So is it alright to dream yet?

Aim high
Staying grounded is something I’m pretty good at. My parents say that I’m cold and sometimes heartless, but I very seldom find myself getting overly excited about things. Conversely I find myself rarely getting too down about things. I can’t help it. You can even call it boring if you like!

This of course applies to everything including Newcastle United. Don’t get me wrong, I get angry when we lose, disappointed, hurt and so on, but I soon pick myself up and dust myself down ready for more. Likewise when things are going well, I tend to not get overly carried away with and sit in wait in anticipation of the next bombshell dropping.

However you can’t help but look at the league table and have a bit of a dream can you? I mean with 15 games to go we are in the box seat for Europe. Granted there is a long way to go still, but at the moment we are there and we still have our big hitters to slot back in the team. It’s pretty mad really. So the question is, are you allowing yourself to dream yet?

I’ll make it easier for you. How about a bit of encouragement from our Club Captain and our Manager?

“It’s good to win in this way, and we know now that we can have dreams because we’re one point, maybe two points, away from the total you need to be safe,” said Fabricio Coloccini after the Blackburn game.

“That’s good, because we can look forward. Why not dream about playing in a European cup? I think it is okay to dream – but only if we keep winning,” he added.

Maybe a case of Colo-dreamy instead of Coloccini!

How about Alan Pardew? Is he keeping calm? Well kind of, although he admits that the team could achieve “something special” this season.

“It’s a great opportunity now. We’re fifth, and above Arsenal and Liverpool. It’s incredible. We’ve got to try and keep it going, and chase Chelsea down,” Pardew told the Chronicle.

He added: “It’s all to play for. We’ve got 15 cup finals. We’ve got 39 points, and we’re safe. We’ve done one job, and hopefully we can achieve something special.”

So what do you reckon? Should we be aiming for Chelsea? They are in our sites after all? Bowburnmag (RIP) used to tell me all the time to “aim for the stars and even if you miss you’ll land on the moon.”

Well Steve, I think you’re bang on the money!

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190 thoughts on “So is it alright to dream yet?

  1. Just a thought re Ashley. Where he has been appeasing the fans, appointing Keegan & Shearer as managers it’s gone **** up. When hes angered the fans, selling Carroll appointing Pardew it’s turned out right. No wonder hes upset so many fans


  2. I am not going to sit and praise him when the team do well and blast him when they don’t. That’s down to the management and coaching staff.

    I am a bit more principled and will not forgive what he has done as easy as a lot of you seem to have. As a supporter of the football club he has made some decisions which I can’t bring myself to accept, regardless of how we do on the field. My main bones of contention being the renaming, the disbandment of the singing section and the shameful plastering of that logo everywhere you look at SJP


  3. And the funniest thing is that so many swallow this ”Oh it’s just showing potential advertisers….”



  4. Actually Moreno, the free billboards, banners, stadium name change, subs bench seats, etc… Is the one thing that has recently grated my balls…
    Not only is it a lack of respect to the history and tradition and soul of the club, but it robs the club of millions in revenue.

    IMO he has no intention of finding a sponsor when he gets so much free advertising for his own company.


  5. Sun 05 13:30 H Aston Villa WIN
    Sat 11 17:30 A Tottenham DRAW
    Sat 25 15:00 H Wolves WIN
    Sun 04 12:00 H Sunderland WIN
    Mon 12 20:00 A Arsenal DRAW
    Sat 17 15:00 H Norwich City WIN
    Sun 25 16:00 A WBA WIN
    Sun 01 13:30 H Liverpool DRAW
    Sat 07 15:00 A Swansea City WIN
    Mon 09 15:00 H Bolton WIN
    Sat 14 15:00 A Chelsea DRAW
    Sat 21 15:00 H Stoke City WIN
    Sat 28 15:00 A Wigan Athletic WIN
    Sat 05 15:00 H Manchester City LOSE
    Sun 13 15:00 A Everton WIN


  6. witters and moreno@ , agreed its not simple some dont like him for no reason and some love him to be controvertial , i can see the good that has happened in the past 5 years but the bad outweighs it hugely but lets not kick all that of again ha . Would be interesting to have a well thought out poll .


  7. JJ,

    Yep, obviously. Do you know what Sportdirect would have to pay a Premier League football club for the stadium rights and all other related sponsership? Certainly not nothing I can tell you. It not only saves him millions on advertising but it also generates a huge amount in sales.

    Let’s remember that sportsdirect made him a billionairre, Newcastle United never will make him anywhere near the money that business does


  8. I doubt whether it’s possible to be a football fan without also being a bit of a dreamer. Can you be a fan and not look forward to the next game? And if you are looking forward to it, surely it you can’t help but think about winning.


  9. Yeah witters I was,

    for various reasons as long as my arm 😆

    I will always support the players and staff at the club. Sometimes people get confused and think that if you don’t support Ashley then you hope the club will fail which is of course ridiculous. He will do something to enrage us again very soon though! 😆


    I think that man city game ganna be the hardest i think the title will go to the wire,they ganna come after us big style i think,some very classy players they got thats why i put lose 🙁


  11. @ jj dont see why them results aint possible plus thats quite an easy run in to the end of the season if you have good look at it.


