fu**ed up the ridgewell deal πŸ˜† can we throw in another aswell if Colo isnt signed up soon and Simmo


  25. Franky – Spurs make much much more than us despite the smaller stadium. In fact their income is just under double what ours is.

    Of course the Champions League money helped, but even without that they make more than us.Their season tickets are over a grand a pop and the cheapest individual seat for a match is Β£60. More for Euro games.

    Then they have sponsors on each shirt. Their home shirts and away shirts carry different sponsors which bring in about Β£20m a season for them compared to out Β£2.5m a season.


  26. Rodz@37 and Franky @34
    Spurs latest accounts to June 2011 with Toon’s estimate in brackets based on last accounts and first season back in Premier League:

    Turnover up 36% to Β£163.5m. (Toon Β£90 million)
    Operating profit Β£32.3m ( Toon Break-even)
    Net debt Β£56.8 (Toon Β£100m)

    Spuds benefited from Β£37 million from the Champions League in the above figures but still have a much bigger turnover without this.

    Like it or not we are a country mile behind Spuds in terms of turnover (and even further behind Man U, Citeh ,and Chelski). Liverpool are also massively ahead of us. Little wonder we can’t pay the same wages and our players can be targeted by these clubs. It will take time to get back up there but it is a massive task.


  27. Toonsy, isn’t it all relative though? London prices and all that. Their expenses will be MUCH higher than ours in the North East ❓

    Is your information based on ‘profit’?


  28. Rodz – Nope. I’m purely talking from the income of Tottenham. Of course they can charge higher prices because of the London effect but the result is that the club make more money because of it.

    As 3HW pointed out, they are a country mile ahead of us both on the pitch and financially


  29. Also on Liverpool, they area massive club with a huge fanbase. It dwarfs ours. They make more on merchandising in a year than we turn over as a club which is frightening.


  30. It’s because they have a presence in the Far East and States. As much as I dislike them, they have a global reach. It’s just a shame it was built on stuff that happened 20, 30, 40 years ago πŸ‘Ώ


  31. I know mate, 70s and 80s.

    I remember having a having a fudged language-barriered banter argument with a bus driver in Chile who spotted my Toon shirt, and kept on saying “Liverpool, championes” to me while I just had to smile back and say “no seΓ±or, Newcastle”, this went on and on and got quite tedious if I’m honest, I felt like just telling him to **** off. Backs up your point though! πŸ˜†


  32. I am surprised at the figures to be honest. I knew CL would bolster their income, but didn’t realise about the season ticket cost…or the double shirt sponsor. It all helps I suppose!

    Hopefully Uncle Mike’s business acumen will be able to get our finances to a similar level πŸ˜†


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