Pain at the Lane! Tottenham 5-0 Newcastle

Adebayor does the damage
Newcastle took on Tottenham last night knowing that a win would take them to a lofty fourth place in the Premier League.

However what happened next demonstrated the gulf in class between us and a true top for team as we came up against a rampant Tottenham outfit who put Alan Pardew’s men to the sword.

Tottenham were outstanding in all honesty. With pace and creativity all over the park they got through us time and time again and unfortunately that was reflected in the 5-0 scoreline. While Pardew got it wrong in my view, I’m not blinkered enough (unlike some) to put the blame solely at the feet of the manager. The players should take their fair share of the blame, especially in defence.

The game started off bad and only went in one direction from then on. Newcastle found themselves two down within the opening six minutes thanks to goals from Benoit Assou-Ekotto and Louis Saha and four goals down after 34 minutes, Louis Saha again and Niko Kranjcar doing the damage. The scary thing is that it could have been even worse!

The second half resembled a training exercise in truth. Tottenham coasted but you could tell they had an extra gear to slip into if they required. The duly made it 5-0 through Emmanuel Adebayor – who had a hand in the first four goals – just after the hour mark as he volleyed past Tim Krul.

Newcastle had their chances. A penalty was turned down at 2-0 and Demba Ba and Dan Gosling had efforts late on, aswell as Gabriel Obertan who registered our only on target effort of the first half, but the reality is that Tottenham were sublime and could have beaten anyone last night.

However that shouldn’t detract from the fact that our players were poor. To a man they virtually all underperformed with the only credit I’m willing to give going to Demba Ba and Papiss Cisse, but only because the rest of the team were awful/Tottenham were awesome and never gave our strikers anything to work off.

Some consolation was the fact that other results went our way. We’re still one point off fourth place and three points clear of sixth although it has to be said that fourth place is not where we’re likely to end up at the end of the season.

A bad day at the office all round, and I’d like to apologise for the delay in the match report although I do have a small story which will cheer some people up. Essentially the delay is because I was working yesterday and couldn’t watch the match, so I’ve had to watch it again to form an opinion on it before typing this out. Why did I miss the match? Simple… Because I’d broken down near Bristol with a coach load of Tottenham fans who had tickets to the match on board. It made me smile anyway!

We have two weeks without a game now. An ideal window to regroup ready to face Wolves at St James’ Park in a fortnight, with a refreshed Yohan Cabaye and an influential Cheik Tiote back in the ranks we’ll give a much better account of ourselves after stewing on this defeat for a while I’m sure.

Howay the lads!

Tottenham: Friedel, Walker, Dawson, King, Assou-Ekotto, Krancjar, Parker, Modric, Bale, Saha, Adebayor

Subs: Defoe, Nelsen, Cudicini, Khumalo, Lennon, Rose, Livermore

Newcastle: Krul, Simpson, Williamson, Coloccini, Santon, Obertan, Guthrie, Perch,Gutierrez, Ba, Cisse

Subs: Elliot, Ferguson, Gosling, Abeid, Ben Arfa, Lovenkrands, Shola

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148 thoughts on “Pain at the Lane! Tottenham 5-0 Newcastle

  1. Big Dave

    I have seen enough of Marveaux to say that he without a doubt our best winger. He may not be nailed on first XI yet, but if fit, he will be next season without a shadow doubt.

    As for Tiote, you’re right, he doesn’t solve the defence problem. However, he massively eases the pressure on the defence and that will do until the summer.


  2. @solano

    He’s not a patch on Enrique IMO. Have we got to wait 6 yrs for him to reach Enriques standard?

    Thats all I can assume you feel when you write about the Toon. A fuzzy wuzzy feeling in your stomach which results in nice and comforting words flowing from your keyboard. πŸ˜›

    Deal with facts and dint run away from the truth.


  3. Simpson is the one of the worst right back of the league, you see yesterday the comparaison with Walker, it seems they are not playing the same sport.