  12. @ TOONSEY maybe a blog showing the other teams in the running for euro spot showing there run ins 😆


  13. After trudging bleary-eyed through all the dross sorry er your pithy exchanges gentlemen ( 😀 ) I have concluded that it is quite accpetable for us to stay calm and carry on dreaming for now.

    My reason for this is that I believe that this year is the first time in living memory that all the ‘top’ clubs have been inconsistently mediocre. Even Man City, who appeared to have at last cracked it at the start of the season, have started to show their flaws as a team that still does not add to the sum of its parts. Man U can be good, and then awful in quick succession – not their usual modus operandi. Arsenal are talented yet threadbare, Liverpool, well – they have bought some old rubbish for an awful lot of dosh and consequently hamstrung themselves for further purchases of quality. Chelsea have begun to sink i the mire of desperation at their ageing squad and years of doing what Man City are just starting to do. This is why Spurs are finally climbing higher than most years by doing almost the same as they have ever done, and nothing more. And then there is us. We are the most wildcard, changeable, hard-to-fathom team that has possibly ever happened upon the premiership, and the ‘big ‘boys quake in fear not knowing what they will be playing against next. And we are just about to throw in another couple of wildcard changes again. So, yes. dram and dram hard, for Europe is within our grasp!

    Our problems begin when we do get there though, as the opposition there is not so inconsistently crap.


  14. Ok I meant ‘dream and dream hard’ although you can dram hard, I have and I’m going to have another dram in a minute. 😀


  15. Moreno @ 156. That is a reasoned and justified argument.

    But we are 5th! 🙄

    They say time heals all wounds. I think for some that positions on the premier league ladder does that even faster…


  16. For me supporting Newcastle is taking each day as it comes. Noone could have predicted what has happened during the Ashley era, the highs and the lows.


  17. Tsunki
    February 2, 2012 at 22:47

    ‘And then there is us. We are the most wildcard, changeable, hard-to-fathom team that has possibly ever happened upon the premiership, and the ‘big ‘boys quake in fear not knowing what they will be playing against next.’

    We are one hell of a club like, like a sleeping giant for seasons and then like a fire breathing dragon; a phoenix rising from the ashes. All we ever seem to need is that final little piece of luck to really push on, of course that is our undoing.


  18. Dunno if you have read this by Jeff Stelling….

    Mancini’s words struck a chord with me after it emerged that the FA won’t take any action over Benoit Assou-Ekotto for his challenge on Franco Di Santo, while Yohan Cabaye has been banned for three games for kicking out at Brighton’s Adam El-Abd in the FA Cup.

    That’s just nonsense.

    For the protection and well-being of the game, discrepancies like that cannot be allowed to stand. The FA loses credibility with every such decision.

    The FA won’t review the Assou-Ekotto incident as referee Lee Probert saw the incident and chose to take no action. As I touched on at the end of last week’s column, this is a farcical state of affairs.

    Probert is going through a hard time at the moment and the fact is he got it wrong. Somebody has to say ‘ok that was your decision at the time – in real time – but we’ve looked back at it and you were mistaken. We’re going to take action’.

    Otherwise, it’s so unfair. Newcastle and Spurs are both pushing for Champions League places yet while Newcastle have to make do without one of their key players, Spurs have still got Assou-Ekotto in their side.

    Such a lack of even handedness is ridiculous.’

    How dare you say the FA are rediculous Stelling, 3 game ban from England presenting for Stelling me-thinks? That’ll learn him. 🙂


  19. DJG@180- Interesting. Like i said the other day ,take Stelling and Kammy out of sky and they would be f**ked. Those two are the only ones talkin any sense.


  20. It’s the ‘referee took no action at the time’ rule that really gets me. It is basically a disclaimer, open to so much mis-interpretation it allows them to do whatever they like and then justify it.

    So for the time when De Jong broke Ben Arfas leg in a dangerous, both feet off the floor challenge, they can say. ‘The referee did nothing at the time, so we won’t look at it’.


    The Benoit Assou-Ekotto tackle, the ref see’s it, blows free kick, should have been straight red. ‘The ref saw it at the time’.

    Cabaye and El-Abd coming together. The ref see’s it blows for a free kick and does nothing. 3 game ban for Cabaye.

    So in other words… they are talking absolute ****e and have one rule for one and another for us.


  21. Is there anyone still around here? 😆

    I feel that if i am the manager,i will just tell the players take each games as it comes,and don’t set any personal targets putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.

    Also,it may sounds weird,but i am not really that excited about the return of the two demba’s as i know how good they are already. And instead can’t wait to see Sylvain Marveaux coming back to first team.

    Haven’t got to see how he really performs in PL. 😐


  22. DJG, Regarding retrospective punishment and the inconsistencies, what is consistent is that the FA always back the referees final word, right or wrong, and i believe that was the directive handed down last year by FIFA, they believe human error is part of the game, which kind of defeats the principal of trial by video and the selective use of it.


  23. What I don’t understand is what triggers a review of an incident. Do the refs sit down and review the whole game? Do Managers/Clubs complain about an incident or is it trial by media?


  24. prem@187

    I suspect the latter… ‘We can’t be seen letting people get away with anything’ and so innocent people get caught in the crossfire.


  25. We’re not going to relegated and we’re out of every other competition – we literally have nothing to lose.

    Can’t wait to see Ba, Cisse, Cabaye and Tiote all turning out together – that’s a hell of a combo in my mind!


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