Pardew eyes Tiote stay, but is there anywhere for him to go?

Is there actually anywhere for Tiote to go?
You know I really used to look forward to transfer windows. I could go for hours looking at potential targets and in truth I still do that.

However my enjoyment of the whole transfer window malarkey has been tempered in recent years and I always have half an eye, if not more, on outgoing players aswell as incoming ones.

Call me a suspicious old Hector if you like, but the facts are that every player has a price under this regime, including our important players like Cheik Tiote who has been linked with a move away from the club since the summer.

The fact is that a big money bid could see Tiote leave. I wouldn’t be happy about it but in a way it’s the nature of the beast. Fans would be kidding themselves if they thought the lure of Newcastle United is greater than a payrise and a shot at Champions League football.

Anyway, hopefully it won’t come to that and those clubs who will splash the cash will be deterred by Alan Pardew’s words today as he claimed it would be “very, very difficult” to get him, and other important players, out of Newcastle thanks to the great start on the pitch and the apparently good position we are in financially.

“He’s a big target because he’s a great player, and great players are going to be targets,” said Pardew when quizzed about the recent transfer speculation regarding Tiote.

He added: “We are always on our guard with Cheick because we realise that to us, he is very, very important and it would be very, very difficult to get him out of here.”

Pardew was then asked whether he could guarantee Tiote staying at Newcastle. He answered: “You never know with the window. It’s such a minefield of possibilities.”

“We have one or two players here that top clubs, I’m sure, will be interested in, but the one thing I would say on that is that they are going to have to pay a lot of money to take anybody out of here because we are obviously in a good position, not just on the playing side, but financially as well.”

Whilst not naming names, Pardew dropped a serious hint about a player coming, that player being Modibo Maiga. I don’t quite understand the secrecy to be honest as every man and his dog knows it’s him. He added that there may be more than just one player moving to St James’ Park in the January window..

“In terms of players coming in, there is certainly one player who will come in and we are hoping maybe two – if we don’t lose anybody,” Pardew concluded.

I’ve been thinking the whole Tiote situation for a while now. Obviously he is impressing people but let’s take a look at the facts on this one. If he does go, it will be for big money. As I said earlier, far from ideal. However with that admission we can effectively rule out most of the clubs in the Premier League. What about the ones who could afford him though? Do they really need to splash out on Cheik Tiote?

I guess the first place to look is Chelsea as they are the ones who have been linked with the midfield enforcer the most. Currently they have Raul Meireles, Frank Lampard, John Obi Mikel, Ramires and Oriol Romou fit and available to play in the middle of the park. Let’s not forget the currently injured Michael Essien who is now back in training and edging closer to a return and they also have young Josh McEachran who is starting to get the odd chance in the first team. That’s seven central midfielders…

How about Manchester United? How are they stocked in midfield? Currently they have Park Ji-Sung, Michael Carrick, Anderson, Tom Cleverley and Darren Fletcher, albeit the latter is on a break from the game at the moment. They also have Phil Jones who can play in the middle of the park in the more defensive role – a role he has played in over the last few weeks. Tiote would be a plus for them, but they have other priorities to address.

Manchester City is also a no-go I feel. They have Gareth Barry (tee hee hee), David Silva, Nigel de Jong, Yaya Toure and James Milner who can all operate in the middle of the park. They seem to be doing fine as things stand and need to strengthen their defence before anything else. There is also the fact that Tiote wouldn’t be guaranteed a start at the Etihad, plus the fact that City have enough money to look at any player they want, not just Tiote.

Moving on to Arsenal and I think the fact that it will take “big money” will rule them out in the first instance. They have a record of nurturing their own which has served them well for over a decade now. Anyway, I’ll take at look at their central midfield options regardless.

They have Abou Diaby, Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta, Aaron Ramsey and Alex Song aswell as the young and highly-rated Emmanuel Frimpong coming through the ranks along with probably a couple of others. they seem to have their midfield covered but, like I mentioned above, they’d be an outsider anyway.

Liverpool are another club who seem to have their midfield sorted. Obviously there is Steven Gerrard to consider, but beyond him they have Charlie Adam, Lucas, Jordan Henderson and young Jay Spearing to take into account. They could probably do with another midfielder in truth but when you consider that Gerrard is a starter along with the good form of Adam and Lucas I just wonder if they’ll splash so much cash to bolster a position that is pretty much sewn up?

