No January striker for NUFC

No striker says Pardew
Alan Pardew has confirmed that the club are unlikely to sign a striker in the January transfer window.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference ahead of the Liverpool game he stated that we will just have to go with what we’ve got after the collapse of the Modibo Maiga deal.

Personally I think it’s an utterly ridiculous situation and feel we should have been looking to build the team by signing a striker AND a defender. Now it seems almost certain (maybe) that we’ll just get the defender and nothing else which is a frightening prospect when you consider we’ll be losing Demba Ba for a few weeks to the African Cup of Nations. Heaven forbid if he ever got injured…

After Pardew’s public disapproval over the failure to sign a striker over the summer I’d have thought that we’d be looking for one. A sign of intention, a statement to the fans, anything. I really really should have known better.

Of course there is another potential avenue although I personally feel it’s a rather slim one. Why would Pardew advertise the fact we’re in for a striker? Like a said, it’s a slim avenue but there is some logic there.

I’m really annoyed by this. I understand we need to boost the defence but there are other areas that need addressing also, such as the fact we don’t have a regular goalscorer beyond Ba. Goals win you games after all…

Readjust your expectations lads n lasses!

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189 thoughts on “No January striker for NUFC

  1. lol there is no way we will spend 25 mill. How will we if dont sign a striker? Pards said we’ll get a striker in the Summer now.

    so 25mil on defenders? 😯

    more like spend 10mill and pocket the rest from a player going out.


  2. tbh I said after the Maiga deal that we’ll get him for 4.5 mill eventually. I still believe this will be the case.

    We need to trim our strikers. Loven and Best could go for me and maybe Ranger.

    Ba, Maiga, Benny, Shola + maybe Ranger would be a stronger strike force


  3. @wolfie

    very tru m8. Its only the 28th of Dec and we’re in a flap already. 😀

    28th.. My birthday!! did mention it earlier.. thanks for the happy birthday lads!! bunch of twats 😯 😆


  4. cheers m8 (cap in hand for a b’day greetings) 😆

    I feel like Obertan!! perhaps in a yrs time the clique will accept me 😆


  5. Think about this , looking from the clubs point.
    If we go out to the press or leak news of our activities in what we are pursuing transfer wise, It’s gonna get other clubs sniffing and possibly stealing into the deal ahead of us.

    It’s also wise not to build the fans hopes up of potential signings ,so officially coming out and saying we won’t be getting this in or that in, at least that keeps fans hoping but not over expecting.

    This is how it gets silly though.

    If Pardew comes out and says, ” we have all but tied up a player who we have been chasing and it’s just the formalities now, but I’m 100% confident we will sign him” and then all of a sudden the deal falls through, the fans would be shouting , “Pardew, you lying *******, you knew we weren’t gonna sign a player and Ashley has made you say it, you puppet” or words to that effect.

    If he came out and said, ” well we won;t be going in for a striker now so that’s dead in the water” and all of a sudden in January we actually sign a quality striker, the fans won;t jump up then and say “oi Pardew, you lying cheating *******, you said we weren’y getting one”..would they. 😆

    I suppose a lie isn’t a lie after all eh, or a lie is acceptable if it brings happiness. 😀


  6. happy birthday mark 😛
    [email protected] , are we getting somewhere 😛 !
    as for Keegan surprisingly guess what ……. i dont agree
    Those bloody enployment tribunerals what they like eh !
    and email evidence i mean who believes that !


  7. KEITH, Keegan walked out citing that the club didn’t keep promises about certain stuff and took the club to civil court where he was deemed constructively dismissed but he was suing the club for ridiculous money.


  8. [email protected], 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 That’s so funny, it’s almost as funny as TROY’S 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 I’m absolutely pissing my pantaloons here buddy. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    ZZZZzzzzzzzz, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, hahahahahahaha , my god , stop it stop it. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


  9. wolfie , nah it wasent as funny as troys but thanks tho 😉
    keegan did he win his case for wrongfull dissmissell ?


  10. Not entirely KEITH. They did award him his contract money though but not what he was suing for.
    Now if he was correct in all he done, he would have won that bigger payout wouldn’t he.
    The fact is, the pair of them were to blame as I said earlier but he did his usual thing by walking out , crying, spitting out his dummy because that’s the sort of man he is.
    He can’t handle it when the going gets tough.


  11. wolfie , i think you will find he won his case for wronfull dissmissel the tribuneral found in favour of him !


