Newcastle 2-3 West Brom – Match highlights plus Pardew and Hodgson interviews

Match highlights of the entertaining yet frustrating and ultimately disappointing 3-2 defeat to West Brom last night for you now.

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Peter Odemwingie opened the scoring before Demba Ba levelled with a superb free kick although parity didn’t last long and Gareth McAuley nodded the away side into the lead at the end of the first half. Demba Ba levelled again in the 81st minute before Paul Scharner snatched the three points for the visitors who looked dangerous on the counter-attack all night.

It’s been said many times: Where would we be without Demba Ba scoring the goals? The answer to that one is 14th by the way. Random, but I just thought I’d squeeze it in…

Alan Pardew cuts a frustrated figure after the defeat.

Meanwhile Roy Hodgson is suitably delighted although he insist the victory cost his side.

That’s six games without a win now. I’m not surprised, it was always going to happen. Pretty much everyone has said that we’ve got a thin squad so it can come as no surprise that we are struggling when we have a few first-team players out.

Of course this will lead to calls to spend money. Again this is nothing new and is something we desperately need, but I’d like to point out that you can spend an entire oil well full of money and not be able to counter shoddy performances from key players. That is what happened last night.

The usually steady suspects turned decidedly shaky against West Brom. The usually calm Fabricio Coloccini looked awful last night as he got caught out for the first goal and then marked empty space for the second, while Cheik Tiote looked out of sorts and couldn’t pick a pass all night all while losing possession a number of times. You can’t legislate for that.

So it’s onto Bolton, on Boxing Day. A ground we get very little at on a day we generally struggle on. Nice. To top it all off Bolton seem to be picking up of late and Newcastle will have to play out of their skin to get something from the game. They need to as after that we have Liverpool away and Manchester United at home.

Luvvly jubbly!

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96 thoughts on “Newcastle 2-3 West Brom – Match highlights plus Pardew and Hodgson interviews

  1. They could burn down Grey’s monument, blow up the tyne bridge or have a giant **** in the black garter. No matter how much pain there is, no matter how much it hurts, no matter who they sell, who ****s up, or what they do to our history.


    At least you’re not a mackem.


  2. Wolfie,

    Weimar Germany.

    In all seriousness though, where do you get the optimism regarding this regime from?

    Obertan is poor, no question about it. Ben Arfa doesn’t fit in. Tiote is going. We won’t re-sign up Colo. Marveux is crocked (surprise surprise)

    Honestly if Ba’s knee goes we are ****ed


  3. Wolfie – I’m not at panic stations yet mate, but it is concerning that like you say, we were only really missing Saylor and Cabaye last night and probably only Saylor against Swansea and have only managed a point. At what stage would be a fair one to start getting a bit worried. 2 points in 18 is worrying, regardless of injuries or opponents.
    We could have brought better players in in the summer, we had the Carroll money back then but it was obviously decided or thought that we had enough in the squad to cope, even with Williamson injured then.

    Wolfie, I encourage your hope and belief, really I do, and I really hope your right mate. I love the club and only want to see us do well.
    I think, 3 may well come in in Jan but I don’t have the same confidence it will be the top draw young uns we’ve been linked with, and the Maiga carry on only goes to weaken my confidence.
    It’s all hypothetical for now mate – til next week but it they pull it off and spend that kinda money I’ll happily come on and say “I was wrong, you were right, you know what ya talking about n I’m a bell end!”


  4. MORENO,I’m an optimistic person anyway as regards NUFC because I have belief that every game we play we can win.
    Naturally as in life, things like this don;t always happen and can go **** up but it’s never an issue with me as I don’t think of the bad side, I concentrate on the good side.

    Obertan is 22 and Man Utd bought him, not because he is poor but because they saw something in him.
    The issue is, he’s a confidence player and he needs a break and guidance to be able to fulfill his potential.
    Some players don’t always do that at certain clubs, yet leave and go on to be unreal.
    Keith Gillespie springs to mind for us.
    The only way to get the true potential of a player to come out, especially a player that needs to build confidence, is to play him and he hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as people make him out.

    Ben Arfa doesn’t fit in YET because he’s had a serious injury plus a knock back pre season and isn’t match sharp but he’s an option when up to speed that can change a game but he also needs to graft as we cannot carry passengers based on a few fleeting glimpses of brilliance at the expense of a battling man down….That will be instilled into him and he accepts it or sulks, so I can’t judge that until I see one or the other.

    Tiote and Colo are just speculation based on classic rumours people who pretend to be in the know, so to me that’s all it is under something official says it is true or false.

    Marveaux is crocked aye, but cost us nothing and as much as I’d like to see the best of him….. sometimes gambles don’t always pay off. FOR ALL CLUBS.

    If Ba’s knees are ruined, then so are Wayne Rooney’s.


  5. Nobby – I still didn’t say Perch was ****, he’s just not good enough for the premier league in my opinion. The lad is a professional and does try hard – I’d certainly give him that, he has always given his best, it’s just his best isn’t premier league standard.
    I agree with you, to say someone is **** without an explanation is just moronic. The fact is, we don’t have any **** players, just players who are not premier league standard, but may well be successful in a lower league, and good luck to them.


  6. Wolfie,

    The word potential gets batted around so much regarding our club. Potential here, potential there. It’s great isn’t it? Shame none of it ever comes to fruition.

