“Newcastle and Lyon are talking about me” – Aly Cissokho

Cissokho hints at Toon move
Have we found the transfer saga of this transfer window? It’s certainly starting to look that way isn’t it?

This time around it seems to involve a long-standing transfer link in the form of Aly Cissokho. The Lyon defender has been linked with Newcastle for some time, but there have been conflicting reports of interest, medicals, discussions and allsorts.

Earlier on today I posted an article containing quotes attributed to a representative of Aly Cissokho who goes by the name of Ali Barat. He seemed quite dismissive of Newcastle and insisted that no agreement had been reached between the two clubs.

However the player himself has now admitted that a deal could be in the offing and insists that he is just waiting for the green light from Lyon to allow him to talk to Newcastle.

“I am waiting for the green light from Lyon,” he told Sky Sports. “I am a Lyon player and if they agree a fee with a club, I will then talk to that club.”

“But nothing is done yet and I have not been to Newcastle for a medical. Newcastle and Lyon are talking about me, but there are other teams interested as well.”


Whether or not there is genuine interest on our part or whether we are just being used as a name to extract some serious bidders remains to be seen but there does seem to be something there. Mind you, there was something there with Mevlut Erding and Modibo Maiga yet nothing came of it in the end and this one could well end up going the same way.

One thing I’m pretty certain on though, is the fact that if (and it’s still a big if) we sign Cissokho we’ll see Danny Simpson heading away from St James’ Park. His contract saga has rolled on too long and we’ve already had warning from Alan Pardew suggesting that if Simpson didn’t sign then he’d be disposed of. Sounds clinical doesn’t it?

That’s life… That’s business…

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103 thoughts on ““Newcastle and Lyon are talking about me” – Aly Cissokho

  1. Big Dave, I’m talking about right wing mate.
    Neither Gabby or HBA are right wingers. Neither can cross with there right foot. So if you want HBA on the right, then fine, but dont expect him to get any crosses into the box, as he will always cut back in onto his left.
    I’m not calling the lad crap or owt, just stating that he is not a right winger.


  2. Ha Ha Manc ****ty played poorly but still got the 3 points.
    We’re not the only ones then πŸ˜†
    It happens to all the good teams πŸ˜‰


  3. BB thats the problem but we need someone for the RW I honestly think Routers offered as much on the wing as Gabby does, as for Benny I think he would be best in a free role just drifting about, as I said I just think Benny is better and offers more than Gabby, though I did think Jonas looked better when he played out on the right at times on sunday


  4. Maybe play Obertan in the centre alongside Guthrie. Use his pace to attack down the middle. ❓
    Hmmm ❗ Probably wont tho, far too adventurous for AP that πŸ˜•


  5. Dave, if he does I can’t see Gosling featuring much in the future. I know he’s young but Mehdi and Haris aren’t far behind him and before you know it they’ll be pushing for more first team action and then he’ll be behind them.


  6. I liked the formation we used after the sub of;

    R.Taylor Guthrie
    HBA Jonas Best

    I thought Jonas was brilliant in the ‘free’ role.


  7. so you agree with me BD that we still need a right winger then πŸ˜€
    If we give HBA a free role like you suggest, which is probably the only way to play him, does that mean sacrificing a striker and playing 4-4-1-1 ?
    If so then why is everyone calling for a new striker, surely we have enough to get us thru till Demba returns. πŸ˜•
    In saying that, Demba doesn’t play so well upfront on his own, he plays better with Best alongside him.
    Hmmm not so easy this manager thing lol


  8. Dan – “I thought Jonas was brilliant in the β€˜free’ role.”
    I agree, he was a beast all over the park. Mostly on his arse like, but hey. πŸ˜›


  9. BB, nowt funnier than when Jonas is running down a blind alley and not going anywhere so he someone drags a foul from somewhere πŸ˜€


  10. I think I read somewhere that he has won more fouls than any other player in the prem 😯
    err I may be waffling tho 😳


  11. BB thats why we have managers πŸ˜† πŸ˜† we can all call them this and that at times and question why they have played someone ahead of others but I guess he see’a alot more of them than we do πŸ˜€


  12. BB, he has! It’s usually battled out between Ashley Young and Jonas but since Young has been injured Jonas has taken the mantle πŸ˜†


  13. Beardsleys boots if you think HBA didn’t work hard yesterday you were watching for the wrong reasons he was immense yesterday where I was sitting and we would not have won that game without him


  14. This own goal was his fourth in Ligue 1, a tally surpassed only by Jean-Guy Wallemme throughout the history of France’s top flight.’

    And he’s only played 73 games for them. That other dude it was based on his whole career, about 450 appearances. πŸ˜• πŸ˜• πŸ˜•


  15. Billy – where did I say he didn’t work hard yesterday ❓ ❓ ❓
    All I have said is he isn’t a right winger.
    I agree that yesterday was one of his best overall performances, especially from a team perspective, and I hope he gets even better.
    But I maintain he isn’t a right winger who can cross the ball into the box therefore is NOT a replacement for Obertan, who also cant cross the ball into the box.
    From where I was sitting, we wouldn’t have won that game without Leon Best hitting the back of the net, but whatever πŸ˜†


  16. He seems a tad soft like.
    wearing gloves…………in france ffs.
    He’ll hate it up here in the middle of feb πŸ˜₯


  17. He is big and strong enough for the prem but he looks a bit of a clumsly git. Not worth Β£8-9M IMO Enrique went for less than that and is a better player.


  18. BB @ 95

    ”keep him on the bench until he is seen to be working harder for the team”

    The last few times he has came on he has been working hard I thought, especially looking at stroller’s lack of workrate and he plays.

    Who gave away the penalty at man city tracking back in the box?


  19. He did track back and he is looking fitter. He lifts our play to a level that is above the average prem opponent, if we signed a top forward he could slide those direct passes into them all day, can see how people say Ben Arfa + Benzema were lethal.


  20. danny simpson a” cracking player'”………dont try to fool !!us we have better younger lads he is crap scared of!!!!! he will be gone soon ..his boots will be filled by a young lad coming through…….aint gona spend no money…no need to… just watch


  21. Makes me laugh the abuse Obertan gets on here, but how many of you knew that he is our second best chance creator? Last time I checked he had created 20 chances and was just behind R.Taylor, who takes most freekicks/corners etc.

    Also, the comparison’s with Walcott are ridiculous. Give Obertan the same run of games in a team like Arsenal and then we can talk.

    Also, people who say he offers the same as Routledge…Absolute nonsense. Routledge had a poor first touch and couldn’t pass the ball. Those were his main problems, not his fear of taking on a man. Watch Obertan next time he plays, he is one of few NUFC players that can keep up with fluid one touch passing.

    He is a good player, just lacking in confidence due to ignorant fans booing him.


  22. El Toro

    Completely agree with you.

    Obertan can do nine good things and one unsuccessful dribble and he gets slated.
    I genuinely think is adds a lot to the team. He also gets back to defend.

    By far better than Raylor in every aspect but shooting and freekicks.

    Certainly a massive improvement on Routeledge.


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