  12. Why does Wolfie get so much stick off everyone? Eve when he’s not about he gets dragged into it? Cyberbullying 😉


  13. Mark – I’m sure Wolfie can stick up for himself (well I actually know he can 😆 ) which he does when he’s about. He has a different opinion which is fair enough. I agree with it sometimes, I don’t sometimes, we’ve had enough arguments before 😆

    However I won’t bring him into every conversation when he ain’t about. Mind you, shows he is on the minds of people 😉


  14. Wolfie did he win his case or not surely he cant have not entirely won.
    he won his case for constructive dismissal,and Jabba and co were proven to have tried to lie through their teeth, the pay out has zilch to do with wither he won or not.
    It seems that you will try to alienate anyone to try to make Jabba and co look better than what they are, So its a bit pointless trying to debate any point with you when it comes to Jabba. 😕


  15. i know m8 i just like the “leave the kid alone” line, from a fav film of mine the Wanderers (much better than the warriors) 😆

    I like wolfie (lick lick) ever since his wifes heel up *** story. I also appreciate his optimism. needed sometimes on here 😯


  16. Aye Toonsy we’ve had our carry ons like but at least we played it by the book and never had any hard feelings. 😀


  17. [email protected], you can debate any point you want about anything you want but if I’m set in my ways on my point, I’ll stick to it like glue. 😀

    Keegan won his case in terms of his contract but lost in terms of the amount he was suing for.


  18. MARK I loved the Wanderers 😀

    Toonsy hard and rigid is when I strap a lolly stick to my flaccid *****, it makes it feel hard and rigid under the sheets to our lass.

    If only she knew what I meant when I said “I’m gonna stick you one” 😆


  19. Wolfie the question was a simple did he win his case or not and there is only one answer, but rather than admit straight out that KK won his case for constructive dismissal, you have to try to twist it as if he didn’t when it completely which he did .
    The amount he was claiming has no real baring on it just that if he didn’t win he wouldn’t have been entitiled to any pay out.
    Haveing your beliefs and sticking by them is as I told you before is imo a good quality, but when you try to twist things to try to make Jabba look less guilty than what he was proved to be in a court of law. makes it a bit OTT and to me makes debating useless.
    Stardy was the master of debating and would hold firm to his beliefs but could always admit if he was wrong, which he will state that that wasn’t very often.


  20. BIGDAVE, Keegan won his case for constructive dismissal. For example , he won his case because he said he walked out because of the unfairness of the boss, Ashley.
    In simple terms ,Keegan deemed Ashley’s actions as unacceptable to him and made his case for walking out.

    He was paid 2 million in compensation.
    He was initially suing for 25 million , 8 million from what was left on his contract and the rest from what he called a stigma attached to him that would make it difficult for him to get employment at a top class club.

    the court ruled that he was entitled to 2 million compensation, so in effect , Keegan won his case for constructive dismissal but he didn’t win the full case for the remaining money, including his full contract..


  21. A relieved Keegan said in a statement: “I am delighted that the Premier League manager’s arbitration tribunal has today formally announced that it has upheld my claim for wrongful dismissal against Newcastle United”.

    “The tribunal has found the conduct of the club in forcing a player on me against my wishes represented a fundamental breach of my contract of employment”.

    So he won then


  22. BIGDAVE, I’ve already said he won his constructive dismissal case but he lost on his claims.
    He made 2 million out of 25 million he was claiming for, so in essence both of them won because I’m sure Ashley was the more happy at the outcome than Keegan.


  23. Keegan left due to constructive dissmasal. Which means the terms and conditions in which he was doing his job weren’t as advertised. i.e. The obvious selling of James Milner from under the nose of the team manager without his agreement. Now I would reckon that almost every manager of nearly every other team has a say so on players that are sold. (especially without replacements being lined up) That is except a manager working under Mike Ashley. e.g Chris Houghton had players bought and sold wether he liked it or not. Alan Pardew has players bought and sold wether he likes it or not. The sale of Andy Carroll and Joey Barton among those that Pardew said weren’t leaving and that he wanted to stay. Which manager would then come out and say that while losing the top scorer and contributer to more than 50% of this seasons goals for upto 6 games and having no real back up during this time and pending injuries that “we are not buying a forward” ? A manager that is being told that by the owner!!!!

    No decent manager would continuousley work with those imposed conditions. That’s what compounded Keegan’s departure. What say would he have on running a team with those constraints??


  24. P.s
    Don’t get me wrong….I’m not knocking what Pardew is doing with the team now.

    C’mon the TOON!!!!!

    before Ashley, during Ashley and well after he’s gone….


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