Newcastle 0-0 Swansea – Match highlights plus Pardew and Rodgers interviews

Video highlights of the many many missed chances in our frustrating 0-0 draw with Swansea yesterday.

Granted Swansea pretty much came with a plan of getting a point, but it was a game that we could have won and should have won. The fact we didn’t means that we’ve now picked up only two points from the last 15 available.

Alan Pardew insists that he wasn’t too disappointed after seeing some good performances in the black and white. Davide Santon was picked out for praise especially which was thoroughly deserved based on his performance. If there is more to come from the fella then we have another cracking little player on our hands.

Alan Pardew interview

Meanwhile Brendan Rodgers (who I randomly dislike for no reason) had high praise for his defence as they snuffed out anything Newcastle tried.

Brendan Rodgers interview

The reality is that Newcastle and Alan Pardew will have to get used to trying to break sides down, especially at home. St James’ Park is becoming a tough place to visit once more which means that sides will generally be that little bit more cautious.

This is why I’m at a loss trying to understand why Hatem Ben Arfa didn’t make it onto the pitch. Whilst I think expectations are set far far too high for the lad, I do know he can pick a hole in a defence so I’d have put him on for a bit. Then again we don’t know if anything is wrong with him. I have heard he has a slight muscle strain so wasn’t risked but I’m not so sure on that one…

Newcastle have another chance to get back to winning ways on Wednesday when West Brom and Roy Hodgson’s facescrub © (great for Christmas!) visit the Cathedral on the Hill. Win that and we’ll have 30 points on Christmas Day which is great. Whilst the last two games especially have been disappointing, we’re still having a decent season in general.

Howay the lads!

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46 thoughts on “Newcastle 0-0 Swansea – Match highlights plus Pardew and Rodgers interviews

  1. It hadn’t occurred to me that we kept a clean sheet yesterday, probably because it felt like we should have won on the 1st half performance.

    The stats I saw said we had 22 shots to their three. I guess they really did park the bus.


  2. Watched the match in my local bar here in Shanghai, very frustrated with all the missed chances but Swansea did look like they were happy to play for a draw… A point is better than nowt I guess..

    Well, my suitcases are packed and me and the wife are heading back home to the Toon tomorrow. Been a year since we were home… Would like to go to the WBA match on Wednesday night but not sure if there will be many tickets available. Guess I’ll find out soon enough.

    3 weeks at home, looking forward to it! 🙂


  3. Shaghai – dont bother packing your longjohns, put the ****ers on before you land mate, you may have forgot how cold the Geordie winters are, so let me tell remind ya…. PISSIN FREEZING!!!!
    Get yourself down the Quayside when ya back though mate, best place in the world.

    Fans should… I reckon 20 of those shots came from Ba, we need another forward desperately, but play like that against WBA and we should be back to winning ways


  4. Sharpy, I was about to brag that it’s only 1C here in New York, but I looked at the Newcastle weather and realized you folks are the same as us today. Layer up, people.

    I suppose I’m a Best partisan lately–I think he was really good in the 1st half, linking up with Ba.


  5. You can see that Swansea played for the draw. They had really long spells of possession…or at least passing it around without seeming intent on attack. Very frustrating, especially late on in second half.

    Disappointed with the draw, but happy it wasn’t a loss.


  6. Mark, normally I’m ok but I’ve got a hole in my wife beaten at the mo and it’s letting a right chill in, hoping for a new one for chrimbo tho


  7. FSOTC hows you mate in the big apple,never seen ohurley on for a while maybe in the slammer for selling that moonshine 😀 😀


  8. Hey now, Ice. Cold as a witch’s tit here in NYC, but doing alright. Lots of work keeping me off the blog, but can’t complain too much.

    Funny–there are companies in the states now selling “moonshine.” I was in the liquor store yesterday and saw a bottle. 350ml for $45. That’s pretty damn steep for some bath-tub corn booze. Maybe O’Hurley got locked up for price gouging on his moonshine.

    I went for the liter of Myers’ dark rum instead.


  9. FSOTC $45 for a toothfull jeez,thats the trouble with some owr much money work any better owr there its bad here.
    looks like pardew is going to play benny on wed,saying sat game has warmed him for wed??


