No January striker for NUFC

No striker says Pardew
Alan Pardew has confirmed that the club are unlikely to sign a striker in the January transfer window.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference ahead of the Liverpool game he stated that we will just have to go with what we’ve got after the collapse of the Modibo Maiga deal.

Personally I think it’s an utterly ridiculous situation and feel we should have been looking to build the team by signing a striker AND a defender. Now it seems almost certain (maybe) that we’ll just get the defender and nothing else which is a frightening prospect when you consider we’ll be losing Demba Ba for a few weeks to the African Cup of Nations. Heaven forbid if he ever got injured…

After Pardew’s public disapproval over the failure to sign a striker over the summer I’d have thought that we’d be looking for one. A sign of intention, a statement to the fans, anything. I really really should have known better.

Of course there is another potential avenue although I personally feel it’s a rather slim one. Why would Pardew advertise the fact we’re in for a striker? Like a said, it’s a slim avenue but there is some logic there.

I’m really annoyed by this. I understand we need to boost the defence but there are other areas that need addressing also, such as the fact we don’t have a regular goalscorer beyond Ba. Goals win you games after all…

Readjust your expectations lads n lasses!

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189 thoughts on “No January striker for NUFC

  1. I love wolfies eternal optimism.

    It looks like we are going to spend £20/25m on central defence now. Woo hoo hoo hoooo 😛


  2. Being optimistic, maybe we have already identified a striker who is not available yet. French teams are reluctant to release players during the season. Don’t like any of the alternatives we have to Ba.


  3. What gets me is that they must have thought they needed a striker because they went as far as offering Maiga a medical.

    Has the need gone? How?

    I still believe they could try and barter to get Maiga on loan to prove his fitness and are playing cat and mouse.

    To be fair, del and Rodney have proved themselves in getting a bargain.

    Hope so, cos there’s nee chance of spending cash.


  4. Lads we need to keep the faith in Wolfie we trust 😆
    But I think if Wolfie is wrong he should be made to post in 2 line replies as his punishment, and should be strapped to the front of the reality train for a week 😉


  5. I know I haven’t been on here long and talk a bit daft but is that Wolfie a mackem ?


  6. @Big Dave

    To be fair, most of us only read the first 2 lines and when it reaches the £25m point, we skip to the next post. 😛


  7. Although im not stunned by the news, im very disappointed, theres absolutely no reason why we cant get a striker in as cover, and as for talk of vertonghen etc, its just not happening. My bet would be ridgewell in and that is it. Im not getting my hopes up.


  8. Jabba & Co. will be saying “January prices are inflated and there’s no striker available at realistic prices,” right?

    OR (slips blinders on in futile bid to ignore reality) they’re announcing that to the press in order quiet speculation and to facilitate a last-minute bid and less inflated prices!

    Now, where’s that bucket of sand to thrust my noggin in?


    December 28, 2011 at 13:58
    What gets me is that they must have thought they needed a striker because they went as far as offering Maiga a medical.
    Has the need gone? How?
    I still believe they could try and barter to get Maiga on loan to prove his fitness and are playing cat and mouse.
    To be fair, del and Rodney have proved themselves in getting a bargain.
    Hope so, cos there’s nee chance of spending cash.

    Troy Stavers spot on. Why after this long do we suddenly not need a striker. That’s what makes you think, in the summer we wanted another striker, as well as Ba, we didn’t so they said we’ll go january. But now they want to gamble because he’s on fire, what if (allah forbid) he gets a serious injury on international duty then what?

    Most fans could see last year that we needed a centre half, left back and striker (even when we had carroll). It’s not rocket science, if we had a bit stronger squad and won the games against swansea norwich and west brom then we would have 39 points. Imagine that? I know people will give the good old live within your means not got alot of money. If we speculated we would accumulate, the money is going to be there next year so what’s the problem (obviously not counting the 30 million carroll money that’s probably sitting earning a nice chunk of interest somewhere)


  10. Troy-maybe Pards saw Maiga more as a wing option than a striker? If not signing a striker then maybe we’ll sign a winger who could play in a 4-3-3?

