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It’s the time of year that I love more than anything else. We start to get facts and figures trickling through, which suits my analytical and accounting penchant no end!

Geeky? Probably, but it’s something I enjoy doing so there. Suck on that!

Anyway, the latest Deloitte Football Richlist has been released which details the top twenty richest clubs in Europe. If you wish to download the 44 page report, free of charge, you can do so from here although the nuts of it is that Newcastle United currently sit outside of the top twenty in 25th place.

The figures show that Newcastle brought in €98m (note the Euro symbol!) last season, but what are the figures? How do Deloitte come up with this? Well if you download the report for yourself you will see why, but the short answer is that income is split into three categories – commercial, matchday and broadcast. Please note that transfer fees are NOT included as this report is to measure financial strength of a club, which one off transfer fees don’t come under. It is purely the money generated from the day to day running of the club.

The top 20 and how much they earned
As you can see, to the right are the top clubs and how much they’ve brought in. If you can’t see it, click on the graph to enlarge it then use the back button on your browser to return to us.

The first thing to do is discount an awful lot of those clubs. Quite simply we cannot compete with them in terms of finances. I’m talking about the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, the Milan clubs, Bayern Munich, in fact you can discount everyone else apart from Liverpool and Tottenham.

Why? Simple really. They are the teams at the level we are competing with at the moment and I just want to illustrate the gulf in finance between ourselves and those two clubs. First let’s take a look at Tottenham, who are often used as an example of how to keep hold of players after the Luka Modric affair.

Their income is pretty much double ours as they raked in a total of €181m (again, Euros!) largely thanks to their participation in the Champions League and the increased prize money, broadcast revenue and matchday income from having more home games at White Hart Lane.

Liverpool are the other team I want to focus on. They brought in more than Tottenham and more than double what we did (€203.3m) in the 2010-2011 season despite a lack of Champions League football. Their main driver is commercial revenue which totalled €85.7m – just €12.3m short of what Newcastle earned in total!

Unfortunately, as Newcastle are out of the fabled top twenty, there aren’t any detailed figures for them, but we do have the headline figure of €98m, which puts us just behind Aston Villa who raked in €99.3m. I think it’s fairly obvious to see why we can’t really compete in terms of wages with those above us…

So what does the future hold?

Well the important thing to remember is that these figures are from last season – our return to the Premier League. How is the trend from there though? Is it up or down? Can we expect our income to grow when the next set come out in 12 months time?

In short yes, but not because of player sales – remember they aren’t counted for this particular report. The first reason why I believe our income is growing is because of the match attendance. We currently have a higher average attendance than last season, and with gates staying high that average looks set to continue for the remainder of the season, especially if we carry on doing what we are doing on the pitch!

The second reason is that we have a new sponsorship deal with Virgin Money. Last season we still had the not so lucrative deal with Northern Rock which was signed when we were in the Championship. The Virgin Money deal is worth more to us and could be worth £10m a season providing certain targets are reached which will of course tilt the figures upwards.

The third reason is TV money. We’ve been on the box more often this season which brings about an increase in TV revenue of course.

The final reason is prize money. Erring on the side of caution, if we finished 7th for example, the club would pocket an extra £3m in Premier League prize money when compared to what we picked up last season.


The gap between us and the next highest financial rival is huge. In terms of finances we are on the same level as Aston Villa, Everton and Sunderland based on this report. However the trending is up and come this time next year I expect us to be sitting in 21st place, or even inside the top twenty should we manage to qualify for Europe.

A new TV deal kicks in next season so all Premier League clubs will benefit from it, not just us, but that combined with everything else I’ve pointed out might be enough to get us back into the top twenty although that depends on what other clubs are doing aswell.

What do you make of it all? Has it given you a clearer indication of our ability to compete with other clubs?

