Newcastle 2-1 Aston Villa – Highlights, interviews, download links…

Match highlights of the 2-1 victory over Aston Villa for you now, followed by managerial interviews, player interviews and a cheeky download link so you can watch the full match again, anywhere you go!

Alan Pardew talked about Papiss Demba Cisse and praised the work ethic of his team after the match whilst admitting that his side needs to tighten up and restrict chances for the opposition.

Meanwhile Alex McLeish was left disappointed after the game and felt that his side could have won the game after wasting a succession of chances.

And as an added bonus, an interview with our two goalscorers, with some translation from Demba Ba.

There are also full match highlights available for this one. I used to have the download links for all matches but the site I used closed down for whatever reason. It’s back up and running now though so if you wish to dwnloand it you can grab the first half here and the second half here.

Howay the lads!

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42 thoughts on “Newcastle 2-1 Aston Villa – Highlights, interviews, download links…

  1. still think we played a lot better than people gave us credit for and i don’t neccesserily thin it was an ‘ugly’ win. The lads were good.

    Obertan had his best home game so far and you can see he’s improving. Good.

    The atmosphere was electric before the game and when Cisse was coming on i thought I was going mess in my pants. πŸ˜†

    It made me laugh when he was warming up along the leazes end and Shola had to tell him where to go. πŸ˜†

    Guthrie was immense, I hope his contract get’s sorted out as you can tell he loves playing here.

    Perch played another good game – that’s 3 on the boonce – he’s definately found his niche.

    Ba looked a bit uneasy at first but soon found his stride.

    Krul didn’t seem to put a foot wrong all game.

    Simmo didn’t have his best game but i thin it was Colo’s fault for the goal – not him, Colo should have been on his man. You could argue that maybe Simmo should have slid in for a challenge on insommnia’s cross though.

    Santon didn’t get done once and looked threatening going forward. I would have actually liked him to take a shot a couple of times as he was in some raker positions.

    Guttierrez worked so hard it was unbelievable. Some said on another blog that people concentrate on what he doesn’t do too much and forget what he does bring to the table. Yes he falls down a lot but he’s trying to get us a free kick and he almost always won the any ball he lost back.

    Cisse, like Ba had a whiff of ‘all over the place’ for the first 10 minutes when he came on which can only be expected but f*ck me did he have some debut. That goal was an absolute peach and he could have had another 2.

    I only hope Hatem is happy being a squad player.

    Bring on Spurs 😈


  2. Great Great match… And Jonas was that good that even Big Eck gave him a mention on the post match interview on MOTD πŸ˜›


  3. Would it be deluded to say that I’ve a sneaky feeling we’re going to get something at Spurs next week? No rhyme or reason, just a feeling πŸ˜€


  4. I’m not sure about spurs richie – possibly a draw but i def fancy us against chelsea away if everyone’s fit. We don’t actually have a bad record at stamford bridge, that’s a little bit away in the future though.


  5. love to see dummet get a loan spell in confrence or league 2 to see if he can crack it,if so maybe build the lad up through the leagues?.i think we will see inman,newton and dummet go on loan as they just escaped being released.


  6. The one thing is clear and as said McLeish alluded to it is that we are an incredibly hard working team. We close down and stop the opposition playing. We are not the prettiest team out there, or the most skillful. We may not be the entertainers, but we are the achievers; determined, dogged, and the team spirit is there for all to see.

    lets stop slagging off individuals and praise the collective.


  7. Nobby…it’s probably ‘cos I’m still “buzzin”, come Saturday I’ll probably be bricking it πŸ˜•


  8. Warnocks challenge on Raylor is actually disgusting, Could easily have broken his leg.
    I bet had Ba missed there would not even have been a penalty given.
    Raylor is out injured, but I garauntee no action will be taken against Warnock, when Cabaye gets a three game ban.
    Same as Hoilett cheating, no action when it could easily affect the outcome of a game.

    FA are a complete and utter joke.