    Can’t see it though.


  11. ” We made several bids for players but clubs won’t sell in January, however we do wish Tiote and Krul the best of luck at their new clubs”.

    Derek Llambias February 2012 😯


    December 28, 2011 at 14:12 (Edit)
    ” We made several bids for players but clubs won’t sell in January, however we do wish Tiote and Krul the best of luck at their new clubs, and we are disappointed that Colo wont extent his contract even though we offered him to only reduce his wages by 50%”. 😆 😆 😆

    Derek Llambias February 2012


  13. To be honest I’m not surprised, reckon we had a budget of 6 million for striker and Maiga was agreed, failed medical is one of those things but I imagine all our other targets had there prices hiked up instantly on that news knowing we’re a bit desperate i.e giroud
    No chance of fatty being ripped off so it’s a no go till summer – Johnson is not the answer he might do for jan/feb but he’ll obviously want a career ending contract of 3-4 years aka nolan/barton and we def don’t want another smith hanging round on 60k a week
    If HBA is up to speed he’ll play with one of best/shola/vuckic – to be fair that ain’t a bad strike force and as good as anyone outside of top 7

    bad news is that it could dissuade people like collo/simmo from signing new contract due to lack of ambition from the club
    good news is that outside of top 6 we have as much ambition as anyone
    Obviously that doesn’t mean they won’t leave for more cash
    Time for HBA to show us what he can do, people on here have been banging on for him to be a certain starter …. Well you’ll get your wish very soon 🙂


  14. I know it was tongue in cheek [email protected], but I’m really worried that our already thin squad will be that bit thinner in January.

    Then we’ll have all the usual excuses for not spending. It’s frustrating as I feel we could easily get top 5 with a tiny bit of ambition. Our first team is good, but the rest of the squad has shown it is weak and needs a boost!


  15. are yous all suprised?? im not!! we arent going nowhere when ashley is incharge!! to be 7th place in the prem with that idiot its unreal !! he has no ambition and only cares about how much money he can take in!! hate is a strong word and thats what i think of mike ashley!! greedy fat b astard!!


  16. [email protected] , i agree we should do that 😉
    [email protected] , to be fair troy im still new to this blogging game so i actually read all of wolfies posts but the poor lad has put himself up for one hell of a fall in january so i will continue reading for now let him have it bigstyle in january , because as he said “keith put ypur cards on the the table about what you think will happen in january and i will do the same and we will see who is closer to the direction the club is going ” well we certainly will and then ill probobly stop reading his posts 😆 😆


  17. @Keith

    I was just jokin about only reading the first 2 lines of Wolfies posts.

    I actually read 3 lines but I just didn’t want to exaggerate too much. 😛


  18. Army what a difference a transfer window makes 😉 if i’m not mistaken you were one of the one’s that thought Jabba would get us our Striker and defender that we needed last time round, but now you are a fully paid up member of the reality train 😉
    Toot toot


  19. KEITH, you can read my posts or not, it’s no skin off my nose 😀
    I post what I believe and follow no one but if someone posts something up that I agree with I’ll agree.

    I’m firm in my beliefs about where the clubs headed and it isn’t backwards.
    If you and certain others want to slag Ashley off and whoever else and think the club is going backwards, then fill your boots because I know who’s sitting happier.

    If 7th place is going backwards since relegation then there is no hope for this club in some fans eyes because only top and a champions league final will pacify some and they would still say we were threadbare or Ashley has done it to get his sports direct name into Europe.

    I’m sat laughing as I type this because I know for a fact I’m speaking the truth as sad as that sounds. 😆


  20. I tell you what. It was genius of me to ask the surgeon to put a zip on my cast so I could do some curls to stop muscle wastage.
    The trouble is I’m that pumped up it winnit gan back on!
    The girls love da curls! 😛


  21. @Keith

    KEITH, you can read my posts or not, it’s no skin off my nose  
    I post what I believe and follow no one but if……….. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



  22. @wolfie

    I can see some benefits in the hard line approach Ashley takes. It’s working at this moment in time.

