Guingamp forward claims a move to NUFC is on the cards

Anthony Knockaert
Guingamp forward Anthony Knockaert claims that his agent is in talks with Newcastle United ahead of a proposed transfer from Ligue 1.

The 20-year-old has been linked with Newcastle for a number of months now and interest was first claimed back in the summer although nothing came of it in the end.

Whether Newcastle are chasing another attacking player after the arrival of Papiss Demba Cisse from Freiburg last week remains to be seen, although at just 20 years old and able to play in a number of positions he could easily be one for the future or an option to bulk up our squad.

When asked about Newcastle’s interest, he told FootMercato: “They are in touch with my agent. Now, I take care of my own work and nothing else.”

“My agent does not put all that in my mind so I can continue to work in the best way. I do my job, many young people take it too seriously.”

He also admitted that he is flattered to be linked with Newcastle United.

“Yes, sure it’s flattering,” he continued. “But I will not give up until one day I am at the highest level. But now I work for the team.”

Knockaert is a French youth international who has made 25 appearances for Guingamp this season scoring two goals in the process. As mentioned before he can play in a number of positions is primarily used as a striker or a winger.

The player would seem to fit our transfer blueprint – young with potential – although I very much doubt that there is anything behind it. To me this sounds as though it’s our name being used for one thing or another but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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47 thoughts on “Guingamp forward claims a move to NUFC is on the cards

  1. Might be able to help out now while our main strikers are away. The downside is, from that pic, he looks the same size as me. I have to take my pulse when I run down the wing


  2. Ha ha Alex! But yeah I agree, be the perfect replacement for him, both up front and the wing. Type of player we need to bring in to increase the squad size if nothing else


  3. the storey gives some debate,but i wouldnt take much on to it,if you look on sky toon have been talking to up to fifty agents in the last year,doesnt mean much imo 🙄


  4. That shirt he is wearing is that for real?? Give him a baguette and a baret and he your typical frenchie 😯 agree with the article – sounds like our name is bringe used to drum up some interest. 😎


  5. Probs right Ice, as soon as somebody is mentioned by the media, we can often write them off. But he does sound like he would be good for us as a squad player for now at least


  6. Cor bloimy gavnah, it’s a Knockaert! App thee eppools end pears mite, on the awld joanna, proppa kneezap.

    …don’t believe it, although Shola moving to 5th choice striker would be welcomed with both arms by me.


  7. I love shola to bits… as someone said before – he’s part of the furniture. But i just don’t believe he should start.

    If we get this Guingamp then obviously he fits in with our transfer policy and he could be a real investment for the future.

    I just don’t know enough about him so i can’t make an educated comment. 😐


  8. I think he’s more winger attacking mid than a striker. more assists than goals. would take him.


  9. we got linked with him in december so i think there might be something in this if not now in the summer. he has pace so its something different up front similar player to eroding i think


  10. Lads

    I’ve just worked out that if we keep our average points per game tally going till the end of the season we’ll end up on 62 points.

    That was enough for Spurs to come 5th last season! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Happy days!


  11. I know we’ve got benny and cabaye but really we’re short on play makers so if prems right… and he is what he says he is then it’ll be a tidy little signing


  12. he’s only played in ligua 2 & their cup. 22 appearances, inc 9 as sub. 3 goals 3 the league, 2 goals in the cup. Potential is the work here.


  13. I love the way part of Benny’s prize is an invitation to attend the final. I was kind of hoping he’d be there anyway…

    Shame his and Guthrie’s goals on Sat were swallowed up by the result. Both absolute crackers.


  14. Richie @everything

    It’s not my fault your original statements don’t make fecking sense. 😆

    Besides, size doesn’t matter anyway 😎


  15. JJ…they do if the person reading them has a modicum of intelligence, not your fault though 😉

    JJ meant to ask, SA possible future holiday destination, where would ya recommend?


  16. JJ…both the same height according to the official site…..I think it’s his speed of thought that slows him down the most though 😆


  17. @23

    Richie, em for you. Id check out the Hillbrow Tower. Looks beautiful after 9pm.
    Also, try out District 6 in Cape Town 😀

    Don’t forget your bullet proof vest you nobs bought for the World Cup 😉


  18. Na,

    Depends on your budget and how long you staying for… and what you like doing. Also the time of year.

    It’s a very diverse country. Kruger Park, Cape Town, Tsitsikama, St Lucia, Sun City are the obvious destinations…


  19. JJ…it was just one of the suggestion wor lass said, I told her there’s no such thing as a “nice South African” but she’s not having it 😉
    The condition she has, we wouldn’t be able to travel loads so would have to be somewhere we everything near to hand, a bar and tv for me, a gym for her 😆 She’s got friends who’ve been before, I’ll find out where they went as that’s where she got the idea from and let ya know……I fancied Mauritius mesel like 😎


  20. Richie

    Well firstly, make sure you come during your winter our summer, because it can get very cold here in the mornings during winter. And Cape Town has a winter rainfall, which makes it like the UK during winter.

    You want to come during (September to March) time.

    If you don’t want to travel loads, I’d do the safari thing at Sun City/Pilanesburg. Which isn’t quite as wild as the Kruger Park. But still a very nice reserve. (Sun City is where they play the Million Dollar Golf Challenge).
    Its only just over two hours drive from Joburg Int Airport.

    Then, Cape Town would be a two hour flight from Joburg.
    There is so much to see and do around that area, Seal Island, Robbin Island, Table Mountain, Wine Tours, Harbour Tours, Fishing, Aquariums, Cage diving. There are some great beaches too. The water is quite cold that side though if you want to swim.

    There are pubs everywhere. There are quality restaurants everywhere.


  21. If height was a factor id be a great football player. As it is I just have to settle for being good 😎


    If you come at the right time, Hermanus is also a special place. For whale watching. Its quite incredible. And its about an hour and a half drive from Cape Town.

    I could continue down the whole coast line:
    Sabi Sands/Kruger Park
    Pilansberg/Sun City
    Joburg is two hours flight from Victoria Falls

    I guess its not a simple question to answer :mrgreen:

    Once you’ve narrowed it down, I can help you more…


  23. “toonsy
    January 23, 2012 at 15:53

    If height was a factor id be a great football player. As it is I just have to settle for being good :cool:”

    Toonsy, if Shola made it, then you must be *****! 😆


  24. Interesting, I wonder if G Carr and DL get some sort of cut on our player sales…
    Would have made fat profit on Carroll and explain where a large percentage of that fee went… 😕


  25. Anybody got sky sports on? Just seen a retweet from Colin, but does have sky logo on it, rednap given 6 month sentence, waiting for spurs to make a comment. If true, may make our game against them that bit more interesting


  26. Interestingly, If floppy chops ends up being the next England manager or getting sent down, do people reckon spurs would come in for Pardew?


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