Newcastle eye Danish international defender

Okore in action for Denmark
Newcastle are keeping an eye on F.C. Nordsjælland centre-back Jores Okore, according to reports in The Mirror and Daily Mail.

Alan Pardew and Co have been watching the 19-year-old ply his trade in the Danish Superliga, but they aren’t the only ones as Liverpool and Manchester United are said to also be interested.

Okore has made 33 appearances for F.C. Nordsjælland and has established himself as a first choice defender under their new manager. Born in Ivory Coast, the defender moved to Denmark at the age of three meaning that he has dual nationality. He has chosen to represent Denmark at international level and is already a full international having come through the youth ranks at both club and international level.

Other than that I don’t know an awful lot about him and I’m hoping some of our Danish readers can fill us in. His Wiki page describes him as a “capable and aggressive defender, who is calm on the ball and a good reader of the game, with leadership qualities” which sounds fairly decent but beyond that I haven’t got a clue.

What I will say is, look at the picture of him. At 19-years-old he is already a beast and will only develop further as he “grows up”. Madness.

It will be interesting to see if we make a move for Okore. He fits the blueprint of the club, is highly-rated, and wouldn’t cost the earth which sounds as though the deal is right up our street. And it would sort our defensive crisis out. Get it done before close of play tomorrow I say!

What do you make of it?

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136 thoughts on “Newcastle eye Danish international defender

  1. @Troyore

    when you show me a post saying I said he was the new Fabragas I’ll get my bouncing fingers and look for your threads

    tick tock tick tock 😀


  2. Troy…your source has already proved to be wrong though, if they were done deals when your source said, then that would mean the last few games they played for us, they’ve been on loan…surely? 😯 😉


  3. @the bouncing butterfly

    Woo hoo hoo hoo.

    It’s the biggest climb down I’ve seen since Thud announced he lived under a mushroom and not a shoebox like everyone thought. 😛

    Woo hoo hoo hoo 😛

    I love the bouncing butterflys craic like 😛


  4. @richietoon

    i’d take a punt on Troy’s source being paper speculation about a month ago that tiote and Krul could being sold. And giving Troyores pessimist attitute towards Ashley I believe thats all it was..

    source, my arse 😯 😉


  5. @richie

    You gook. . A done deal simply meant the clubs had come to an agreement. I’ve always maintained it would go through on the final day to make sure the Toon have no time to spend the cash.
    It’s spent already on the Cisse deal to be fair.


  6. Whumpie I would find it hard to believe that anyone wont be dreading the next 40 hrs.
    Thats what past experience does for ye.

    Troy I often wondered what you said about cabaye, as I can remember you saying that he hadn’t looked that good in his 1st few games, which imo was true.
    But I missed where you wrote him off ?? So what did you say bad about him


  7. Arsenal
    Arsenal weighing up a 22million bid for Newcastle Uniteds Cheik Tiote
    12 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply


  8. Woo hoo hoo hoo

    I’ve really rattled the bouncing butterfly today. 😛

    He’s absolutely jumping. 😆 oh that’s normal. 😆

    He’s hissy fitting. Woo hoo hoo hoo 😆


  9. @Troyore @85

    so in a month since you and your source knew about this done deal, not one, I repeat not one journo or club source has repeated it 😯 🙄 😆


  10. @toonarmylite

    I don’t know if it’s true but I can only go by what my source has told me and still tells me.

    If its wrong it’s wrong but I trust the source and stick by it.

    If it turns out to be wrong then I will be happy as I don’t want him to leave. I will keep Tiote and dump my source. Simples 😛


  11. Richie @88

    He says, big news for Toon fans today, that will make everyone happy.
    Fecking ****. I already sent him abuse. Who is he anyway. He talks like he’s a journalist but he knows nothing. He says Charver is in Holland to get Douglas. 😆


  12. Troy…I’ve no idea whether he’ll stay or not, hope he does, I just think Ashley, if he were to sell would try and start an auction for him to get more money.


  13. JJ…no idea who he is, just that he’s a good mate of Troy’s and passes him some info every now and again 😆


  14. So it’s *******, then. Yes, it could turn out to be true – but so could any of the hundreds of paper-flogging rumours we’ll see in today. The string of comments above is exactly what these press scum rely upon to make their amoral living: trigger gossip, then report on the gossip.

    Don’t help ’em – please!


  15. @liam

    Catch up fella . The bouncing butterfly Mark. 😛

    He never knows which mode of transport to settle on. The dream bus or the reality train. He flutters about like a butterfly looking for the best flower. Whichever one he believes is winning the argument he settles on.
    It’s hilarious watching him. He’s all over the shop with his views. 😳 😛

    He got the bouncing Tigger handle when he was bouncing all over when we signed Cisse and thought we were going to rule the world. 😛

    Hence the bouncing butterfly. 😛

    He’s fizzin this morning like cos everyone is laughing at him. Woo hoo hoo hoo. 😛


  16. seriously if we dont sign anyone in the next 2 days BUT keep all our players then i will be delighted!!! ba and cisse will defo give s a spring we need


  17. “Colin @cwarr07
    Expecting big news today from #nufc Should have everyone excited. Ps. Love you Troy… don’t dump me 😥 ”


  18. “Army69
    January 30, 2012 at 11:07

    seriously if we dont sign anyone in the next 2 days BUT keep all our players then i will be delighted!!! ba and cisse will defo give s a spring we need”

    Army, I don’t believe ya! 😀

    I heard Mbiwa is a definate!!! He’s definately not coming…


  19. Balls if cwarr says something it aint happening! 🙄

    Right troy im up to date.
    I think we have all though tiote rumours have been sniffing around for too long.
    I believe toonsy has heard the same too. SMoke and fire and all that 😥

    Mark you need an avatar! Fenwicks window 😀


  20. @toonarmylite

    Bobby shintons ghost might have been my brother . Defo not me. I never speak I’ll of the dead.
    Bobby Shinton RIP. 😯


  21. JJ
    January 30, 2012 at 11:13
    January 30, 2012 at 11:07
    seriously if we dont sign anyone in the next 2 days BUT keep all our players then i will be delighted!!! ba and cisse will defo give s a spring we need”
    Army, I don’t believe ya!

    neither do i 😀


  22. We need a youth prospect if Kadar’s never going to get a game again, so i’d be happy if we brought this lad in!


  23. Any player staying in the danish league with a taent like Okore is stupid if he refuses NUFC.
    But as i said.. it is not a substitute for colo, willo, or saylor right now.

    i think we should buy Okore, but for the future..
    i saw him play in a friendly tournament in asia just two weeks ago, and he seemed to be in okay shape.
    But i still think the move from the Danish League to Premier League is gonna take some time.
    If anyone is interested in talents from Denmark in general, i would say that the youngsters brought into our national team at the moment are well more talented than british talents.. Christian Eriksen(New Michael Laudrup), Nicolai Boilesen, Viktor Fischer, Frederik Sørensen, Nikolaj Jørgensen.


  24. Danish
    Na, I preferred Brian. I couldn’t understand why Chelsea bought him, then let him go. He basically played a few games. Was nearly always man of the match, then he left.

    His crossing was pin point. I would love a right wing like him now at NUFC.


  25. Too many people are worried about how much money Mike Ashley spends and not the quality of player we bring in. I would much prefer to see the club spend £5m on a player like Cabaye than £16m on crocks like Michael Owen. So many fans now hate Ashley bad enought that they no longer care who we sign, just about the amount of money he spends.

    This kid fits the blueprint for sure, all I hope is that he has been assessed properly before we make any bids.


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