    But I think you attract a lot of **** taking (light hearted) because in the next breath you say we will spend £20/25m in January.

    You either support Ashley for his hard nosed approach to financials or call him a tight arsed short sighted bar steward.

    Because he’s never going to spend the money you claim because that’s not his plan based on 5 years at the helm.

    So I can understand if you wish to support his hard nosed line but you are mixed up with reality and dilusion.


  23. [email protected] , Thanks i will keep reading for now 😉
    However are you not sat laughing as someone else types for you because your white jacket prevents your arms from moving !
    Wolfie lets just say after january has been and gone fatty oops sorry Ashley has only spent 5 to 10 mill and only brought in 1 player and maybe even sold 1 and then the next transfer window does the same and the transfer window after that … and the transfer window after that and on and on and on , will you maybe just maybe consider that all the other people are right or will it still be the masterplan …. just wondering 😉


  24. Wolfie…”there is no hope for this club in some fans eyes because only top and a champions league final will pacify some and they would still say we were threadbare or Ashley has done it to get his sports direct name into Europe.”

    Where have you ever heard that from more than 5, actually more than 1 REAL toon fan? Or are you just making it up like all the other things you’re so sure about. What makes you think we will spend 20-25 mil in january when we didn’t even spend that in the summer, and dekka says jan is over priced…?

    It’s all good saying you’re firm in your beliefs but what made you believe that? Anything?

    The club isn’t necessarily going backwards per sé, but it’s treading water and that’s dangerous to do in the premier league.


  25. @wolfie

    Most of the people who criticise Ashley on here, including me, only ever expect mediocrity, mid table or thereabouts and that is the likely outcome when the season ends particularly if Tiote leaves.

    That is not good enough IMO for a club of our potential.


  26. [email protected] , Exactly its not as simple as ashley is god or i hate ashley !
    I agree with the youth development and good scouting etc…
    but to say he is great and put a spin on everything that has happened ie relegation players sold kinnear keegan etc and say its all good is just daft !
    As is running a club for profit and profit alone imo it will end in tears if there is not an investment into the first team very soon .


  27. Troy its not £20/25m in January, its £25m the £20m was added in away later on 😉
    Wolfie out of interest what will you do if Jabba spends less than £8 – 10m ? will you then admit that you got it totally wrong ? or will you then make excuses for him, that player prices were over inflated etc etc and that we will wait till the summer to spend the rest ?


  28. But troy at 114 is top 10 ( where i think we will finish ) not good enough for this season? Considering where we were 3 season ago?


  29. TROY, I’m just an optimist who happens to think Ashley is a breath of fresh air for this club.
    He’s took a hardline approach because the club was in dire need of a hardline approach and it’s paying dividends.

    He gave the fans what he thought they wanted when he sacked Allardyce and brought in Keegan but realised quickly that he has made a monumental mistake and paid for that in more ways than one.
    He expected backlash but not the vile neanderthal backlash that he got for a sustained period of time.

    That was the making of Ashley and the breaking of the fans that tried to oust him.
    The reasons being… Ashley grew a massive set of balls and ruled with his head and knew that apart from a sniper popping him off, there’s nothing any fan can do that would be any worse than what he’s had to take.

    Luckily, many fans have come round to Ashley’s way of thinking and can see the bigger picture but there are still some that use the old” I’ll never trust him again” childish bollocks.

    Want to know why it’s bollocks?….Because it doesn’t matter whether you trust him or hate him or give him no credit for what he’s done in turning this club around, because he’s immune to the hatred of the minority but can understand the worries of the majority.

    Mike Ashley has this club firmly set in foundations and is well on the way to building it right up and I think he’s ahead of schedule , in-fact I’d say he’s ahead enough to splash some cash in January on making sure we stay on course to finish strongly.

    I support his hardline approach because ultimately it benefits us for tomorrow and onwards into the future and also sends out a message to other clubs that Newcastle United are not a club to be messed with.