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100 thoughts on “Newcastle 25th place in football richlist

  1. Toonsy – did I read something at the back end of last year that Liverpool were looking into negotiating they own televised revenue or something – or am I making that up 😕


  2. Dubtoon – good for them, be good if they make the quarter finals, how do the young uns look?

    I’ve never really seen any of the games under reserve level but Ashleys on about spending £15m on young talent isn’t he?! … is there much talent already in the ranks in your opinion or what?


  3. The bloke guided us back to the top flight with a decimated squad of players and did it in style because things would look alot worse had we spent 2 seasons down there
    Sharpy- I think that if we had not come right back up we’d still be down there. CH will always be a legend for that


  4. Ice where’s Batty lad is he round at yours again ❓
    Zoe i’ll have to send you over some of my wee Lads kits 😆 he grows out of them so fast 😯


  5. Wish i could tell you sharpy. Live in dublin myself, just following lee ryders tweets. Always hard to tell when so young anyway unless they’re going to be a superstar.
    Good to hear about the investment anyway, i just hope that they loan out players more when they’re close to the first team like they’re doing with Vuckic. He needs first team football at this stage and i hope it works out well for him


  6. Sharpy a decimated squad 😯 I don’t think the championship will ever see as strong a squad again,
    Yeah Hooters done well but to class him as a legend is a bit strong


  7. MDS – no arguments here mate, yet getting Pardew in when we did has proven a masterstroke.
    Well pleased CH is having success at Birmingham now tho


  8. Sharpy – Yeah they were looking at it, but essentially the Premier League have it wrapped up in the T’s & C’s so they wouldn’t be able to do it.

    The argument was that they had more fans than a lot of other teams in the league and brought in bigger audiences so wanted a bigger share of the TV pot.


  9. Yeah Sharpy. I felt bad for CH but thoought he could only take us so far. But I had absolutely no faith in Pards- happy to say I was dead wrong on that one. 😉


  10. MDS yeah mate he loves footie he was trying out for the schools under 10s today and god love him he is a bundle of nerves cause he doesn’t find out until tomorrow if he has been picked, and i’ll be gutted for him if he doesn’t get picked cause I know he will take it bad.
    But I just tell him that aslong as he tried his best i’ll still be proud of him


  11. Dave – I know he still had alot of quality to choice from but at the start of that season, basically every player was for sale were they and he had a lot of big egos dented that he had to get motivated again. Perhaps legend status is abit extreme but he done a bloody good job tho.

    Toonsy – aye, that was the story, remember reading it thinking we would probably score if that came in but hoping it wouldn’t as the likes of Man U, City and Chelski would just become super rich and small clubs would just suffer … ****in bindipping *******s !!!


  12. Dave – 😥 pack it in man will you, that’s some seriously moving **** buddy

    Bet you go down and kick **** out his teacher if he doesnt get in though hey?! 👿


  13. Sharpy I agree he done a brill job, and im not being mean towards him I just think it slightly demeans what some of the real Toon legends done for the club if others are labled as legends for less 😉


  14. Sharpy @ 92 😆 I would be tempted to, but his school are brilliant with him so I would give him a by ball.
    he thinks he has done well and he scored a goal so fingers crossed, cause I hate to see kids dissapointed 😕


  15. I have it all to come mate, mines 3 next week so he’ll be in all the sports clubs I can get him in this summer. He’s get one hell of a right foot but isn’t great with the whole passing thing yet and, like his dad, is built for comfort rather than speed.

    I’ll keep me fingers crossed for ya boy Davey lad 😉


  16. God I pray that Liverpool don’t even get Europa. Surely the more and more year go by, they won’t be able to keep up that commercial revenue. Im guessing quite a bit comes from abroad and the myth that they are a ‘European force’.


  17. Statistic Cabaye Guthrie

    Pass completion 79% 82%

    ” ” in final third 62% 64%

    Chances created 19 13
    (open play)

    Ground 50-50s 58% 60%

    Tackle success 65.4% 63.3%

    Just shows there’s really not a lot in it between the fashionable, international, flavour of the month and the cart-horse, deputy, forgotton man.


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