  4. Jonas has been worrying me ,he looks well out of sorts like lead footed ,looks totally knacked. As for Santon he’s only young and it’s his first season after injury ,sure he’ll come good, it’s just sad that Saylor out at the moment we really miss him imo. I want to see a big improvement against Wolves as our first choice m/f back then so defensive frialities aside we should get a win. As for the Scum game, play like yesterday and it don’t bare thinking about.


  5. @HBA

    Don’t be critical, the fuzzy wuzzys will not like it. πŸ˜›

    Can you not lie and say nice things even if you don’t mean it. πŸ™„


  6. @Robert

    Wtf. As opposed to who?

    Anyone watching Goals on Sunday? Those who say we lacked a leader on the pitch should take not of who Demba said was the most vocal in the dressing room (Shola πŸ˜‰ )

    Completely agree though, without Tiote, Saylor, probably Cabaye and Raylor we lacked even the tamest of bites.

    It is annoying me all the complaining about the defence though, it’s clear we lack a leader as we can sometimes just capitulate and concede 4/5 goals but we have still kept 9 cleansheets this season, the most anyone else has managed is 11 so our poor defence seems to be managing somehow.

    I don’t think i’m going to dwell on yesterdays game at all, it was a blip and that’s how i’m going to leave it, not sure there is any point me thinking about it as literally everything was awful.


  7. Kimtoon

    He’s only just started to worry you?!

    He has been poor for a good while now and needs dropping to the bench. If not the bench, then he needs to find pastures new.

    Players like Jonas just aren’t good enough any more. Working hard is not a skill, it’s just an attitude. Therefore it should not be a good enough reason for him to be 1st team. I am sure there are other hard working midfielders out there that can also create.


  8. @Troy
    Well we waited 3 years for Enrique to reach “Enriques standard”, so i’m willing to give Santon more than 8 starts to reach that standard.


  9. @ the Kid

    completely agree with you.
    Long time I said that about Jonas, but for most of the fans it seems that this guy is god, because he defends a lot and tackle. But if you look of the number of ball lost, he is incredible. I think 1 or 2 game in the bench for him will be correct. If you have dangerous winger, the right or left back will be less offensive and you don’t need to track back a lot (you see Bale tracking back a lot yesterday…)


  10. I understand people looking for reasons as to why we took such a kicking yesterday.

    I agree Cabaye and Tiote were a big miss yesterday – particularly Tiote but being totally honest, I don’t think they would have changed the outcome of the result. It may not have been as comprehensive as 5-0 but I think spurs still would have come out on top. I say that because I honestly don’t think the game was solely lost in the midfield.

    I also think it’s really easy to jump on the fact that we didnt get a defender in in Jan. Yes our defence was poor yesterday, but it was just 1 defender that had a bad day, for me, it was all 4.
    We can’t blame not getting a defender for every defeat we have this season … or should I say you can but it would be wrong.


  11. Troy does me being patient with letting our young players like Santon adapt make me a fuzzy wuzzy dreamer? Or does it make you a cynical, pathetic example of a fan that seems to gain pleasure out of being miserable and criticising in cases where it isn’t even warranted. Krul was a bit shaky last season and look at him now, Colo and Enrique are again examples of players needing a bit of time to adapt.
    Which of our players would actually have been signed and given a chance if you were in charge? Certainly not Demba because of knees, Cabaye as you were firmly against losing Nolan, Santon, Colo and Krul would all have been sold.
    Basically i think you talk more sh!te on here than anyone and it pains me to see your condescending messages to people trying to show a bit of optimism on here, not for yesterdays match which was disastrous, but those who are trying to not get too down about the game in respect to the season we are having.


  12. @Solano

    For me, Santons positional play is questionable. I just laugh when some Tiggers were bouncing round, with quotes from ex players and managers rolling off their tongues. He’s the new Maldini. πŸ˜›

    I’m not writing the lad off at all. I’m just pointing out that we sold the best left back in the league for an unproven player who looks questionable.