    He’s the best thing to happen to this club since Sir John Hall first put it back on the map.


  30. KEITH, that’s right I’m very firm but it doesn’t mean I brush off anyone’s worries as I read and understand many fans worries about happenings and everyone has a right to question stuff.

    There isn’t much if at all that I can question negatively about the way the club’s run though so on that note I’m not gonna just jump on it just for the sake of it.

    If you have concerns then fair enough but while you are stewing over what will be and won’t be, I’m just sat back enjoying what I see on the pitch and in the league table.

    Are we 7th inspite of Ashley or because of him?
    Is Pardew proving to be a good manager or is it purely down to luck, the position we are in?


  31. Wolfie > He gave the fans what he thought they wanted when he sacked Allardyce and brought in Keegan

    Nah mate he never done that for the fans he done that to sell the club, remember Lambasted told us that when he had a few drinks own his neck


  32. @johnoToon

    Having pocketed £35m, no I don’t believe 10th is good enough.

    I will always see us hovering around there whilst Ashley remains.

    If he doesn’t sell in January then we have a chance of finishing 7th but based on his past, he will sell and we will slump like we did at the end of last season.


  33. [email protected], the majority of the fans have concerns but also the majority can see with their own eyes that the club is way better off than it ever has been in terms of stability.

    [email protected]… Think about it… Llambias said this that and the other… Chinese whispers and all that.
    Mike Ashley isn’t gonna buy a club, sack a manager and bring in Keegan just so he can sell it.
    Whatever is said by people will be totally different when the Chinese whispers get back to us.

    I remember someone near to where I live ran amok with a BB gun and shot at someone.
    The rumours turned from that into he was now holding a family hostage and had already killed the bloke of that family in a revenge attack.

    It turned out that a daft kid had been firing a plastic BB pistol from his window for a laugh at some kids in the street…he got a warning.

    Rumours eh…people will hang onto any rumour that has more bite to it than the genuine happening.


  34. [email protected] , you dident answer 112 or 116 !
    and im enjoying the football i love the toon am a life long season ticket holder and get to as many away games as a can and im certainly level headed , where we finish in the league who we sign etc is down to ashley as the buck stops at him as the owner ,
    but this season isnt finished yet ! and we havent signed anyone yet !
    history keeps repeating itself sais keith ,
    just another part of the masterplan sais wolfie ,
    guess time will tell who is correct 😆


  35. [email protected]…Last season we were on course for 8th and we were 3…0 up against W.B.A but threw it away.
    Many fans had us down for relegation that season and look what happened.

    If we finish top 10,we are making progress….if we finish better than that, we are making really good progress.


  36. Troy Stavers says:
    December 28, 2011 at 15:34

    Having pocketed £35m, no I don’t believe 10th is good enough.

    What has selling Caroll got to do with anything? We have a better team this season than last , regardless if we spent 100 million or made a £100 million in transfers we are progressing. And doing it the right way imo. Slowly but surely.


  37. [email protected]’s not about who is right and who is wrong with me, it’s about what I believe, I understand that you and every other fan love NUFC but when people give their reasons for thinking the club is doing **** or Ashley is selling us down the river,I’m gonna put my spin on it and counteract it.

    Everything I say won’t come true and everything I believe will happen won’t all come to fruition but I still believe that we are moving in the right direction and on that note, I do not see an issue with how it’s going.

    If that makes me deluded or a straight jacket case then I’m happy enough with that.
    I mean there’s some that even call me a Mackem on the wind up, obviously they are the really clever one’s that had me sussed straight away. 😉


  38. [email protected] , do you know all of the mayority and there feelings on stability …..know they dont imo most people can see him for exactly what he is a good business man making lots of money ! but in football terms mediocre ,
    is relegation good in football terms !
    who owned us when we got relegated !
    is appointing j kinnear good in football terms !
    who appointed him !
    is keeping lots of money that you make of player sales good in football terms !
    who keeps all the money !
    MIKE (FATTY *** ***) ASHLEY DOES !!!!!


