Captain Colo set to resume contract talks with NUFC

Pardew looking to keep hold of Colo
Contract talks with Club Captain Fabricio Coloccini are set to resume shortly, according to Alan Pardew.

The curly haired Argentinian has about 15 months left on his current deal so the importance of a new deal being sorted is becoming paramount. Time is of the essence.

Fabricio Coloccini is the first name on the teamsheet for me. He is an outstanding defender and leads by example rather than by shouting and balling. He makes playing the game look effortless and would cost a fortune to replace which is why getting the 29-year-old (soon to be 30-year-old) defender to sign a new deal would be a good move. Fortunately Alan Pardew sees it the same way.

“The priority for me is Coloccini’s new contract and one or two others. We are focused on that because we want to keep our best players. He is our captain and I want to keep him, and negotiations are due to restart shortly,” Pardew told the Daily Mail.

However there is a double-edged sword. We are still vulnerable to big money bids for our players, although Pardew insists that with the players we have at our disposal these days the opportunity to achieve something at Newcastle and alleviate the need for players to move on is becoming greater.

“We are still vulnerable to the Champions’ League clubs and we still need to balance the books, therefore even in this window, I am on my guard. I see us keeping the same squad together but there is no guarantee,” he said.

“You look at us now with the signing of Cisse, and players like Cabaye and Santon, we are suddenly becoming a threat. If we can keep everyone fit and with eight games to go, keep ourselves in and around sixth or seventh we will have less pressure on ourselves than the others and then we can be dangerous. But we have to get ourselves in that position and to get us there we need a big squad.”

He is right of course. We are vulnerable to Champions League clubs. Make no bones about it, if a Champions League club comes in for one of our players he will more than likely want to at least consider it. Yes money plays a part, but so does the level of competition of offer at any prospective new club as well as the ambition of the player.

The only way that can be stopped is by at least mounting a challenge for a Champions League spot. Whisper it quietly, but isn’t that what Alan Pardew was hinting at towards the end of his statement?

To do that tough we need to keep on doing what we’re doing in terms of player recruitment, and then we need to keep hold of key players like Coloccini. Hopefully a deal can be agreed between the player and club as losing Colo would set us back a while in our quest for Europe.

Hopefully it won’t come to that though…

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110 thoughts on “Captain Colo set to resume contract talks with NUFC

  1. Soz! I wrote this on the last bog:

    Dembaο»Ώ 1 Demba 2, we’ve got more Dembas than you, with a nik-nak paddy whack both can score a goal, geordie boys from senegal

    Ok.. reading article now πŸ˜‰


  2. Get him signed, classy player and I think the defence would be leaking goals without him. He’s actually worth a big wage and I hope the board realise his importance to the club and offer him something decent.


  3. Ok… i’ve read it.

    I don’t know the ins and outs of the contract but i suspect colo might want a longer contract than ashley wants to offer him.

    Catch 22

    We all want colo here but i believe he’ll be worth the longer contract (if i’m right in my statement above) as when he gets older he can pass on his wealth of knowledge to up-and-coming centre halves.

    Also centre halves tend to play that little bit longer, it’s not all about speed but about your position and having the ability to read the game. 2 things Colo has in abundance.

    Capatain Colo is a Geordie :mrgreen:


  4. “Geordie boys from Senegal”! Brilliant song – must be taken to the terraces! Colo must be signed, break the bank, Newcastles best ever centre half.


  5. I think you’ll find that Ashley will offer him a similar contract to what he offered Nolan, in that he gets a basic wage of, say Β£40k/wk & then loads of incentives for games played, goals scored etc etc because as Colo gets older, he’ll probably have more injuries, play less games & maybe not be picked by the manager as often… so that will safeguard the club from having to pay out X amount every week, even when the player isn’t playing ie Smith….

    Or I could be talking complete bollox & they just extnd his current contract until his mid 30’s… who knows.. πŸ˜†


  6. Get him signed up, we won’t get anybody as good imo, the lad is “class” even Troy says so 😯
    Unfortunately, and much as it pains me to say it, it isn’t just Champions league clubs that are a threat. Even if we finished above Arsenal(assuming they don’t make CL) and Liverpool most players would still choose them over us πŸ™

    Nobby, also said on last thread…which tune is that to? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  7. Toon69 – I reckon you’re spot on there. Hopefully the club Will see the importance and value of Colo even beyond his very best years and make it a suitably decent offer.

    And Nobby – great song! Make it happen!


