Pardew eyes Tiote stay, but is there anywhere for him to go?

Is there actually anywhere for Tiote to go?
You know I really used to look forward to transfer windows. I could go for hours looking at potential targets and in truth I still do that.

However my enjoyment of the whole transfer window malarkey has been tempered in recent years and I always have half an eye, if not more, on outgoing players aswell as incoming ones.

Call me a suspicious old Hector if you like, but the facts are that every player has a price under this regime, including our important players like Cheik Tiote who has been linked with a move away from the club since the summer.

The fact is that a big money bid could see Tiote leave. I wouldn’t be happy about it but in a way it’s the nature of the beast. Fans would be kidding themselves if they thought the lure of Newcastle United is greater than a payrise and a shot at Champions League football.

Anyway, hopefully it won’t come to that and those clubs who will splash the cash will be deterred by Alan Pardew’s words today as he claimed it would be “very, very difficult” to get him, and other important players, out of Newcastle thanks to the great start on the pitch and the apparently good position we are in financially.

“He’s a big target because he’s a great player, and great players are going to be targets,” said Pardew when quizzed about the recent transfer speculation regarding Tiote.

He added: “We are always on our guard with Cheick because we realise that to us, he is very, very important and it would be very, very difficult to get him out of here.”

Pardew was then asked whether he could guarantee Tiote staying at Newcastle. He answered: “You never know with the window. It’s such a minefield of possibilities.”

“We have one or two players here that top clubs, I’m sure, will be interested in, but the one thing I would say on that is that they are going to have to pay a lot of money to take anybody out of here because we are obviously in a good position, not just on the playing side, but financially as well.”

Whilst not naming names, Pardew dropped a serious hint about a player coming, that player being Modibo Maiga. I don’t quite understand the secrecy to be honest as every man and his dog knows it’s him. He added that there may be more than just one player moving to St James’ Park in the January window..

“In terms of players coming in, there is certainly one player who will come in and we are hoping maybe two – if we don’t lose anybody,” Pardew concluded.

I’ve been thinking the whole Tiote situation for a while now. Obviously he is impressing people but let’s take a look at the facts on this one. If he does go, it will be for big money. As I said earlier, far from ideal. However with that admission we can effectively rule out most of the clubs in the Premier League. What about the ones who could afford him though? Do they really need to splash out on Cheik Tiote?

I guess the first place to look is Chelsea as they are the ones who have been linked with the midfield enforcer the most. Currently they have Raul Meireles, Frank Lampard, John Obi Mikel, Ramires and Oriol Romou fit and available to play in the middle of the park. Let’s not forget the currently injured Michael Essien who is now back in training and edging closer to a return and they also have young Josh McEachran who is starting to get the odd chance in the first team. That’s seven central midfielders…

How about Manchester United? How are they stocked in midfield? Currently they have Park Ji-Sung, Michael Carrick, Anderson, Tom Cleverley and Darren Fletcher, albeit the latter is on a break from the game at the moment. They also have Phil Jones who can play in the middle of the park in the more defensive role – a role he has played in over the last few weeks. Tiote would be a plus for them, but they have other priorities to address.

Manchester City is also a no-go I feel. They have Gareth Barry (tee hee hee), David Silva, Nigel de Jong, Yaya Toure and James Milner who can all operate in the middle of the park. They seem to be doing fine as things stand and need to strengthen their defence before anything else. There is also the fact that Tiote wouldn’t be guaranteed a start at the Etihad, plus the fact that City have enough money to look at any player they want, not just Tiote.

Moving on to Arsenal and I think the fact that it will take “big money” will rule them out in the first instance. They have a record of nurturing their own which has served them well for over a decade now. Anyway, I’ll take at look at their central midfield options regardless.

They have Abou Diaby, Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta, Aaron Ramsey and Alex Song aswell as the young and highly-rated Emmanuel Frimpong coming through the ranks along with probably a couple of others. they seem to have their midfield covered but, like I mentioned above, they’d be an outsider anyway.