    Is it wrong to question the decision or not?


  13. we didn’t sell Enrique because we wanted to.
    HE made that decision himself. He wanted European Football. 😳
    Enrique had his head turned by the bindippers and basically turned his back on us. Hence his poor 2nd half to the season.
    Fuck him


  14. @Troy
    Get your anti-Ashley blinkers off man. Enrique wanted to leave! So we replaced a quality player that unfortunately wanted to leave with a player that at 20 years of age already has 7 Italy caps, is under 21s captain has the potential to easily match, and maybe surpass Enrique’s capabilities.
    Do i think it is wrong to question the decision? Yes i do. There wasn’t a decision to whether we sold Enrique, it was who we replaced him with, and we made the right choice.

    Though I’m guessing you think that Enrique left because of the notion that Barton (QPR) started and Nolan (West Ham lol) agreed with, that all these players left because we “weren’t showing enough ambition”.
    I mean if a team signed Cabaye now it would be a statement of intent for that team, however less than a year ago the lords of the Newcastle dressing room decided it wasn’t ambitious enough.


  15. BB I thought and believed that Jose left because he lost faith and trust with Jabba and Co, I don’t know why he would lie when he said that the club broke promises they made to him, and although he never said outright, he touched on it being about replacing Carroll and strengthning the team.


  16. Big Dave

    It’s naive to think Enrique would stay with a club, newly promoted, ahead of Liverpool FC. Sorry, but it just is.


  17. Oooops! You’s have done it again. Jumped in the deep end with your hands tied behind your back wearing your absorbent UGG boots.

    I’m not referring to why he left but the very fact the best Left Back did leave for whatever reason, was replaced with a young unproven lad to fill his boots.

    I’m all for bringing young promising kids to the club but in this case, he is getting exposed and for someone who is known to have confidence problems, I wonder what impact this experience is having on him.


  18. It has nothing to do with “broken promises” etc. The deal was all but done in January, with Thompson saying as much. The rest was all pantomime nonsense.


  19. @BD

    You’re right.

    It was well documented that was the reason he left. He had lost the trust of his management.

    Too many broken promises were his words. 😯


  20. Agree

    Enrique’s head was turned by Liverpool. He was looking for an escape route.

    Also Troy, this is Santon’s first season, and to be fair he my not be at Enrique’s standards but he has made a better start than Enrique did.

    It took Enrique one and a half seasons to really come good.

    Santon is much younger…


  21. The Kid Naive ❓ so what your saying is that he was lying when he said all that. So your saying that it had nothing to do with that, as if it was fact, so where is your proof,
    I could say I think your being Naive but i’ll try to refrain from coming across as being an arrogant know it all πŸ˜‰


  22. Big Dave – to be fair mate you wouldn’t expect Enrique to come out and say he has been offered a much better deal from the bindippers, halfway thru the season, would you?
    It was all smoke and mirrors, but thompson let the cat out of the bag early.
    Pointless arguing over it tho, because as fans, we know the least of all.
    We are like mushrooms. Kept in the dark and fed ****. πŸ‘Ώ


  23. What are these supposed “broken promises” then?
    Like think about it, what can they possibly be?
    1) Higher wages
    2)Longer contract
    3) Strengthening the team

    Any others?
    Well he was on high enough wages so if it was that i’m glad we got rid.
    If it was contract length then the club were wrong, he definitely should’ve have been tied down to 5 years.

    If it was strengthening the team and ambition then again i think good riddance. I’m sorry but who are players like Enrique and Barton to question our ambition when they contributed to getting us relegated ❓ Further how can some of you say you agree with the reasons they left when it has proved that the signings we made actually DID show ambition.

    So does anyone have any other suggestions to what these supposed broken promises could be?


  24. JJ I like Santon and think he will be a good player because I have seen glimpses of what he has.
    But tbh I think it took colo and Jose a longer time to settle becayse of the lack of stability at the club, they had 5 – 6 different managers telling them different things in their 1st yr, that can’t help and I think its often over looked.


