West Ham turn down £4m offer for Tomkins

Improved bid for Tomkins rejected?
West Ham have turned down an improved bid of £4 million from Newcastle for their defender James Tomkins according to reports in the press.

However it is believed that the England Under 21 defender wants to move to Newcastle and has abandoned talk of a new deal at Upton Park as he seeks to push a transfer through, with some sources suggesting that the player has even handed in a transfer request.

That seems to be just rumour for the moment and nothing official has come out of the London club or from Tomkins’ advisors and I expect we’ll see this one drag on for a while longer yet. West Ham, like we did, will not want to sell any players as they look to cement promotion back to the Premier League so can afford to wait for the right offer to come along.

What is the right offer though? I think at £4 million we’re just about getting towards the top of what I’d pay for the Essex born defender. Any more and I honestly think we could get better value elsewhere so I think that the club need to think carefully before going back in with another increased bid.

The worrying thing is that we seem dead set on Tomkins and are likely to go back in again. Ok, that part isn’t exactly worrying, but when you look at a bid that is starting to get nearer £5 million or perhaps more you have to wonder what role the player will have in the first team. Will he be a squad player? Or will he be a replacement for someone like Fabricio Coloccini?

I hope it’s the former obviously. We do need a defender, or maybe even two, but I can’t shake the notion that we’ll shed a defender along the way.

It would be madness, but this is Newcastle United and you can’t quite discount it an you?

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59 thoughts on “West Ham turn down £4m offer for Tomkins

  1. 5.5m should be enough to get him. 🙄

    We do need another defender,he is a centre back right? In fact we should have 5Centre back at our disposal.

    we currently have only 3,excluding kadar.Perch and simpson definitely not Centre back.

    S.taylor+colo 1pair


    then one more Centre back but who is just a kid.


  2. I think he’d be a squad player… i may be wrong but i’m sure i heard he can play across the back 4… therefore – squad player.

    Obviously Pardew is keen on him as he was with him at west ham and will know his attributes


  3. I hope this is just more tabloid rubbish. I can honestly see Tomkins playing for England in the future and although he still has a lot to learn and will improve, I hope we don’t lose him. If we do, I’d rather it was to Newcastle than “honest ‘Arrys” Totscum though.


  4. Geoff…I hope it’s tabloid rubbish too because unless he’s willing to bide his time and fight for his place then I fear him coming means Colo may be leaving 😥


  5. He can’t be that keen according to the papers today he’s told West Ham he doesn’t want to leave and will stay


  6. Personally think he looks a bit like Joey Barton in this pic 😆

    As I said in the article, id not go much higher than 4 mil.


  7. This isn’t a knee jerk response from a school boy. But I’m laughing like one. Ashley, has got you all onboard I see! 5 mill is too much!?!? You must be joking right? This is 2012, we got 18mil for a top defensive prospect over ten years ago. Pull the other one Ashley!


  8. I dunno if I would go too much over the 4 million offered myself , maybe 5 but I wouldnt be so sure. See Smith is kicking off! Sooner he goes the better!


  9. Sed Non Credo” we got 18mil for a top defensive prospect over ten years ago”…completely irrelevant, transfer prices go up and down, fair play rules are coming in, whether they can be enforced is a different matter but many clubs are trying to cut costs. If Chris Samba is valued at £8-10m and imo is twice the player Tomkins is at this moment then I’d say yes £5m is too much. Absolutely nowt to do with Ashley, it’s called living in the present,


  10. Richie agree about Samba ,i think he would be immense for us, if you belive the papers himself and Holliett are going for £12 million, would love us to be all over that sort of deal!


  11. “Obviously Pardew is keen on him as he was with him at west ham and will know his attributes”

    Although Pardew was sacked by the Hammers in 2006, so Tomkins would only have been 16 years old at the time


  12. No more than £5m for this kid IMO, think wolves and Stoke have bids in for Nedum Onuoha for around £2.5m. I dont think Tomkins is worth twice Onuoha and I think Onuoha would be a better option but Pardew has brought the right players in so far so happy to go with him.
    I think it’s fair to say that Lam******* won’t sanction a bid if they feel it’s more than the player is worth.
    I think Tomkins will replace Colo… but only eventually, Colo being 30 and Tomkins being 22.
    With the form we are showing this season, I’m still hopeful we can sort a new deal with Colo and we still have plenty time to get that sorted


  13. I can’t see us going past 4m to be honest. There must be players as good as him in Europe and beyond for that price.

    Despite that, why would West Ham sell their best defender when they’re set up for 1st or 2nd place in the Championship? For them to potentially throw away an almost guaranteed place in the Premier League for 5m quid just doesn’t add up for me. I can’t see any of the top Championship teams (where the best players will be) selling their assets in the January window.

    …can’t see it happening now. Graham Carr needs to get his arse on the ferry.


  14. We could get Yanga- Mbiwa for £5-£6m .

    If Colo decides to go we could use his transfer fee to buy Vertonghen.