Liverpool are another club who seem to have their midfield sorted. Obviously there is Steven Gerrard to consider, but beyond him they have Charlie Adam, Lucas, Jordan Henderson and young Jay Spearing to take into account. They could probably do with another midfielder in truth but when you consider that Gerrard is a starter along with the good form of Adam and Lucas I just wonder if they’ll splash so much cash to bolster a position that is pretty much sewn up?

Finally, Tottenham. they have a cracking midfield in truth. Scott Parker, Luka Modric, Sandro and Rafael van der Vaart are supplemented by Tom Huddlestone, Danny Rose and Jake Livermore. They have strength in depth in their midfield and have all roles covered – offensively and defensively – with more than one player.

Those, to me anyway, are the clubs that have the cash to spend on a player like Tiote. They all have an income that us greater than ours which is why I’ve drawn the line there. If we can’t resist bids from clubs who actually earn less than us then there is something wrong!

I honestly can’t see where Tiote will fit into any of them to be honest. Yes you could argue that they could buy him regardless, but would he be guaranteed first team football each week? I’m not so sure on that.

Of course there is the potential of a move abroad, but again the same scenario crops up. There aren’t that many clubs who could pay the money we want AND offer him a place in the team. Remember, he hardly played at FC Twente because he didn’t suit the style of play over in Holland so the same could be said about other countries also.

Anyway I’m hopeful that I’ve just spent an hour compiling this article for no reason and that Pardew’s apparent determination to keep the Ivory Coast international at the club pays off in January and beyond but, as we’ve witnessed at first hand, transfer windows have an element of dread about them these days.

Fingers crossed…

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122 thoughts on “Pardew eyes Tiote stay, but is there anywhere for him to go?

  1. Hmm not so sure about Smith. Why was he not involved in the deserve fame will Abeid was a planned withdrawal after 45 minutes???


  2. @wolfie πŸ˜† if thats his plan than I’m happy to step onboard πŸ˜€

    Ive always said he should be praised for the work he’s done and clubs in future will follow his blueprint which will eventually reduce players wages in the future.

    Ive never once said I hated Ashley or I wish he’d leave.

    I just have my resevations about his plans, I believe he wants out and once we’re in a healthy position he’ll happily sell up. But if I defo knew he was here to stay for a while I would welcome him even if it meant losing a player or two until we were in a position to complete with the big boys.

    I guess I need to try and trust him more, time will tell im sure. πŸ˜€


  3. That’s the spirit Mark πŸ˜€

    The thing is, none of us are Prophets and even I can’t stand up and say, Ashley won’t go or we won’t make mistakes or sell players or whatever because if I did, I would be lying.

    I tend to always look at anything and weigh up the pro’s and con’s and years ago I wouldn’t have even went down the Owner/finance way about it because “I” as well as probably 99% of other fans would have been more than happy to concentrate on who was on the pitch and what excitement they could give…the rest was just politics really.

    Unfortunately along came the internet and people began to scrutinize everything from Jonas Guiterrez’s purple silk G-string with 6 well lined up cubic Zirconia type imitation diamonds running down the string in the crack of his arse, right up to the extremely large melon type lump adorned with a Salami type sausage in Yohan Cabaye’s Y front French made cotton underpants.

    I mean I don;t know if that’s true mind I jusy recall hearing it off some weirdo 😳

    Anyway this is why we are all now verging on the financial head screwing and devilish antics of our board and owner because we have it battered into our internet heads and some follow one trend and others follow another.

    It makes for good banter I suppose…..and bad πŸ˜†


  4. Toonsy – Tiote is too expensive for spurs and gooners so don’t see him going to either of those. He’s too cheap for Man City. He’s the wrong type of midfielder for Man Utd, see them playing Jones DCM and think they are looking more for a replacement Scholes so I don’t see him there either, which only leaves Chelsea.
    In my opinion, Tiote WONT go to Chelsea either, and here’s why:
    Firstly, I don’t think he is AVBs first choice. I think he will look to raid his former club and try to bring Mountino (or whatever his name is) in. As good as Tiote is I just don’t see him as effective in the formation Chelsea play, though one thing is certain, he’d provide much needed protection for Luiz.
    The second factor to why I don’t see Tiote at Chelsea, is that I don’t see Chelsea putting up with our board laying down demands as we did with Liverfool, and instead of allowing themselves to be robbed blind, they will simply say “**** offski”.