  8. Colo needs to be signed up asap,
    I agree with Richie it’s not just about teams offering Champs lge footie, remember Cabaye left that to come here.
    I think wages come into it a lot, and off course there would have to be ambition aswell


  9. get it done… Maybe Colo specifically asked after the window knowing that MA could pull a surprise and sell players that are vital to our ambitions. ❓

    Mail reporting Rav Morrison is after 30k a week. .lol what a mug


  10. after Pards comment regarding losing players, even in this window I have reduced my springs..

    boin boing,

    just 1 less boing.

    Wheres Troyore? I miss his craic πŸ™


  11. There is no doubting the boys ability. As Toon69 pointed out there will definitely be an age/ wage balance to be considered. I have always thought that even if we let his contract run right to the end we would have got the best years from a player who would then be turning 32. Would much prefer him to sign a 1 year contract extension, even if on the same money. Look at that hair, he’s worth every penny!


  12. Mark aye Pards must think there is a chance of it happening, otherwise he wouldn’t have to keep reminding us that we are at danger of losing our main players.
    If we have the real ambition we need to keep them.
    I was also concerned yesterday when Ba said he had too much respect for us Fans to leave in this window 😯 , which made me think that he he could be set to leave at the end of the season, and Cisse is his replacment πŸ˜• which would take the gloss of getting Cisse.


  13. Howay Dave – PMA!!

    Only a negger could read Ba’s statement and not be buzzed up.

    The press have been reporting that Ba could leave this window because of some clause old melted welly face keeps harping about. In response to that Demba has come out and said he loves all all far too much to leave us now.

    What more do ye want. Blood?

    His bezzie mate is here now too so that’s bound to convince him to stay!!



  14. The old ambition thing is wearing a bit thin now too. The club have just bought one of the hottest goal-scoring talents in Europe FFS!!

    Even the most ambitious clubs struggle to keep hold of their players. If someone wants out they will go, end of.

    Thankfully, unlike days gone by, we have the structure in place now to cope with that now.


  15. Alex – by balancing the books he will be referring to Ashley’s loan.

    As much as we’d all like to we can not lose sight of the fact that Ashley is entitled to his money back. Hopefully, having seen the success on the pitch coupled with the fact that we now seem to be breaking even, he won’t be in so much of a hurry.


  16. Agree with Toon Chicken, Ambition is all we have shown! Championship side to top 6 in two years! Its just a matter of glass half full instead of half empty all the time!


  17. Looks like Colo was stalling on a new contract due to asking for some ambition to be shown. Well I think we’ve shown ambition now and I hope Colo see’s that. Sure he will.

    On another note I was speaking to someone yesterday who has got to know Pardew quite well and she reckons they have a defender lined up that will impress everyone.

    Time will tell I suppose.

    So far so good.


  18. We don’t need to sell so why would we? Why would we jeopardize our chances of finishing in a European spot by letting our best players go?

    We are supposedly breaking even this year so the books are balanced, plus another influx of Sky and Premier League money to come…including the extra that will come from our higher league position and possible European TV.

    Not one of our players are unhappy or talking about higher aspirations, they can see the progress and want to stick around.

    How about we just tell other clubs to **** off? We have our players on long term contracts (in Colo’s case this is pending) so we don’t need to get rid because they won’t resign.

    I honestly believe that Ba will get a better contract in the summer with the likes of Smith and Loverman leaving freeing up cash.

    Chill out and enjoy the moment, stop worrying about what is going to happen next, it’s ****ing depressing!


  19. Bit concerend that he’s hinting at losing players during this window. Would be nice to at least keep everybody together until the summer, then we have time to replace whoever goes before the next competitive game…

    Getting Colo signed up is definitely a must. Outstanding player for us now and makes a big difference to our play. He is not the fastest, so we dont need to worry about pace being lost over the next 3/4 years. He’s very good on the ball and intelligent so no doubt he’ll still be able to keep this level up at 33.

    As for Champs League, I hate that people are beginning to ‘whisper’ it this season. Not long ago we were all happy with top half, maybe 8th. I think next step is pushing for 5th or 6th which is a real achievment. Lets not get carried away, we have made 1 signing who will need time to bed in. That does not make us a top 4 side suddenly.

    I hope people dont expect too much from us, or Cisse for the remainder of the season. Top 5 or would be excelent progress. Also, I’m far too conscious of the neutrals jumping all over us calling us deluded when our fans start talking about top 4…


  20. Stuart…heard that too, apparently sooner rather than later they reckon 😯 …….although I’d be owa the moon if they could even just get Colo to sign up.


  21. “As much as we’d all like to we can not lose sight of the fact that Ashley is entitled to his money back.”


    roman abrahmovic
    dave whelan
    jack walker
    steve gibson
    sheik mansour
    mohamad al fayed
    coates at stoke
    delia smith

    all of the above have put money into their respective clubs and not called them loans. Football is a complete different business. ENTITLEMENT does not exist.

