Ba and Cisse in line for Blackburn return

Ba is coming home, and he's bringing Cisse with him!
Newcastle have been handed a huge boost with the news that Senegal have failed to qualify from the group stages of the African Cup of Nations.

Their 2-1 defeat to co-hosts Equatorial Guinea last night means that Senegal are now unable to progress any further than the group stages and will play their final match of the tournament on Monday.

That means that our leading scorer and his new sidekick – Demba Ba and Papisse Demba Cisse – will be back with us in the early part of next week and could be in line to feature in our league match against Blackburn next Wednesday, although it’s more than likely going to be the televised match against Aston Villa in which we’ll see them both play.

With Senegal touted as being one of the strongest squads in the competition they were tipped by many to go far. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be and two defeats in their opening two games have sealed their fate.

Personally I’m unsure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong, our two main strikers returning is a great thing – it has to be be. However after such a disappointing tournament will they feel a little bit down? Almost like an African Cup of Nations hangover? Of course on the other side of the coin a disappointing tournament could fire them up even more. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what their reaction will be.

From a Newcastle perspective it gives us our main attacking threat back which I’m sure we’re all secretly chuffed about. I say secretly because I noticed some idiots on Twitter last night messaging Demba Ba directly revelling in the failure of his country at the ACoN. It’s probably not what he wants to see but hey ho!

However, now we can unleash them on Blackburn!

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37 thoughts on “Ba and Cisse in line for Blackburn return

  1. “I say secretly because I noticed some idiots on Twitter last night messaging Demba Ba directly revelling in the failure of his country at the ACoN.”

    That’s what I love about the human race – just when you think they can’t get any dumber – they go and do something like that!

    Best fans in the world, don’t you know! 🙄


  2. There are some pure idiots on twitter. That has to really eat Demba up a bit. To not get past the group stage in an international tournament and then your club fans celebrating it directly to you? Dumb.
    Really hope this doesn’t affect their performances for us


  3. TC – I know that Senegal going out benefits Newcastle, but the competition means a lot to them and revelling in their demise is wrong IMO.

    The kind of thing you should secretly think if you get what I mean 😉


  4. Senegals defending was **** in both matches, The midfield didnt create loads and the dembas snatched at what few chances they had.

    BTW Diame out of contract at wigan in the summer, When tiotes not playing we have Cabaye, Guthrie, Gosling, Vukcic all attack minded another DM would be handy…


  5. From the interviews I’ve seen Ba do, he seems a pretty headstrong lad so hopefully it won’t affect him.


  6. Totally Toonsy – I was buzzing when I found out that they lost last night and texted all of my mates (that reminds me – he never replied) but to actually congratulate the man himself on his misfortune is dumb beyond reason.


  7. TC – In the interest of balance though, there are a lot of decent comments made to Ba in reference to Senegal so it isn’t all bad 🙂


  8. Twitter’s one of the most pointless things ever created anyway and there’ll be mackems posing as Geordies too no doubt, ‘cos that’s what they do.

    Ref the tournament hangover, they could have gotten to the final and lost which would have meant them missing more games for the Toon and then coming back and having the hangover for a few more which would have been worse. If it affects either then I’d say it would be Ba as Cisse has the excitement of playing for a new club which should get the adrenalin going. I think they’ll both be fine and raring to go though….hopefully.


  9. Be great to have them back but they must be gutted. Did anyone realise that we will have to go through this again next year as the ACoN is changing 2013, 2015, 2017 wtc 🙄


  10. CC – That Diame fella looks really good! Have watched him alot of times for Wigan and he seems like a slightly lesser version of Tiote. Him and Tiote would kick every midfield, in the pl, in the butt. Very handy player indeed.


  11. I’m with richie… i hate twitter.

    Bad luck to our strike force though. I was willing the lads to do well. I don’t think they’ll have too much jet lag from africa though. I wasn’t too sure where they were playing but i’ve done the flight from south africa a couple of times and i didn’t get any jet lag.

    but then again i’m nails. :mrgreen:


  12. The Blackburn match is next wednesday:

    Wed 01.02.2012 NUFC v Blackburn Rovers (a)

    Not sure they will be played in that match especially if they play on Sunday night for Senegals last game and then fly back Monday.
    However it would be good if Senegal decided to give the fringe players a game and let Cisse and Demba head back today 🙂

    Hopefully we can seal a CB in before window closes… anyone heard any new links?


  13. I feel sorry for them, but maybe they will be back with a point to prove.
    But with a point to prove or not im glad to get them back, as for some of the ****ter comments im sure the players will understand that at the Toon its all about the Toon.
    I just hope they never got any abuse or gloating on ****ter as that would be wrong.


  14. Nobby…as we have the same views on Twitter….can I follow you 😯 😆

    They’ll be tired from the travel but you get jet lag from crossing a load of time zones, I think where they are is just 1 hours difference 😉 ……maybe Ashley will send them a pricate jet anyway 😀


  15. @10

    Hes a taller version of tiote not as solid defensively but can drive on a bit like yaya toure and he can chip in with the odd screamer, Definately should be after him for nowt…


  16. Nobby a fish tank 😀

    Richie you don’t need to correct yesel all the time mate everyone knows what you mean 😉
    And that spelling isn’t your strong point 😆


  17. Dave – Shhhhhh.They still have one more game to play yet 😕

    My coach was late into Birmingham last night so rather than rot in the freezing clod and and rain I went in the bookies and just stood in there watching the football. Can’t remember the game, but it was someone v Libya. Was watching that and there was some reet tasty challenges going in 😯


  18. nobby

    Probably not when Tiotes playing but when he isnt we have Cabaye, Guthrie, Gosling and Vukcic, We are lacking another solid holding player and abeid looks raw IMHO


    The pitches are absolutely shocking as well, They kept on about senegals 7-8 strikers in the squad, hopefully they give some others a chance and rest the dembas…


  19. @ Nobby

    The lack of jet lag probably had a lot more to do with the fact that SA is in the same timezone as us. 😀


  20. Demba: “I am greatly disappointed. We failed in our mission. We haven’t been able to show our quality. But that’s football, one day everything goes right and the next day everything goes wrong. I am sad for all the people who have supported us. Today it’s a difficult day for all Senegalese. We must try to use our mistakes and work hard to come back stronger. “<<<< from his site run by his brother


  21. Senegals last game is Sunday night and they’re flying back on Monday 🙂

    Hopefully Ba won’t play with it being a meaningless match now!


  22. Glad to have them both back soon, although last week did show how much we missed Tiote rather than out and out strikers….hopefully we can outscore our opponents from now on until he gets back? 😛


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