  10. Obertan needs to be dropped or rested whichever way you put it – he really is struggling. Some people say he gets too much stick and I agree he probably does but I cant see how anyone thinks he should be starting at the minute. Him and Jonas dont get enough crosses in the box, for me I would drop Obertan and play Ryan Taylor on the right against West Brom.


  11. Agree with Mark@5, was oot in just me short sleeve shirt last neet and I just flew back from Spain for Xmas……ya can take the lad out of Newcastle but… 😉


  12. AndrewNUFC I agree he gets too much stick, but he is very frustrating and sometimes just doesn’t seem to know what to do. He has got a fair old run of games so he should have got his confidence up but still he is not producing what we need.
    I say its time to give him a rest 😀


  13. DAVE safe place to drink ive found on the floor,nee where to fall then 😀
    aye funny thing for pardew to say ;that game should have warmed benny for wed,dont get it like 😕


  14. Big Dave

    Apart from his cross for Ba vs Stoke I struggle to think what else he has done for us going forward. I thought that would be his turning point but then he got injured which was unlucky, he’s one of the most fustrating players I have seen.


  15. FSOTC thing is loss the ball in that area and your in deep **** and he hasnt been the best at holding the the ball,runs into enough trouble on the wingimo


  16. aye you cannot talk back to red nose,see r.keane been haveing another go at him y/day,mind hes a bloody **** heed like 😉


  17. Dave…the point was about good players, not whether they got on with Fergie, so need to try again 😉


  18. Richie…not too bad mate, though we had a bit snow here today. Hoping for a white Christmas though.


  19. MM..The icey roads were just what I needed when I’m learning to drive on the proper side of the road again :mrgreen:

    At the gym wi wor lass……whey she’s in the gym, I’m in the bar 😆 …..should be here soon then a bit of bait, roll on Wednesday and another match 😀


  20. RICHIE arm-work 😉 you got it sussed mate,us men always have the hard work things not shared oot reet 😀 😀 😀


  21. Richie you and your lass must be in some shape man, yer aalways at the gym !

    Are yi tekkin’ a ti the match on Wednesdaytag ?


  22. Just read that Sharpy has beaten a hole in his wife 😯

    I’d love to know what its supposed to be. Curse of the phone spellcheck at a guess….

    Like the time I text this bird, years ago, saying I wanted to lick her until she screamed like a fire engine, only for my phone to change ‘lick’ to ‘kick’. I didn’t hear back from her after that 😆


  23. Snow 🙄

    I think I saw one flake of it on the M4 this afternoon. The perfect excuse for lowly car drivers to drive at 25mph 🙄


  24. Ice 😆 😆 😆 😆 that could do some damage to him 😉
    Toonsy I know a fella that sent a saucy text to his girl only he sent it to his mum instead 😆


  25. Mark, sorry for the delay mate, a wife beater is more commonly known as a sort of string vest garment – similar to the one Rab C Nesbitt worn.
    And my last comment is what’s more commonly known as a failed gag, never mind – up the toon!!


  26. Very quiet on here! Read part of an interview from Roy Keane from over the weekend , lashing Fergie out of it and praising Keegan! Here is an extract from it.

    Keane feels that other managers have a deferential approach to Ferguson. He defended Kevin Keegan’s infamous ‘I’d love it if we beat them’ rant from the 1996 title race, stating that it was a rare act of bravery from an opposing boss.

    He doesn’t believe that Ferguson’s ‘mind games’ were a key aspect of the title race. Instead, he points out that it was the performance of the players, a theme that extends across the rest of his thoughts.

    “Everyone was looking at that famous clip and laughing, but the reason they were laughing was because we won,” he said.

    “While people might think Kevin lost out on that, I don’t think he did. I thought, ‘You’ve done right there, Kevin, defending your team’.

    “We won the league and everyone went on about the mind games and how brilliant they were. It helps when you’ve got good players winning you matches


  27. Dave@37…sorry the bar was calling last night but maybe you should take a leave out of WT’s book, at least he admits when he’s wrong 😉 😆
    …and flying back on the 31st for New Year wi wor lass’ family :mrgreen:

    MM…aye tekn her to match and now the bairns going to courtesy of a free voucher off Jay Jay……cheers again for that Jay 😀


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