  25. Enrique looked **** yesterday!!

    But I get the argument … though I think it’s getting a bit long in the tooth/boring now like.

    On a similar note … we run a really risk of making a similar mistake at RB next season.
    Many people suggesting we should be replacing Simpson with Clyne (Palace).

    I think Santon will come good but having got him I think for the sake of a couple of million, someone like Liam Ridgewell would have been a good buy, someone more defence minded for games like yesterday.

    If I can offer a suggestion though – players who leave can piss on as much as they like about broken promises, lack of ambition .. blah blah.

    It’s all about the money – ever player left for a bigger wage, that’s it … jazz it up as much as you want but that’s it. I’m not bitter because that’s the football world.

    We can rag on about the players that have left til the cows come home, but I’d sooner focus on players who could come in and improve the team and squad.


  26. BD – it cant help the young new players to settle when certain fans are constantly on their backs, right from the off. Just waiting for mistakes to be made to pilliory them.


  27. Big Dave

    If you want to believe that players will pick NUFC over LiverpoolFC then that’s fine, but I prefer to have a more realistic outlook. Promises may well have been broken and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were. However, we heard no word of Enrique’s complaints until the summer…yet Thompson confidently said the deal was done in January and nobody at the club denied it. Well, not until around a week later anyway. Is it just coincidence that he did indeed end up at LiverpoolFC?

    Do you believe Enrique would still be here if these so called “promises” weren’t broken? Would he have snubbed LiverpoolFC to remain on Tyneside?


  28. BD
    I could say they only eventually settled in because they got a year of physical but low pressure adjustment time in the Championship. This gave them confidence and consistency.
    Had we stayed up, they may well have never settled in and been sold.on the cheap…


  29. Anyhoo, talking about shyte fans, I see the makems still had 9000 empty seats v Arsenal yesterday. :mrgreen: πŸ˜†
    They cant give tkts away.


  30. I still think the players need stability to settle and having 5 or so managers telling you different things can only make it harder.

    BB I agree that the younguns need our support to help them settle, and I do support them ?


  31. The dreamers got a wake up call yesterday. Strumpet @82 says it was a blip and he is not going to dwell on it. Were Norwich, Liverpool, Fulham, and Brighton blips? The same faults were evident. I like to forget defeats as soon as possible too, but in doing so, there is a danger of kidding yourself.
    I said last week that I didn’t think we had much chance with Guthrie and Perch v Parker and Modric. The defence were poor with ball watching being the main problem again. It is basics ffs. Willo has been shocking. It was a mistake not getting in a decent centreback like Samba. Hopefully all these problems will be identified and put right in the Summer. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
    Troy you were very optimistic before the game as I recall. I think you’re being a bit harsh on Santon, who has done very well IMO, and Ferguson. I’ve been saying for a while now that Guti has lost it. He and Obertan are simply not giving us enough. That’s how we got over-run and exposed Willo’s and Simpson weaknesses.


  32. I kna BD, and I agree we need the stability that we seem to now have, at last.
    I’m sure the turmoil at the club has to be a factor for players not wanting to stay.


  33. B&B- we got undone also by the spuds pace of attack, right from the get go.
    We always seem to start slowly and lethargic like.
    Adebayor was on a different level tho and would have destroyed most teams. 4 assists and 1 goal. He was their main man.


  34. B&B Man Utd lost 3-0 to us and 6-1 to City, were they blips? Yes.
    I’m not denying we need to improve our squad and some areas of the first team but how can you say they weren’t blips? We are 6th! It’s certainly not indicative of our season.
    “The dreamers got a wake up call”, we are 6th in the league a point off 4th with our dynamic centre mids back next game, forget you i’m still well and truely enjoying the dream.


  35. B+B a lot of good points mate πŸ˜‰
    BB I think the turmoil at the club was one of the big reasons for players leaving.