    And that only leaves one other possibility, Tiote stays put!! continues playing in our midfielder and we build a team around them… and we go on to conquer the world!!!!!!!


  5. I dont think Tiote will go to Chelsea as he has already stated ( before even joining us I think ) that he wouldnt like to live in a big city like London


  6. Well I love the excitement of the transfer window, not just for who we bring in but because you get some good laughs with clubs paying out 200 mozillian pathillion gazunkas for average players.

    But I still love the excitement of who we could bring in and I still get that tiny little pre orgasmic like tingle in the end of me tail when we at least look close to signing some quality.

    I do however sometimes feel a poo coming on when our better players get linked with the big guns but that ache soon goes. πŸ˜€


  7. Tiote won’t leave Newcastle for two reasons.
    1. I think he’s happy here.

    2. He knows I support them. πŸ˜€


  8. tiote wont leave the toon because

    1: he has just renewed his nexus bus ticket (all zones) for the year
    2. he gets his ‘Roal moat’ cut at Terrys on stamfordham road. Terry doesnt do L’don πŸ˜€


  9. I remember when Keegan was daddy in town, I used to hang off his every word and wait at the newsagents from 12.30 for the Chronicle to be delivered for the newest keegan quotes and speculation.. god those days were fu**in sad lol


  10. wolfie says:
    December 15, 2011 at 19:03
    Well I love the excitement of the transfer window, not just for who we bring in but because you get some good laughs with clubs paying out 200 mozillian pathillion gazunkas for average players.

    But I still love the excitement of who we could bring in and I still get that tiny little pre orgasmic like tingle in the end of me tail when we at least look close to signing some quality.

    I do however sometimes feel a poo coming on when our better players get linked with the big guns but that ache soon goes.

    Your a strange strange man Wolfie! But I like it πŸ˜†


  11. Mark , what latest bit πŸ˜€

    I don’t work for the blog… I was bummed once by Toonsy in a sort of ambush when I was at a low ebb….behind a tree I believe but to say I work for the bog is wide of the mark πŸ˜€

    I’m sure it was behind a tree πŸ™„ …ermmm

    Oh that’s right, no I was bummed behind a tree on another totally different occasion by a gang of studs…I mean a gang of ruffians.

    Toonsy done me behind a skip as I remember trying to explain how my rear end was ravaged to hell to the doctors, who were laughing and taunting me with bloody King Edward potatoes and waving bathroom heat lamp bulbs at me.

    I don;t know what the devil they were getting at. πŸ˜†


  12. The news this morning on Simpson was that he had agreed the wages on the new contract, but not how they would be paid – and that’s the latest on that, but presumably negotiations could now be held in abeyance until the summer.

    1: 16grands worth of Sports Direct vouchers per month and a Lonsdale vest for everyday of your life
    2: we’re happy for you to leave πŸ™„


  13. I heard when youre fisted off toonsy he had to wear a boxing glove while holding a baby pumpkin, and he still didnt touch the sides πŸ‘Ώ

    not not .com

    their lastest article by Ed was “Evidence Ashley And LLambias Want To Build Top Newcastle Side

    sorry toonsy, did want to advertise .com or reveal the boxing glove tale πŸ™


  14. Mark, if you don’t mind, I’d rather not go into the 56oz boxing glove with the pumpkin because it always brings back memories of Halloween when I was watching a re-run of the Cassius clay versus Donny(the smooth) polyfilla. πŸ˜€