  15. Colo’s not going anywhere, it’s Willo’s place at threat and when Taylor’s back Tomkins would be 3rd choice.


  16. Anybody going to the club shop in the metro centre to get the replacement logo, don’t bother cos they haven’t got any until next week at the earliest.
    Apparently there were only 200 boxes delivered and theyve all gone to the ground shop.
    There are hundreds already queuing at the ground and there will not be enough to go round.

    Also you need a receipt of purchase otherwise it costs £5 per logo.

    The club have ****ed up again by advertising on their website that the metro centre shop would provide replacements today. There were queues of disgruntled fans and exasperated shop staff there this morning. 🙁


  17. I would rather buy a proven centre half at the minute. Maybe Tomkins in the summer though.

    I’d still like to sign Samba, he’s a good player and only 27.


  18. Not convinced we need a CB, especially if AP does prefer three established players for the two positions. We are then buying back-up perhaps Mangala from FC Porto who is only 20. Tomkins would not be my choice, but hey!. If we were paying for a top CB then Jan Vertonghen would be my choice a complete player, Otherwise Yanga- Mbiwa is classy and versiatile, whilst Douglas Teixeira is a beast.

    Alternatively a LB who can fill in at CB such as Erik Pieters would do the job, but he’s out with a metatarsal injury so maybe Cheik M’bengue would be a good move. This would give us 3 established FB, 3 established CB and versitlity.


  19. Chris G… I’m sure I read somewhere that Pardew knows him from West Ham. he may not have played him… but he knows him.


  20. Interesting 😆

    agentH058 peter harrison
    Same people doing the same thing, its the talk of football, everyone knows whats going on.

    Steve Phillips @agentH058 ,hear Kevin Nolan likes to “promote” his agent around the training ground? just happens to be the same one Allerdyce uses #Bolton


  21. guys

    it’s not happening with To9mkins

    He’;s told West Ham he’s happy there and apaprantly they won’t even considfer anything under 8 million


  22. We need a new young centre half to be groomed over the next couple of years, alongside Collo imo.

    The future centre of defence will be Steve Taylor, wor new centre half, with Remi Streete knocking on the door…

    Yakubu alongside Ba anyone ?….


  23. CB…He may well be happy there or he may just be saying that to keep the fans off his back and the £8m is just to drive the price up. If he goes it will be for less than that I’m sure.


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  25. Loved the way the Toon took the Mancs apart the other night, but you are not going to get anywhere on this one, Tomkins is not for sale and has not handed in a transfer request. We are well placed for a straight return to the Premier League and we will need him to ensure that happens. Good luck for the rest of the season, you got a good manager in Pardew, just got ahead of himself a bit at UP, otherwise did well.


  26. Not sold on Tomkins anyway. The plum who said about “Ashley getting into us” because nobody is thinking stupid money for him. Its nothing to do with Ashley im guessing. Instead its to do with the fact that people just don’t rate Tomkins ant higher than 4-5 million. Just guessing like but im probably right. Yet to see anyone say we couldn’t afford him or he is out of our price range due to his ability 😕

    The reason I say I wouldn’t go any higher is exactly the same reason as Rodz states – better players for same or less available abroad.


  27. Big D@42….Yakubu is a young ‘un compared to me mate… 🙁

    You been ower to the dark side ?……way outa order you reckon ? 😆

    Richietoon didn’t write that one mate, he’s too busy gargling there lasses vintage wine collection 😉


  28. @Richie

    I take it you received that sing via text which I did 10 mins ago.


    Troy = GAY

    I’m a metrosexual man. Eyebrows plucked, Botox injections, all over waxes and teeth bleaching is what the modern man does.
    Get up to date. 😛

    I’m off for a manicure now. 😯


  29. Just been watching sky sports news and sir Alex interview, he was very complimentary about our performance on wed night, as he should be but you know what he’s usually like.. always someone’s fault but he said they deserved it.
    He also said, Jan is a stupid window and you rarely get the players you want for the right price, or settle for 2nd best.
    Personally I’d **** this Tomkins kid off, Gold and Sullivan are as stubborn as our lot and will want stupid money for the lad.
    We’d do better getting Douglas for nowt in the summer. Buy Onuoha for £2-3m now who can cover RB or if we can get Pieters for £3m – get him now, he’ll be fit in the next few weeks and both of them would provide better cover in the defence with both able to fill in at full back.

    Read today that Birmingham rate Redmond at £12m – ridiculous!!!

    I honestly think with valuations like that, were right to wait til the summer and bring in free transfers coz there are too many average players being sold for stupid money


  30. my team v blackburn

    raylor…….cabaye …..vukic…………sammy


  31. Army….what has Jonas done to offend you ? ….. 😉

    I think we might also see Obertan return for Blackburn, we’re at home after all…and Pardew loves the lad… 🙄


  32. does any onr recon a few of our young players will get a loan space in lg 1 or championship?….be great for next season!…love to see some reserve players try and get first team action at confrence or lg 2……


  33. I honestly don’t see Cabaye playing, I think he will be rested. Just my opinion of course but here’s my guess at the team.




    …………………………………….Ben Arfa…………………………..


    Subs….. Shola/Best….Sammi/Smith/ Abheid/ Ferguson/Perch/Harper


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