    The Kid I never once staded that I believed that the lies and mistrust were the only reason for Jose leaving because im sure all the other ****e that has went on at the club didn’t help . But I do 100 % believe him that there was broken promises and he had no trust in the club, and I do resent being told that i’m naive for believing that. He wasn’t the 1st or the last player to mention broken promises and mistrust


  36. @Big Dave
    Read my point @101 and offer any suggestions. Face it, his head was turned and he jumped ship, the “broken promises” is just a pathetic attempt by the players to gain some face with the fans.


  37. Man alive. Well Witters despite the “blips” we are 6th. Without them we would be challenging for the league. Pundits have only recently stopped saying our whole season is a blip and fans still think our 1st team is in need of an overhaul.

    The big worry for me isn’t the defeats, it’s the way we capitulate, when we let in more than one goal we end up leaking goals. No grit in the back 4 without Saylor.


  38. BD

    I agree with you about the lies. I did at the time and I still do now. I have said many I time that I despite the current board. Not because of their method of running the club, which I actually agree with, but because they simply can’t be trusted. They are proven liars.

    Saying that, I don’t believe for one second that Enrique would have stayed with us regardless as Liverpool FC are a massive club. They have had many Spain internationals and big things were expected of them this season with new owners, manager etc. Add to that the bump in wages and it’s a no-brainer..

    As for calling you naive, I thought you were suggesting that we could have kept him here had the board not broken these alleged promises. I said it’s naive as it simply doesn’t fall in line with modern footballers. (Greedy, no loyalty, looking after no.1…but also, ambitious)


  39. Strumpet, I’m enjoying the season. I’ve moved to the 1892 seats from level 7 and the viewing experience is much better too.

    As for the dreamers getting a wake up call, I thought we were in line for a good thumping, and Spurs are just the sort of team that would exploit our weaknesses to the full. (If Fulham could score 5 in 45, Spurs could certainly do it.) Most people, including Troy right before kick off yesterday, were optimistic, and I couldn’t see it, especially with Cabaye and Tiote out.

    When I say “dreamer”, I refer to anyone who gets carried away when we win and fails to highlight the worrying flaws, which are evident in victory as well as defeat. When I’m critical, it is only because I want to see rectification of the weaknesses. You’ve got to be critical of yourself in order to improve. I’m my own biggest critic so why shouldn’t I be my team’s. My opinion will only count anyway if thousands share it.

    I would have liked to see Samba because he might have been just the ticket to get us a Champions League place instead of sixth. He would still have had a similar re-sale value if you sold him in the Summer. You’ve seen recently what a difference European football makes to the financial league tables. It was a fairly cheap “gamble” to win great riches.


  40. I agree that if possible we should have snapped up Samba in the window.
    But I think it is dangerous for people to get upset over things like that, a back up CB was a necessity, anything else would be wonderful but probably not realistic.
    There’s no doubt that Samba would improve us, but some people are clamouring for a new RB, two new wingers, where does it end? We only got promoted a year and half go and yet already people are getting upset for not having what would be an insanely good first team.
    I know we all feel that the gamble would be minimal and that with slight tweaks we would have a team that could reguarly compete with the top 6, but there are obviously reasons why teams don’t make those gambles all the time.
    Tottenham were in our position last year yet didn’t buy a proven goal scorer and missed out on the champions league, yet they got their men in the summer and look at them now. Patience for getting the men you actually want can be very valuable, they spent minimal amounts in the summer, Friedal/Parker/Adebayor have made the difference, Liverpool splashed, got their short term goal of Europe but are now up sh!tcreek with a sh!t team.

    I think you make some very valid points, and you are clearly disappointed by the manner and similarity of our hammerings rather then some on here that will slaughter everything from the manager to the very players that have put us in this position.


  41. Strumpet, footballers are no different from me and you. Wages and prospects. As I read it, Enrique’s reference to broken promises referred to both. Its not as if Enrique was a lone voice, or Ashley is profligate when it comes to wages, or the regime haven’t lied to managers, players and fans.