  9. Is it just me but does the WHOLE team seem to be playing for the shirt?

    I’m really proud of the lads this season and (providing it doesn’t go too **** up) they can hold their heads up high come the end of it.

    I think 4th is a realistic goal, some people might think ‘get real’ but your goal has to be that little bit further than where you think you should be.

    I’ll be disappointed if we finish below 7th now we’ve come this far

    6th-7th is where i think we will end up – great season.

    4th-5th will be an amazing season and isn’t out the realms of possibility. 😎


  10. Every weekend I get a feeling we arn’t gonna get done, then we win… Only time I was sure we would win was Brighton and we lost.

    I’m convinced Spurs will beat us unfortunately, so we should hammer them 5-0. πŸ˜†


  11. JJ…Aye, with Hoilett because the ref seen it, they wouldn’t take any action. Absolute bollox, jsu because he’s seen it doesn’t mean he’s seen it right……which he obviously didn’t, pathetic rule made by pathetic men πŸ‘Ώ


  12. On a more serious note….can they not do a bit better with Krul’s iron on Virgin sticker, it looks shocking πŸ˜• πŸ˜†


  13. Nobby,
    I genuinely think 5th is realistic, but I’d be very happy with sixth, and satisfied with seventh.

    The Scum are on one heck of a good run, I hope their bubble bursts against the Arse, but on form I’d have to say Scum are favourites for me.

    I’d like to see that gap widened to 12 points by the time we meet them at St James, then beat them. That would set up a great finale.


  14. Spurs currently are down to thin bare squad.

    But i guess most of them will be available for the match against us. πŸ‘Ώ


  15. Richie why so negative after such a good 3 pts and you have to have a go about Kruls virgin Iron on ??
    But you are right I blame that tight bastad Jabba, to ****ing tight to get proper ones made up πŸ˜†


  16. JJ I think the scum are due a loss and when that happens they will go on a bit of a bad run.

    Richie I agree with you but then it could be worse you could be like JJ.


  17. Spurs will be a difficult game that’s for sure. They do have injuries but unfortunately that won’t help us tonight when the play the Liverpool.

    Having seen two decent strikers play it would appear that we will cause a problem for them at the back, it’s just whether we can keep them out.

    Shame we won’t have Tiote and Cabaye as I think we’d give them a good game then.


  18. “it could be worse you could be like JJ.”…..god forbid,”I’ve never met a nice South African”……. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  19. sunluns results uinder o neil have been impressive but the fixtures have been kind enough even broocie might have got the odd win out of them.

    5 of their 7 wins have been against the bottom two and the three promoted teams and the man city and stoke matches were pure smash and grab with some refereeing decisions going their way to boot.

    Bring on the 4th…. 😈


  20. Really happy with the team and Pards at the moment.

    Really wondering how Tiote, Cabaye and Guthrie will fit together as Guthrie is playing really really well. Do we think we could see the 4-2-3-1 I have long suggested brought in?

    Guthrie and Tiote holding and Cabaye pushed further forward with Ba and either Jonas/Marveux/Obertoon/HBA and Cisse as the focal point? Would be a very fluid attacking line up!

    March 4th will be an amazing game, only hope we win it. Cant see us staying in the hunt for 4th but you never know and Chelsea seem intent on throwing that away so its between us and Liverpool I think.


  21. @CC I don’t think you’re giving them enough credit, they’ve come on massively since O’Neil arrived and i think they deserve all the praise they get. I remember how annoyed it made me at the start of the season when people had a go at us for “not having played the top teams”, even though we’d clearly shown our capabilities. They are our only threat to 7th place. Still think we’ll smash them though πŸ˜‰

    4th would be unbelievable, 7th brilliant. Can’t believe how well we’ve done this season, we’ve already almost got as many points as last season!

    Many of us are waiting for the ‘bubble to burst’, but when does it stop becoming about form and start being that we are this good ❓
    We only have one possible surprise result this season, beating MUtd, other than that every result has just been against the teams around us and i have no reason to believe this won’t continue this season and beyond.