  15. Big Dave, I used to be addicted to Amphetamines, glue, cannabis, L.S.D, magic mushrooms, Valium, Evostik , Lighter fluid and a variation of spirits, until I found the church choir.
    Now I’m just happy with the salty taste and the arms full of sweeties I get as gifts.
    Praise the lord. πŸ˜€


  16. @Big Dave

    “Wolfie do you take any medication or use glue a lot”

    he does after the glove incident and the glue helps his prolapsed hoop remain intact πŸ˜€


  17. As for uncle Ed WE think he has lost the plot a bit, he says about how good Mehdi Abeid is ? where has he been watching him ? saying that I think he will be a good player but We will wait to see him play before judging him πŸ˜€


  18. Big Dave, judging by what Beardsley has said about Abheid, I have no doubt that we have one quality kid there and I think he can step right up to the mark and follow on from the Blackburn game.


  19. actually i used to be addicted to Amphetamines, glue, cannabis, L.S.D, magic mushrooms, Valium, Evostik , Lighter fluid and a variation of spirits, then I realised addiction and dependancy is totally different. I fine with it now, apart from the speed as in makes my willy little πŸ™


  20. Big Dave, I tried time bond and ended up trussed up in the middle of a dance floor naked in the year 1962 at some american high school prom enchantment under the sea carry on, with a frigging rolled upsports Almanac jammed up my bum and some **** called biff yanking it out.

    Evo stik for me mate from that day on. πŸ˜€


  21. DAVE on “ed” he has just finished his last treatment for the big C ime hopeing everything comes good for him,says its spread like,but still hope all the best for him


  22. Mark lol I don;t need anything to make my Tiddle little, it’s never grew form the age of 1 I’m certain of that.
    In the winter, the lads call me petula in the mens toilets. 😯


  23. @Icedog..

    yes m8, I have a lot of time for Ed, he’s a dedicated chap considering the trouble he’s having. god blessing


  24. NUFC Site…
    …”Last weekend, Perch made his first Premier League start in almost a year at the heart of United’s defence.
    And the versatile former Nottingham Forest man is keen to stake his claim for a regular spot.
    “It was brilliant,” he said of his run-out at Norwich. 😳 😳 😳

    “It came through bad circumstances, with Colo and Tayls getting injured, but I had to play and it good opening for me.
    “I now need to build on my performances week after week and try to make a place for myself in the team.”


  25. @wolfie @108

    you go to the mens toilet? fu**in show off!!

    I have to use the cubicle and dab afters 😯

    I said E.T is short for.. coz he only has little legs.. πŸ™„ if you dont understand it thats fine m8


  26. Mark lol I didn’t see the thread were you put little legs. πŸ˜†

    Finish this Nursery Rhyme..

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    sorry for the language toonsy, he started it


  28. Mark πŸ™„ that’s disgusting, I’m not that type of chap to think of thinks like that, oh how could you, it should have went like this. πŸ˜€

    Old mother hubbard went to the cupboard and Toon sy jumped out and jammed his cash in her mouth…..

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  29. I don;t know why I typed Tin Tin, I must have a crush on the little ginger haired skinny super sleuth. πŸ˜†


  30. lol thought you were the rear type πŸ˜†

    well of nu to watch the rest fo the fades, cracking series if you aint seen it.

    I’ll leave you wolfie to bring the tone of down yourself.. πŸ˜€


  31. Nah I won’t bring this place down, it’s a great site for info and debates. πŸ˜€

    Plus Toonsy is my brother in law…. did I not mention that earlier. πŸ˜†


  32. @Toonsy:

    I didn’t suggest that Pardew should say “Tiote is staying”. If he really wants to play it safe and box clever the obvious thing to state is “The lad is on a six year contract and does not want to leave”. This was proven last summer when Chelsea came sniffing around and Tiote wasn’t interested.

    In all honesty, Pardew doesn’t NEED to say anything. Intentional or not his comments could be construed as a green light to moneybags teams to bid for a player that, as recent results have proven, NUFC are much stronger with than without. Sure every player has his price but don’t play the pimp.


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