Finally, Tottenham. they have a cracking midfield in truth. Scott Parker, Luka Modric, Sandro and Rafael van der Vaart are supplemented by Tom Huddlestone, Danny Rose and Jake Livermore. They have strength in depth in their midfield and have all roles covered – offensively and defensively – with more than one player.

Those, to me anyway, are the clubs that have the cash to spend on a player like Tiote. They all have an income that us greater than ours which is why I’ve drawn the line there. If we can’t resist bids from clubs who actually earn less than us then there is something wrong!

I honestly can’t see where Tiote will fit into any of them to be honest. Yes you could argue that they could buy him regardless, but would he be guaranteed first team football each week? I’m not so sure on that.

Of course there is the potential of a move abroad, but again the same scenario crops up. There aren’t that many clubs who could pay the money we want AND offer him a place in the team. Remember, he hardly played at FC Twente because he didn’t suit the style of play over in Holland so the same could be said about other countries also.

Anyway I’m hopeful that I’ve just spent an hour compiling this article for no reason and that Pardew’s apparent determination to keep the Ivory Coast international at the club pays off in January and beyond but, as we’ve witnessed at first hand, transfer windows have an element of dread about them these days.

Fingers crossed…

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122 thoughts on “Pardew eyes Tiote stay, but is there anywhere for him to go?

  1. The only one I think that maybe will want him is Man United because even though they do have a lot of midfielders, as well Fletcher, Cleverly and Anderson are injured for a while too so it only leaves them with Giggs and Carrick because with Vidic injured they’ll probably put Jones but to centre-half.


  2. Agree with Dan4Toon, I can see only ManU coming in for Tiote. They are pretty short in the middle, especially with Fletcher now out with an illness. It was not too long ago when they spent around 16 million pounds on Valencia. This showed that they are not afraid to splash the cash on big players from the ‘lesser’ clubs.


  3. sweet Article Thud.

    Aye, perhaps b4 we got into a flap, we should of looked at possibilites of where he could go. But we wouldnt be the fickle Geordies that every1 loves if we did πŸ˜‰

    on the other hand I take Pards comments with a pinch of salt as we all know he wanted certain players to stay and mike didnt so I’ll wait and see.


  4. Mark, the thing is Pardew didn’t give any guarantee’s, he obviously wants all of our best players to stay but he said it will take very big offer to get Cheik, which it will, the Carroll transfer proved that. But there is probably only three teams in world football who aren’t a selling club. We are unfortunately not difference to the rest.


  5. I don’t know why you included the Spurts in that list fella, when have you known them to pay the sort of money we’ll be looking for (ie Β£30m+), for a player, especially a DMF… they’re normally the club selling their top players for that sort of money ie Carrick, Berbs etc etc… ❗

    I don’t think he’ll go anywhere for a while because as you’ve pointed out, most teams have plenty of cover & Tiote wouldn’t give up the chance of playing first team footy not to warm the bench, not even for a CL club, remember, he left a CL club to come play for us, so thats not an incentive clubs can offer him…. if he goes, it’ll be for the same reason the others left, money!!!!


  6. Pardew is damned if he does and damned of he doesn’t. He’s just covering the bases and being non-committal.

    Funny really, he says they are staying and they end up being sold above his head and he is a liar. If he doesn’t guarantee they are staying he is prepping them for a sale πŸ™„


  7. @dan4toon

    yes m8, thats what I said, he did say he wanted Barton, Nolan, Jose and Carroll to stay but its out of his hands. Wasnt blaming Pards I was merely saying he can’t decide, thats Mike’s job.

    I think he’s learned not to say “i want him to stay” since the egg on face experience of the last window.


  8. Man Utd in particular dont have a midfield general. Tiote would be a huge plus to them, especially as they are defensively weak these days. However, I think they will looking for a central defender first this January…That said, with Fletcher injured they are thin on the ground.

    I’m not convinced he would end up anywhere else… Chelsea an outside chance, but they do have Essien when he gets back and they are back in form now, so no urgency to panic buy.

    Reckon we are going to keep him if Man Utd dont come in. πŸ™‚


  9. I don’t think any1 would blame Pards now, he’s certainly not a liar. We all know how the club operates now.. we should be pleased he’s still here. Some managers couldnt work this way.