  42. Strumpet, You’re right to give Spurs as a good example. Harry’s job, like every manager’s, is to spot the weaknesses in their side and coach them out or replace the personnel. Harry is so good at it that he is favourite to be the next England manager. If he was our manager, I reckon he would be looking now at Simpson and Willo with an eye on their replacements. As fans, we are powerless, but many of us like to help the manager do his job. Its all part of the fun. I for one can’t help identifying flaws and shouting at the TV when certain players are consistently at fault. That said, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming and I don’t want to drag you down and spoil your enjoyment by my comments.


  43. Yeah I’m not saying he was wrong to go for higher wages though. I am saying the club were right to not cave in to demands from a player that had only had half a decent season in the top flight for us.
    And whether it was don’t to luck or not Ashley has signed some of the most sought after players in Europe, so the reasons players stated of leaving due to the board lacking ambition is bull. All four of the players jumped for money, fair play if that’s what they want but to blame the board is just an easy escape clause for them as they know the fans opinion of the board so they know it will be lapped up without fans reading into the truth.


  44. I should say that Pardew is doing a fantastic job, and I cannot recall ever being critical of him over playing matters, including team selection and tactics. I have faith that he will identify the flaws and will improve us next season. I only hope that he gets the money and full support and trust he needs from Mikey.


  45. Yeah I think the right hand side of our team is a clear weakness. I would be cautious in replacing people like Simmo though. We are where we are down to team spirit, with sprinklings of quality. Replacing people like him who has been here during the promotion season could knock that team spirit.

    Take our result against Man U, our team included Williamson/Simpson/Raylor/Shola as well as an out of form Jonas and an unproven Santon.
    Though we have quality in our team our team spirit has been more important in getting us this far, we need to be very careful to preserve that.


  46. Yeah B&B that wasn’t a dig at you, tbh the people that have a go at Pardew are usually names i don’t recognise that just seem to pop up in the immediate aftermath of a defeat to mindlessly have a go at him.
    I enjoy listening to certain criticism of the team and club, i just think some on here have gone too far in the direction of either being stubbornly negative or being stubbornly positive and you can’t discuss with someone set in their ways.


  47. ST I don’t see many asking for new RB wingers etc most of us were pissed off because we didn’t get a quality CB in of which I mentioned Samba several times, but I was told by you and others that we only needed a back up or that there was no quality CB’s available. And that we should wait till the summer to get one in.
    I just think its criminal to gamble on not getting a Samba in when we are so close to breaking up the top 4 because we mightn’t get that chance next season.
    And for having them beliefs I normally get called negative and I should be grateful to Jabba for what we have, because without him we would have done a leeds.


  48. I think if Blackburn were going to sell Samba he would have gone, Man City need another centre back as Savic is dire, Arsenal and Man Utd are both in need of centre backs as well.
    I genuinely think Blackburn refused to sell him, none of us know if we enquired or not. I don’t really like speculating on what may have gone on behind closed doors.
    Samba aside i struggle to think of any quality centre backs that would genuinely improve our team significantly enough to not just wait for Saylor to return next season. Bearing in mind if we sign from abroad there’s no telling on if they will adapt.


  49. STrumpet – Norwich, we had no defence to speak of!!, Simpson and Perch at CB and the writing was on the wall.
    This was our heaviest defeat of the season and it was comprehensive, no doubt about that but to suggest we capitulate is abit extreme. If fact, Fulham was probably the only time we could be accused of that.
    Yesterday and Liverpool we were **** from the start. Brighton I don’t believe we played that bad we just lacked any who could put the ball into the back of the net.
    I agree that in Staylor we have a never say die player, but we really can’t pin yesterday on any one thing about Newcastle – whether it be tactics, players missing, players who have left, players not bought, lies that the board may or may not have told and whatever else has been suggested. The fact is that Spurs were a better team yesterday.