    If we get 4th i’m changing my gravator to Fashley


  22. Raffo can only play 11 unfortunately. If we play 4-2-3-1 then you need two holding CM we have Tiote & Perch then with Ba & Cisse, no way can we fit everybody into the last two spots.

    with 4-1-3-2 Tiote Holding and Ba & Cisse up front then we can play 3 of Guthrie, Cabaye, HBA, Jonas, Obetan Etc

    I’ve looked at various options, but think that with AP valuing workrate so highly we will be sticking with 4-4-2.


  23. anyone at the match see cisse’s warm-up goal pre-match?

    I know it’s just pissing around training but it was a mint volley. 😯 :mrgreen:


  24. Prem – I know mate thats the trouble, but a great problem to have! I think Tiote holding and then a midfield 3 of Guthrie Cabaye and then Jonas works best for me. HBA doesnt track and Ba likes to drop off anyway. Guthrie would have to provide a bit of width RHS but I just cant see how we can drop him at this moment


  25. I must admit I was thinking of a diamond midfield with Tiote at the base, Jonas on one side, Cabaye the other and HBA at the top, but HBA not ready yet so Cabaye to the top and ??? on the side. If Obertan we are back to 4-4-2

    Good luck Alan


  26. Ryan Taylor @TaylorR1984
    hey people, genuine account. Just on this purely to have some banter. Feel free to follow. #100%overthewall



  27. Raylor severe bruising, So needs a few days to settle down before proper assessment. Has nearly three weeks to the wolves game, so might make bench if really lucky. Once again the international break is at the right time.


  28. I think Pards has fannied about with the formation enough already this season to see that we play best in a traditional 442.

    For me our strongest team will be…

    Ba, Cisse
    Jonas, Cabaye, Tiote, Obertan
    Santon, Colo, Saylor, Simmo

    Barfa may be our most gifted individual, but the the secret to our success this season is teamwork.


  29. Yeah Alan has a big call, but does give him options for a good run in Europe next season πŸ˜‰

    I think Cabaye could be a waste out wide so would rather he was at the focal point feeding the Demba boys. Jonas has his workrate as the plus, but not too much end product so would provide a headache.






    How about that for a line up?!


  30. I agree 4-4-2 is easily our strongest formation, but there will be times when we need to vary our approach a bit and it is nice to know we have the players to do that if required.

    Perch has earnt himself a place in our squad now in a dedicated position, fair play to the lad. He has done really well, just dont put him in defence Pards!

    Also agreed re: the performance yesterday. It was a well earnt win against a good side, dont think it was that ugly at all – and after a bit of a dodgy start we bossed the 2nd half, having 75% possession at one point. A good show.

    There are not many ‘fox in the box’ type players in the Prem any more, Cisse is going to be awesome given time. Like somebody mentioned the other day, Demba Ba is an all round top quality player with a bit of everything – pairing him up with a proper poacher is a real dream move.

    Pretty much our entire team had a good game, so how can it be a poor performance? Willo actually looked really good in the air, Santon was awesome in possession of the ball, Obertan was tracking back and winning balls as well as running atdefenders with confidence, Guti was his usual never say die self, Krul was magnificent and Guthrie spread the ball around really well.

    Still think Simmo needs to stay back more often as he lost the ball in the opposing half a few times and could have cost us – at one point he pointed to where he was going to release the ball – so the Villa defence just followed his direction and got possession back! However, in defence he generally did well. I’d say he and Colo were our worst performers yeterday, and even they scored a good 6 out of 10… Well done lads.


  31. Big Dave @19

    Richie tells me you’ve been telling me porkies, and that he in fact said that I’m his hero… πŸ˜€ 😎

    TC @35
    I’d go along with that as our strongest team. However, I do think that Ben Arfa can fit in their as a genuine number ten, if Cisse is rested/injured/subbed and would offer something completely different.
    Or if we went a goal behind we could use him with three up front behind a front two.

    Depends if he is willing to prove himself and wait it out much longer though.


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