    I back Pards all the way and really hope Tiote stays.


  10. some hopefully good news

    FABRICIO COLOCCINI and Cheick Tiote have been working overtime to be fit for the home game with Swansea City – while Mike Williamson will also be given every chance to prove his fitness for Saturday.

    the Chron


  11. Man U don’t normally buy in January, but Cahill, Tiote & Snyder would significantly improve them.


  12. Sy fella, there are a lot of clubs on the PL who can afford him, ie the Vile, Muckems, Chicken Pluckers, QPR etc etc but you never put them on the list, especially QPR being the 2nd richest club in the PL…

    The Spurts have never spent that sort of money on a player & never will, floppychops & Levy are the same as Ashley, they want to buy as cheap as they can & then sell at a profit.. the most they’ve EVER spent on a player is Modric at Β£16.6m….. so you really think they’d even contemplate joining a bidding war when it’s already been reported that Manc Usa & Chelski are looking to bid Β£25m+ for him… I don’t think so…. πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  13. β€œIn terms of players coming in, there is certainly one player who will come in and we are hoping maybe two – if we don’t lose anybody,” Pardew concluded.

    Fuck TiotΓ©, we needed a striker, centre half and left back before Staylor got injured now we’ll get two if we’re lucky


  14. In my opinion Tiote will go to Manure if he does leave. No other team will spend that sort of money as they don’t really need him, unlike Manure. Β£20m+ will see him go unfortunately πŸ˜₯


  15. are QPR really that rich? they spent 15mil last window and have promised another 15mil for this window. Dont the fair play rules regarding making as much as you spend affect clubs like QPR who only get 15k fans?


  16. Tiote won’t go to Man U – at least not in january as fergie has stated that it’s ‘highly unlikely’ that they’ll make any signings in this window.

    I could only see Tiote signing for Chelsea but… and this is a big but. If Chelsea do want Tiote then its to replace the injured Essien who’d out for the season – what happens after that? Tiote and Essien fight it out next season? No way! Chelsea will either sign an up-and-comer or get someone in on loan, not blow Β£25mill on someone who’ll only get 1st team football for 6 month.

    Reports are even saying that Essien could be back in the Chelsea squad this season which makes a tiote move even less unlikely. πŸ˜‰


  17. Mark, at least with a swap deal we’d get his ‘proceeds’ going straight back into the team. I’m sure if we got 25m we wouldn’t re-invest it all (and I’m not saying I want us to spend 25m on 1 player, before the million-dollar-boys jump on mi heed).


  18. I read somewhere this morning that Manchester United are looking at Everton’s Jack Rodwell, so does this mean they’ll go for Tiote as well?

    I’m quietly confident Tiote will stay with us for the time being as I can’t see him moving in January. However, I feel that we must finish in a Europa League position if we want to try and entice him that his future lies at SJP.

    Another great article, as always.

    twitter: @J_W_Edwards


  19. @Rod agreed πŸ™‚ I think I answered it as if I was Ashley πŸ™‚

    I’d swap with Nani and 12 million πŸ™‚


  20. Guys, please, we are in denial. I genuinely believe that Tiote has already played his last game for the Toon, let alone, will he stay, will he leave. The only thing on our side is that I think the lad is genuinely happy to stay but money talks. We cannot turn down a bid in excess of 15m and we will looking to cover the position right now. I smile whn people say will he make it for Saturday as I think he’s gone and won’t be risked. Hope I am wrong. We will sign Maiga and a versatile, centre/left back and a kid for the future


  21. lol Tiote is sooo good now he’s become an albatross for Ashley..

    He’ll be pleading with Chelsea.. 20mill 18, 16.5 πŸ˜‰


  22. Russell

    On the contrary, I don’t think he will sign for anyone else – at least not in january. Who wants him? No one has stated that they want him and everything so far has been stirred up by the press. Who’d to say he’s not injured?

    Imagine 😯 we were actually being told the truth 😯


  23. Mark, Nuno Valencia +10m would be just as good/more likely, as he doesn’t seem to be getting much Premier League game time (apart from his blinder last weekend).

    I’d take that I reckon. But I doubt it’ll happen.