    Spurs played better than Newcastle yesterday, that’s it!!
    We will have wins and we will have losses, and as much as that is a simplistic view, too many people are over analysing yesterday’s defeat.

    Newcastle are not a club in crisis, we are 6th in the league with more winnable games left than not. We are team that is still growing and requires improvement in certain areas of the team and squad.
    Chelski and Liverpool both were beaten yesterday so we have lost little ground yesterday other than goal difference.
    Perspective please people – all is not lost.


  50. Wolves 2.1 down if they get beat today they will be scrapping for theyr’e lives when we meet ,turning a winnable game into a potential banana skin .
    The Kid@83- If you read it again i said worrying not worried ! as in a while not just yesterday.


  51. Kim – and we were beaten 5-0 yesterday, a team fighting for Europe qualification which therefore makes us an injured beast and a team looking to get our Euro quest back on track … Meaning Wolves have just as much to fear πŸ˜‰

    Regardless of any of our oppositions results the week before, or their league position – we should always respect them and be mindful of the fact that they too have something to play for.


  52. we just have to hope lessons get learnt.
    i think pardew will have already started his analysis of player performances.
    still think we will be better all round with Tiote n Cabaye back.


  53. Sharpy – Yes, Spurs were better than us yesterday. You might add that, if we played them 10 times home and away in the next ten weeks, we would do well to win one of them.


  54. Sharpy17@135- you are right but i have a feeling Wolves may have a new manager after this 5.1 derby thrashing today . There is a break now ,time to install a new man for wolves and we all know what effect that can have. Hope i’m wrong though.


  55. sorry to butt in on another teams website, but we did play fantastic, but we were fortunate that your top 2 midfielders were missing plus the 2 taylors, bur to quote a famous nufc manager , i would love it , really love it if you boys gey 4th, good luck for the rest of the season


  56. It would have been a very different game if it were Cabaye & Tiote vs our reserves and not your reserves vs. Modric & Parker.

    You have some quality… Ba, Gutierrez (when not deflated like last night), and remember Santon being a fan favourite when we did them last year. Cabaye is class would love him in our squad but we have numbers in that spot already.

    Anyway our 1-5 vs. Citeh did us a world of good, hope this one improves your season to take 4th from the scum and chavs. Spurs Toon top 4 would be mint! F*ck the sky4 benders.


  57. Reading back through the comments having been working, must say, due to the Spurs fans who have been on this blog I have to say I have a lot of respect for them. Seem like a good bunch of fans if those guys are anything to go by


  58. As a Spurs fan it’s not often I venture on to another teams website and when I do, it’s usually in anger but I have to say that I have a lot of time for you Geordies. Your sense of humour is second to none. I can certainly sympathise with you after the hammering at WHL last night but dont despair, it’s not as bad as it appears. Not so long ago Spurs were in a similar situation and indeed the start of this season had us all speechless and thinking the worse. How things have changed since then that not only are our star players being touted by the low class media to every so called top club T/O Europe but our manager is supposed to be on the very verge of becoming the next mug to fill the England managers seat. Football is a funny old game according to our very own Jimmy Greaves and you Geordies will bounce back as long as your manager and team use the experience as a valuable lesson. If you do, then it wont be long before regular top 6 becomes a reality and who knows maybe even better. Good luck until next time we meet.


  59. Not wishing to be pedantic, but Sharpy17 you are incorrect when you say ‘..and Saha is still an Everton player’. I think you will find that he came on a FREE transfer from Everton just as Ryan Nelsen and Brad Friedel also were free signings. But your point is valid that you don’t have to spend a fortune to land good players … where was everyone when we signed Scotty Parker !


  60. Solano@72 , imo that’s part of the problem ma decides who is bought and not pardew ! Would wenger or arry or furgeson or mancini ask for a centre half and get a forward….NO !
    Flogging donnay socks and kangol hats made him a billionaire but the jurys still out as a football club owner πŸ˜‰


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