    The last player with potential could have been the second greatest number 9 we have ever had…potentially

    (yes – still bitter)


  7. SHARPY@79, I know you love the club mate, like all on here and I know we all have differing opinions, which is fair enough as it would be pointless just agreeing with anything anyone said, it would kill the board.
    Also, my aim isn’t to prove people wrong or to say,”see I told you so” ..I’m just like anyone else and if I see something I don;t quite agree with I’ll give my side to it but I’ll always put some kind of positive spin on it based on my beliefs which are not necessarily right but they are my beliefs based on how I view the happenings.

    Many people get frustrated with my stance as I won’t back down from it and on other forums I get banned for not following a trend or hating Ashley.

    Some people call me an Ashley hoop licker and stuff, which makes me laugh to be honest because I don’t even know the bloke and have never met the bloke and he doesn’t send me money through the post or mention my name in NUFC match programs so I don;t see a connection with this hoop licking lol

    If I went with the flow and said, “oh yea I hate Ashley as well” I’d be telling lies.
    If I said “Ashley is ruining the club” I’d be lying because I believe the total opposite , so I’m not gonna waver from that until something comes out officially to prove me wrong, which won’t be peer pressure.

    If Ashley came out tomorrow and said on telly that he was selling all our best players and selling up to anyone because he can’t be bothered with this club, I’d stand back and say “well he duped me”.

    It just isn’t gonna happen because he wants the best for him and the club and they come as a package and we are part of that package.


  8. Wolfie lives in the land of cotton wool clouds, candy floss trees and fizzy cola sea. Let’s leave him alone in case someone drops him a bombshell and tells him there’s no Santa!!!

    Ooooooops! ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜ณ


  9. MORENO, football runs on potential from start to finish.
    You identify potential.
    You nuture that potential.
    The player realises that potential.
    Your player then becomes a potential international.
    You player realises that potential.

    OR NOT.

    Either way it’s potential.


  10. TROY, I’d sooner live in my world than live in some fans doom world where everything bad gets scrutinized in such detail that the only outcome can be doom.
    Yet the same fans when they see something great happening, will tell you that it’s too good to last and ultimately the wheels will fall off.

    Aye mate, I’m snug as hell in my cotton wool world and happy for it. ๐Ÿ˜€


  11. @wolfie

    Yikes! There is really a Santa Claus you know.
    My remark was flippant. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    What is Santa bringing you this year fella. ๐Ÿ˜›


  12. Santa has sent me a letter, or so our lass said, that I’ve been a bad lad and I’m getting no presents this year.
    I asked our lass to show me the letter but she said it flew back up the chimney and back to Santa.

    Ok fair enough, I can handle that.
    He wants to play games with me eh.
    Play games he thinks and thinks it’s funny to ruin my Christmas does he.

    Well I’ve got a surprise for that white bearded *******.

    On Christmas eve, I’m unbolting the fire and leaving 6 my Kipling mince pies , some cookies and a nice glass of milk and I’m gonna wait in the dark, in the room for the fat bearded **** to come down the chimney.

    As soon as I see his arse I’m gonna pull down hos red trousers and undies and dry bum him in a frenzied manner whilst shouting “RUIN MY CHRISTMAS WILL YOU” and then leave the ******* in a big heap on the floor and take all of his presents, then get on the roof and beat his Reindeers up just for the hell of it, the go , SHOO SHOO be off with you. ๐Ÿ˜€


  13. I think Colo had a poor game last night because he was trying to cover too many positions. All night there was a huge hole in front of him possibly due to a lack of understanding between Vukic and Tiote. For the third goal Colo went out to our left wing because Raylor was missing and Perch poor bugger was left marking two West Brom men. Not surprising he he got caught out.


  14. @Groucho

    There is no person in this world who could sensibly try and defend Perch.

    He stands 3 yds off his man and fails to anticipate where the ball will land.

    He was to blame, not solely but condsidetably for their 2nd and 3rd goals.
    Likewise Drogbas the other week.


  15. Wolfie – I live in the same world mate, I don’t hate Ashley and don’t believe he’s trying to ruin the club, I think you have acknowledged that on previous posting actually, when I’ve said I’d sooner he came out and said he was recouping a certain about back from the sale of each player. I think he has the best interests of NUFC but as a business rather than a football club which is why fans and board clash but he’s still ultimately improving us. I don’t think he’ll spend that much in Jan though but happy to be wrong.
    I appreciate your not a “I told you so” kinda bloke, but if he doesn’t spend the money, be ready for some people to say those very words to you mate, not me, but some will almost take pleasure in it (forgetting the fact that it would be a bad thing from the teams point of view)
    However, from reading your posts I’m sure you won’t let it get to you too much.


  16. Aye SHARPY, I could well end up wrong in the money stakes but I stick by the belief that we will bring some quality in and I genuinely do believe we will spend some serious money.

    Like I say, whether that’s amounts to all NET spend I don’t know but if I’m wrong I know I’ll get jumped on lol.

    No problem though because it’s not like I’m not immune to it. ๐Ÿ˜€


  17. Yes sharpy spot on I for one will revel in it not at the downfall of the club I love but for the ridiculous statements that are made without any proof or substance what so ever and that go totally against history and any kind of sense . I have heard it all from 25 mill spend to four players in and none out , a evil genious the clubs saviour etc IMO a absolute pile of delusional ****e . I could be wrong like .


  18. @sharpy

    It isn’t going to happen tho.

    This is season on season. I’m stumped by the optimism.

    I call it naivety .


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