  24. Β£25m to Β£30m is a lot regardless of a clubs financial clout. Can’t see it happening in January with Tiote’s recent injury problems and the fact he will miss all of January at the ACN.

    Spurs are as Toonsy said, fairly stocked in that position, as are Chelsea especially with Essien back in training. Plus they seem to like Romeu, has looked the part so far. McEachran is a real talent too.

    Liverpool will not replace Lucas, massive fan favorite ever since last season and have youth such as Spearing, Coady, Shelvey behind the first team players.

    Arsenal have Song, Frimpong and Coquelin, all play that role and are younger than Tiote.

    Man Utd have Anderson, Cleverley, Tunicliffe and Pogba who are all highly rated at Old Trattford for the future, plus their senior players.

    Man City are top of the league without him and well stocked in midfield. Might make a bid for the craic because they can but they don’t need him really but hear their looking at Adam Maher

    Unless Mourinho sees him as a part of a jigsaw of his masterplan at Madrid I can’t see it happening tbh, and even at that Diarra does that job for Real and as for Barca, they have more class midfielders than they know what to do with.

    So who else is there really that we could not fight off?


  25. I reckon Barcelona will be doing some Christmas striker shopping now anyway, after Villa broke his leg last night.


  26. Its ok saying Berbatov or Torres but its never going to happen unless they fall into our wage policy. Im betting Berbatov, Torres, Drogba or anyone else like that wouldn’t. Not to mention their age…


  27. Toonsy, Berbatov could get cheap duty-free tabs though oot the back of Dekka’s Transit. Now that’s an incentive. 😯


  28. Totally agree there Sy, none of those 3 strikers would come to us as they’d want triple what we pay our top players… even the Spurts couldn’t afford to pay the first Β£100k/wk of Adebayors wages, so how would they be able to offer Tiote a better package than he’s getting with us… πŸ˜•

    He ain’t goin nowhere this window, no matter what shyte we read in the crap-loids…. πŸ˜†


  29. So, “it will take a very big offer to get Cheik” eh? Pardew might as well stick a “For Sale” sign on his a**e.

    All he should be saying is “The lad is on a six year contract and has categorically stated that he does not want to leave.” This puts a positive message across and he doesn’t lose face if worse comes to worst.

    It’s a bit of a worry that the suits seem to think that contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re written on and if an offer comes in Tiote WILL be sold, regardless of whether the player wants to stay. Perhaps Andy Carrolls “leave or rot in the reserves” claim is not as far-fetched as the club would like us to believe.


  30. Hope you’re right there Toon69, personally I’d be chuffed if we brought in a striker and 2 defenders this window, without any outgoings. To me it would be us starting to show a bit of that dreaded word, ambition.

    …admittedly though, I’d also be gobsmacked. 😐


  31. Rodzilla says:
    December 15, 2011 at 15:22
    I would. It’d be bad business sense to turn that down.

    I actually laughed out loud in work at that! Im assuming it was aimed at me btw! Got a few funny looks but yeah ur right πŸ™‚


  32. Lee – Pardew say Tiote isn’t going anywhere? Like he did with Carroll younmean? He’s playing it safe and boxing clever by stating the obvious.


  33. πŸ™‚ yeah Johno, couldn’t resist πŸ˜›

    …agree there Toonsy, once bitten twice shy for wor Alan. He uses his words carefully these days, he knows who wears the trousers.


  34. is it just me or is anyone else sick and tired of pardew talking about bids needing to be such and such to get our players

    i cant ever remember as a newcastle fan being worried about losing our best players unless we wanted to get rid.

    i remember us rejecting a Β£20 million (a lotta money back then) bid from leeds for dyer in his pomp. we only let players go if we didnt need them

    there wasnt much said in the prior months and they just left. hamann for example, Β£8 million to pool, parker 7 million to west ham, jenas was his own personal issues and again, he wasnt a key player. we had cover and it was done quickly

    even likes of andy cole whom i was cut up when we he was sold we replaced with shearer (who turned down man utd in process)

    im tired of this, as a nufc fan i find these articles over and over again how we want to keep our best players as unacceptable. if anything we should be talking more about strengthening rather than ‘staving off bids’

    its so annoying

    but maybe its my problem still thinking were a big fckin club


  35. Toonsy – Pardew has done nowt wrong in my eyes, it’s not what he SAYS that worries me…it’s what Fatty and Owlheed have planned 😯


  36. he knows who wears the trousers..

    or not.. if youre alone with Ashley at St James and just lost a bet πŸ˜†

    (referring to Llambias getting his **** out at st jms) πŸ™„


  37. @doitforsirbobby

    even likes of andy cole whom i was cut up when we he was sold we replaced with shearer (who turned down man utd in process)

    Les Ferdinand + K Gillespie πŸ™„

    its for the good of the club m8 πŸ™„ or so we’re told..