    What does pardew mean about balancing books? we broke even before the AC money. we spent net zero in the summer.

    Why do I even care

    As long as they dont sell anyone and bring in a CB i happy.


  22. …or maybe Pards keeps getting asked the question if anyone is leaving, in which case he has 3 options,
    Yes there is……he’d be hung drawn and quartered
    No, definately not…..Mmmm how did that work out last time?
    or the sensible…I hope not but you can never say never etc etc πŸ˜‰


  23. DIFSB coats bled stoke dry during his 1st spell at owning them took millions oot of the club so he owed them big time πŸ˜‰


  24. DIFSB a negger to some on here is anyone that doesn’t think that Jabba won’t sell any of our top players, even though Pards has hinted that its possible, or if you think owt bad about Jabba and Co.


  25. DIFSB – Congratulations – I think you’ve just set a new record for cluelessness there mate! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    And I thought it was the dreamers that lived in cotton candy land πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  26. Dave my “negger” comment was in direct response to you seeing a positive statement from Ba and reading something totally negative in it.

    But I think you knew that. πŸ˜‰

    What’s the matter like – get out the wrong side of bed? πŸ˜‰


  27. cheers big dave. so a negger is basically a normal geordie Newcastle fan? cool

    TC – your a funny lad.


  28. coats has paid them back like a mothafu*ka now. uefa cup and fa cup final..he aint doing too bad. all with a 26,000 ground as well

    i respect the like of him, steve gibson, and jack walker..massively


  29. Nobby, are you calling me a negger? πŸ˜•

    I think Colo will sign up and I think Ba will sign up… And if they don’t, I think we’ll get worthy replacements. How’s that!!!

    If we brought a defender in now. I think all we’d need in the summer is a fully back and a winger/attacker to add more competition on the right side.

    Thats two players. When is the last transfer window we needed two players at most?

    Very very happy with the board so far this season.

    And I just got my 4D scan photo of my little lad, so this has been a great week! 😎 πŸ˜€


  30. I am not worried about centre halves, it’s clear that we bring a really good one because we are linked with a lot of top class defenders. Douglas, Samba, Mapou, Williams, other Williams, Onoucha, and couple of briliant youngsters.


  31. “I just got my 4D scan photo of my little lad” 😯 porv……oh you mean the bairn?, in that case, bet ya chuffed πŸ˜‰ :mrgreen:





    most stoopid word ever πŸ™„


  33. Completely off topic but I just want to say this; I read loads of NUFC blogs, but it has to be said, this is easily the best one. I have lots of respect for Eds blog and all he’s achieved, but his site seems to attract a lot of utter nimrods. This site has better contributors and with the exception of one or two space cadets, better banter.

    Keep up the good work lads and lasses.


  34. “I think Colo will sign up and I think Ba will sign up… And if they don’t, I think we’ll get worthy replacements. How’s that!!!”

    If only more fans shared your optimism and level-headedness, JJ! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€


  35. The most important thing is to keep our players, but ifthey want to leave than we MUST replace than with equal quality or even better. As for tiote leaving for City I don’t beafraid, same goes for colo.. (There are really good young defenders out there, that’s not a disaster) yes that would be pitty, but he is not irreplacable,we even could cope with our squad this term (about tiote), but loosing Krul would be a disaster.


  36. TC thats the way Jabba has got me , up untill a yr and a half ago I was pretty positive about the Toon.
    But it seems that when things are going well Jabba is normally waiting in the wings to slap us round the face.
    Maybe you can remain positive after all the ****e that he has caused, and I won’t hold that against you or call you a dreamer, jabba’s niave, etc etc.
    But I tend to be a once bitten twice shy type of guy.


  37. IM A BELIEVERl; onouha gonna sign for QPR supposedly. but hopefully we get a decent one. Samba out there. He is a beast.

    All this ‘negger’s tuff vexes me.

    It is only thick people that say you are either right wing or left wing in politics for example. That you cant use your own brain to make a decision either way, liking some things on one side and some on another. Like we live in NAZI Germany or somit and cant have opinions.

    As Geordies some **** that MA and his sidekick have done we like, some **** we loathe.

    If that makes you a negger than Im happy to be one. Only idiots have one viewpoint in all matters


  38. “up untill a yr and a half ago I was pretty positive about the Toon.”

    What, just when things started going well? πŸ˜†


  39. DIFSB – go and make yourself a cup of tea and calm down. Oh, and remember to think positive! πŸ˜†


  40. Predictions for weekend?

    I think we will beat FULHAM 1 – 3.

    im still a negger though. πŸ™„


  41. If Colo rejects what we offer, then so be it .. off he goes and we have to secure a replacement. Personally blv that what we offer will be more than satisfactory – would refer to our recent history of attracting top top players who have accepted the terms we have been offering. Therefore, expect that if there is any reason why Colo does not sign will be because he is being unreasonable.