  39. KEITH
    December 28, 2011 at 15:53
    [email protected] , do you know all of the mayority and there feelings on stability …..know they dont imo most people can see him for exactly what he is a good business man making lots of money ! but in football terms mediocre ,
    is relegation good in football terms !……………….It turned out to be good for us.
    who owned us when we got relegated !….. Ashley…
    is appointing j kinnear good in football terms !…Not ideal but we weren’t in a strong position to bring anyone in amid all the shenanigans that went on when Keegan walked out (constructive dismissal)
    who appointed him !..Ashley did, as above he had little choice.
    is keeping lots of money that you make of player sales good in football terms !…It depends on what it’s used for and neither you or I know the answer to that until you get hold of the accounts for that time.
    who keeps all the money !…Ashley and the club..who else would?
    MIKE (FATTY *** ***) ASHLEY DOES !!!!!


  40. So Wolfie because It wouldn’t surprise me that Jabba brought KK in to try to sell the club, so if he didn’t say that why didn’t he come out and deny his rant that was reported all over the place.
    Wolfie no matter what anyone says you will have an excuse to try to make the 2 look less like lying bastads and more like they are innocent victims 😕
    Out of interest whats your answer to 116


  41. @johno
    We could have finished 8th? But we finished outside the top 10.

    So will you use the same argument if we finish 10th this season? But we would have finished 8th if it wasn’t for those pesky Brummies meddling with our fantasies.

    Johno and the mystery machine. Woo hoo hoo hoo 😛

    The facts are, we needed a striker in the summer like Pardew stated and went off it when we only got Ba. He said himself that they should have pushed the boat out to secure one of his targets. They didn’t despite having £35m from the Carroll sale.

    I don’t want them to waste money but at least use sone of it when necessary. Pardew said the players were out there at a cost we could afford.


  42. [email protected] ,WAAA HA HA HA HA HA WAAAA HA HA HA 😆 😆 😆
    Thats brilliant so if your right about it you will keep spinning !
    If you are right about some of it you will keep spinning !
    And if you are right about absolutly none of it you will keep spinning !
    Spinn away wolfie weeeee you cant lose any way it ends !!!!
    My head hurts . 😉


  43. The lack of ambition in not getting a new striker in January, for me means that if any of the top players eg Krul, Tiote, Ba, Cabaye, Colo etc decide that the club is showing no ambition in moving forward by spending just a little of the Andy Carroll money, lest we forget that still hasn’t been hardly touched despite the bullshit about agents fees and the like, then the above players will be up and away to bigger clubs like Nzogbia going to Wigan, Enrique and Carroll to Liverpool, Milner to Villa.


  44. Wolfie @ 121;

    Is Pardew proving to be a good manager or is our 7th position down to luck?

    Our position is down to the hard work of most of the team.

    A good manager would have us up beside Spurs today.


  45. wolfie , so ashley planned it for us to get relagated knowing it would turn out ok …. wow clever bloke !
    because if he dident plan it then having your football team relegated if you are the owner is bad ownership yeh ?
    lets hear the spin weeeee 😉


  46. [email protected] answer to your question @116 here’s my take.

    If Pardew brings in the players we need to strengthen and spends under 10 million, then I’ll wait and see just what these players have to offer and if indeed they do strengthen us.
    I trust Pardew, Carr ,Ashley and Llambias to do what is required in how they deem fit at the time.
    I personally think we will spend good money but if we don’t and manage to get in quality players for a lot less, then that benefits the club.

    What I’m not gonna do is, sit crying about it before anything has even happened.

    Now you think I’ll come up with an excuse no matter what but it’s not about excuses, it’s about seeing with your own eyes what looks good and what doesn’t.
    If it doesn’t look good over time, I’ll say so but over the last few years since relegation, all I have seen is progress and you don;t make progress based on just luck and a sly gamble alone.

    Ashley was kicked in the nuts for his mistakes and he accepted he made them so equally he should be commended for righting the mistakes.