  38. sometimes the way pardew chats i wudnt be shocked if he gets a bonus based on player sales.

    thats happens by the way – managers in their contracts sometimes either get a % cut of players sales or get bonuses depending on player sales

    it happens


  39. Mark, the thought of being alone and trouserless in the same room as Fatty is quite a scary thought. 😯

    doitforsirbobby@46, I agree with your sentiments, but unfortunately we’ve developed a bit of a name for ourselves over the last few years. It’s inevitable really.


  40. ya mark but we still had excellent replacements. remember keegan telling us to trust him??!!!

    imagine if we as fans were a mad as we were then what wud have happened last january, haha, even this summer at the close!!

    i mean il take carroll being replaced with ba cos ba is fckin quality.

    under any normal regime id actuallly be happy with the business of 35 million for AC for example – however even though AC came from our city, through the NUFC academy and into the NUFC 1st team. we all know that coin isnt 100% going back into the club and therfore the city he came from.

    this is what pees me off

    its like we trying to sell our best players for as much as possible – like we trying to MAKE money from players.

    NUFC aint a fckin normal doesnt work like that

    does my head in

    i sound like an arsenal fan!


  41. @doitforsirbobby

    agreed totally m8.

    Shame we’ve settled for this but what can we do. I hope he claws back the cash he’s owed and we’re in a health position to sell up coz I too can’t be arsed with it, not sure if any1 can. We tolerate for the good of the club, we’re in limbo πŸ™„


  42. Mark. if this is a club in limbo then I fear for the future if Ashley packs it up..
    We have never been in a stronger position financially ….EVER..

    Everything we owe is owed in house, not to banks of finance or bought players on the drip.

    Sometimes some fans just don;t know what they have until they lose it..
    Forget your dislike for the board because it’s a weak argument based on a dodgy start that’s all.


  43. wolfie says We have never been in a stronger position financially ….EVER..

    i say bothered


  44. and wolfie i mean no disrespect and apologies if it came across that way. but im an NUFC fan – and i cudnt gice two ****s how healthy we are finacially

    really couldnt


  45. Ambition, we are overachieving on our stated ambition. Competing with the best of the rest. That level of ambition sets our squad size, at least around established senior players, eg 3 centre back + utility & youth players.

    Because we have season long injuries do we replace with established players or “potential” If we change our targets to include the extra games that Europe brings then buying extra established players so that next season we have say 4 centre backs + back up makes sense, but looking at the youth team players can reduce that demand if they are up to it.

    So we need a striker and a full back. we may choose to cover williamson and marveaux, Would love Maiga & Taiwo then Barnetta. As to a full back would love Samba but will accept a Carr special.


  46. @wolfie. I didnt say the club were in limbo I said we (the fans) meaning there’s nowt we can do about player sales.

    hopefully he’ll sell-up after he’s paid back in full the money he’s owed.

    lol I knew I’d get a reply off you πŸ˜‰


  47. @Wolfie

    “Sometimes some fans just don;t know what they have until they lose it..

    aye Krul come next January πŸ˜‰


  48. when my dad took me as a kid and told me about past and current players.

    i was 12 when i ran home from school as my cousin got me tickets to the nufc v barcelona game at st.james that night. we played footy on the street that afternoon in fenton, i was tino he was rivaldo. we went to the game and had one of best nights ever.

    inter milan and san siro away, shearer two goals but went out of ecl, feyenoord away when bellamy scored last min goal, fa cup semi final v chelsea when gary speed (rip) scored equaliser,

    these are the reasons and moments why am i fan, and not once did i ever cry or get excited because of our ‘financial position’. truth be told until these jokers came i didnt know what ‘financial positions; at clubs were. was none of my concern and still isnt

    toon toon


  49. Pardew as Toonsy said, is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t when referring to players out or in.

    It’s right about him playing it safe, the same as he’s playing it safe in saying 1 player in “maybe” two. That way if we managed one in then he’s covered his arse….if we manage two, then that’s what he guessed at so that way he can’t be beat up on it.

