David Sullivan – Does he really know the details of Ba’s NUFC deal?

Sullivan talks about Ba
What is it with people in London? A place where it’s easy to get consumed with everything around you, yet there are a few who seem to be overly concerned with a football club that is some 280 miles away.

First off we had Harry Redknapp gushing details of an alleged clause in the contract of Demba Ba to all and sundry, and now we have West Ham United co-owner doing much the same with regard to his former player.

Redknapp was quoted as saying that Ba has a release clause in his contract allowing him to walk away from Newcastle for a sum of £7m. David Sullivan has reiterated that figure and divulged a bit more information by suggesting that Ba himself could be entitled 50% of any transfer fee over £7m.

The West Ham supremo spoke candidly to Hammers fansite ‘West Ham Till I Die’ where he went through a serious of figures regarding the deal between Ba and West Ham. As a Newcastle fan I don’t really care about that, but when it comes to NUFC, which I do care about, Sullivan said:

“I’m told he’s got a £7 million get-out at Newcastle and he gets half the money over that. They keep denying it but I think you’ll see in the summer – He will leave Newcastle or he’ll get a monstrous rise to stay there.”

“If they get about four million, half will go to him, so if they sell him for £7 million they’ll only net about three because they paid his agent £2 million to get him out of here. Getting £3 million is not bad, but for a player of his quality it’s not fantastic.”

Well that last line is stating the obvious isn’t it?

On a serious note, to me it read as though Ba will get 50% of anything OVER £7m although I could be wrong on that one of course.

Does the Porn Baron really know the details though? I mean he is going to know about the happening at his end of things, but is he really privvy to the nuts and bolts of any deal between Ba and NUFC? I seriously can’t see why he would be.

I have little doubt that Ba does indeed have a release clause. In this instance the silence from the club has been deafening which is odd when you consider how quickly they like to come out and deny things. On the clause though, not a word, which to me indicates that there is one.

The only way this kind of chatter will get sorted is in the summer as we’ll know one way or another exactly what is going on. Will Newcastle give Ba another contract with terms not as “flexible” as they are now? Or will Ba exploit the clause in his contract and head for pastures new?

I very much doubt that Mike Ashley would be prepared to lose out by selling Ba on the cheap, and £7m would be on the cheap, but on the other hand logic sometimes goes out of the window with this regime so I guess the rumours and murmurs from other clubs will continue.

I just wish they would poke their nose out of our business!

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175 thoughts on “David Sullivan – Does he really know the details of Ba’s NUFC deal?

  1. @Icedog

    My grandad Les was a legend!

    Love you pops! X

    Les Kellet 1915 – 2002

    Still wear your trunks and boots parp ! X 😉


  2. Troy – That is it. I was reading it yesterday and essentially people were debating the meaning of words and how each person defines them.

    Personally don’t see how we can be either overachieving or punching above our weight. We are where we are because we’ve got the 6th highest amount of points surely? 😕


  3. Thats my take on it. . I can’t see how anyone can say different. But it was debated with Ferver, so some obviously believe it. 😯


  4. DAVE kna she wouldnt have it the odd time les lost it was because the the ref was “got”at
    batty towing scooter as we speak,is it the little fellow footy practice the day?


  5. lads we need not wor 😮 ry if a bid comes in &
    4 Ba, if he wants to go, clause or not he’s gone. Football is a risky business, if we had signed Torres we would be all chuffed to bits, what I’m saying is don’t get worked up as transfer will happen regardless but what u get may or may not work. Buying Demba in Jan is prep for cover if he goes or dream partnership if he stays. In truth if Ba continues his monster start we will receive an offer!!!!! Fact


  6. @Icedog

    I still wear only his trunks and boots for every home match. I get some funny looks and it can be cold but it’s in my Parps memory.

    He was deceptively strong wor Parp. He once bent an inch thick iron bar at Dunston working men’s club in 1950 and won a dog collar as the prize. No one else could bend it and some were twice his size.

    I must hunt that collar down for you. 😛


  7. Ice you need to stand up to Batts and tell him that you can’t keep using your mobility scooter for Jobs.
    Talking if bending bars I can remember Big Pat Roach used to bend 6 ins nails fir us when we were kids 😆 we thought he was the strongest man in the world and would pester him to do it again, then we’d get him to show our mates 😀 .


  8. Am sure plenty people will know th edetails if Ba is expecting to leave in summer, his agent will be telling all and sundry as he’ll want to get a slice of the pot -toon get 7 million, and Ba and his agent split the 50% he’ll get over and above so am sure it’s in the interests of Player and agent to get high a price as possible (unless of course his agent does a seperate deal where toon get 7 million and they pay Ba / Agent a huge signing on fee ensuring toon don’t get any extra )
    Nowt surprises me when it comes to footballers, agents and money


  9. we are a club that is progressing on the playing front quite nicely if i were a player id rather be at the toon than liverpool or spurs , spurs will be knakerd when harry leaves and bale follows in summer out the door along with adebayor bk to city. pav already gone theyre weak with an old keeper. liverpool have been wastefull in transfers and are so negative to watch, which leaves ba with looking at where he already is, at a massive club building well. wish these ****neys would shut theyre overworked jellied eel eating gobs!!!!


  10. get stuffed you Albanian faggots.
    …aye. Freddie Foreman has nowt tedee wimee. Must admit though, he loves cheese.


  11. I walk with the birds in flight, I fly with birds today, green grass never looked so good, I fell in love today.


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