  47. Oh troy at 133 , I did not mention anything about where we might of finished if we had saw off west brom in the last game of the season……………Troy and his train set Woo hoo hoo hoo 😆 😆 😆 I would agree we needed a new striker in the summer and still need one now , and yes dissapointed that we arent getting one this window I dont think its going to stop us achieving our aim for the season which was top 10. The kick in the balls is if we were to invest in a striker I do think we could of taken on Liverpool for 6th , but with losing Ba for the length of time we are losing him we will fall off the pace. In regards to that 35 million , I think that has gone on covering the cost of relegation. Its the price we have paid for been in decline for so long.


  48. KEITH @137. Did I say Ashley planned it? No.

    Twist it anyway you want mate but the facts are quite simple.
    Ashley employed Keegan.
    Keegan walked.
    Fans went ballistic and into a frenzy.
    Ashley tried to fill the gap left by Keegan with Kinnear who became ill.
    Some of the team didn’t give a monkeys.
    Shearer was brought in to rescue us but his hardline approach was met with mixed feelings.
    Shearers 8 games ended up with us being relegated in a game we needed a draw in, against Villa due to a deflection from Duff.

    Ashley tried what he thought could save the club from the drop, it didn’t work.
    Hughton was put in charge and the mercenaries were sold and this is where the club benefit and from that point on we have shipped out 99% of the overpaid under performing dross and replaced them with hungry players willing to work as a unit under a manager that commands respect and who is showing that he’s more than capable of finishing a job he was brought in to do and that’s to make this club a success. ALAN PARDEW.

    In between all this, we have assembled a quality youth set up that will pay dividends and also set this club on course to go cap in hand to NO ONE.


  49. keith says:
    December 28, 2011 at 16:13
    [email protected] , exactly mediocrity and santon and benarfa and vuctic turn out to be top drawer they will be of to bigger and better and that is not progess ! spot on

    We could qualify for champions league and compete for the league / cups and those players could leave for bigger clubs! Players leave clubs all the time. The trick is to have players who can come in and replace them and bring something else to the team. I think I read somewhere that Carr has a player in mind for any player that may leave. Forward planning!


  50. wolfie , As owner the buck stops at him you cant heap praise on him for the good and say the bad wasent his fault !! relagation is a bad thing he owned the club therfor that part of his tenure as owner was bad .
    [email protected] , well i will clap my hands with joy if that happens but i wont hold my breath 😳


  51. wolfie surely if we don’t spend £25m you will be wrong and the majority of us will be right ?? no

    Keith @ 141 😆 it sounds like an excuse that will finish with the last line as >Derek Llambias February 2012


  52. KEITH, yes as owner the buck stops with him and as owner he made some naive mistakes and told a few lies and as an accumulation of things, it got us relegated.
    He takes the blame for that just as Keegan does and others. It was a chain reaction of downfalls.
    The truth is though, we were heading that way anyway under Shepherd.
    In-fact we could have been a Portsmouth.

    The fact that we went down is down to Ashley as the main because he owns the club but I put it down to simply being so naive in employing people who he believed could run this club but in reality didn’t have a clue.

    It was a massive , massive learning curve for Ashley but learn he did and we are now reaping the benefits of that.

    The simple fact is, he accepts what he’s done and he doesn’t deny it and I know many fans rest ALL the blame at his feet.
    I also know that a lot of fans won;t have a word said about Keegan’s role in our demise but for me, I lost respect for that man the minute he spat that dummy out, then tried to crucify the club with pathetic unreasonable demands that could have crippled this club, yet this same man professed his love for the club.

    Some people argue that it was Ashley he was getting at but that doesn’t wash with me because ultimately he is suing Newcastle United and that’s OUR club.


  53. @wolfie

    I hope youre right m8 and we do spend money as we have money to spend.

    We need a decent striker to take us to another level. we could be 4th now if we had of secured a striker last window. I expect more bull from Liambias tho as he already promised in the summer ‘the search for a striker had began’ + the naming rights was meant to get us a striker too. We obviously need 1 as the Miaga deal was there so even they know we need 1 but now we’re not purchasing a striker… hmmm more bullshit and lies.


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