Blackburn 0-2 Newcastle – Match highlights and managerial interviews

Match highlights of the 2-0 over Blackburn Rovers for you now, followed by what the respective managers had to say after the game.

Alan Pardew was left praising his sides spirit after a win which by all accounts probably shouldn’t have been a win. James Perch as also the beneficiary of some praise after a cracking performance as the anchor man last night.

Meanwhile Steve Kean was left frustrated after watching his side waste a whole host of chances although he admits that he won’t have too much trouble picking his side up after the defeat given the way that his team played.

Howay the lads!

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180 thoughts on “Blackburn 0-2 Newcastle – Match highlights and managerial interviews

  1. troy im sure chicken tonight is just a kid, so i barely pay attention.

    im sure he really is a big lad

    in his head


  2. The only thing Ashley has done to this club is to make it secure, infact I’d say it’s the most secure club in the premier league because what we owe, we owe in house.
    What other club can say that?


  3. If we want to go by history then look at the money Ashley spend when he first took over the club up until Keegan left.
    Someone reckon up how much Ashley spend upong taking over the club and up until Keegan’s departure and you will get a shock.


  4. Wolfie – ask me the question later and I will answer, but I’ve got to go and pick young Chip Stavers up from school.

    Still getting ignored Chicken. Not very interesting are you. Try and expand your vocabulary beyond the word “neggar'”.
    You say it that often I was beginning to think you were racist. 😯


  5. Wolfie… i’m not in this for an arguement with everyone who doesn’t trust ashley/hates etc. But loads of people say they hate him without having the education behind it

    (under no circumstances am i accusing people of being un-educated 😆 )


  6. TC I take it your refering to Troy ?apart from obvious wind ups , what actual lies has he told ???

    Wolfie telling your kids about santa etc is completly different to when your talking to mates etc and asked an honest opinion, but rather than be honest you would lie just to appear to be positive, I just don’t get it.


  7. Dave – I wasn’t actually but am sure he’ll be thrilled to know you think he’s the biggest bull****ter on here! 😆


  8. Big dave… sorry for jumping in here and correct me if i’m wrong wolfie

    But what i think he’s trying to say is… if i said to wolfie, what’ll the score be against Villa on the weekend he’ll prob say – close, maybe 2-1 to us but there’s no reason why we can’t beat them 6-0 like we did last season.


    I’ll mind my own business now 😉


  9. BIGDAVE, you have never asked me for my honest opinion.

    If you ask me for my honest opinion on something, I will give you a honest answer as I see it.


  10. @wolfie . You said quote “let’s lay our cards on the table and on 01 feb we will see who is right about the direction the club is headed” all but one I got spot on all but one you got wrong so my views on the clubs direction are correct and yours incorrect , don’t worry I don’t expect a sraight answer .
    @nobby FACT ma got us relagated has managed 12th as his best finish position lost a tribuneral for lying changed the stadium name , doesent spend money from player sales and tells lies but you knew all that so why did I have to type it for the 100 time .


  11. Keith – since Feb 1st we have moved from 7th to 5th.

    Is that not the right direction where you come from? 😕

    Are you trying to tell us you’re a bit backwards!? 😆


  12. KEITH, ok I was wrong by saying we would spend 25 million and get 4 players in…
    It could have happened but it didn’t happen.
    We did however spend 9 million on Cisse, with no key players leaving.

    I can’t remember your predictions but I accept you were more accurate than I was due to my optimism.

    Now then, my idea of what direction this club is going, is exactly the same as it was before.
    So, what is your idea about the direction the club is going?

    Are we moving forward or is Ashley going to destroy us?


  13. I’ll just make a few points so people know what to expect from me.

    First of all, at times, you will see me type that I think we will beat such and such a team 6..0 or 5…1 e.t.c and sometimes I’ll even say we will put 7 past a team, depending on how I feel at the time.
    I don’t believe 100% that we will actually do that but I always think I hope we do and I’m correct”…the truth is, my score predictions with Newcastle are usually a quarter right and three quarters way out for those very reasons.

    I also say we will spend this and that in the transfer market and make up a price to spend.
    I know it’s unlikely but it’s possible, so I go with it and I’m usually wrong.

    What I don’t do is, sit back and start saying we will lose our key players because we are a selling club.

    I also don’t slag off Ashley if we do happen to sell a key player because I’d rather sit back and evaluate why it’s happened, which can be for a few reasons.
    1. The player wants to leave.
    2.The money offered was way too good to turn down.
    3. The player is causing unrest.
    4. The player doesn’t fit into our plans for whatever reason. i’e, work rate, luxury, temperamental e.t.c.

    Only after looking at that will I even contemplate thinking on the dark side which I have seen no evidence of.


  14. @wolfie , thankyou for admitting you were wrong and I was right , I think MA will continue to sell our better players for profit when they are young and rely on scouts to find cheap Replacments and that is a risk imo and when MA sells we will still have the debt and he is a liar ,MA have improved youth development and scouting and that is good but only if we keep the players and not use them to make money .
    @toon chicken , its great we are in 5th and I hope we stay there ! I just deal in fact and find it silly when people make things up 😉
    You wouldent though .


  15. @Nobby 😉

    sorry for getting the wrong end of the **** stick m8 🙂

    @troy, Yes I jumped up and down coz we secured a great striker, can’t I get excited about that ❓ , isnt this why we support a club to feel happy and excited ❓

    or do I need to invent lies and rumours about players sold to prove how miserable supporting the toon can be? 😆


  16. got to agree with 143, Bigdave just said the other day that Troy did well to believe his trustworthy, reliable source, nowt wrong with it was the 3 legends at the metrocentre

    wooo hooo hooo


  17. @big dave , it took me a long time but eventually I got there ;-). You will have a long wait for a reply from tc I think .


  18. Didn’t realise I was supposed to be looking for anything Dave. It’s plain for all to see. Not my fault if you can’t see it 😕

    Anyway Thursday is footy night for me so I’ll catch ya’s after!


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