    My guess is, we are probably looking at 4 in or more if anyone leaves of any notable quality.

    If Tiote sees this club as moving forward then I would think he would want to be part of it because achievement would be a hell of a lot more special to him and many others than going to a ready made trophy hunting club where he “could” become insignificant in terms of first team starts.

    Here, he is a hero and he will not get that anywhere else in this country, or the world ‘ in my opinion’.

    As has been said, not many clubs can fork out what it would take to get him and most of those clubs are sufficient in his position and if anything in January, they would probably look for cover at best for way cheaper than shell out 25 plus million for someone that will be rotated in due course.

    Colo is the same, he’s hero worshipped and will not receive the same accolades of anyone, plus they’re both on top money, so moving on their own accord is slim I think.

    The proposition becomes different if money is offered way way above their value but it doesn’t make us a selling club, it actually makes us a victim of our own success if you like, in the improving player stakes.

    I think the board and manager get smarter with every passing window because they know how the fans think and they know that everything they give out, no matter how small a snippet will be pounced upon and used as a tool for another classic club bashing.

    I don;t worry about who comes in or who goes out until I see it happening and then I decide in my own mind if we have gained or lost by it, or can we move forward with anything that happens..

    Over the years, everything that’s happened that’s looked depressing has ultimately moved us further forward not backwards, so I don;t expect that to change anytime soon except for the odd blips that all teams endure.


  50. Let’s take a closer look at Chelsea Toonsy. Lampard is 33 now and has already been complaining about being left out of the starting side. Essien has had several serious injury problems and Chelsea watchers have already said he didn’t look like the Essien of old even before the most recent injury. Romeu is very young and althought talented I believe he is not yet ready to start every game. That leaves Meireles, Mceachran, Mikel and Ramires. Mikel is hopeless and I think the manager has lost all confidence in him. It’s still a huge list but I believe they are looking for an attack destroyer to protect that shaky defence of theirs. Who might that be? Man U also look thin by their standards. The danger won’t be over until the window is closed. Good article.


  51. Mark I’m not having a pop at you mate lol I’m just counter arguing your stance on wanting Ashley out.
    Also I don’t think for one minute Krul will be going anywhere unless as I have said, a ridiculous offer came in that the club could not turn down.

    Hate Ashley all you want mate I don’t care who hates him but at least look at the team and the set up since relegation and you cannot be anything but impressed..

    Here’s a for instance and have a serious think about this….

    Just for the thought process, imagine we are in Evertons position and Everton are in our position as of now right…

    So basically we are Newcastle united but we have Evertons chairman/owner, players and manager complete with their finances.

    We get a few injuries to Rodwell , Baines etc and we haven’t got a pot to piss in right…
    Are we as fans going to accept the Chairman/ owners ecuse that he has no money and so we can’t buy no one in January but we may lose the odd player to cater for bills?
    Not a chance are we…..why?
    Because we as fans aren’t in it to bother about “if” our chairman/owner can buy, he has to buy no matter what…if he can;t afford it…borrow it…beg it…break the bank somehow…..go cap in hand to provvy but we want players in otherwise we will sink even though we have Moyes..

    Equally though, we will be looking at Everton, who have Ashley and Pardew plus injured players but cash on the hip with the potential to spend and also doing great since relegation and we will look and think…. I wish we were in a position to be able to fund if we want , even though they have a rutheless owner, he knows how to steady a ship…we want that model…

    Secretly if you think about it like that, you would beg for that because we …under Ashley are in a far far better shape than Everton are and we have way more potential to go out and buy what we need because we don;t have to beg nobody… πŸ˜€


  52. @wolfie I didnt say you were m8 πŸ˜‰

    lol I never once said I hated Ashley or I wanted him out?? youve got me all wrong m8.

    I said hopefully he’ll sell-up after he’s paid back in full the money he’s owed.

    I’m just predicting what I think Mike wants out of us, I don’t think for 1 minute he’s here for the love of the club.