  42. “but his site seems to attract a lot of utter nimrods. This site has better contributors and with the exception of one or two space cadets, better banter.”

    Nimrods and space cadets?! Look I’m getting tired of people having a go at Richie. He might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is far from a nimrod! :mrgreen: πŸ˜†


  43. keegans fault he resigned?
    sheares fault we went down?
    enriques fault he wanted to leave?
    st.james park fault for having its name changed?

    hahahahaa πŸ˜†


  44. 2-2 for me like!

    Think a draw away at Fulham would be a pretty positive result for us, depending on other results of course.


  45. Thanks DIFSB. You’re not so bad yourself. πŸ˜‰

    In fact, you’re comment at 31 was ****ing hilarious! πŸ˜†



    I’m not calling anyone anything… i was explaining to difsb what a neggar was….

    hoo! i’m not getting involved with any of this arguing crap.. not my style.

    I’m a lover – not a fighter.


    Ladys Love Nobby πŸ˜‰


  47. Toonpipes you made your mind up months ago that if we don’t sign Colo up it’s because he is a greedy bastad, no other reason πŸ˜†
    So for talk’s sake if they offered him a contract on half his current wage(reported around Β£70 ~Β£80 k) he should accept it or he is a greedy bastad ??


  48. Hahah, naa. Mosdef not

    Just using the little I learned at school all those years ago.

    What element Pb in the periodic table? Remember that anyone?


  49. I’ve got to admit though.. DIFSB @31

    That’s a bit of a daft thing to say(imo… everyones got one!). If i put ex amounts of millions into anything be it a football club, chips shop or a big sack… i expect to see it back. We are not a charity case. no football club is. πŸ˜‰

    BTW this comment is intended as my opinion and is friendly. don’t jump down my neck bonny lad πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚


  50. Dave, im not well enough informed to judge what the correct wage is. That is because i do not have all the information about which players are available on the market today / what wages they are asking for etc + i do not know the exact financial position of nufc / i do not know what alternatives we may have lined up – all the factors that would determine what wage we should offer Colo. I base my judgement on rationale explained in my initial post and as you know i have always backed MA judgement and will continue to. For the sake of continuing this discussion and without predjudice + subject to Colo being in impecable health today. i would say that we should aim to offer an amount per week which starts off on the first year with a weekly wage that is the same wage as he is now + then a weekly wage which is reduced by approx 10-12k from the first year for the next 2 years and then the 4th year with a 15k per week reduction on the previous year – so final year of a 4 year contract would be on around 35-40kt per week – you could average that out if you wanted.. with substantial add ons for individual number of performances and team performance .. i suspect i am being more generous than MA will be ..


  51. toon chicken – aye maybe he does need to balance the books but im the sure cisse was paid for by the virgin deal, be a tough game morow hope we can remain unbeatoon for 2012.


  52. The crux of the matter for Colo is simple I would imagine.
    He knows what’s left on his contract which is still a season and a half and didn’t want to commit just yet because in his mind, he isn’t really pressured to do so and can just concentrate on his game whilst having a sideways glance at what the club are doing to cement his mindset on renewing his contract.

    The fact that the club has signed Cisse will go a long way into Conditioning Colo’s mind that the club want to fight at the front of the queue over the period of what’s left of his career, so I would imagine that he will wait till the window has closed to clarify that we are indeed keeping the quality and also adding to it, then I think he will look on it as all positive.

    He can then sign a new contract , knowing that…..

    1. He already has the adulation of the fans and is settled.

    2. He can see that this club is geared to actually competing up top.

    3. He has a realistic chance of finishing off his career with some silverware
    that he can genuinely say he has played a major part in and silverware that has been grafted for (obviously assuming that we win some, which I’m certain we will.)

    4, Nowhere else on the planet at his age will he be afforded the idol status he enjoys at Newcastle.

    5. I think it would be a step down for him if he did go anywhere else, given the fact that this club is ready and fueled,with the quality control stamp on it to be confident of take off. πŸ˜€


  53. Alex, Sky Sports seem to think Cisse was paid for with the Virgin money too..

    ….”Pardew, funded by Newcastle’s new commercial sponsorship deal with Virgin Money, is also expected to sign another centre-back in the January transfer to cover Steven Taylor’s injury.”

    ….let’s see this new centre back then!! 😯 😯


  54. The new Virgin deal doesn’t start until next season, the club have said before they won’t spend sponsorship revenue in advance. πŸ˜‰


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