    I just get the impression youve seen the blue-print of Ashleys plans for Newcastle and know more than me about the future of the club. When in truth we havent got a clue what he wants, I just think he wants out but first he’ll want his cash back which is understandable, which it turn means we’ll sell players regardless of success on the pitch. Do you think he’s here for the long term to make us successful?


  53. Just a question for everyone. Did Pardew bring Smith in against Norwich because he plans to use him on Saturday against Swansea? Otherwise why not bring in Ben Arfa when we were trailing 4-2? If so we might have Smith in midfield and Perch as a central defender again. What a disaster that would be. I think Pardew has no intention of working Kadar into the team and it doesn’t sound good as far as Colo starting against Swansea is concerned. Things now look very shaky indeed for the next few games.


  54. Perch would not be a central defender at any level. He is weak in the air and can’t judge the distance to his mark properly. He also gets caught on the wrong side of the attacker time and time again. He will be a disaster again on Saturday if he plays CB. This is where our squad is dangerously weak. Having to play these type of players shows the huge lack of ambition by Ashley.


  55. Billy Bullsh!t says:
    December 15, 2011 at 17:29
    Geordietwo, Perch will make Danny Graham look like Van Persie

    Why is he going to become Mathew Kelly? And tonight Mathew Im going to be Robin Van Persie πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  56. Mark, I believe Ashley blueprint is double success fr his companies….Sports Direct and Newcastle United.

    I believe he wants this club riding high and I don;t believe he’s a man that accepts second best without one hell of a fight.

    He could have bought any business even dabbled into the oil business with the money he pumped into buying this club and could have doubled his money or better in the time frame that he’s been at this club.

    He literally could have bought into just about anything and made an absolute fortune , so naturally buying this football club wasn’t for a short term buck was it , if you think logically about it.

    He took on a massive, massive gamble with this club, let’s make no mistake about that.
    One thing Ashley isn’t and that’s financially naive but he also knows that to accumulate, you have to speculate and that’s why he’s a billionaire.

    This football club is a different proposition in terms of a quick buck and he took it on because he wants to see this club build and win and ultimately be at the top of the game but he knew/ knows that Rome wasn’t built in a day and also , this sleeping giant was in a coma when he took over..

    He also knew that success is dependent on results and results are dependent on getting in the right people to achieve it, from finance right down to manger/players/academy.

    He also knew what he was up against in Chelsea. Man City, Man Utd and other rich clubs, so he wasn’t in the naive position of thinking this club was gonna be any cash cow and ultimately he would be the clubs cash cow for however long it took to get us into the black.

    He is so close to managing that, that it’s only lately that he will have had any chance of taking a bit back.

    Remember, he’s not the clubs eternal sugar daddy mate, he’s a businessman and a very astute one but owning a club was a new venture and mistakes will be made and were made but equally rectified financially and personnel wise.

    Have I seen his blueprints in person?…NO mate I haven’t but what I have seen is a bloke that knows how to learn and learn fast and that’s what Ashley has done at this club.

    My view of the blueprint is “TIME” what I have seen over time as in “progress” and since relegation that’s all I’ve seen.

    If I buy a brand new pair of running shoes and they split after 2 laps, then I go and buy the same ones again and they split after 2 laps, I basically knew it was gonna happen but If I buy a better pair and manage 20 laps, then I’m making progress.

    The more running shoes I test, the more I will know which ones are up to the job and those to avoid..

    It’s trial and error but if you make the same mistakes, then you eventually go backwards.
    Ashley isn’t making those mistakes twice but he will continue making one kind of mistake or another but always learn.

    I believe he wants what best for this club but he’s not gonna do it by catapulting cash at anything that moves in a transfer market.

    That’s why he has employed the type of people that can get results on and off the pitch because it keeps the club steady in it’s own right and not from his personal wallet, which is how it should be.

    If he did leave, he would be leaving this club in the black and secure, owing jack skippety to anyone.

    If you want to see a pack of *******s, look no further than The Hall’s and Shepherd who ran like rats from a sinking ship and didn’t look back and they are Geordies.

    Now I don’t think this way because I lick Ashley’s arse , or that I’m a ****ney, or that I work for him, or he has done anything personal for me….I think this way because I took the time to take a good few steps back from the off to see the bigger picture and I’m still looking at it and it’s hasn’t changed for the worse as far as I’m concerned. πŸ˜€


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